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This is a half a chapter from an unfinished novel of mine (the same as where’s “Literature Ticklers” is from). The background: A wealthy new producer of tickling videos hires 20 new models (after thorough tickle casting procedures, of course…) and creates several storylines. This story describes the making of such a new video. The topic may sound somewhat familiar to you, but it’s written MY WAY!

KGB Tickle Torture

Moscow during the days of Cold War. The KGB had captured Haruko and Melanie red-handed, fetching a message from a secret hiding place, a so-called dead mailbox, and putting in a new envelope containing a bundle of dollar bills. Now they were put into a jail cell inside the basement of the infamous Ljubljanka, the KGB head quarters. They had been drugged to keep them silent during the transport.

When they awoke from their barbiturate-induced slumber, they knew quickly what had happened. Soon, they would get interrogated to find out more about their contacts in Moscow. They knew nothing of any importance, the CIA had ensured that. Using their disguise as ordinary tourists, their only task had been to go to a certain address, find the loose brick in a backyard, and to exchange one envelope for another. They were ordinary couriers. The problem was how to convince the KGB of this fact. As there was nothing they could divulge, their interrogators would quite certainly use torture on them to make them talk. Both girls trembled with fear and anticipation, and they hugged each other closely for solace.

Suddenly there were sounds of a rattling key, and the door got unlocked. Two stern-looking female guards stood outside, in Red Army uniforms. Without words, they beckoned the prisoners to get up and follow. Outside the cell, their wrists got handcuffed behind their backs, and they were led to another part of the dreadful basement. The silence was overpowering, only the guards’ boot heels clacked away the seconds.

They were lead into a semi-dark room with padded red walls; scattered around there was a huge variety of different restraining devices: a rack, a pair of stocks, a St. Andrew’s cross, two high-backed chairs, a ladder, and a strange looking piece of furniture they could not identify. No doubt, this was a torture chamber ! Haruko whispered: “Oh God, what will they do to us ? I’m dying with fear !” – “Silence !” ordered one of the guards. “You are not allowed to speak unless ordered otherwise.” Natasha played that part well. Her parents had been Russian immigrants, and as she spoke some Russian, too, she was perfectly imitating the harshly accented English.

Haruko’s handcuffs were locked into one of the snap hooks along the wall. Then, the two guards unlocked Melanie’s handcuffs to undress her completely. The sweet Chinese girl struggled heavily, but in vain. When she was totally nude, leather wrist and ankle cuffs were fixed on her, then she was forced to lie down on the rack. Snap hooks at all four corners were clipped to the cuffs, and she lay there, stretched out and helpless.

Now it was Haruko’s turn. She was undressed as well, but her position was to be at the St. Andrew’s cross. Both could watch each other. Then the door opened, and Sheila entered the room, clad in a Russian uniform, her blond hair tied into a stern bun. Her hands pressed to her hips, she addressed her victims in only slightly accented English:

“Welcome to my chat room, my dears. You have been caught in the act of espionage, and I’m sure you understand we do not approve of capitalist secret agents. You have offended us, and we want some compensation for that. Now, what could be fit as compensation ? Information, of course ! All you have to do is to answer my questions truthfully, then you will be free at once. Well, not exactly: You will be deported to the United States, and we will not grant you another visit to our great country.”

She paused for a better effect and strode around imperiously, slapping her riding-whip at her boots. Haruko flinched at the threatening sound. Then Sheila continued:

“You may wonder why this is called the chat room. Well, I named it thus because it is here where I always bring my prisoners to chat with me. And believe me, it works. You’d better talk to me freely. Forget the stupid oaths of secrecy you have been forced to swear. No serious secret service expects their agents to hold back information under torture. So, better make it easy for yourself. Will you cooperate ?” She stared right into Haruko’s eyes.

The Japanese girl trembled, but she had the courage to shout: “No ! Never !” – “Tsk, tsk,” made Sheila. “Stubborn girl. What about you, Melanie, are you wiser than your friend ?” Her eyes ogled the naked, prostrate body on the rack. Melanie kept her mouth shut, she just shook her head.

