View Full Version : story from over vacation

12-22-2002, 12:48 AM
I just got back from a vacation in Hawaii for my birthday and I had the weirdest tickling experience there. I was laying on the beach tanning and all of the sudden this crab appeared next to me. I am scared to death of anything that looks like a bug and that thing freaked me out. Tons of freaky thoughts passed through my mind about poisonous pincers or paiful bites and I lay completly still. I moved my hands away from the crab, at least I think it was a crab, and they ended up on top of my head. It walked to my waist than stopped, I'm no expert but my opinion is that It though I was a log or something because next it climbed on my tummy. I tried to lay still as all of its thin pointy legs scrabbled up my bare sides and on to my tummy but I helplessly started to giggle. As I giggled my tummy wiggled and the creature began to scramble about on my tummy, which caused even more tickling. Now my hands were hovering over the crab ready to grab it but the though of a bite left me helpless. It quickly ran over the width of my tummy and scrambled off into the sand somewhere. Also that night as a birthday "present" I was tied to a palm tree and tickled with some kind of feather from a tropical bird by my husband. It as a fun vacation!:)