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12-19-2002, 07:51 PM
The last name is withheld to protect the innocent, the guilty and the ticklish.

One day at college, Carla and I were studying in the school library between classes, as we often did. She had a boyfriend at the time whom I believe she eventually married,but for some reason she really really liked my company :devil: . We were in the corner against the window in one of those relatively quiet and private areas of the library. As I said before, she was sitting across from me and I happen to look down and she was barefooted.

I sat back up in my chair and asked her "Let me hold your legs"
She said "Why?"
I said "because you keep rubbing my leg with your leg, so now I'm going to rub your leg".
She said "O.k." and in saying that she handed me her barefoot.
She was about 5'7" and thick in all of the right places with long shapely calves ending in a pair of large soft wide feet, size 10--plenty of feet to tickle :P . It always seemed to me that she had been a dancer because of the look of her feet even though she told me she didn't. I longed to have her in this position as she'd worm sandals before and always had did that cross the leg and tuck the foot under my calve thing.
So while caressing the top of her calve I asked "why are you barefoot? You're not suppose to be barefoot now, you're in the library not at home, and besides your disabling all of my defenses".

She smiled and said "Silly, because when my feet are comfortable I'm comfortable"

I said "Oh? So if you're feet are uncomfortable your uncomfortable as well?"

She said "yeah of course".
I replied "So are your pretty feet ticklish?"
She just stared at me like a dear in headlights with a totally surprised look on her face. It was from that point forward that I'm sure she was one of us. I'd tickled her before on her sides and around the ribs and waist, but now I was holding both her feet in my lap and she couldn't easily move her legs--her feet were sticking out from under the desk in my lap and were too big to be pulled back through LOL. There was something about the look in her face that just said "Oh God don't tickle me feet I'll lose it". So what did I do?
Tickled the crap outta her of course.
I gave her one slow finger tickle from her heel all the way up to her big toe. She let lose with this great big smile, and sat up in the chair in a jerking manner while letting her laughter out in a snicker. She knew she couldn't be too loud in the library, and I knew it too, so I traced my finger all around the edges of her foot. She let out another yelp "stop it, I can't take it". I said "Oh no, you've been teasing me with your feet since the weather has been warm, now I'm going to tease you with them". I started slowly giving her a tickle massage with scratching fingers on the soles of her feet and she almost lost it. Gripping the bottom of the chair and wiggling her feet in vain to escape the tickling of my finger tips, she bit her upper lip trying to hold back the laughs. Then I started to verbally tease her more saying "O.k. I'll let you rest a minute, how about a massage?" with that I started massaging her now bright pink soles. She moaned in pleasure "Uuuaahhh, that feels soooo good". Then she gave me that same look of helpless attraction that she gave me before and said "I can't let you do that" I said "Why not?" "Because, you're turning me on" she said and with that began to retract her feet.

"Plus, I have to go to class", she added.
I said "well, I guess you'll escape this time, but we have plenty of summer months".
She smiled and we both went to class.

12-20-2002, 05:18 AM
Great story. I take it that this was the worst/best that you ever got her?:confused:

sole seeker
12-21-2002, 08:52 AM
Yeah. This was a great story. Encore! (More, please!)

12-27-2002, 06:29 PM
Thanks for the replies everyone.

Actually I did get her several more times after this.
The next time I got her--again it was in the library (man do I miss that place sometimes). I had once again cajoled her into placing her feet in my lap. Except instead of the light feathery tickles this time I placed my hands on the tops of her feet so my fingers could grab the bottoms of them and just hold her there while my fingers did that scratch tickle thing--you know, like when someone strokes the small of your back--she went nuts trying to hold it in. It was so effective that when we where walking out of the library she had to take her revenge and tickle my sides until I was helplessly laughing--which took all of about 3 seconds. Ahh those were the days. ;)

12-27-2002, 08:04 PM
Thanks for the stories about Carla, iticklegirlsft. Got any about tickling her in a place where she was able to laugh out loud? :p

12-30-2002, 03:55 PM
Unforturnately I never did get a chance to atack her where she could laugh out loud. If I did, I would've have tickled her until her voice cracked :devil: