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dig dug dog
07-10-2001, 10:51 PM
After I finished posting this to "The Cement Garden" thread, I realized it really deserves it's own thread...

Yes, that "Avengers" scene (Avengers is an old British, Secret-Agent TV series) is terrific. I agree with WallStreet that it is one of the top ones I've scene in the mainstream world.

...and before anyone asks, it goes like this :)

The blond female (bad guy) agent is about 5'8". Her hair is about shoulder length and straight. She is very attractive with nice dark eyes and a very good figure. She is strong looking and broad-shouldered in a good female way, not heavy at all. She is dressed all in black during this scene with black boots as well.

The blond agent comes into the room where Steed is, along with her female accomplice. Both of them are trying to ambush Steed, but he's too fast for them. He pins the accomplice under a chair, then sits on top of the chair and pulls the blond down over his lap (as if he was going to give her a spanking).

She has information, I believe, about where Steed's partner is being held or where the blond's bosses are (I can't recall exactly). Steed says something about persuading her to give the information and then he goes to work vigorously tickling her ribs and sides.

The girl goes wild; she is laughing very hard--nice, loud, strong laughter and is also kicking her feet while it is happening. She is actually wriggling around on top of Steed's legs. You also get to see the expression on her face pretty clearly: she has her eyes closed and is laughing up a storm.

This goes on for about 8-10 seconds. A good length when you consider that mainstreams often pull away or fade out right when the tickling begins.

The episode might be called "How to Succeed at Murder", I'm not sure about that. Those long mainstream lists (that some of you out there probably compiled) usually list it with the episode title. I was able to rent it a couple of years ago. A must see!

07-11-2001, 05:09 AM
You are correct, sir! The title of this episode is How To Succeed in Murder and it is available on video (and DVD)...I know because I heard about this scene for years and looked around for it forever (it was finally released a couple of years ago, when the movie came out). It's a great scene.

07-11-2001, 05:59 AM
there is also another choice episode, not sure which one were steed briefly tickles emma peel's barefoot with a feather, she lets out a gasp and pulls her foot back.

07-11-2001, 12:13 PM
I've seen that first Avengers clip somewhere (i think it was at Tom's Adult Tickling Site, but that site hasn't been working 4 a while ), but the clip ended right after Steed says, "And now, young lady, you're going to talk." Can anyone post a full-length clip of that scene?

07-11-2001, 05:04 PM
I have the classic scene on video tape, as well as several other scenes. I am an expert on the stock market and I'm an expert on tickling. Unfortunately my knowledge about posting clips leaves much to be desired. I've been in contact with Myriads and he is attempting to advise my stupid ass on clip posting. If I am ever successful at getting links set up you will be the first people to know about it.
Another great thing about the Avengers scene is the look on Steed's face while he's doing the tickling. He also has some classic lines in this scene.

07-11-2001, 09:00 PM
It's a quick scene but a great one!! Wall Street is right-Steed is holding a feather (which is a piece of evidence found at a murder scene-he and Emma are actually discussing the feather) while she is straddling a sculpture of some sort, barefoot. Steed looks at the feather, looks at her bare foot, considers it and then gives her a quick tickle, to which she merely pulls away, and the camera cuts to her face, smiling and continuing her train of thought. So quick-and yet so great!!!!

Wall Street, do me a favor, email me at nontkl@hotmail.com
I've got a ton of mainstream (and otherwise) stuff and since I live in NYC, it might be convenient to do some kind of trade or sharing. (not that we HAVE to meet in person-but at least the shipping costs would be cheaper!)

07-11-2001, 10:07 PM
I just viewed the clip with the blonde. 3D's description was right on the money, except her pants were red (and LEATHER!) and it lasted a whopping 13 seconds!! An eternity by mainstream standards. Not only that, but the girl is paralyzingly ticklish. It looks very real. If you've ever tickled a superticklish women you'll know what I mean. To answer EmSeeSquared's question- the best parts of the scene are AFTER Steed's immortal uttering of "Now young lady, you're going to talk". The funny thing is that right before I watched it I watched another clip on the same tape- it was Howard Stern tickling a hot stripper on Christmas- it lasted 2 1/2 minutes. The 13 seconds of Avengers was 10 times more intense and entertaining than the Howard clip. The Avengers clip really is one of the best mainstreamers of all time.
As Nontkl pointed out, the Emma Peel tickle was very short. The most frustrating thing about it is that there's another episode of The Avengers where a villian has Emma locked barefoot in stocks. The dopey villian never comes close to tickling her! What an IDIOT!
There's also an urban legend about Tara King (she replaced Emma Peel in the later episodes- played by Linda Thornson). The legend goes that there's an Avengers episode where she's tied down and has her feet tickled by a midget with a feather duster. I've seen the episode many times but NO TICKLING. Supposedly it was only in the uncut original version, but further investigating found that although the scene was written in the original script they NEVER filmed it.
Nontkl should expect mail from me soon.