“Poor girls, you are so stupid. I will get your information anyway, sooner or later. It’s entirely up to you to make it easy on you, or hard !” At her last words, she hit her riding-whip viciously against the leather-covered rack, producing a sharp, cracking sound. But she only hit the leather, not the girl. Both Asians flinched and got even paler.

Haruko was the more courageous, she said: “You will not dare to torture us ! There is an inspection of the OSCE Human Rights Commission due in just a few days, and if they find telltale marks of torture on us, you’ll have a big problem !” Sheila laughed cruelly: “I know, my dear. Do you really think we use a method of torture that leaves any marks ? Our ways have improved a lot since Stalin’s days. We have abolished electrodes, sticks, or brandings here in Moscow. Only in the Siberian gulags, we still use those. And if you don’t crack under our new methods, that’s exactly where you will be transported to. But I’m confident you will appreciate my way of interrogation, it’s such a lot of fun !” Again, her cruel laughter erupted.

Melanie dared to ask: “But all kinds of torture leave some marks on the body. Even drugs can be detected in the blood or hair afterwards. You’re bluffing !”

“Hear, hear, a mouse dares to doubt a bear. Let me satisfy your curiosity. Are you ticklish, dear ?” She used her hand to crawl lightly over Melanie’s stomach. Melanie pressed her lips together closely to stifle her urge to laugh, but her twitching stomach muscles gave her away. Oh yes, she was terribly ticklish. Sheila laughed once more, then she strode over to Haruko. With the end of her riding-whip she drew some figures over breast and stomach of the girl on the cross.

Haruko, too, tried to hold back her laughter, but unsuccessfully. Strange noises erupted from her clenched lips: “Hmfmf, hmmfmfmfmf, hhhmmfmfmfmfmfhahaaah, nohaah, stohoohp !” Sheila giggled: “You see ? We use the most hilarious of tortures: tickling ! Strangely enough, it’s not a new method, on the contrary, it’s ancient. Brought to us from the wild tartar tribes several centuries ago. And we have learnt well from the past.”

She paused again and laid away her whip. The interrogator took off her uniform jacket and rolled up her sleeves. The she turned to Melanie: “Now, wouldn’t you like to tell me who is your contact in Moscow ?” Melanie shook her head again. “What a pity ! Watch out, here it comes !” Her hands traveled up Melanie’s ribs to her armpits, and the girl reacted strongly: No chance to hold back her laughter, she screamed and wriggled around viciously. Sheila continued the torture until Melanie couldn’t breathe anymore. Then she gave her a break. As soon as her victim regained her composure a little, she went on, this time kneading the sides and soft parts around the stomach heavily. Again Melanie freaked out, she couldn’t take it. Finally, another break became necessary to deprive her from the relief of fainting. Sheila grinned nastily: “Now, who are your contacts here ? Tell me, or I tickle you again !”

Desperately Melanie hiccupped and fought for breath: “We don’t have any contacts here, we received our instructions in the States.” – “Tsk, tsk,” made Sheila. “You don’t think I believe a word, do you ? Sorry, my dear, I’m really not that stupid !” And once more the titillating torment began, this time in the armpits. Melanie’s face contorted, and her laughter became soundless. A first tear appeared on her cheek, soon to be followed by more, as the relentless interrogator continued the torture.

Haruko intervened: “Please, stop tickling her ! She’s telling the truth ! We were briefed in Langley, and we were absolutely forbidden to establish any contacts here ! Our superiors knew we would crack under torture, so they made sure we knew nothing to tell you !”

Sheila interrupted her tickling and walked over to Haruko. “Hear, hear, our little mouse is squeaking again. Maybe I should turn my attention to you ?” – “No, please, no tickling, pleaheeheeeze !” Sheila’s wandering fingers interrupted Haruko, making her squeal in a high-pitched voice. Up and down the wriggling body they went, driving the girl crazy.

