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12-10-2002, 01:32 PM
Hares and hounds was a fun game, although it was tough to be a hare. The hares were usually the younger kids in our group. That group got together most days in the summer to play. The number varied, between a low of 8 or a high of 15 or 16, depending on who was available. An average day had 12 or 13, and girls outnumbered boys 2-1 most of the time. Many of the girls were my cousins, five of them ranging in age from 2 years older than me to 8 years older.

In the game the hares outnumbered the hounds by about 2-1. They were required to scatter in the woods and hide, while hounds went looking for them. The hares, almost always the younger kids, weren't allowed to be together, but the hounds, the older kids, went looking for the hares in a group. When a hare was captured he or she was escorted to the base. One hound acted as a guard at the base. A free hare could raid the base and free the captured hares, letting them go back into the woods. The game ended when all hares were captured or a time was reached and the hares were declared the winners.

When the game ended, almost always with hounds winning, an unlucky member of the losing team was picked to be tied up and tickled by the members of the winning team. Usually, the chosen hare got a simple binding (wrists behind back, ankles together) or hogtied. Occasionally, if a kid was particularly obnoxious, he or she was given a more imaginative way to be tied up.

One of the last times I played -- I was 11 and most of the others were getting too old to play -- I was a hare. Lo and behold, hares won that day! We chose my cousin Louise to be tied up and tickled.

Louise was 13. She was about 5-6, an average build with long reddish-blonde hair and steel-blue eyes. He skin was stark white, with freckles on every inch of her. Her skin looked like a bowl of milk with nutmeg sprinkled on top. She had big feet for a 13 year old, maybe size 8, with high arches and insteps and long, chubby toes.

Louise came to us and crossed her wrists behind her back, expecting to be tied the conventional way. I said, "Let's get the tent stakes." Louise protested. She knew we wanted to tie her hands and feet to the stakes with her face up looking at the sky and stretched out like a starfish. She knew it because she and some others tied me that way the summer before and could see the torture it was for me.

We pinned down Louise while Siobhan, another hare, went to get the stakes. Louise was wearing a pair of khaki slacks and a bikini top. She was barefoot, as we all were when we played this game. She was tied down tightly, protesting all the while to no avail.

As the oldest hare, I was invited to go first. I tickled Louise's bare belly, and remember her cute little giggles and her pleading with me to stop like it was yesterday. I tickled her armpits chin and neck, listening to her howls of laughter.

"You better tickle her feet," said Edith, another hare. "You don't have much time left." Louise screamed that her feet were too ticklish to tickle and that she wouldn't be able stand it. Tough, I said. But I could not reach both of Louise's feet, as her legs were stretched too far apart, so I invited Siobhan (on whom I had a mad crush back then) to help me out. Siobhan and I tickled the bottoms of Louise's feet as Louise screamed bloody murder. I swear, if that girl hadn't been tied so tightly she would have been the first redhead on the moon. When my alotted 10 minutes were up. Louise was gasping with her stomach heaving. She was hoarse from laughter and from begging us to quit. Too bad, she had six more hares to go.

When the hares had their turn the hounds decided Louise should stay tied down for a little while longer. The poor girl got more tickle-torture from her teammates, as well as a few pink bellies for good measure. She was beside herself with agony.

When Louise was finally untied she was angry as all hell, but what could she do? Hey, it was only a game, right?

12-10-2002, 03:39 PM
Only a game, but a lot of fun for you at the time. :D Cute story. Thanks for posting it.