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all scenes listed here available for trade on VHS.

You can't Do That on Television - Nickelodeon show. In one,
hostess Christine spends the bulk of the show in a cast, with her bare sole sticking right in the camera. At the very end,
the producer threatens her foot with a feather duster while she begs him not to. Then he tickles her foot. She falls over hysterical.

You Can't Do That On Television: Christine grabs Lisa's bare foot and,
despite her begging not to, tickles the hell out of it.

Foreign game show scene #3 - another goat scene with a different woman in stocks, again . This time the amazon hostess tests her feet for ticklishness before the goat arrives (she is ticklish).

Foreign game show scene #4 - woman gets in "electric chair" and male hosts continually try tickling her,
particularly her legs and thighs (to get her out of it?). Good scene and very long.

Sandra Bullock gets tickled on her leg, and then rib-tickled by Jeff Daniels. BIG smile/giggling action.

Unknown - in some commercial relating to "football" a woman gets tickled

Unknown - "behavioural sciences" woman gets tickled

Unknown - teen couple on couch, boy manages to get girl topless and starts playing around, she starts giggling uncontrollably and says "Tony, STOP, I'm going to PEEE!"

Unknown - Jeff Goldblum gives a thorough rib/side tickling to a young oriental woman

USA Up All Night (Rhonda Shear) - show only showing her bare feet, or dangling a high heel. Dials a phone and peels a banana with her bare feet as well. Late in the show, wearing an anklet, a man's hand is handling and tickling her foot as she giggles and wiggles her toes.

What's So Bad About Feeling Good?

Where the Women Go -- rib tickling of woman by boyfriend. excellent laughter.

Wings - cute blonde gets underarm tickled

World's Greatest Magic III - bret daniels saws a girl in half, then tickles "her" stocking feet, which in fact are SOMEBODY's real feet. Nice twitching and giggling, anyway.

The Adventures of Baron Munchausen - Robin Williams is tickling a huge pair of female feet with a feather. Fantastic and drawn out. Great soles and wiggling feet. The head of the woman is more breathless than laughing.

Bunny's Tale, a -- kirstie alley lies on a bed and her husband tickles her ribs. Nice scene.

Dry Idea commercials - 2 different, both underarm

Sabrina - Sabrina is tickled by a "magic pager" repeatedly, making
her laugh at inopportune moments. great extended laughing.

Can she bake a Cherry Pie? - Very wild tickling scene with Karen
Black and Michael Emil. The ticklish redhead is Frances Fisher, former
girlfriend of Clint Eastwood. Karen Black plays a jealous girlfried
catching her boyfriend on the couch with the other girl (he is on top of her, both are still clothed). The girl on the couch starts giggling. As the camera makes a move to the right one realizes that Karen Black
holds the other woman's ankle tickling her bare foot savagely. The girl starts laughing and finally screams when she realizes who's tickling her.

Cement Garden - Jack walks into his sister's bedroom while she's working on something, and takes her by surprise. They wrestle around a bit, then he throws her over to the bed. He taunts her by saying "there's no one to protect you." She grins at him, then he proceeds to attack her ribs. Extended scene with authentic laughter.

Change of Seasons, a - long rib-tickling with Shirley Maclaine.

Come to the Stable - about two nuns wanting to build
a church, has a great tickling scene with Hugh Marlowe tickling the ribs of Dorothy Patrick. variable quality video.

Die Zwillinge vom Immenhof - Nice tickling scene
with two lovely teenaged twin sisters. They lie in bed and pretend to be sick as they don't want to go to school. Her mother tells them to give them their feet. She holds both of them at their ankles and first tickles one girl than the other. They both giggle very nicely and pull back.

Dirty Dancing - underarm tickles. nice reaction.

Avengers - Steed tickles Mrs. Peel's foot with a feather.

Italian soap (may be a dubbed American soap) - upper body F/F

Ellie - cheesy cheapo movie occasionally shown on Rhonda. In fact, it's the ONLY place I've ever seen it. Nice looking blond seduces and knocks off murderous step-family. In one scene, near the end, she's in the attic with her cousin, who rips off her shoe and tickles her bare foot, as she laughs and struggles to get away.

