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12-20-2002, 05:18 AM
She was from a small midwestern town that had a grocery store,mill,two churches,a few misc. stores,and the local school system. Linda loved her old hometown,but she was happy to be at the university after her somewhat boring first 18 yrs of life. Being such a shy girl,she was hoping she would have at least some social life compared with back home. She was 5-7 110 blonde blue kinda plain but still good looking. After about a month at the school,she was reading at the local coffee shop,and an older guy (about 28)sat at her table and started a conversation. She was a little taken aback by this guy who obviously wasn't a student,but he seemed nice and was very good looking too. He told her he was in town on a construction job and would be leaving town in a week or so. He asked if he could take her out fri. night and she surprised herself by saying yes.
Donna really couldn't beleive she was waiting outside her dorm to get picked up for a date but she was happy about it. Jack showed up in his white pick-up and they were off down the highway. He complimented her on looking great and she did the same. She did notice his look linger on her sandled feet but didn't think anything of it. They had a nice dinner along with nice conversation. Jack suggested they have some wine and she agreed,even though she never really drank before. After a drink or two, Jack just had to ask,"are you ticklish"? The wine having already taken effect,she just gigled and said " yeah,but I havn't been tickled for a long time". I was just wondering because I think you have a beautiful laugh. Jack then asked where she was ticklish and linda said"a little everywhere but the bottom of my feet used to be really ticklish when I was younger".
Jack heard the magic word and was now a man on a mission. After another drink they left and while driving her back to her dorm,Jack stopped along the road and asked if she wanted to see if she was still ticklish. She said she should be getting back, but I guess a little wouldn't hurt. Jack said"put your feet in my lap" and very slowly she did. He quickly took off her sandles and started vigo
rously tickling both soles. Linda laughed and bucked violently but couldn't break free. After about 10 minutes of pure torture he let her go and drove her to her dorm. She was a little giggly still but went to bed and pretty much blew the whole thing off the next day.
Jack left town the next day but he couldn't wait till his next college town job.

12-20-2002, 04:05 PM
Just wondering..... is the girl's name Donna or Linda?

12-20-2002, 07:18 PM
oops...sorry...it's Linda...First story jitters

12-21-2002, 08:01 AM
Hey, don't sweat the small stuff, man. At least your gracing use with your writing. It's OK, we can handle a mis-que once in a while. Nobody's perfect. That's what makes us interesting. Keep up the good work!;)