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Hello folks, Merry Christmas! Enjoy. As always feedback is desired and welcome.


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World of When
Part 10

The fifteen minute express pod ride from New York to Atlanta, deposited Aron and Statcha at a pleasingly decorated underground terminal. The commuter station was not far from the restaurant that they had agreed upon for their lunch. As they climbed the short set of stairs to the surface, they found themselves in the midst of some form of street party. There was a small crowd, a number of people standing motionless on short pedestal like stands, and a general festive atmosphere.

Consulting his wrist link, which was woven into the fabric of his bright yellow pullover, Aron quickly came up with an answer as to what was happening. “It’s a human statue competition. They are having some sort of contest to see who won’t move in the face of public annoyance. I guess last one to not move is the winner.”

The pair of friends watched the small crowd of people tell jokes, make faces, and occasionally lightly pinch or poke at the street performers that stood on small pedestals along the tree lined Atlanta street. It seemed good fun was being had by all.

“What are the rules for doing stuff to them?” asked Statcha with a mischievous grin.

“Uhhh, let me see.” delayed Aron, “Ah! here we are. No violent contact allowed, so you can’t hit them, or do anything that will leave a mark. I guess everything else is Ok.”

“Then these people trying to make them move are very very lame.” concluded the dancer. ‘Watch this.”

Statcha glanced at the dozen or so performers. She decided on a lanky blond with a longish, but attractive face, who had chosen a hands on hips pose to freeze in. The performer was dressed in a shiny metallic light blue unitard that had attached boots and gloves. She looked quite striking.

The dancer walked up and stood in front of the woman. Statcha met eyes with her. “You are going to loose” she whispered. As expected, she got no response.

Carefully Statcha felt around the neck of the woman’s outfit. At a point directly under the blond’s chin she stopped. As she had expected, she’d found a small bump, about half the size of a pea. Gently she pinched it. The woman’s outfit shimmered for a second, and a touch seam appeared, running from neck to crotch. Statcha correctly assumed that on the unitard’s other side, that the seam probably ran up the center of the blond’s ass, back, and then up the opposite side of the collar to end under the woman's long hair.

“You really should security lock your clothing when in public blondy. One never knows what might come along.” she teased to the statue-still woman. Still no response, but people from the crowd had begun to take notice, and some were gathering quietly.

“I hope you are not too modest.” Cha whispered. As she spoke, she ran the pad of a finger down the touch seam. As the finger passed, the material parted as if cut by a blade. Soon a wide expanse of flesh was exposed, running down between the frozen woman’s cleavage, over her stomach, and down to the top of her smooth hairless pussy. The blonds largish breasts had managed to stay contained, and covered by the stretchy metallic material, with no bra, not much was still holding them in place. Statcha watched the woman breath for a bit. The blond was clearly trying to keep her breath as shallow as possible, to prevent the now opened outfit from slipping more then it had.

“Very nice.” murmured the dark haired woman. She stepped around to behind the pedestal, and with another quick motion, opened the seam up the woman's back, separating the outfit into two halves. Once again, the woman was lucky, most of her nicely rounded behind had managed to stay covered, just barely. Cha returned to face the woman, and look into her eyes again. She shouted a question to Aron. “How much do they have to move to loose?”

A trendily dressed man from the crowd answered first. “They can move within their form a bit, but cannot shift any body part from pose. For example, she can breath, and twitch her muscles as much as she likes. But her form must remain in the pose that she chose. They are also allowed to blink once every two minutes. Standard competition rules.”

“I get it.” answered Statcha. “She can jiggle about a bit by contracting muscles and such, right? And not loose? But the second she shifts any body part, it’s over.”

“You got it Miss.” the man answered.

“Ok.” Statcha said, shaking her head to show understanding. She glanced around the crowd. Her eyes lit upon a woman who sported deep maroon feathers, rather then hair. An impressive crest covered her head, and ran down the spine of her exposed back. Cha felt that It was a very attractive modification. “Perfect!” she thought.

Walking up to the befeathered woman, Cha asked, “Miss? Could I trouble you for a loose feather of yours? Any will do, I’m not choosy.”