Riverdale - man tickles woman underarms/sides and she says
"stop, I'm ticklish!". he continues, so she rib tickles him,
backing him into the counter strongly as he laughs hoarsely.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off -- As the hookie-playing trio cruise Chicago, Ferris's girlfriend apparently gets her knees tickled as she is laughing and bucking wildly in the car for a few seconds.

Dating show - woman complains that her date tickled her (and that she is extrememly ticklish)

Floorwalker, the -- Charlie Chaplin flick. He works in a shoe store, removes the shoe from a lady, then tickles her foot, TWICE. She jumps like mad! Too bad, it is a silent. variable video quality but not too bad.

FOREIGN SCENE - bare-breasted blonde gets upper body tickled all over, nice scene.

FOREIGN SCENE - brunette on bed (hair pulled back, clothed) on her stomach, bare soles up and facing the camera. man comes in, sees her feet and tickles them, causing her to jolt and chastise. He then starts kissing the feet.

FOREIGN SCENE - blonde on bed (naked) lying on her stomach,
giant breasts and giant soles up and facing the camera, is tickled to her laughter and annoyance.

FOREIGN SCENE - two semi-clad women get into a tickle fight

Forever Young -- Mel Gibson teases, then tickles wife (good laughter)

Ghoulies - guy rib-tickles girl.

Great Ziegfeld, the - the starlet of the show instructs William Powell to take off her stocking, after she kicks off her shoe. He does so , then tickles her foot for just a second. She screams.

Harrad Experiment - excellent 1970s scene where a woman is talking with a shy guy and she says "maybe I like to be tickled", which he then proceeds to do.

He Knows You're Alone - guy pins woman outside the window, then tickles her ribs. Excellent tickling action.

CNN Special - infamous "study" on tickling

Ms. Julie - older teen gets into box for magic trick, sawed
in half and watches as her feet get tickled repeatedly - she says
"no, don't tickle my feet" and laughs, excellent scene.

Letterman/Gina Davis - she is foot tickled by Letterman

Unknown - at table, a delicious blonde's (stockinged) feet are pulled up and tickled, causing her to laugh incessenantly

Candid Camera - sketch where a woman pretending to get a pedicure is to ticklish no one can touch her feet without her breaking up into laughter.

Houdini -- 1953 movie with Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh, who was gorgeous at this point in her career. At about the half hour mark, Curtis gets Leigh out of bed to get into his magic box so he can saw her in half. Once she's locked in with her bare feet sticking out one end, he tickles her.

Italian scene (B+w, title ?), poor video quality

If the Shoe Fits -- starring Rob Lowe and Jennifer Grey (pre-nose job) of Dirty Dancing. Has anybody else seen it, and would you consider the scene where the girlfriend puts the shoe on and off Grey as tickling scene? She giggles plenty, and has a look on her face like "I know this is going to tickle," and then she laughs loudly. Great sole scenes also.

Health Show - man is showing young woman about massaging
with oils, and as he does her feet camera shows her barely restraining
laughter. When she starts losing it they talk about tickling.

HOTS - battling sorority sisters movie from late Seventies. Mixed sex group captures a rival gal and has her gagged in back of a van. One of the girls says, "Hey you guys, now that we've got her all tied up, let's find out ifshe's ticklish!" And a guy says "I think that's a good idea." The girl screams and laughs through her gag.

Joe's Apartment - while they're making out, the girl giggles "It tickles!" because cockroaches are crawling on her feet.

Kaspar Hauser - Very interesting film about the Kaspar-Hauser- affair back in 19th century Germany. The Duke of Baden sits at the end of his lovely wife's bed. He holds her foot with her sole showing into the camera. Very clear closeup shot. He takes a toy crown made of paper and puts it on her toes saying: fly foot, fly! Then he starts tickling her. She starts laughing and pulling back. He goes on tickling her until she says "Arretez! Arretez!" (Stop! Stop!).

Lies My Father Told Me -- husband tickles wife silly as she leans over a chair. Excellent dragged out scene.

Look Who's Talking Too -- very short scene. Kirstie Alley takes young son to office. Boss walks in. Girlfriend at office starts giggling, and camera pans under her desk, where toddler has removed her high
heel and is doing her stocking foot, saying (in Bruce Willis' voice) "Tickle tickle tickle."