Sheila seemed to derive real pleasure from the sadistic torture. But at the same time, she always knew instinctively when to give a break. None of the girls faked the tormented laughter, but they didn’t give in either. Of course we had told them to use a cough as danger signal if the tickling got too much to endure. But so far, both had possessed the strength to bear the unbearable. In a break between two takes, they confessed they had laid a wager that the other one would give in first, a hundred bucks as the prize money on it. I admonished them to forget about the stupid bet if it really became too much; their safety was more important. Haruko shook her pretty head and laughed: “But it’s real fun, I like it ! Somehow it even arouses me !” Melanie agreed.

Their make-up had to be renewed after each take, as the tears and sweat ruined the appearance. Still, we had to cut out several scenes afterwards, as the klieg lights reflected too much on their skins.

During the next take, Melanie’s slender feet were the prime target for torment, and she reacted extremely ticklish. “Whow,” gasped Sheila, “that’s the best tickling I’ve ever done. Are your feet ticklish, too, Haruko ?” The Japanese girl’s feet stood on a narrow board, only providing a hold for her heels. That way, the delicate arches and toes were easily accessible when Sheila kneeled down. Haruko was even more ticklish on her feet than Melanie, and her shrieks were deafening at first. As Sheila tickled on and on, the shrieks turned to breathless giggling, as Haruko wore out quickly. Oh, her reaction was proving the authenticity of the tickling, but the girl just couldn’t catch enough breath to really laugh. Finally, her head slumped forward, she had fainted !

“Cut !” I shouted and ran over to the cross. I patted the girl’s cheeks and asked her: “Haruko, are you okay ? Speak to me !” She opened one eye, grinned, and said: “Gotcha, baby ! I fooled all of you, didn’t I ?” My relief was as strong as my anger about so much cheekiness. For revenge, I tickled her ribs till she cried out for help. “Oh God, your hands tickle so much stronger than Sheila’s !” This time, it was my turn to grin: “Gotcha, baby ! That should tell you not to mess with real danger !”

Sheila became interested: “What did you do to her that tickled her so much more ?” I replied: “Dig in your fingers deeply into the tummy, this tickles her intestines. Wanna try it ?” – “No !” she stepped back. “But you should ! Natasha and Cathy, hold her arms tight behind her back. Yes, right ! Now, tell me what you’re feeling !” Speaking, I dug in my fingers as described, and even through her uniform blouse, it worked. She screamed instantly and tried to buckle forward. I tickled her just for a few seconds, but she was breathless already.

Gasping for air, she told me: “Now I know what you’re talking about ! Brace yourselves, girls, here comes the gut tickler !” – “Wait, wait,” I admonished her. “We’ll do that stunt tomorrow. Finish your next take first, then we’ll call it a day.” – “Thank God, sighed both delinquents in unison.

Haruko had to assume her previous position as a fainted girl. Sheila put a wet towel on her forehead till she ‘regained consciousness’. Then she spoke up: “Okay, you may rest now. There is no point in tickling you to death. Guards, bring them back to their cell, but make sure they can’t hurt themselves !”

They were lead away in their leather wrist cuffs, naked as they were. That was the end of our first day’s work. The girls dresses or changed their dresses, and we had dinner together. We talked animatedly about this experience, and I asked them again: “Are you sure we can go on tomorrow ? I really would hate to break off this movie unfinished, but your safety is more important to me.” Both victims kissed me on the cheek.

“Isn’t he sweet ?” laughed Haruko. “Really, Hal, we can take it. We have consented to heavy tickle torture, and as much it is real torture, I like it. Somehow I think I’ve got a masochistic streak in me. I wouldn’t like to be whipped or something painful. But tickling makes me suffer in a way that makes me incredibly hot inside. Can’t we involve a little sex tomorrow ? Please ?”

