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Okay. Another story involving the Lovely Angels, this time with
the redhead, Kei, getting tickled...

The (original) Dirty Pair:
Not a Laughing Matter!

by J-Dark.

Part 1: Saved by the Bell!!)

"I can't believe it! I just can't believe it!" Chief Greely yelled at the top of
his lungs. The two girls in front of him cringed slightly at the sight of their
irate red-faced boss blowing his stack. "How in the world could you two... you
two... GIRLS... cause so much blasted damage? How? It's... it's just beyond my
ability to reason! You're not troubl consultants, you're both living, breathing,
machines of destruction!!"

"Calm down Chief," Kay said, taking a step back from the desk. "You'll pop an
artery! Remember your blood pressure."

"Yeah, Chief," Yuri interjected, moving beside her partner. "Learn to relax and
you'll live longer. Besides, I'm sure it couldn't possibly be as bad as you're
making it out to be."

Greely arched an eyebrow, pushing the folder in his hands across the desk. "Oh
no? Well open this up and take a look at the bottom line!"

Yuri picked up the folder and yelped loudly, her eyes going wide. "Fifteen point
five TRILLION dollars?!?" she exclaimed. "No way! Fifteen TRILLION? I didn't think
that amount of money even existed!"

The vein in his forehead throbbed relentlessly as Chief Greely snatched the folder
back. "Oh, I think they've invented new monatary values just to describe all the
collateral damage you to rack up on each mission you're sent on!! Someone explain
to me please how on earth you caused fifteen trillon dollars of damage on Rigel 7?"

Kay swallowed. "Well, Chief," she said hesitantly, "no one told us that the city's
main power grid was housed in that sector. There were no signs or anything! Besides,
Dave Hunter was about to get away! He would have gotten off scot-free if I hadn't
opened fire on his ship."

"Which caused him to crash out of control into the city's main power station, in a
huge ball of flame!" Greely finished, pulling his hair nearly out by the roots. "Why
did I ever take this job in the first place? I could have taken a less stressful
job in the biochemical lab, or in the nuclear weapons disarmament section, but no...
I had to take THIS job instead."

At that moment, the secreatary burst into the room. "Chief, we've got trouble," she
said breathlessly. "It just came down from upstairs. A terrorist had taken over
Galaxy Station 5, and is threatening to cut off the station's gravity well and
send the asteroid space-station careening into the sun if his demands aren't met."

Greely scowled, reading the note from his secretary. "I see. We'll need to act fast.
Galaxy Station 5 is in the middle of a heavily traveled area of space. If the station
goes, it could take out millions of people traveling the space lanes, not to mention
the several thousand inhabitants aboard. Tell the Commander that I'll select some
agents for this assignment immediately---"

"Not necessary, Chief," the secretary said with a sigh, handing the Chief a second
note. "It seems the higher-ups took the liberty of selecting the two agents for this
particular assignment for you." Greely stared at the note, then looked up at his

"No. You can't be serious!" he said, shaking his head. "You can't mean THEM?!?" he
said, pointing at Rei and Yuri. "After that last fiasco, they expect me to send the
Dirty Pair on a mission like this?"

"HEY!!" Kay and Yuri shouted in unison. "We're NOT the 'Dirty Pair'. We're the Lovely
Angels, thank you very much!"

Greely only snorted. "Well, whatever you wish to call yourselves, go get ready. Against
my better judgement, I'm sending you out to Galaxy Station 5." He shook his head in
dismay and reached into his desk for the bottle of stomach medicine. "Just TRY and
leave the station in one piece when you're done!"

"Those two girls are going to be the death of me," he murmured, taking a deep drink as
the two 3WA agents rushed out of the office.


Harold Stills leaned back in the reclining chair, relaxing, gazing at the myriad of
monitor screens before him. Galaxy Station 5 was a lively, bustling place. Hundreds
of people came and went daily, transferring from one space quadrant to the next,
using GS-5 as a sort of way-station between sectors. Though he tended to avoid busy
places like this, for a change, all that organized chaos had worked in his favor.
With so many guards and sentries watching the crowds, checking baggage, to make sure
no illegal objects were brought into the sector, security around the station's
controls themselves was relatively lax.

