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07-12-2001, 03:44 PM

all scenes listed here available for trade on VHS.

Wattatow - Young man is lying on bed, his blonde girlfriend tickles
his bare foot, violent reaction, he then starts poking her hair
with his foot

Young and the Restless (F/M) - Katie tickles Simon

American High (F/M and M/F) - teen blonde (female) is standing on bed in PJs,
tickles teen male lying on bed with her toes - he then grabs her
and visciously rib tickles to the ground, she is screaming with

The Pickle (french version) - young woman dating Danny Aeillio
wants to see his latest unreleased film, he doesn't want to
show it and puts the cassette under him. To get it, she tickles
him into helplesness and pulls out the tape.

2 Guys and a Girl - complete cast is at a restaurant, and Irene
reads and strokes Pete's palm saying "this is your tickle line" and causes
Pete to go into uncontrallable giggles. An angry Berg later
says "I've never heard of a tickle line - and I'm a doctor!"

Whose Line is it Anyway? - one of the male players says
"tickkkkle fight!" and moves menacingly towards the audience.

Street Cents - numerous teenage boys and girls talk about
their foot size and show off their feet (shoes)

Big Brother - George is tickled.

Simpsons - Homer is a rich party and when he refuses to contribute
to a fund two large tuxedo types tickle the cash out of him

Simpsons - Homer is passed overhand at a football game, laughing
and squealing, and protesting that it tickles

A Family Like any Other - cute teenage daughter sneaks up from
behind and tickles her large bearded father on the sides while
he is doing the dishes and he screams "don't do that!", then
gives her a tickle back. Unscripted.

Cool Shots - hockey goaltender Patrick Roy is having his bare
leg (with bare sole clearly visible) massages and he lets
go a smile. Only worth it if you're a fan.
Another bare foot shot is shown later in the show.

Jack of All Trades - Jack is battling a sadomasichist in a
dungeon, and whips him with a sword that has a feather attached
to the end and says "tickles, doesn't it!"

Wattatatow - young woman wakes up and finds her male friend asleep
on the floor beside her - to wake him up she uses her bare feet and tickles him.

Student Bodies - Cody is in a restaurant and the waiter comes up behind him to fix his (loaned) jacket, tickling him. No laughter but violent reaction. low video quality on this scene, unfortunately.

Pignon en Route (Real World Canada) - a man (early 20s) is ganged up on the lawn outside by his three female room-mates as they attempt to handcuff him, tickling him to get his guard down. After a struggle they succeed, and while he is bound they put flowers in his hair and otherwise publically humiliate him.

unknown french film - teenage girl tickles young boy to coerce
him into not telling on her

Fantasy Island - a man jumps into the water to swim with an unusual
young woman. She swims under him and tickles his feet (you see
the action), then the camera switches to the surface where you see
and hear him pleading for her to stop tickling as he laughs.

It's Like, You Know - Shrug hires a young nanny for himself,
who asks "are you ticklish?", and when he gives a neutral
answer she continues "I bet you're ticklish!" and tickles
him silly. When she stops he asks for more.

- teen girl (barefoot with soles showing) on top is kissing teen guy and tickles him on the neck, and he pleads for her to stop

Mr. Men - two guys are caught in a net, and the chubby guy starts
giggling them cracking up, complaining the net is tickling him. Then
a woman comes out and says "must be Mr. Tickle". Odd but fun.

Life is a Dangerous Sport - while in Africa, the two hosts (one male, the other female) have their bare feet in each other's laps and instructed in hot to do tribal ankle painting. they
are both squirming under the brushes as they compete to do the best design, and the girl finally asks teasingly (in french) "does that tickle" and he answers "Christ does that tickle" or something to that effect.

News Radio - Matthew bests Joe in ultimate fighting by forcing
him to submit from tickling (repeatedly) - if you like M/M scenes this is probably the king of mainstream for you. They both say the word "tickling" or "tickle" repeatedly.

Sabrina - Harvey has his barefoot tickled with a feather by Martin Mull, laughing hysterically.

Just Shoot Me - David Spade (from SNL) is chased in the office by Mark Hammill (Luke Skywalker)
who says "tickkkkle fight" as he gets Spade from behind on the sides and ribs. Spade gets VERY annoyed ("stop that!!").

The Big Game - while the male host is trying to deliver his lines, the female host repeatedly tickles him while he can't do anything about it, and the guy finally breaks down into giggles saying "stop tickling me".

Jono hypnotism - a bunch of teenagers (both female and male) from a studio audience are hypnotized to do various silly things, and a one point he has them (both male and female) kick off their shoes, and then laugh hysterically. no actual physical tickling, but still may be of interest.

Boy Meets World - three tickling scenes from this show, same
episode, where Corey's brother is refused a post to the army. Reason: hyper-ticklish.

scene a) (F/M) Corey's brother announces he can't get into the army because he's ticklish and has flat feet. Hit mother, dressed and acting like a 1950s "mom", proves the point by tickling his tummy and sides until he his hysterical with high pitched laughter. His father again mentions his "flat feet" in the scene.

scene b) (F/M) a young dark haired in a long red dress tickle-tortures Corey's brother for information, tickling him on his belly button and sides. After falling into helpless laughter and giving up the information a soldier enters and the two talk about his "flat feet"

scene c) (M/M) Corey's brother is chased on some stairs by his father, who rib-tickles him all the way and he laughs hysterically.
- note: in each of the BmW scenes Corey's brother is at the mercy of the tickler.