Making Mr. Right - one of the best foot movies ever made. Ann Magnuson (NOT Annie Potts as typically reported) takes off her heels, and an andriod (played by John Malkovich at the low point of his career) grabs her fishnet-stocking foot and rubs it with both his hands and his chin. Ann laughs like crazy.

Married to the Mob (French version) - Michelle Pfeiffer has her feet massaged and tickled - great sole shots!

Milk Money - Melanie Griffith is in a classroom and a young boy draws ovaries acros her stomach. She giggles, he looks up, and she says "Tickles."

Monkeys Go Home - Sleeping French girl has her feet convincingly tickled by a monkey, and the giggling is nice. Nice toe wiggling in response, as well.

Monster on the Campus - begins with a scene in which Arthur Franz tickles Joanna Moore, while she's plastered to a table.

Morgens um Sieben ist die Welt noch in Ordnung -- A small boy sneaks into his parents bedroom and tickles his mother's foot that is sticking out underneath the comforter. She screams and jumps out of bed.

New Interns, the - Michael Callan, playing a doctor, tests Sue Anne Langdon's feet for ticklishness.

North To Alaska - great tickling scene. The lovely Capucine and stewart granger are trying to make John Wayne jealous. Granger asks her "Are you ticklish?" while pointing to her foot. She says no, but he pushes her backward, rips off her shoe and tickles her stocking foot. The hysterical laughter is great stuff and lasts half a minute.

Once Upon a Horse - during a fight in this bad western, a woman gets partially stuck through a wall. A dog licks her soles. Nice laughter, nice toe wiggling, and it's quite prolonged.

Overboard - great foot film for Goldie fans. Her adopted kids attack her, and they yell "Tickle her!" and proceed to attack her ribs.

Parent Trap, the - early 60's movie with Hayley Mills. Playing twins, she pours honey over the bare feet of her would-be step-mom, who giggles in her sleep as bears lick the honey off.

Pink Panther, the - David Niven, hiding under the bed tickles Capucine's foot. She also gets it in North to Alaska (listed elsewhere).

Castaways on Gilligan's Island - Mary Ann tickles guy's foot
unsuccessfully, trying to get him to relax. Ginger (Shelly Long?) starts giggling, says *she's* ticklish.

Rachel Papers, the - guy and girl experimenting with sex. He's kissing
her down her leg, and as he gets to her outstretched bare foot, she starts laughing.

Rainbow, the - shows a young woman complaining (in a great British accent) of being tickled when being massaged by her lesbian lover. Long, convincing scene.

Ribald Tales of Robin Hood This one features a lesbian sovereign tickling the restrained Maid Marian.

Robocop 2 - near very start, weller flashbacks to excellent foot scene with wife, he's painting her toes, her bare soles face the camera, then he tickles her foot, and she's screaming and laughing and pulling away. Great stuff.

Rosen Resli -- This one stars young Christine Kaufmann (she must be about 14 or so in this film and later became Tony Curtis's second wife). She lies in bed, pretending to be asleep, deliberately having her feet sticking out underneath the comforter. Her parents approach her bed and her mother picks up her feet, talking to the feet and tickling them two or three times (not much reaction, but very beautiful view!)

trapped in a summer camp bed by a girl's bare feet. He gets out by tickling her sole.

Sheltering Sky, the -- heroine (Debra Winger) has her foot tickled by an arab.

Sirens -- with Elle MacPherson -- great scene where the cutest girl gets ticked by Elle while talking about tickling!

Stella -- A typical Bette Midler heart-wrencher, but with a cute girl (pre-college age) playing the daughter. About the middle of the movie she pounces on her mother trying to force her to look at a picture of a guy she's fallen for. Bette on the bottom starts trying to get in to tickle her and soon the daughter is helpless with laughter, trying to spit out the words "No F(air)..That T(ickles)!!" A nice scene also.

Talent for the Game - baseball player sucks/tickles girlfriend's foot as she begs him to stop.

Tarzan of the Apes - 1931 or so. Johnny Weismuller wrestles Maureen O'Sullivan to the ground and tickles her foot while she complains "Tarzan, you're tickling, stop!"

colorized version of above

Tarzan of the Apes-- dreadful, godawful 1959 remake of above. Better foot views and tickle action by far. Virtually the same scene, dialogue a little different.

Tarzan? - great sole tickling scene, similar but different than the previous two

Tarzan Jr. (?)