I was overwhelmed by so much enthusiasm, especially as Melanie hugged me affectionately and seconded Haruko’s motion. “Okay, okay,” I consented. “It’s not in the script, but I’ll think of a way tonight. Trust me. And all of you are doing a great job !”

Natasha and Cathy had another request for me: “We want to be more active, too. Can’t you let us apply some of the tickling ?” A thought shot through my head. “Of course, that’s it !” I shouted, oblivious of the other guests in the restaurant. “Wait till tomorrow, I think I’ve got a wonderful idea.” – “Oh goody goody good !” The two ‘jail guards’ clapped their hands.

Again, I worked through most of the night. Luckily, we had set the beginning of the shooting for the afternoon, so I was allowed to sleep late.

When we met after lunch, the girls grouped around me for their instructions. I revealed: “Okay, girls, I have found a way to fulfill your desires. But we postpone the next dungeon scene till later, and bring forward the jail scene. Are you prepared ?” All nodded, so we went to the jail decoration. Peter had found material from an old movie, and there was a row of three cells built up in our studio; it really looked authentic.

Haruko and Melanie had to sit down on the camp beds which stood on both sides of the wall. Their arms were tied spread horizontally to the bars. Then the other ‘jailbirds’ took their positions. Linda and Cindy took one of the neighbor cells, Sally and Judy occupied the other one. “Silence ! Sound on, cameras on. Jail scene, take one. Action !”

Both Asian girls pretended to wake up. The neighboring cells had been empty when they were imprisoned, but suddenly, they had company. Sally greeted them with a mock bow: “Good morning, myladies. Have you slept well ?” The other girls giggled. “Good morning,” replied Haruko. “Who are you ? And how come you speak English ?” Sally answered: “I’m Olga, and this is Galina. On the other side are Tamara and Lydia. We are prostitutes, and we’ve been caught in business with American tourists. Prostitution is forbidden here, and as the KGB had caught us instead of regular Milizia, we were put here. The KGB wants us to spy on certain tourists, but we won’t cooperate. Who are you ?”

This time, it was Melanie to answer: “This is Haruko, and I’m Melanie. We are both American tourists, falsely accused as ‘spies’.” Tamara shouted from the other side: “I bet you are spies ! We don’t like to spy ourselves, but we hate capitalist spies even more !” – “Oh shut up, Tamara,” remarked Galina dryly. “Can’t you see the girls here have been tortured ? What did they do to you ? I can’t see any marks. Have they put you under water ?”

“Much worse !” replied Melanie. “They tickled the hell out of us !” – “Ah, that’s why you’re naked. And ? Have you confessed anything ?” – “But I told you, we’ve nothing to confess ! But the interrogator didn’t believe us at all. I’m sure the torture will go on today !”

Lydia wailed: “Oh God, I hope they won’t tickle me ! I’m so sensitive, I just know I’ll give up instantly !” Tamara playfully poked Lydia’s ribs, and the girls screamed loudly. Sally had a diabolical grin on her face: “Why don’t we try to tickle our American visitors a little ? Maybe, if we can get something out of them, the KGB will let us go.” Their hands went through the separating bars, and they started to tickle viciously. Haruko and Melanie screamed at top voice and wriggled futilely.

After just a minute, the door opened and the uniformed guards entered: “What’s going on ? Stop it, at once !” ordered Natasha sternly. “If you feel like tickling, wait till it’s your turn. I will inform Captain Ivanova about this incident, and I’m sure she will find the proper treatment for you.”

Haruko’s and Melanie’s relief was only temporarily, as they got transported to the torture chamber once more. Captain Ivanova aka Sheila was already waiting for them. This time, Haruko got locked into the stocks, her arms tied to a rigid pole behind her back, high enough to expose her armpits. Haruko had to sit down on the high-backed chair, her legs on some kind of stirrups, and her wrists tied up behind her head to the chair back.