Hot Cool Viscious - maybe the ultimate male ticking scene?
Got this one from overseas and transferred to U.S. video format,
somewhat expensive to acquire! Quality is excellent. Subtitled. The scene involves a bounty hunter foot-tickling expertly WITH A FEATHER
the bare feet of a young man for information - the man goes into laughing fits, in between pleading "Stop it - stop it!", then after
laughing so hard he says "help me - stop tickling me." still not revealing the info. he is savagely tickled and finally gives in
saying "I'll talk". LONG SCENE, excellent quality.

Style for Men (F/M)
the cute female fitness instructer of the show is demonstrating
how to do a "walk on massage", and asks the good-looking (I guess) male co-host to volunteer. She asks him to remove his shoes which he
does, and she does the same (another male volunteer also removes his shoes later in this scene). He is socked, she is barefoot. He lies
on the wood floor while she walks on his thighs, using his upturned
legs/feet for balance (lots of angles/sole shots). As she's doing so
her fingers glide along the center of his soles, and the camera reveals his smile/grimace as he tries to contain both. Another unscripted tickle from Style for Men! I also have M/F scene from the
show in the female section.

Riverdale - man tickles woman underarms/sides and she says
"stop, I'm ticklish!". he continues, so she rib tickles him,
backing him into the counter strongly as he laughs hoarsely.

Foreign - hypnotist gets people laughing hysterically (one guy
is literally on the floor in helpless laughter)

Cupid - Trevor says he feels a tickling when he sneezes for the first time.

Odor Eaters commercial - woman tickles sole of man's foot

Hollywood Squares - Kristen Johnson ("Sally from 3rd Rock) gets asked "why did the Romans put salt of the soles of people feet and then had goats lick them?" She gives a bluff, and the host (Tom Bergeron) reveals the actual answer is "tickle torture".

Master Lock commercial - Gilbert Goddfried voices
the adventures of a super-tough lock who take anything,
except perhaps ticking. When someone tries to use a metal pole
on the lock/him, he laughs and goes "oh no, that tickles!" and
jiggles about, but the lock holds firm.

Mr. Men (1A and 1B)
- new kids show called "Mr. Men" started up this year, and it has a mix of live-action and animation. One of the cartoon
characters is called "Mr. Tickle" (!)

In the live action sequences there is a (female) mad scientist and (male) assistant. She tries a spray on him that is supposed to make him strong, but instead ends of tickling him, and he laughs hysterically.
Later in the show, to prove that her spray works, she tickles him with a feather, and sure enough you don't hear a sound - because he's tape gagged! It's obvious that underneath he's cracking up. An unusual scene for a kid's show, and a must for male tickle victim fans.

NEW - Mr. Men (2)
- (see male section for scene #1) this is a combination live-action with cartoons in between. In one episode,
the (female) mad scientist and her (male) assistant are "jousting" with lances that are long feathers, and they end up tickling each other silly.

3 Stooges go camping (and get foot tickled)

3 Stooges on a train (more foot ticking)

Lever 2000 commercial - man gets tickled

Sabrina - male couch gets tickled

Spanish show? at a cocktail a man is ordered by some women to lie down while they tickle him. He reluctantcly takes of his shoes, lies down, and then 3 women AND another man proceed to tickle him all over.

QVC - man getting pedicure, close-up of both soles, he is EXTREMELY ticklish, says as much and the women exploit that by tickling him even more.

Desperately Seeking Susan -- at the very beginning, Madonna tickles guy's foot as he's sleeping, causing him to jump.

O'Hara's Wife - Ed Asner gets tickled, then ticles a woman

Avengers, the -- episode known as both "Legacy of Death" and "Falcon." Lots of luck finding the good version of this one. Tara rips off shoes and feather duster tickles his bare feet for information as he begs her to stop.

Rich Kids -- excellent foot movie, the teenage girl shows you bare feet from every angle. While they're watching TV, she keeps tickling her boyfriend.

Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde - near the end of the movie, Tim Daly has himself strapped to a couch to prevent him from turning into Sean Young. When he makes a comment about wanting to be with his girlfriend and handcuffs, she tickles him briefly before he transforms.

Summer Lovers -- Daryl Hannah and Peter Gallagher are playing a bondage game in their villa on Santorini, Greece, and she's about to drop hot wax on him. With him tied and bare, she says "Aren't you worried that I am going to tickle you? Because I might." And she begins to, but it cuts away very quickly.

Up the Sandbox -- Barabara Streisand tickles husband's feet.

Castaways on Gilligan's Island -- Mary Ann tickles guy's foot
unsuccessfully, trying to get him to relax. Ginger (Shelly Long) starts giggling, says *she's* ticklish.

Charlie's Angels -- they're in Las Vegas. At the very end,
rotten guy has been beaten to a pulp, and is in traction. The
girls come to sign his casts. Jaclyn SMith says "I hope you're
not ticklish," and Kate Jackson diddles his sole, stikcing out of
his cast, with a pen, although there's no reaction.

Cross-dresser tickling - man with make-up and women's clothing, fairly convincing if you don't look too closely. Also does a high female voice with great squealing, appears he/she is sincerely ticklish. Upper and bare feet tickling, about 20 minutes.

Man For Rent -- Gil Gerard (of Buck Rogers infamy) has both legs in traction (he's faking it). Suzanne Pleshette tickles both his bare soles, and he lets out a yelp.

Another male tickle scene is also in the Howard Stern section.