Surprised, the woman looked confused for a second, then caught on. She ran her hand through her ‘hair’ and came away with a rather stiff and lengthy plume. “Will this do?” she asked in a soft voice, handing it over to the dark haired woman.

“Exactly what I had in mind, thank you!” answered Statcha taking the feather, and walking back to her living statue. She was pleased to see that there was the telltale sparkle of live nanocams about her victim now.

“Now I could be very nasty and make this short. But I feel like playing.” she told the blond woman, waving the maroon plume in front of her eyes. “Let’s see if you can keep yourself covered first.”

Slowly Cha ran the feather down the length of the blonds exposed flesh. She let it’s bristles lightly glide along. A trail of goose bumps arose with it’s passing. As she passed it over the strip of exposed stomach, the woman sucked it in, to avoid the plumes ticklish tracings. This had the effect of pushing out the woman's ribcage a bit. The material clinging to her breasts retreated a tiny distance, as the rounded flesh shifted.

“Gravity sucks, doesn’t it blondy?” taunted Statcha. “They are slipping aren't they?” Slowly she traced the exposed cleavage of the breasts with her tool. The slight twitchings she provoked amused, and with each tiny jiggle, the blue material lost it’s hold on the blond’s tits just a tiny bit more. The crowd made chuckling sounds.

Zeroing back onto the woman’s exposed stomach, the dancer began to make a series of quick little strokes, marking off the hours of an imaginary clock, centered around the blonds exposed belly button. With each stroke, the woman flinched, sucking her stomach in. Soon, Statcha had set up a nice little in and out rhythm, which was producing a nice subtle jiggle all along the length of the woman's body. Statcha kept the attack up. She was sure that this was the right path to produce a bit of embarrassment. At the end of each circuit of the imaginary clock, Cha would insert the plumes point into the blond’s belly button and swirl it in circles. This torture, always produced a nice bit of flinching with each and every revolution.

Slowly time passed. Cha was into her twelfth tickly circuit around the blonds bellybutton when the tension of the material could no longer counter gravity's pull on one of the woman's unsupported breasts. The material covering the right one snapped back suddenly, and the tit spilled out, and bounced into the open air. The crowd broke out into applause. The blond blushed furiously.

“Bet you really wish you’d locked the suit now don’t you?” Cha asked up from her kneeling position. “Such a tiny nipple for such a large boob.” She was pleased to see a red flush spread across the woman’s skin again. Statcha began to trace the feather around the nipple and across the newly exposed flesh that she had gained access to. The result was a greater in and out heaving of the woman’s chest in a feeble attempt to avoid the unwanted attention. It looked to Statcha as if the blond had started to giggle without sound.

“It might be small, but it sure gets to you doesn’t it?” teased the raven haired dancer as she lightly sawed the feathers soft, but stiff vanes about the blond’s exposed nipple. Statcha had to admit, the woman had a lot of self control.

But it wasn’t quite enough. The silent giggling was causing too much jiggling. The other breast popped out to join it’s exposed twin. The crowd applauded again. Cha kept up her attack, alternating breasts now, until she became bored with the silent results she was producing. While she knew she was annoying the woman, the effect just was not enough. It had however, amused her to look into the helpless woman’s eyes as she worked away at points she knew caused her torment. “You are going to loooooose!” Cha quietly sang out into the woman’s ear again.

Stepping back, Statcha brushed her short hair from her eyes, and admired the woman. “You do look pretty good like that!” she announced. “I’m sure the home audience agrees, anyone got a feed?”

A woman with midnight black skin stepped up out of the crowd, and tapped at her wrist a few times. Her long dress shimmered, and a live feed stream appeared upon it. The feed pictured an image of the now seminude statue competitor. Several opinion and data points were scrolling about the images edges. Reading over the curve of the woman's breasts, Statcha announced, “Hey! Sixty Two Percent of the audience likes your tits! Not that bad!” From the feed she noticed that the woman blushed again.

Walking back over to the woman, Cha spoke quietly again. “It seems that all my newfound feed fans think that I can end this in the next five minutes. I wager that some substantial bets are riding on that. I wouldn’t want to disappoint. Time to give it up blondy!” Once again, as expected, she got no response.