His plan had been brilliance itself. He'd simply snuck in a small plasma weapon, then
transferred it into the belongings of a random passenger when he 'accidentally' bumped
into him. The weapon set off the alarms, as Harold had planned, and when the sentry
team swarmed over the confused, innocent man, Harold had ran the OTHER way, towards
the control booth, locking and barricading the door, virtually hijacking the entire

"Man, this is so easy," he thought, propping his feet up on the controls. "I wonder why
other criminals don't do this kinda thing?"

Exactly one hour later, the phone rang. "This is Stills. Talk to me."

"Mr. Stills, we have almost everything you've asked for here..." the negotiator said
slowly, hesitantly. "We just need a little more time to get all the money you asked
for. One hundred million credits is kind of hard to gather on such short notice---"

"Cut the crap!" Harold snarled. "This is a busy space port, pal. You people take in
that much a night in revenues alone! I want my money, a fueled shapeship, and a case
of those little zip-locked peanuts, and I want them all within the hour, or this place
is space dust!" He smiled an evil smile. "And just to let you know I mean business,
here's a little sample of what happens when you anger the man at the controls!"

He flipped a switch, and the station rocked violently. The retro jets fired, slowing
the station's rotation, causing gravity to drop signifigantly. Cheering, Harold
flipped a few more switched, turning off the lights in several sectors, shutting down
life support temporarily in another sector, activating blaring sirens and alarms all
over the station proper. The general populous, most of whom were unaware that the
station had been seized, panicked. Chaos ensued as sentries and guards tried to maintain
order. Satisfied, Harold reset the controls, restoring full gravity, and returning all
the sectors to normal again. He then flipped on the station intercom.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, that was but a taste of what is to come if the men and women
of Galaxy Station 5 do not heed to my demands. I am serious here! I'll smash this
station to kingdom come if they don't come across with my money within the hour. If
you all value your lives, I suggest that you practice any influence you have over the
owners of this station, and persuade them to cooperate." He turned off the speaker.

"That'll teach 'em to fuck around with me!" he said with a smirk. "I bet they'll
call back in a few minutes with all the money, just to keep the people from rioting
on them. Hehehehe. Oh, I am such a genius!"

Part 2: A risky venture!!)

"What a total airhead."

Kay shook her head in dismay, trying to push her way through the crowd of frightened
people, trying desperately to make her way to the station's central office. "Did it
ever occur to that lamebrain that causing the entire station to panic would make it
virtually impossible to get anything done, let alone trying to get him his ransom?"

"Hey! OOWW!! Watch where you're stepping buddy!" Yuri yelled, pushing her way through
right behind Kay. "Oh, oh, my poor feet will never be the same after this."

Kay glanced back, giving her partner a smirk. "Too bad you have those big size
thirteens of yours, instead of a pair of small, dainty size sixes like moi!"

Yuri scowled. "I wear a size seven and you know it! Anyway, its good that you have
dainty feet... its about the only thing on you that IS dainty!"

Kay bit back the stinging retort she had planned when they pushed through the last
of the human wall and reached daylight again. Walking up to the door, they were
pulled aside by a large heavy-set man with a thick black mustache and a balding head.

"Sorry, ladies," he said gruffly, pulling them away from the door. "You'll have to
sit here and wait to speak with the head of Galaxy Station like everyone else."

"Relax, Brutus," Yuri said, pulling away from the bulky man. "We've got an appointment.
We're the trouble consultants from the WWWA you sent for."

The guard looked dubiously at the girls. "YOU two are from the 3WA? Huh. They must
be crazy to send a couple of little girls to handle this sorta thing."

Kay gave the man a saucy wink. "What's the matter, big boy? Haven't you heard that
big things come in small packages?" She pushed her way past the guard, and entered
the main office. "Okay, boys. what have we got here?"

The station commander, Mr. Epps, a tall, bald, well-tanned man, nodded. "Ah, the
Lovely Angels. Perfect timing. We've got a real situation on our hands here, ladies."
Tossing a clipboard to both girls, he began. "Here is a snapshot of the perp, one Harold
X. Stills, a small-time thief and con man. He's wanted in six systems in this galaxy
alone, everything from petty con, to grand theft. Until now, all his schemes have
been penny-ante, but it looks like he picked now to move up to the big time."

"Around seven-thirty this evening," the bulky muscled guard continued, "Mr. Stills
slipped a laser blaster into the contents of the pockets of one of the people departing
for Alpha Centuri. The gun set off the alarms when the traveler passed through the
checkpoint, and the guards left their post to apprehend what was apparently a terrorist.
Stills made his move during the confusion, and slipped inside the unmanned controll room.
He had barricaded himself inside, and shut down all access into that level."

