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12-19-2002, 06:51 PM
Well, this is my first post here, but I've been lurking around the forums for about two years now and I thought that it's finally time to contribute something myself. I've been working on a tickling story for quite a while and it's still not finished, but I feel the urge to at least post a teaser. I'm not a native english speaking person, so I apologize for any occuring grammar/word mistakes. The story contains adult situations, so please don't read it if you take offense in such things :p Furthermore it doesn't only contain tickling, but also more or less soft BDSM themes (though, I didn't think spanking or anything related was appropriate here). The story takes place in the Third Reich, but anything else is only fiction. Enjoy and please post some feedback. Now on with the story...

Hysterical laughter echoed from the basement walls, when Hauptmann Steiner stepped downstairs
slowly. He expected some results and the uncontrolled laughter promised them. He followed a long
hallway that lead along several massive wooden doors that featured only small peep holes that
allowed just a brief glimpse at the action going on. In front of the last door at the right, he
stopped and faced the door. He pushed the blanket away that covered the peep hole and his heart
nearly stopped beating, when his brain finally interpreted the information his pale eyes reported.
Steiner witnessed the Third Reichs most skilled interrogator at work: Eva Hartmann. She was known
to be ruthless and very successful, especially when it came to interrogating female prisoners.
Hauptmann Steiner let his eyes float over her perfect body that was forced into a leather bodysuit
that didn't seem to match the usual SS uniform. His view moved over to Eva's helpless victim.
She was a sweet young french girl that was associated with the French Resistance movement. Steiner
didn't remember her name anymore, but now she was at the mercy of Eva Hartmann and there was no
way to escape Eva's cruel torture methods. All the pitiful girl was able to do was laugh hysteri-
cally while her most sensitive spots were worked over by Eva's skilled fingers. Finally Steiner
closed the peep hole and opened the door. Eva was walking her hands over the french girls ribcage
slowly, when he entered. She looked up and glanced at him, she then focused on the girl again.
"Did you have any success yet?" Steiner asked. "Oh.. certainly I had.. isn't it so, sweetheart?",
she replied and dug her right index finger into the girls ribs forcing her to twitch immediately.
"Excellent. Let's get rid of her then and give me the list of answers you could get from her",
Steiner ordered. "Jawohl, Herr Hauptmann", Eva replied. "Well, that's a goodbye then I think.
I hope we could meet again.", Eva said to the still restrained girl and bowed down to her pale
face. She licked a tear from her right cheek and gave her a passionate kiss. "Alright, let's go
then.", Eva said and smiled at Steiner while he was trying to catch his breath. Eva walked over
to a desk quickly and picked up some sheets of paper that were a summary of the information she
was able to retrieve from the poor girl and handed it over. She reached for her black uniform
coat and pulled a hairband out of a pocket. She forced her long shiny black hair into a pony tail
and put on the coat. Hauptmann Steiner and Eva Hartmann left the interrogation room and the girl
in sobbing. The hallway was only lighted with some torches that emitted only some essential light
and made this part of the basement even scarier as it already was. They walked upstairs and emerged
into a cold winter's night with a crystal clear sky filled with shiny stars. Eva pulled a cigarette
out of her pocket and fiddled for a lighter in her pockets. Steiner quickly thrusted his hand into
his right pocket and drew a lighter from it. He lit her cigarette and observed how the flame
danced in her brown eyes. "Thank you very much", she said while blowing smoke. "How long did it
take you to get that information from her?", Steiner asked to start some small talk. "Well, only
some good twenty minutes I guess", Eva answered. "But, well, you where a whole two hours down
there?", Steiner said. "Yes, I know", Eva replied without a change in her face or voice. "She
was quite a cute girl", she went on, "and I could not resist to have some fun.". "So you did
apply unnecessary torture to her, just to fulfill your desires?", Steiner exclaimed. "No! I have
other ways of fulfilling my.. desire!", Eva said and stepped a bit closer to him, looking into
his eyes with a wicked smile. Her eyes looked to the left when she heard a guard coming. "You!",