Stepping behind the woman, Statcha surveyed her next target. The outfits shiny material had clung to the inside curves of each of the blond’s buttocks after it had been split, and being under some tension, it had pulled them apart. It had left the blond very vulnerable in a way that Statcha wagered she didn’t expect.

Slowly Statcha began to run the feather along the exposed curves of the blonds ass, producing a pleasing clenching and unclenching effect. “Aw! No underwear for protection? Another bad clothing choice blondy!” teased the tickling woman. Slowly she began to trace the blonds crack from just over the exposed back end of her pussy, to up and gently around her asshole.

The blond wiggled in place, best as she could, as the feather moved up. Cha could see the tension in the woman’s subtle moves. She maintained her slow up and down strokes, just to amuse herself some more. The trembling in the woman's thighs highlighted the success of her attentions. Statcha amused herself for about two minutes more, she was enjoying the trembling frustration she was forcing on the blond. It was clear that if she kept this up, she’d break the woman in a few minutes, but she wanted it faster. Slowly she began to circle the puckered rectum with tight, gentle spirals of the feathers tip.

That did the job. “Yehehehe!” the blond squeaked, and lurched forward, stepping off the pedestal, causing it to light up with a dull red glow. Her hands grabbed at her outfit to cover herself again.

The crowd applauded again, Statcha gave a half bow to the gathered people and cams, and with a bounce in her step, walked back to the waiting Aron with a wide grin, not looking back once. “That was a lot of fun! Perhaps we can do another if they are still here when we come back.”

“You are SO mean Cha!” Aron congratulated. “But I don’t think they will be. I bet the crowd learned a few things from you.”

Dipping the feather into a fountain as they walked past, Statcha shook it dry, and then slipped it into a large side pocket of her skirt. “A nice souvenir.” she decided.

“So where is this great place to eat? I’ve worked up an appetite.” she Statcha.

“Almost there evil one.” was Aron’s reply.


Back at the loft, Talyn was watching Don sleep. She’d kept him up for most of the night with her excess energy, so she was not surprised he was still out. He’d always slept longer then she did anyway.
She smiled at him, and wondered if this was a good chance to catch him. She and her lover had been playing one form of the ‘gotcha’ game almost since they had first partnered up. His training, and military background with the Sidlerial Guard had always provided him with a raw advantage. She’d always had to cheat to get him, and even then, most times he’d escape and rain reprisal down upon her. “But he had to be tired after a night of staying up waiting, and then several rounds of sex. Right?” she asked herself.
Quietly, and gently she rolled off the bed, and picked up the belt from her smartsuit, which she had tossed to the floor when she had gotten in earlier. She figured that she would have one shot. The oriental woman drew a small green aerosol from a belt pouch.
Crawling back on to the bed, she positioned herself next to her lover, gave the cylinder a tiny shake and sprayed him in the face. Immediately the ejected material foamed up and adhered to his features.

“Guhmbbb?” yelled Don, as he sat up, instantly awake, and clawed at the material now covering his eyes, nose and mouth. The air permeable foam would not come off.

Talyn pounced upon him, and dug her right hand’s fingers into his ribs. With her left she wielded an activated stick strip, which she was trying to get over a limb, any limb, and then to another surface.

“Gbbdddaaa! glbiddidt!” came from under the gray foam that encased Don’s head.

However, the guard Captain was not as helpless as Talyn had hoped he’d be. Strong hands gripped her shoulders, and shoved her off his body. She fell off the bed, and landed on her ass with an ungraceful thud. “Glad he couldn’t see that!” she thought.

His ears still clear, Don was using them to orient himself, and he had dropped into a crouch on the bed listening. He slowly swung his head from side to side. In spite of herself, Talyn chuckled at the comical image the nude man presented. The combination of his foam covered head swiveling back and forth, and his dick swinging between his crouched legs simply looked funny to her. It was a mistake.

Don launched himself at her, moving very quickly. Before she knew what had happened, he’d gotten a arm around her waist, and had bodily picked her up and pressed her into his body. She flailed at the arm holding her, but couldn’t break it’s grip. Her angle was just wrong for a kick from her long legs. She couldn’t get away.

Slowly he carried her towards the bathroom. He moved without hesitation, clearly remembering where everything was, Even stepping around the boots from her smartsuit which she’d also left on the floor near the bed. Once in the tiled room, he felt along the wall until he hit the manual feed for the shower. Icy cold water sprayed across both of them.

“Eeeeekkkkkk!” screamed the captive thief.

Don held his face to the spray. Slowly the foam started to degrade, and drop off. After about a minute, he wiped at it with his free hand. Most of the foam fell off in a glob to the shower floor. He blinked at her and smiled. “Bad use of tactical advantage Pooka” he chided. “You should have kept your distance and used some of your other toys. Now what to do with you?”

The what turned out to be a modified hog tie. Returning to the bedroom, Don asked the maker to pop out a three foot long stick strip. With a bit of difficulty, for Talyn did not like to go into imprisonment gently, he wrapped it about each ankle, and drew them together. He then forced her arms into a similar arrangement with the strips other end, then tied off the package by looping up all the slack, such that her wrists were stuck to her ankles. In profile she looked like a triangle.

“Let’s see, assaulted me while I was sleeping with goo. Tried to tickle me, punched me repeatedly, tried to bite me!” added up Don, as he sat back and looked down at his captive lover. “I think that should be about forty minutes.”

“No Don, Don’t! I’m sorry! Don’t! Oh please don’t!” begged Talyn as he tipped her over onto her side.

“Would you have been nice to me if you’d come out on top?” He asked with a smile.

“No.” replied his captive with honesty.

“Exactly!” he answered. Laying next to his captive, Don Hooked his left arm behind her knees. With Talyn securely held in place, the large man began to run his right hands fingers over the woman’s stomach from breasts to crotch, with a light twisting motion.

The thief’s mouth opened in mirth. “YEHeeeHEEEEheeee! Don’t Don! YEHeeeeHEEEEheeee! Stop! uh-uh! YEHeeeeeHEEEEEheeeee! Please!” her laughter rose and fell with his fingers positions and pressure.

“YEHEEEEEHEEEE! uh-uh, uh-uh, oh that’s bad! that’s bad! YEHEEEHEHHEHEHE!” laughed Talyn.

“Time for the button!” He announced, as he inserted a pinky into the oriental woman’s belly button.


“So much noise from so little work.” teased Don, slowly rotating his finger.

“STOP! YEEHEEEEHEEEEEHHEEEE!, YEHEHEEHHE! UH-UH YEEHEHEHEHEEH! YIHEEE! YIHEE!” shrieked the ticklish woman, her voice slowly moving up the register in pitch and franticness. Though Talyn thrashed violently, to try and escape, Don’s strong arm kept her in place. He’d even cupped half her ass with that hand, and was gently squeezing in a tickling sort of way.

“Only five minutes in Pooka! You have a long way to go!” was his answer to her pleas. He was a man who enjoyed his woman’s body, and planned to have as much fun as he wanted with it before the afternoon was out. “After all, I never said I’d stop after the forty minutes is up.” he thought to himself.

Talyn laughed on.


Statcha had to admit, Aron had picked a real winner of a restaurant for their lunch. Located in the old city section of Atlanta, the vanity bistro was not yet overwhelmed with diners, and provided a pleasant location for their meal and some conversation. The food was excellent. A rich scampi, with just the right vegetable sides, all cooked to perfection. Clearly the cook knew his art.

“Where did you hear about this guy?” asked the dark haired woman.

“Janson?” replied Aron, using the chefs name. “He’s a friend of a friend I know on link. The guy mentioned that he was working on building a following for his art, and I did a quick search, and well, here we are. I think he wants to compete on the professional level. He’s certainly good enough, I think.”

“Yes, he is.” agreed the dancer. “Soon this place will be overrun with people, and no one will be able to drop in like we have.”

“Nah, he’ll be gone before that happens. I’m sure this is just a practice sort of thing for him. Seeing how well he can whip up random requests, or something like that. In a week or so, he’ll shut down, and turn the space back over to the city merit commission.” replied the programmer. He was enjoying a huge Caesar salad, with grilled chicken mixed in. “You should taste this dressing Cha, wonderful!”

“I’ll take your word for it.” she replied with a smile. Aron was easy to talk with once he was away from the distraction of his computers. He’d dived into the day with both feet once she’d gotten him out of the loft, and he’d had time to blink at the sun, and work his complaints about it from his system. He’d even seemed to enjoy her impromptu street fun.