Teacher, the -- two tickling scenes, one foot the other ribs.

Two for the Road -- two rib tickling scenes of Audrey Hepburn

Unknown - singer (in color, not "Variety Girl") in a recording studio is interrupted by a tickling causing a long peal of laughter

I Like the Girls Who Do - woman in a clothing store tries to steal something, and to get it back owner chases her into a changing stall where he tickles her into hysterical submission, knocking over the stall in the process. Dragged out scene.

Unknown - a film about people's secret lives has a man at a hotel tying up his wife (not expecting what is about to happen), and then he intensely tickles her, first causing her to laugh and say in a high pitched voice "stop it you're tickling!", then he gags her and continues tickling as she is obviously under duress.

Curtains - not sure which is the exact title, but an excellent young babe in lingerie is lying on her stomach and her boyfriend needs to write a phone number so he uses her body, and she gets hysterical with laughter. To dissuade him from tickling her, she starts using her bare foot on his crotch.

MIND OVER MURDER. Deborah Raffin gets ears kiss/tickled

I Love Lucy - Lucy is handcuffed to a man, and as they try various contortions to get out and he is moving along her feet she screams/scolds that it is tickling

Unknown - a woman is sitting on man over a chair and runs his fingers under her soles and toes

Unknown - during a concert a man underarm tickles one of the backup performers

Unknown - while being outfitted in a clothes store an amazonian size woman is tickled by smaller woman - nice laughter

Unknown - Joe Montagna tickles a variety of women at a bar

Unknown - at a chic ballet rehearsal man tickles woman

Stripes - man Bill Murray tickles woman on stove. goes on for a while.

Unknown - man rib tickles blonde woman wearing blue jeans in barn

Unknown - man on soap opera makes two attempts to rib tickle a blonde, first is very successful, second he falls flat

Unknown - Mexican doctor tummy tickles a woman

Unknown - man on sundeck first rib tickles a woman, then tickles her feet

Unknown - a model is doing one of those "platform" shots in a pool (tons of foot shots) with large fish, and as the fish swim she starts giggling and complaining as they are tickling her feet

Unknown b+w "bondage" scene, man takes advantage of it tickling her underarm, ribs and tummy

Unknown (director interview?) woman is hung-up in some contraption and a man (stage-hand?) tickles her ribs and underarms. Rib tickling gets a very violent reaction

Pale Blood - a photoshoot with two women and an egg turns into a mini leg/knee tickle fest

Tarzan "jr." tickles a woman who has her bare arms (and
armpits) tied up and exposted, and her voice goes from normal to that of a
young girl as she gasps, and says "stop -- that tickles". Delightful.

Tampopo - foreign film where a man uses live shrimp in a bowl
on her belly to drive her hysterical

Unknown - black woman has her back tickled

Love at First Bite - in front of a limo (or luxury car) a pitbull licks the stocking feet of a woman making her giggle and say "stop, that TICKLES!"

Anything for Money - some show to get people to silly things. a black woman is asked to put her bare feet in a bucket of worms, and it tickles her.

SPYS - in a somewhat darkened room man tickles to soles of a woman (Cybill) saying "tickle tickle" as she says in an Eastern European "np, don't do that", guffawing each time he tickles her. The tickler doesn't realize Cybill is with another man in bed, and accidently tickles HIS feet, which wakes him up and the lights
get fully turned on.

Unknown - two "1960s" teens in a car, boy tickles girl (video quality)

Unknown - some guy in a "gilligan" hat tickles a woman

Soap - man takes "poll" in bed by tickling a woman

No Way to Treat a Lady - man (killer) dressed as priest tickles an older woman into a loud hysterical laughing fit

World's Oldest Bridesmaid- a man (Indian?) tickles a good looking woman with glasses, and she admits she is very ticklish

Unknown -- Mexican movie. Woman in bikini is sitting
in a pool chair, and the sterotypical big fat sweaty villain comes up and starts tickling her, making her laugh and getting her very annoyed.

Unknown - private eye movie starring Jacklyn Smith and Corben Benson? Bensen is a ghost trying to prove to private eye Smith that he's real, so he begins giving her a hickie. She seems to be getting turned on by this (in a Disney sort of way), while giggling and saying "That tickles, that tickles, that really...tickles." Just to hear the words from her mouth is worth it

Unmarried Woman, an - Jill Clayburgh gets leg tickled.