she exclaimed. "Go and get someone else and bring the captive from the very last cell at the right
to my rooms. Make sure she gets everything she needs. I will interrogate her again tonight. And
don't you dare to touch her!", Eva ordered the guard. "Jawohl!", he replied and ran towards the
barracks. "What do you think about spending a visit to my private rooms tonight?", she asked
moving closer to him. He starred into her eyes. He swallowed and stammered: "Wwwell..". She bit her
lip and suddenly he felt an overwhelming urge to kiss her, though, she quickly moved her head
back. "I'll see you at ten o'clock", she said, turned around and left him standing alone in the cold dark night. His
view followed her until her dark silhouette had disappeared. He looked up to the sky, took a
deep breath and walked towards his living quarters.
Steiner arrived at Eva Hartmann's living quarters at ten o'clock and knocked three times. He heard
the sound of heels approaching the door. The knob turned and Eva opened the door. She still wore
her uniform. "Ah.. there you are", she said and let him enter. "Take a seat, I'll be right back".
Steiner sat down in an armchair and marveled at the photos that tried to enhance the room's
appearance. He waited a few minutes. Finally he stood up and took off his coat. He lit a cigarette
and sat down again. Some more minutes passed by and he started to get impatient. Just when he
was about to stand up again, the french girl, Eva had been interrogating earlier tonight, entered
from where Eva had left some minutes ago. Steiner's jaw would have dropped to the floor if it had
been possible. She wore a black pretty tight evening dress and high-heels. He jumped to his feet
and thrusted his right hand towards her. They shook hands and she said: "Guten Abend, I am
Angeliť, Herr Hauptmann". She sat down on a couch in front of him and crossed her legs. When Eva
finally entered the room, Angeliť covered her leg immediately and got a quick glance from Eva.
"Well, I see you made yourself at home. Just relax, all this everyday life can become a bit
stressing." Eva moved up to Angeliť and gestured her to get off the couch. "Kneel down, my dear.",
Eva ordered in a harsh tone. She sat down on the couch and Angeliť took a place on the floor next
to her. Eva played with Angeliť's long black hair while the girl lowered her head. "I'm pleased
that you found the time to join me and my precious dear tonight.", Eva said smiling. Hauptmann
Steiner didn't know how to react. He certainly enjoyed the situation. Two beautiful woman and
a spare evening. Though, he hesitated and just stuck to his usual polite behaviour. "Well, your
invitation was quite intriguing. Did I have a choice?", he answered smiling. "I don't think so.",
Eva said and bent down to Angeliť. She whispered something into her ear and Angeliť stood up and
calmly walked over to Steiner. She knelt down left to him and took his hand and lead it to
her warm cheek. He was overwhelmed by the girls submissive behaviour. "Don't be shy. She's all
yours.", Eva laughed. Steiner wasn't sure if he liked this. He hadn't been prepared for such a
"surprise" tonight. Though, he enjoyed making this sweet girl literally kneeling in front of him,
although he had never felt the desire for dominating a woman before. Steiner stroke Angeliť's
cheek and started to smile. "Now this is a nice change to my daily efforts", he said and Eva
glanced. She drew a cigarette from her uniform and leaned back. She obviously seemed to enjoy
the scene and so did Steiner. After a couple of minutes Steiner started to feel uncomfortable.
He felt being intimidated by Eva as she was observing him while she drew another breath from her
cigarette. "Is this your usual manner to end a day?", he asked to start some small talk again.
"No, it is not.", Eva replied while putting out her cigarette, "Angeliť come over here!". The
french girl moved to Eva and was about to kneel again, but Eva interrupted her. "No, stand up."
She drew down the petite girl's dress and revealed all that is holy about a woman. Eva turned her
around and stood behind her. "Now look at this marvelous body.", Eva said and stroke Angeliť's
firm breasts. Steiner was frozen, he hadn't seen a naked woman for some time and this was also
a very beautiful one. Eva let play her tongue on the girl's neck and then rose her head again...

I'll post a continuation as soon as possible. I have written far more, but I didn't feel to post it yet.

12-20-2002, 05:05 AM
All I can say is "Awsome", man! This is a great start and I can't wait to read the rest. As far as your english, I would't worry. It's better than some of us that live here!;) :D

12-20-2002, 06:38 AM
Thanks a lot, dude. I'll keep going :D