“So,” she continued, “What do you think about Lillee and Tenya? Is that sort of odd or what?”

“Ummmm, not really.” mumbled Aron around some chicken. “Ten is a good fit for Lillee, passive, but not a walkover. Smart, playful. Lil likes challenges. Plus Sam adores her. And everyone knew Ten likes her back. Now Sam won’t be alone and getting into mischief with other people when Lil is off at competitions. Everyone comes out ahead. So it all makes great sense to me.”

Statcha let Aron’s analytical analysis of the new interaction roll about in her mind. “It does make sense.” she figured. But it still annoyed that she hadn’t seen the possible angle to get at Sam herself.

Without noticing Cha’s distraction, Aron continued on. “I always figured that Lillee would take a second at some point. I swear, she needs to get fucked at least twice every day, or she’s miserable company. She gets this hungry look in her eyes when she’s without, makes me feel like she’s going to grab me, rip my pant’s off and rape me. She’s got serious needs!” he joked.

Statcha mused about her own needs, and wondered why she so rarely took any chances to fill them. “Perhaps I’m not cross with Lil, but with what Lil is able to do, that I can’t?” she considered. ‘I try...”

Aron rambled on. “... Remember that time that we all went to the South Pacific? And over the course of a week she worked her way through the entire staff for that island Bree rented? Cha? You listening?”

Startled, she answered, “Uh? sort of Aron. Sorry I was just thinking about the trick I played on her a few nights back. Think she’ll try to get even?”

Aron chuckled. “With you? Yes I’m sure she will. You know that she takes stuff like that seriously. Whether you meant it or not, you’ve challenged her. She’ll figure a way to get you to make things even again. I’m glad I’m not in the way!”

“So you wouldn’t want to help me deal with her?” the dancer probed.

Aron replied, “Not a big incentive for me to Cha, sorry. I like to sit these things out. I’m happy to let you guys play games, and just watch. Bree will come out on top in the end anyway. She always does. Why should I get mixed up in it all?”

“What if I pose for you?” offered the gypsy. “You can draw me from life, not a still shot or holo?” taking a chance, she added, ‘I’ll pose nude for you, only Sam’s done that.”

That offer caught Aron’s attention. He had many nude shots of all his roommates, but he couldn’t use them to produce art that he could display without tipping his hand. An offer like this was rare and valuable to him. He replied carefully. “That’s.... an interesting offer. What sort of help did you have in mind?”

Pleased that her deal had gotten a nibble, the woman began to outline a plan she had to keep the interpersonal game among the friends amusing, and, of course, score another point on Lillee also.
Soon the pair was deep in talk, trading possibilities, and fleshing out her scheme. Once Aron dug into the challenge, his mind started to come up with some very useful ideas.

“This could work!” Statcha realized, over the wonderful desert of blueberry pie.

To be continued in World of When Part 11

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When this series is complete, you ought to turn it into a book, preferably illustrated. I'll be among the first customers.

12-27-2002, 11:34 PM
Brilliant, Myriads!! Love the closer focus on the two previously hardly known characters. I like the way you're developing them all! I agree with milagros on this...you should turn this series into a novel when you've finished! It's delectable!

Mimi :D

12-29-2002, 12:18 AM
I agree. If i were you, i'd be talking to Scamwich or Ozzy about illustrating this story. :eek: Maybe you could even have a contest for all the artists who come to your forum. Give a list of scenes you want illustrated, set up some judges, and the winners get to have their stories in the final book! i'm sure it would go over really well. :D

Venger out.

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Man, this series just gets better and better...

btw, in answer to your question from part 9, 15 holds no particular importance to me, it was just a random number swirling around in the abyss that is my mind, it just happened to surface first....try not to read too much into what I post (besides my compliments of course), because chances are if put words down on paper(or on screen), they read nothing like the ones that I thought of...think of it as data encryption for the brain:)...problem is, I don't know how to decrypt my own thoughts:confused: As a result, I try to keep my posts to a minimum, but since I've enjoyed your series so much, I made an exception...keep up the great work, Myriads!:p