07-12-2001, 12:24 AM
I was a fan of the Avengers series when they were first broadcast here in the U.S. I well remember the first time that I saw the scene where Mrs. Peal was tickled by Steed, a short, but great mainstream scene. The other scene in which Steed administers some rib tickling to the blonde evil doer also made for enjoyable viewing.

I do have clips of both of those scenes and would be happy to email them to anyone who would like to have them. You can email me at jugglertx@clearsource.net


07-12-2001, 09:46 PM
jug, could you email me them at my AOL screen name? the email is iigotmiikii@aol.com its not MILK, but MIIK..and the lines in front are IIs, thanks! :D

07-12-2001, 10:29 PM
Wah12345678 may not have any milk but he's going to have a classic clip after he gets in touch with Jugglertx. I strongly advise that anyone who hasn't seen the clip with the blonde take advantage of Jugglertx's generous offer. As long as we're all in a giving mood- would anyone out there be generous enough to E-mail me Carmen Electra on Stern. Howard is certainly no Steed, but it's Carmen Electra damnit!

07-13-2001, 12:28 AM
Yo, Wallstreet, I have that Carmen Electra clip. How do i post it in an e-mail?

07-13-2001, 12:30 AM
Could you e-mail them to vtec97prelude@yahoo.com
Thanks a lot man!


07-13-2001, 12:50 AM
That doesn't answer my question. I asked "how do i post it IN an e-mail?"

07-13-2001, 05:07 PM
I lack the knowledge that EmSee seeks. Someone please help.

07-14-2001, 05:42 AM
JugglerTX! Great to see you around!!!! When I first came online, I used to got to Tickletown all the time and you were such a big provider of mainstream stuff...I even bought your cdrom, which is STILL fantastic. For those that don't know, alot of the mainstream clips that float around cyberspace come from Juggler...I always wondered if you were around here and of course you are! Great to see you!

07-14-2001, 05:21 PM
Hiya nontkl,

Yep, I'm still around. :cool: Thanx for your kind words, I'm glad to have been part of our tickling community for a few years now. I'm still on the search for new mainstream clips to post, but as you know, there certainly hard to come by.

It's been suggested that I post some of the mainstream clips I have here on TMF for those who maybe weren't around when I previously posted them. What do you and everyone else think about this?

Feel free to email me.


07-15-2001, 06:45 PM
I have 6 words 4 u, jugglertx: mainstream clips! mainstream clips! mainstream clips!

07-15-2001, 09:24 PM
Your posts would be appreciated. Perhaps you could give us an idea of what you'd be posting.

07-16-2001, 12:15 AM
I have a variety of mainstream clips from various sources - movies, tv shows, commercials, cartoons, etc.

I'm wondering if there are maybe tickling scenes that some of you have heard or read about, but haven't seen. If you'll email your requests to me, I'll be glad to see if I have any of the clips and then post them for all so interested to download.


07-16-2001, 06:05 AM
Juggler: some of the clips I know you have that I'm sure some of the newer people would definitely enjoy:

Variety Girl
El Grande Series (great)
the Spanish game show with the "spiders" on the gorgeous girls stomach
Tampopo (live shrimp on gorgeous Asian girl's tummy)
Belinda Carlisle on Stern
Foreign scene where the two girls are on the bed
Scene from Bound for Glory (which on the cd-r you gave me has it listed as a foreign scene-it's where he's tickling her to make her say "whooo-eeee")
The Avengers Clips
the Between Friends clip with Carol Burnett (there were some recent posts about this with someone really begging to see it).
"Beard tickle" with Seymour Cassel tickling the feet of what looks like Andie McDowell. That's a great one. (anyone know what movie this is from?)

That's just off the top of my head, but those are all great ones!

07-16-2001, 12:40 PM
maybe juggler could talk to unclesteve about putting up a mainstream section on the archives?

07-16-2001, 05:22 PM
NonTkl- the Seymour Cassel clip is not Andie McDowell- I'll get the name of the movie. I tried to E-mail you but my service sux and I don't think it went through.
A good request for JugglerTX would be "What the swedish butler saw". I plan on E-mailing the Jug Man with a few more requests.