Micki and Maude - man and woman in formal wear walking up steps (near pier/waterfront?), man tickles woman's ribs and sides

O'hara's Wife - Ed Asner gets tickled, then tickles a woman

Unknown - Mexican tickles girl in lawn chair

Variety Girl -- B&W, 40's vintage. People making radio commercial in which a young lady is supposed to laugh. Cut to guys holding her down, tickling her stocking feet. wild laughter, excellent.

What the Swedish Butler Saw - Queen of tickling scenes!
man uses tickling machine on woman, and her expression goes from resistance to succumbing laughter, and finally orgasm. RECOMMENDED.

Willard - Ernest Borgnine is tickling his secretary as she screams.

Yentl - Barbara Streisand gets ribs tickled by mandy Patinkin.

Anything But Love -- Jamie Lee Curtis gets pinned on couch and ribs tickled.

Art for Art's Sake - Watched this one for the feet, and expected SOMEBODY to tickle the young woman who was sealed in plaster from neck to ankles for most of the movie, bare feet available. Never happened. But another woman is hiding playfully, her feet sticking out from under the bedspread, and her boyfriend tickles her. She screams great. A little later, the woman who runs the art gallery is changing her shoes, and her lawyer is helping her put her heels on, and gives her a playful tickle.

Avengers, the - episode "The Fear Merchants." Emma (Diana Rigg) is perched atop a sculpture she's working on, in stirrup pants and no shoes. Steed sits next to it, a feather in his hand. She dangles her feather, while she jumps.

Avengers, the - "How to Succeed at Murder." Two lady assassins attack Steed, and he throws one of them across his lap and tickles her ribs. She is hysterical for twenty seconds or so - great laughter!

Betwitched - Also, there is a great Bewitched episode in which Endora puts a spell on Samantha that whatever her identical cousin Serena feels, Samantha will too. Serena has a date who tickles her. This is one of the later episodes with Dick Sargent.

Bonnie and Clyde - the true story - fairly stupid made for tv movie, with the title characters tickling the foot of a woman in a cast. You'll like the tickling action and laughter.

Chain of Desire - An older man fiddles the fishnet clad foot of Holly Marie Combs, the daughter from Picket Fences. Good laughing, but she's really only laughing AT him, notbecause he's tickling, per se. Use your imagination.

Charlie's Angels Episode with Cheryl Ladd, Kris tickles Sabrina's ribs very briefly.

Copperfield special - 1992. D.C. rips the shoes off his assistant, and she steps into a box, and one of her feet sticks out, and he tickles her briefly.

Cosby Show, the - episode where the family gets to
see Stevie Wonder. Cliff is romancing Clare. He takes
off her heel, then strokes her foot. She quickly jumps, smiles broadly, and shoots him one of those accusing grins she's good for. Neat little scene, and a gorgeous stocking foot.

Crazy From The Heart - TNT original flick. Christine Lahti has her stocking soles right in the camera, and Ruben Blades begins gently tickling them. She yelps, says "Don't tickle," then he really goes at them, and she yells and laughs. Excellent stuff.

Dallas - same episode where Bobby gets killed in the "dream" season. He tickles Victoria Principal's ribs on the bed.

Doug Henning show -- with Barbi Benton. Barbi and another girl are both to be sawn in half. They both take off their shoes and get into boxes. Henning asks "Barbi, are you ticklish?" and does her stocking foot while she giggles. Then he tickles her again a little later.

Doug Henning -- with Ann Jillian. Jillian actually takes off her high heels to participate in one trick, but she doesn't get tickled, unfortunately. But maybe better, when Henning sets up a girl to be sawn in half, he himself pulls off her shoes, and when she
climbs into the contraption to be sawed in half, Jillian tickles the girl's stocking feet. Very nice!

Elvis and the Beauty Queen -- made for tv disaster with Don Johnson as Elvis. Stephanie Zimbalist is lying down in her car, with her bare feet sticking out the window. Her girlfriend tries to cheer her up, and tickles her foot. Lovely bare sole shots.