"Are there any other ways into that room?" Kay asked. "Besides the front door, I mean?"

Mr. Epps turned to the desk, and, flipping off the lights, activated the hologrid. The
three-dimensional image blurred to life before them. "Here are the blueprints for the
station. This is the control room on the third level. As you can see, there are two
small access points that could be used as possible points of entry... but these access
points are very small and tight. A full grown man wouldn't normally fit... but I
suppose someone your size might."

Yuri opened her mouth to speak, but Kay elbowed her in the ribs. "Piece of cake. It
looks like, what, twenty meters at the most? No problem. I can slip through the shaft,
and make my way into the room before he even knows what hit him. Still... we should
have a back-up plan in case something unforeseen happens."

"Yeah, like your big wide hips getting stuck halfway in the shaft," Yuri mumbled
under her breath.

"What was that, Yuri?" Kay demanded.

"Nothing, nothing," Yuri said smiling, hands up placatingly. "Um, well, I have an idea.
Correct me if I'm wrong, Commander Epps, but doesn't this pathway right HERE," she
said, pointing to another small access point on the outer perimeter, "lead to the main
control circuitry panel?"

The commander studied the diagram for a moment. "Why, yes, so it does. But I don't
see what---"

"If I were to maneuver my way into that access panel while Kay makes her way to the
control room, I could cut through the circuit box and slip in an override switch on
the environmental and gravity controls. That way, whatever happens, Stills won't be
able to make good on his threat."

"Brilliant idea," Mr. Epps replied. "If you can do it, that would return control of
the station to us. Still... it's a VERY long pathway. The vent leading to the control
room is only twenty meters, but this one leading to the circuit box is nearly a
hundred meters long! You'd have to wear a respirator to breath as well, as that
section runs outside the main bulkhead and the atmosphere contained within."

Yuri's smile faded slightly. "Er... yes, well... I mean, sure, no problem. We're...
WWWA... right, Kay? For us this is... a piece of cake." She sighed, shaking her head.
"Oh well. It was my plan, anyway." Turning to her partner, she grinned. "Let's do it."


Kay growled under her breath as she made her way down the long narrow corridor. The
station commander hadn't been kidding; the crawlspace was so small she felt like a
beautiful red-headed sardine in a titanium-steel allowed can! "Dammit!" she growled
again as she felt a tug from behind. "The bolts and screws in this thing keep snagging
the buckles on my boots and my uniform! Gah. I almost wish I had taken that guard's
offer of stripping naked and letting him lube me up. I guess he WASN'T being a lewd,
sexist pig after all. I'll have to apologize for decking him when I get out of here."

Glancing at the hand-held digital display, Kay checked her location. It had taken the
better part of an hour, but she had made it to the correct gate. "I wonder how Yuri's
doing?" Kay thought as she peered through the vented slats, into the room. "She had
much further to go than I did." Tapping the display again, she checked on her partner.
"Damn. She's not even halfway there yet! Looks like it is up to me, as always."

Moving carefully into the cramped vent gate, Kay readied her blaster. From her positon,
she could see the crook, Harold Stills, sitting at the controls, dozing slightly, a
bubble rising slowly from his nose. "This will be a piece of cake," Kay thought to
herself, as she unscrewed the last bolt. "A direct surprise attack will probably have
this guy so frazzles, he won't know what hit him." Counting to three, Kay braced her
feet against the sides of the vent and pushed off, shoving the steel gate to the floor
below, and sliding out to the floor, hand blaster at the ready.

"Freeze, Scumbag! WWWA! You're under arre---ACK!!"

Or...rather, she TRIED to!

"AAAAHHH! Goddammit! I'm stuck!" Kay yelled in frustration. She was stuck halfway in
the vent, her top hanging upside down from the open vent, while her legs and lower body
remained stuck inside the metal vent. Kicking her legs, Kay discovered that, once again,
her boots and her uniform had caught on the steel bolts holding the vent in place. She
tugged and tugged violently, but the bolts and the buckles held tightly. "SHIT! For all
the times for something like this to happen!"

Harold, startled awake, nearly panicked out of his mind, slowly recovered, as he saw
the sexy agent's predicament. A slow evil smile came from his lips. "Hey. You're stuck
in there pretty good, aren't ya?" he said slowly, walking around behind her, out of
sight, and range from her blaster.

