View Full Version : HSN/QVC tickling (list/trade)

07-12-2001, 03:42 PM

SECTION 2 - Home Shopping Network and such

all scenes listed here available for trade on VHS.

HSN - foot wrap in cellaphane, female sole tickling

HSN - close-up of female sole, host says "ticklish" and proceed to give the very ticklish foot a scrabble all along the arch

QVC - VERY cute girl in blue jeans w/ painted nails has her feet
pedicured and tickled

QVC - man getting pedicure, close-up of both soles, he is
EXTREMELY ticklish, says as much and the women exploit that by tickling him even more.

QVC - foam on feet and legs, woman starts cracking up right on camera and admits she'e extremely ticklish

HSN/QVC - businesswoman getting pedicure both soles has difficulty staying in place and says she has
extremely ticklish feet

HSN/QVC - another VERY cute woman is having some kind of lip gloss applied (thin applicator), and she
keeps uncontrollably smiling and giggling throughout, GREAT SCENE!

HSN/QVC (French version) - some wierd gadget for "form toning", basically moving discs that only seem
to tickle! not sure if this is an actual scene, but model (in underwear) has them strapped to her tummy and legs,
and she's smiling at inopportune moments throughout the whole thing. It seems that she's barely holding
giggles back. She's also luciously barefoot.

Pignon En Route (1) - FOR ALL YOU QVC/HSN FANS, this is a LIVE show that follows the adventures
of a group of teenagers on their own, and is basically unscripted - you can tell the girl is getting pissed off that she is being taken advantage of on camera.