Eugene - an Ernie Kovacs special show, without dialogue. Kovacs reruns are on the Comedy Channel. Near the beginning, Kovacs hears hysterical laughter in the museum. He goes to a painting of the Mona Lisa, and stretching from the bottom of the frame is a pair of real-live female legs and bare feet. A cat is licking one of the feet. When it quits, the laughter turns to relieved sighing. (Quality check)

Everybody Loves Raymond - He offers to rub his wife's feet (she's just kicked off her shoes). He pulls of her socks, then she starts giggling, "That's tickling.....that's not rubbing, that's tickling!" and she screams and laughs. Very good.

Baywatch - one baywatch girl tickles another baywatch girl

Family Matters - (ABC, Syndication) When Steve Urkel's girlfriend, Myra, extends her body out on his transformation chamber that turns him into Stefan Urquelle, he tickles her under her arms to get her to move.

El Grande - Another installment, ten showgirls take off their slippers and sit in lounge chairs, while a contestant tickles their stockinged feet with feathers and has to identify them by their laughter. Not terribly real, but still real neat.

Playboy Fantasy Month - tickling

Michelle HotLine - says she loves to be tickled

Ghoulies - tickling by a fountain

Last Precinct - short-lived 1986 series starring Adam West. Sort of a Police Academy (which itself sucks) ripoff. In one episode, the one good looking female cast member, who has nice foot shots in other episodes, is found in the basement of a haunted house, locked in a magician's box, sawn in half and barefoot. Her partner puts her back together, then asks if she's still ticklish, and begins tickling her feet. Nice foot action and closeups, great
succumbing laughter and scolding.

Laverne and Shirley - Laverne throws Shirley overthe armrest of the couch and tickles her stocking foot.

Lever 2000 commercial - Closeup of male tickling a female's foot, with nice toe wiggling action. Ran in the fall of 1994.

Like Mom, Like Me - teenage Kristy McNichol gets her ribs tickled.

Love street - second episode of the HBO series. Girl is in back of limo, guyremoves first heel, then second, with her stocking soles facing the camera. WHen he grabs the bottom of her foot he tickles her and she yelps.

Melrose Place - shortly after she appeared on the series - Jo
gets her feet, then her ribs, tickled. I also have a much better
version of this in French.

Muppets - female host gets tickled by cast

My Sister Sam - Pam Dawber is rib tickled while her stocking
soles are visible to the camera

Pink Pussycat, the -- nude lesbian scene in hot tub with rib tickle, excellent squealing.

Princess Who Never laughed, the -- one of Disney's Faerie Tale Theater episodes. At the end, the governess, played by Mary Woronov (of Eating Raoul), is reading a book of jokes, while her stocking feet
are tickled by a feather. Nice giggling.

Rudy Coby, World's Coolest Magician - special on Fox, May 95. His robot assistant falls in two pieces, and they have a filmed sequence of him hauling both pieces around. In one part, he takes her to get her toenails done (effected with real bottom half of another woman and wiggling toes), and then they go to the beach, where her upper half is laughing. They pan to another blanket on the beach, where another male assistant is tickling her feet as her legs (real ones) kick wildly.

Silence of the Hams - Charlene Tilton has her bare foot tickled by a rubber knife while she's in the tub.

Something Wilder - Marla Maples hides in Gene Wilder's sleeping bag, and Wilder's wife approaches and tries tickling him, only she gets Marla, who squeals and then breaks into hysterics.

SECOND THOUGHTS - Luci Arnaz in tickle fight with boyfriend (under covers, but good screaming)

Three's Company - they go camping, and Jack crawls into a small tent with both girls. Bare soles come sticking out, a beautiful view. Jack uses his own feet to tickle Janet's feet.

Three's Company - Jack tries to sell Janet some encyclopedias by tickling her into a frenzy

Unknown - tubetop female tickle (on bed)


07-12-2001, 05:21 PM
Hello Topoth,
If I'm reading your post correctly I take it you have ALL of these clips available for VHS trading? It is an impressive list and I could probably count on one hand the clips that you don't have. That makes trading very hard. What could someone give you that isn't on that massive list. I have a few questions:
Are all the clips on one tape?
How many minutes or hours does the total tape last?
Are you only looking to trade mainstream for mainstream?
What quality are the clips (how clearly viewable)?
Would you be making custom tapes for each person you trade with or do you just trade one master tape?

07-12-2001, 05:47 PM
the scenes are on various tapes
- for other questions on trading, please email
at topothemorning@usa.net as opposed to posting,