Turnng her head around as far as possible, Kay growled in anger. "Don't think this means
you're getting away with this, Stills. If you know what's good for you, you'll help me
down from here and surrender, and maybe the judge will go easier on you."

A plan had begun to form in Stills' mind as he gazed on the lovely redhead, dangling
precariously from the vent. Her uniform, her trademark white bra guard and gloves,
showed much more of Kay's beautiful statuesque body than it hid. Her arms were held
high above her head by gravity, in her upside-down position. Her armpits, Harold noticed,
were incredibly smooth, completely hairless, and extremely enticing.

"You know, I think you're right," he said after a moment, moving up around behind her,
removing the handgun from her hands. "I think I WILL help you down from there. It looks
kind of like a tight fit, so I think we'll have to use a combination of lubrication,
and constant tugging, to get you free." He placed his fingertips into the soft hollows
of Kay's underams. Her reaction was immediate and predictable.

"EEEEEEEKKK!! NO! STOP! That ttteieiecheheheheheheheheheheckkllesss!!! Hahahahahahahaha!
Hahahhahhahahahaha... no no noo nooo... stop tickling meeeeheheheheheheheee!!"

Kay wailed loudly, shaking her head back and forth. Her tender soft flesh was exquisite,
blemish free, and lightly tanned. She took good care of her body, with extensive physical
work outs, thorough tanning sessions at least once a week, and used special creams and
moisturizers to keep her skin soft and tender all over. That special care now worked to
her disadvantage, however, as Harold's tickling touch worked its magic on her. Eyes
clenched tight, Kay shook and writhed, trying to avoid his tickling fingers, trying
desperately to dislodge those abominable digits from her poor ticklish pits. Too bad,
she was stuck tightly in place, her waist and lower body immobile, vulnerable to whatever
tickling whim the damned thief felt like sending her way.

"Wow, you really ARE ticklish, aren't you?" Harold taunted her, swirling his thumbpads
around in the center of her underarms. Kay freaked, lurching forward as much as possible,
bringing her arms back up and pressing them tight, trying to pinch Harold's fingers
tight to prevent more tickling. Harold chuckled, and responded by wiggling all five
fingers in each armpit. causing more shrieks and more laughter. "Naughy, naughty,"
Harold teased, wiggling his fingers faster and deeper into the baby soft skin. "Trying
to keep me from my fun! That wasn't very nice, now was it? I think I'll have to UP
the ante a bit now."

From out of nowhere, Harold pulled a long pink flamingo feather, and waved it before
Kay's astonished tear-soaked eyes. "I got this from one of the erotic dancers back on
Rigel 7. She was a fan dancer, and she let me take a few soveniers back with me after
our night together." He smiled, sighing softly. "She was ALMOST as ticklish as you are,
Miss WWWA Agent... but I think she enjoyed it a bit more than you seem to be."

Kay, having regained her breath, glared at him. "Go... to... hell... you fucking...
pervert..." she spat angrily.

"Pervert?" Harold's eyes narrowed. "Oh, so THAT'S the way you want it, hmm? Well fine.
So I like to tickle helpless women. Is that a crime? Oh, sure, I admit I'm a criminal,
and all that, but until now, at least, I never did something like this against someone's
will! But you think I'm a PERVERT!" Growling, he reached over and unbuckled Kay's top,
releasing her massive breasts. Harold smiled evilly, noting the raised nipples. "You
think I'm a pervert? I'll SHOW you a pervert." With undisguised glee, he wafted the
long pink feather towards Kay's exposed breasts.

"NO! NO! NOT THAT!" Kay yelled anxiously, trying to avoid the whispy feather fronds.
"I'm sorry! Really! I take back what I said! Please? Pleeeasse...eeee..hehehehehheehehe
OH GOD NOOOO!!! Hahahahahahahahahaaaa heeeee hhaaahahahahahahahahahahaa!" Kay writhed
and twitched in helpless apoxolety, trying desperately to avoid the tickling feather.
The long thin plume was so long it could stroke the bottom curves of both breasts at
once, and when slid into the narrow valley between, could reach down and slip into the
soft hollow of her belly button.