Finally Sheila started the interrogation: “Now, girls, I hope you slept well, for it will be a strenuous day for you. Only if you refuse to talk to me, of course. We can do this every day, as long as we like. Sooner or later, you will break, I’m sure. Now again, who are your contacts here ? No reply ? Okay, you seem to like tickling !”

This time she attacked Haruko first, tickling the upper body up to the armpits. Extremely vivacious wriggling and mad laughter were the response. Haruko lost her ability to breathe quickly.

Sheila paused and turned to Melanie. “You’ve got lovely toes. Let me tie them up a bit.” She fettered the big toes to metal eyelets above the ankle openings, using shoe laces. That way, Melanie was unable to clench her toes downward, and Sheila could tickle them unhampered. She fetched a wooden box and produced a few small paint brushes. For a better effect, she showed the new torture instruments to her delinquents. “Oh God, you’ll kill me if you tickle my toes with those !” gasped Melanie.

Sheila grinned: “Nonsense ! I’ve never lost a single delinquent. But you’re right in one point: You’ll feel like dying !” And she touched the delicate feet. Deftly, tenderly, but nonetheless ticklishly. Melanie howled in agony as the paintbrushes treated the toes’ underside and sneaked into the crevices between them. Soon she wore out, almost fainting. So Sheila turned back to Haruko, giving her the same treatment, eliciting even stronger reactions.

After a while, Sheila stopped for another round of questioning. “As you refuse to give away your local contacts, would you care to answer an easier question: Are you CIA personnel ? Which department ?”

Instantly Melanie replied: “Yes, we are CIA agents, junior ranks. We’re greenhorns, and this was our first assignment. We were sent here just to exchange messages from a dead mailbox. And we are here to get acquainted to the constant surveillance of foreign tourists here.” Sheila laughed: “Well, you are acquainted to the situation now, aren’t you ? If not yet, I’ll do my best. But you see, it’s really easy on you if you answer my questions. As long as you keep talking, I won’t tickle you. What else can you tell me about your training ?”

This time Haruko replied: “Most of the training is done in Langley, and some in New York. You know, all the basic things: coding and decoding messages, handling of technical equipment like secret mikes, bugs, miniature cameras. How to follow somebody unnoticed, and how to detect if we are followed by someone. How to behave in unexpected situations, and so on.”

“Now, that’s nothing special. Whom did you follow here in Moscow ?” – “Nobody, we were strictly forbidden to attract any unwelcome attention.” – “Okay, that’s standard procedure for beginners. Let’s go back to the more important parts: I’m quite sure about the structure of you espionage web here in Russia. Don’t tell me no, you must have seen some files during your instruction. You may have been forbidden direct contacts in regular situations, but who were you to contact in case of an emergency ?”

“The embassy, of course,” replied Melanie. – “Who precisely ?” – “Nobody in particular.” – “Oh, come on, another lie is written in your face. Lies deserve punishment, don’t you think so ?” She beckoned over to the guards and handed them the paint brushes, ordering them: “Tickle their feet, especially around the toes !” Natasha and Sally were happy to oblige. Finally, they got their chance to participate in the tickling. Now both delinquents received a heavy dose of foot tickling. In addition, Sheila stepped behind the chaired girl to tickle her ribs and armpits, then she changed over to the other girl in the stocks, doing the same to her. The whole scene lasted for several minutes, and this time, it was pure torture.

Natasha interrupted the torment by shouting: “Stop ! Captain, have a look at Melanie’s snatch: she is getting aroused !” Sheila hurried to inspect the mentioned area, and she exclaimed: “You’re right ! These two sluts really get excited by the tickling ! Hey, that gives me an idea: They will be exposed to the ultimate embarrassment: a forced, involuntary climax ! Quick, untie them and put them into the double-V-position !”

