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12-19-2002, 07:10 PM
F/F FF/F Extreme tickle torture and sex
Please forgive my English

Eunice was devastated by the idea of being fired. She needed the money badly, also by being unemployed she will fail to apply to a green card and to continue her studies in the U.S. She watched her son sleeping and went to bed.
Next morning she went to work, she would have a meeting with Fabianne, her boss and the owner of the company. She waited anxiously until 11 am, then she was called.
-“Eunice, come to my office now” demanded her boss
When she entered Fabianne s office, Eunice was trembling, she feared the worst. Her boss was a 44 years old beautiful woman, tall with a great body, black hair and green eyes, a kind of Stephanie Seymour, very sexy but unfortunately cruel.
Faking a sad smile Fabianne said:- “ I am afraid I will fire you Eunice, the company is doing all right but as you can see I am in a “downsizing mood” this week”.
-“Oh God!” answered Eunice with tears in her eyes “what will I do now? I need the money! How can I support my son? I will never get my green card… Oh God Fabianne Why me?”
-“Because I am the owner of the company my dear!!! And I m tired of your pretty Irish face and red hair, That’s the only reason” answered a delighted Fabianne and added:-“….. besides I think I may call the inmigration office…I know where you live….they ll send you back to Ireland……unless……”
-“Unless?” asked a devasteted Eunice.
-“Well you know, maybe if you accept to be my slave….and be tied…and be TICKLED!! Then maybe I ll keep you in the company…maybe”
Eunice was horrified, this bitch knew she was unbearably ticklish because during last year s company party she was poked in her ribs and touched in her bare feet and she screamed and almost went ballistic.
-“I will not accept that! I am not a sex toy!”
-“Too bad…now lets call the inmigration office” answered the boss and started dialing, while doing she asked-“How old is your son? It’s a pity he will see you handcuffed!”
-“Well that is better. Come to my house at 6 pm…we will play a little and I promise you ll scream a lot!!!”
Wearing the black dress her boss told her to wear and the high heeled sandals with very thin stripes Eunice rang the bell. She was received by Fabianne wearing jeans a white shirt and flip flops.
-“Wow Eunice! You ARE sexy!!!” “Let me show you your fate..follow me!” They went to the basement. A padded table with restraints was in the middle of a large and warm room. A huge mirror in the ceiling and a chair were the only furnishings.
-“Stand on the table and undress….slowly!” ordered the boss.
Eunice obeyed, she was terrorized, she felt really bad, she knew it will be torture..she was trembling. All this was a crossroads, maybe she took the wrong direction….should she ran?……..she thought of the money but also she thought of her dignity. Fabianne realized that and said:-“Can you imagine your son watching how the police handcuffe you?”
-“OK” said the victim “ I am in your hands” and finished the strip tease.
Standing naked she looked tantalizing. She was of medium height with a nice body, very pale skin and with long red hair falling over her sexy shoulders. Her feet were pretty, well cared and small.
-“Lay down!” demanded a lusty Fabianne.
She was tied, absolutely naked…vulnerable….she saw her exposed body at the mirror. Fabianne watched her and admired her…..she said:-“OH Eunice I will really torture you.. Its going to be endless!”
Fabianne began to tickle the armpits, the reaction was incredible…..Eunice panicked and screamed and laughed and begged…just what her tormentor was expecting. She climbed over her victim riding her, she tormented the belly, the ribcage the underarms………the prisoner was almost fainting…she can no longer breath……the torturer stoped.
-“Eunice, my dear you are sucha lovely tickling toy!!!!!!”. She began again.
The boss removed her clothes, she stand over the table…she placed a quite big well cared beautiful foot, her soles where slightly dirty against her victims face and demanded-“Lick you bitch!!!! suck and lick my foot….and the the other!!!!”
Eunice obeyed, she licked and sucked the soles and the toes up and down from the heels to toes till her tongue and mouth were dry…she thought it was over. She was wrong.
Still standing the torturer used her feet as ticklking instruments…her strong sexy toes were gifted as torture instruments…….then she sat over her victim and kept the punishment under the exposed underarms.
“AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHNOOOOOOOOO!!! PLEEEEEEEEASEESTOOOOOOOPPPPPHAHAHA!!!” But the cruel toes continued the torture until the prisoner fainted.
Half an hour later she was conscious again. Desperate she watched Fabianne sitting on the chair at her vulnerable toecuffed feet. The boss was waving her long fingernails inches from the exposed soles “KOOOTCHEEE KOOOTCHEEEEEEEE!!! MMMMMMM!!! SEXY FEEEEEEEEEEEET !!! TICKLE TOOOOOORTUUUUUREE!!!”
Fabianne was an expert. She explored every inch of the hyper ticklish feet. She tormented ankles and insteps.She tickled the soles up and down randomly and precisely. The most horrible nightmare the Irish red haired expected came to reality.
Fabianne tortured and tortured…feet legs and upperbody. Armpits and toes, navel and knees, every inch of the prisoner body was viciously tickled. She fainted twice…and again and again. The torturer used her hands, toes and tongue to tickle torture, she demanded to be licked and sucked, not only her feet but her nipples and sex were worshiped by Eunice in a vain attempt to gain mercy.
Mercy never came. The bell rang. A beautiful woman in her early thirties entered. She was wearing black leather and high heeled sandals.
-“Dear Eunice, Let me introduce you to Monica. She is a fantastic Dominatrix” said Fabianne while gagging the prisoner.
Eunice observed the newcomer. A beautiful black woman with an incredible body who was watching her vulnerable body and went directly to her exposed ticklish feet.
-“So this is the ticklish toy! “Great! I love red hairs and I love these flawless soles” She began to tickle the irish pale body…she was an expert in tickling feet. Eunice tried to shout, to scream but it was useless.
Fabianne simply sat and admired the session. She came to several orgasms delighted with the Dominatrix expertice in torture. After two hours she joined Monica and tortured Eunice who was destroyed….she fainted and every time she recovered conscious both women were there waiting patiently.
A finger explored the navel…vicious hands tickleds the armpits…..and ribcage and clit
A really high price to pay.
End of Story

12-19-2002, 07:30 PM
That was a nice story. I enjoyed the domination involved, even the foot domination, although that's not my kind of trade :D The ending was a bit abrupt, but it was a good story overall. Keep it up!

12-20-2002, 05:13 AM
Cool story, man!;)

12-23-2002, 04:12 PM
Thanks. I agree, The ending is a little abrupt