The sound of deep hysterical laughter filled the room, as the sexy agent laughed and
laughed, kicking her feet inside the steel vent, jerking with all her might, trying to
get free and escape before she went completely nuts. The tickling seemed to go on and
on forever, though it lasted only half an hour. When Harold finally relented and gave
Kay a break, she was a complete mess. Her hair was damn with sweat, limp and lifeless
against her face, which was a deep red. Being upside-down had caused the blood to flow
to her brain, and she felt light-headed and dizzy from the laughter.

"Whoops! Almost went overboard there," Harold said observing his new tickle-toy. "We
better get you down from there before you have a brain embolism." Stepping up on a
chair, Harold reached inside the vent and yanked. Kay's body, limp from exhaustion,
moved slightly forward. "There! You see? I was right. All that tickling made you sweat
enough that your body can slip free. Now we'll just... pull you... free... THERE!"

With a final tug, Kay slipped free of the vent, landing softly in Harold's arms. Her
body and mind were still reeling from the tickle assault, and from hanging upside-down,
so Kay was temporarily unaware that she was now completely NAKED. Harold, blushing
slightly, glanced back inside the vent, finding Kay's crotch-strap bottoms, and her
long white boots, were still firmly wedged into place inside the vent. Her sweat-soaked
body and limp unresisting muscles, had allowed her to slip free, not only from the
vent, but from her boots and her uniform!

"Well... ahh... uhm, that wasn't exactly what I expected," he said slowly, sliding
Kay gently to the huge wooden office desk, "but far be it for me to look a gift horse
in the mouth!" Moving quickly, lest she recover and try to fight him again, Harold
bound the naked redhead to the desk, leaving her spread-eagled, her wrists and ankles
tied to the four legs of the desk.

"Hhhhuuuhhh?" Kay moaned softly, starting to awaken. "Wha... what? What's going on?
What's... happening?"

"Oh, nothing much," Harold said, stepping into view. "We're just about to start round
two, my Lovely Angel. I hope you enjoyed your little rest... because the fun is about
to begin!"


Part 3: The SWEET agony of de-feet!))

"UUUGGHHHH!!" Yuri growled as she slid finally free of the dark, cramped vent, coming
to rest on the ceiling (or floor, depending on your way of looking at it) of the outer
bulkhead of the station. Her body was covered with a synthetic silicone-methanol
complex, 'Vexi-lube', which not only prevented her body from suffering the effects of
exposure in the cold nearly-airless room, but had helped facilitate her tranversal
through the vent. The hundred and seven meter trek had been long and arduous, but at
last she had reached her goal. Standing proudly... and naked, Yuri spit the device
from her mouth where she had carried it, and began carefully intergrating it into the
station's control circuits.

"There. That wasn't so bad," she said, smiling down at the finished result. She yawned
and stretched, causing her large sweet breasts to bobble enticingly. "I can't wait to
get back out of here and take out this Stills guy so I can take a long hot shower." She
ran a finger along her naked chest, rubbing some of the synthetica lube between her
fingers. "Still, it was kinda nice getting all lubed up. Too bad Kay didn't take that
hunky guard up on his offer! Oh well. You snooze, you lose!" Sliding back into the
vent once more, she wondered aloud, "I wonder if he has any plans when his shift is


HEHEHEHEHEHEHE HAHAHAHAHA!" Kay screamed, reflexively clenching and spreading her tiny,
pudgy little toes, trying to halt the feathers sawing ceasely between them. Harold, his
damnable hide, had withdrawn seven more of those evil pink feathers, and had commenced
torturing her tiny tootsies. Kay's bare feet were her 'achilles heel' so to speak, in
that ten seconds of tickle torture on her soft pink soles had her begging for mercy.

Harold smiled the entire time, taking great delight in punishing the uppity agent. Her
sexy body, naked and shiny with her perspiration, beckoned to him, sending him into an
erotic fog. He had never encountered anyone as wildly ticklish as this girl, and the
more he tickled her, the more excited he became. Gone were his thoughts of money and
power, of the rewards he'd demanded for the capture of this station. He'd forgotten
about it completely, lost in the dreamy world of the writhing, naked tickle-toy at his

"My dear, you don't seem to be getting into the spirit of things," Harold admonished
her, when he gave her another short break. Panting, giggling softly, Kay was unable
to understand his words, let alone respond to him. Her last coherent thought, several
minutes earlier, was in hoping that Yuri came to the control room and saved her after
sabotaging the station's controls. Fifteen minutes later, Kay had given up all hope,
and simply resigned herself to enduring the endless tickling, trying only to hold onto
her sanity. Her breath restored, for the moment, she opened her eyes to glance up at
Harold's latest trick... then groaned, wishing she hadn't.