They were unlocked one by one and led over to the double-storey bench. It looked like two ordinary gym benches piled up on another, but with V-shaped protruding vertical beams for the thighs, and horizontal stirrups for the calves. Both were strapped down to the individual benches, their rumps just at the benches’ ends. Their thighs became tied upwards along the V-beams, their knees bent to fit the calf restraints. Their pussies were completely exposed, Haruko’s hovering about fifteen inches above Melanie’s. Their legs were spread wide apart, but still the feet lay at a perfect angle for tickling. Their arms were stretched alongside their heads, so ribs and armpits remained accessible as well.

First the three ersatz Russians tickled their bound victims on sides and armpits, then Sheila stepped between the spread legs. From somewhere she had brought two stiff, white goose quills. “Now, girls, are your moist pussies ticklish ?” Not expecting an answer, she started to tickle their snatches anyway. This elicited high-pitched screams from both victims, especially when the feathers ran down over their perineums to their anuses. The two guards held the paint brushes again, using them on the nipples. Sometimes one of the guards changed positions to take care of the fettered feet.

Sheila concentrated her efforts to the wide open ****s of her delinquents. With erotic slowness she feathered the protruding inner labiae, the vulva entrance, and the shafts of their rather swollen clits. Her victims’ laughter became intermingled with sighs and moans, getting stronger every minute of this sweet torture.

Finally, Haruko’s body spasmed, went rigid and bowstring tight, and she climaxed heavily, followed instantly by Melanie’s ecstatic convulsions. Both girls raced into their next orgasm almost simultaneously, spurred on by each other’s sounds of lust. Obviously the interrogator had forgotten about the original purpose of the torture, the view of two orgiastic girls in ecstasy, racing from one climax to the next, had got to her.

She even let her delinquents rest for a few moments afterwards. Suddenly, the loudspeakers erupted and spat out an order: “Release the two American agents immediately and put them back into their cell. The OSCE commission has arrived and wants to inspect the prisoners.” Both guards reacted at once, they started to untie the two girls, Sheila helping them.

As soon as both were free, they had to put on the regulation jail clothes. But Haruko had whispered something into Natasha’s ear. Obviously something very funny, as the guard started to guffaw. The prisoners were led away by two other female guards, and Natasha, Sally and Sheila were alone in the chamber. Natasha spoke up: “Well, Captain Ivanova, how do we explain the very existence of this room to the commission ? They will surely require to visit all parts of the basement.”

Sheila didn’t know what to reply, so she posed a counter question: “What do you suggest ?” Natasha grinned diabolically as she proposed: “We should tell them the room is a remnant from the Stalin era. Nowadays, it’s just used for harmless fun, for example as a dungeon for SM-games between the guards.” Sheila thought that over. “But surely the commission will become suspicious. We should put on a show for them ! Wait a minute, I will undress, then you tie me to the ladder and pretend to whip me, as soon as the inspectors enter. You should undress as well to confirm the sexual impression, but keep on your uniform caps. Okay ?” Both guards nodded enthusiastically, and they started to shed their clothes till only their panties were covering their modesty.

Sheila was tied up to the ladder, her arms over her head and her legs spread. They were just ready when the door opened and two sour-faced OSCE observers entered the room. “Release the prisoner immediately !” one of them barked. But Sheila grinned: “Why ? How dare you interrupt our private session ? We have booked this room last week for our private games, so would you please respect our privacy. Mind your own business !” Peter, who played one of the inspectors, apologized in utter embarrassment, and the commission left.

Sheila laughed: “Those decadent capitalists really think we are fond of playing such games just as they do. We will even get a bonus for embarrassing these idiots ! But now you can untie me, guards.” But Natasha put on her nastiest smile: “Oh, I think we should keep up the pretence till the commission has left the building completely. One never knows, maybe they’ll return. And we have to torture you a little, just to make it look genuine. Are you ticklish, captain ?” – “Don’t you dare ! No ! No !!! Stop tickling my ribs ! A-haaheeheehee ! Nohoohoo !!” Both guards tickled their superior with a vengeance, she must have treated them real bad in the past. After a few minutes, the scene faded out.

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Thanks for revising and reposting this one, Hal. :D It is a fine story.