"My sweet Angel," he said softly, holding her untied left foot in his lap, "I have
been a bit unfair to you. So far, I've been the one enjoying all this. Of course, you
brought it on yourself by calling me names, but I'm a forgiving kind of guy. So... I
think its about time I let you enjoy this too." Raising her unresisting leg high in
the air, Harold opened his mouth, and gently licked across Kay's deep wrinkled arch.

"Nonononononon...hehehehehehehe..." she giggled helplessly, wiggling her tired toes in
a spasmatic fit of hilarity. As bad as the man's fingers had been, as diabolical as the
damn pink feathers had been, Harold's tongue was a thousand times worse! The hot wet
raspy tongue slithered its way up and down Kay's bare pink sole, eliciting helpless
jags of unrestrained laughter, making her boobs bounce and roll with her bound body's
natural attempt at freedom. As before, the tickling of her feet started a soft gentle
pulsing inside her, deep within her, nestled between her thighs, a strangely arousing
feeling despite the situation, but whatever erotic effect the tickling was bringing her
was far overshadowed by the unbearable tickling sensations slamming into her brain.

"Nooooo mooooorrreee!!" she wailed, going limp again. "C-c-can't... can't take... it...
too... much... too... ticklish..." she managed, briefly, before dissolving again
into soft breathless laughter again. Her body shut down again, and her mind soon followed
suit, giving in, submitting to the unbeatable tickling. Kay, the fiery redhead, the
indominatble spirit, one of the most highly decorated agents of the WWWA, felt herself
cracking under the strain. She couldn't endure it. It was too much for her.

Then, Harold opened his mouth wider, and everything changed.

A soft silibant hiss escaped Kay's lips as she felt Harold's lips clamp tightly on her
big toe. He began sucking on it, hard and deep, sliding her other toes in one by one,
until he was vigorously sucking on all five of her dainty toes at once. His tongue
wiggled and slithered its way along the curl of her toes, and forced its way in between,
making Kay's laughter continue on, unstoppable. But now, the hot wetness of his mouth
added to the tickling sensations, reinforcing the previously waning arousal, making Kay
moan deeply between giggles, causing her hips to move and undulate.

"Ah, NOW you're starting to get into it," Harold said, grinning. Taking the feather
with his free hand, he began swirling it lovingly between Kay's spread thighs, flicking
the tip on her rising, pulsing clit. The redhead arched her back in pleasure at the
tickling touch, laughing/moaning/sighing at the contact. Harold slowed his lick-tickling,
sliding her toes back out of his mouth for a moment to speak, but Kay writhed, sliding
her foot forward again, back into the much desired tickling spot, spreading her toes
wide, inviting that dreadful tongue that she had hated and cursed moment before.
Smiling wider, pleasantly surprised, Harold resumed his tickle-seduction, sucking long
and hard on the sweet pudgy toes, flicking his tongue between each pair of toes,
letting his fingers continue to tickle her stretched sole while turning and wafting
the feather tickling the woman's clit.

Kay felt close to the edge. On the one hand, she hated this guy, hated him with all
her being. He was a criminal, a low-life, a scumbag. He had captured her, and tortured
her--- was STILL torturing her--- to the very edge of her sanity. She wanted to see him
locked up behind bars. And yet... her body pulsed with unbridled pleasure, forced,
perhaps, but pleasure nonetheless. The tickling had aroused something in her that she
had never felt before, and she felt close to an orgasm the likes she had never before
experienced. This man, this dreadful... WONDERFUL man, was the cause of it, had forced
her into it against her will, but now, without escape, and resigned to her fate, Kay
found herself enjoying it, desiring it, NEEDING it. Just a little more, a little touch,
a slight tickle in the right place...

The door to the control room burst inward an instant later, setting off a chain of
events. First, Harold, surprised at the intrusion, had gasped, and dropped the feather,
turning towards the door in shock. Secondly, the movement of Harold's tongue, and the
sudden intake of breath, caused a slight vibration, right between Kay's second and
third toes, her most ticklish spot, just as the dropped feather settled into place,
landing sideways inside her wet open slit, tickling the entire expanse of her pussy.
Third, Kay had glanced up when Harold had, staring at the door, seeing the intruder
to be none other than her partner, Yuri, still naked, and shiny with the lubricant,
having just escaped from the vents, coming up right outside the control room. The
sensations ather feet and pussy, combined with the deep embarrassment of her partner,
also naked, seeing her in such a positon, send her spiraling over the edge.

"AAAHAHHHHHHHHH GAAAAAAAAWWWWWDDDDDDD!!" Kay screamed, as she descended into a sweet
oblivion of orgasms, multiples, shattering her psyche and consciousness. Everything
around her went white, and the sounds of scuffling, and lasers firing, faded softly
into the background...


"Are you okay?"

Kay opened her bleary eyes, looking up into the face of her partner Yuri. The pale
skinned woman smiled reassuringly, and handed Kay a cup of coffee. Kay, released
from the desk, and sitting now in her sleeping quarters back on their , took it
gratefully. Yuri wrapped a blanket around her, then sat down next to her. "How are you

Kay took a deep swallow before answering. "Like I look, most likely," she said after
a moment. "WHat happened? STILLS! Did you get him, Yuri? Did that scum-sucking sicko
get away---?"

"Calm down, calm down," Yuri said, waving a finger. "He's locked up. The commander
and his men have him in custody. Thanks to you keeping him... ahem... OCCUPIED,"
she said, causing Kay to blush deeply, "I was able to interrupt control of the station
from his console and re-route it to the auxillery control room. Everyone's proud of
the great job we did. Chief Greely even called, congratulating us."

"Greely? Congratulating us? Wow. We must have really impressed him." Kay rose to her
feet, then groaned, sinking back down again. Yuri smirked.

"Just rest a while, Kay. It takes time to recover from a session like the one you just
had." She grinned mischieviously. "Maybe now you'll appreciate what I told you about my
experience during that episode with Janous on Delta Gamma 3!"

Kay smirked. "Yeah, yeah. Okay, I admit it. Being tickled to death is no fun... well,
ALMOST no fun. It has its moments." She smiled, shuddering slightly as she recalled
the mindblowing sensations moments before she passed out. "Still, I wouldn't want to
go through anything like that again."

Yuri nodded, as she walked back to the Lovely Angel's pilot station. "Well, it's
over now. We won't have to worry about Harold Stills again. And best of all, nothing
got destroyed this time!"

In the pilot seat, Moughi, the huge fuzzy cat-creature Yuri called a pet, shook his
paws, waving them frantically. "Moughi? What's wrong? What is it?" Glancing up at
the viewscreen, she gasped, going pale. "The... the station?" she gasped, watching
in horror as the huge space station tumbled recklessly through space, cut free of
its orbit. "But how? We stopped Harold from turning off the gravity controls! How can
it be... uh... uh oh!" Reaching into her pocket, Yuri withdrew the station control
override switch. Kay, fully dressed and recovered now, glanced down in Yuri's

"Hey Yuri. What's that you're holding?"

Gulping, she held up the beeping device with the red flashing lights. "That's, uhm,
the station override device. You know? the one I installed to prevent Stills from
turning off the gravity controls?" Sighing, she watched as the station collided into
a floating asteroid with a loud crash, then rebound, heading for another floating
rock. "I, well, kinda forgot to remove the override after it was all over. Apparently,
the station commander just... um... lost control of his system."

Just at that moment the video display clicked on, and Chief Greely's red-tinged
Face blared into view. "YOU!!" he yelled at the top of his lungs. "YOU! I can't
Believe it! After I congratulated you on a job well done, you go and crash the space
station! I can't believe you girls! We were better off letting Harold Stills run
free and locking the two of you away! Why if I could get my hands on you---"

"Oops! Sorry Chief, your signal, it's breaking up," Yuri said smiling, as she fiddled
with the communication controls.

"Yeah Chief," Kay piped in, purposely distorting the video display. "Must be some
cosmic interference. You'll just have to yell at us in person when we get back."
Sighing, the display went blank again, and the two agents looked at each other.

"Well, we're in for it again when we get back to headquarters," Yuri said, kicking
up her heels. "I wonder what the Chief will do once we finally show up?"

"Well, whatever it is, I can handle it," Kay said, slipping into her seat next
to Yuri. "Just as long as it doesn't involve TICKLING!"


12-09-2002, 10:20 AM
The red headed one was always my fav I would have to do her after tickling her like that ha ha.