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Torrie's Dilemma
By Hardyzlita28
December 24, 2002

"I guess you don't really love your father after all" she said.

The blonde turned around, seemingly torn between staying with the woman before her and running like mad out of the room.

But, against every fiber of her being, she slowly walks back towards the woman, who stood there with a smirk on her face.

"I knew you'd make the right choice..." the dark haired woman said as she tucks some of the other woman's long blonde hair behind her ear.

"Would you like some?" the brunette asked, offering the tall blonde a drink of champagne from her wine glass.

"No thank you Dawn..."

"You sure Torrie?" she asked, deliberately taunting the blonde. She loved being in control.

"Yes, I'm sure Dawn Marie" Torrie said tersely.

Dawn Marie couldn't help but notice how uncomfortable.....and sexy....the blonde diva looked.

Standing there in a tight-fitting leather top, flowing red skirt and high heeled shoes. Looking down at the floor with her arms crossed over her ample chest, looking as if she was wishing to be anywhere but there at the moment.

Not that Dawn cared.

"Well, let's get started..." Dawn said as she placed her glass down on a nearby table.

About a million thoughts were running through Torrie's mind at that moment. The most prominent one was to get out of the room. But, then her father came to mind. She couldn't let her dad marry that wench.

She just couldn't.


The simple command shook Torrie from her thoughts.


"I said strip....."

Torrie just stood there. She then turned around to look at the camera man.

"Does he have to be here? Can't he leave?"

"No, I want to record this moment between us. I never want to forget it......"

Torrie sighed and still hadn't removed her clothing.

"Do you need some help?" asked Dawn as she reached out to pull the zipper on Torrie's shirt down.

Torrie slapped her hand away.

"I don't need your help to get undressed. I can do it myself."

"Well, do it then."

Torrie slowly unzipped her top, revealing a red satin bra.

"Nice......" complimented Dawn Marie.”Now the skirt.....take it off......"

Torrie did as she was asked, revealing a matching red sating thong.

"Very nice Torrie......I can see why you used to be a fitness model..."

Torrie bent over and reached down to take off her shoes.

"Leave them on.....we'll take them off later....."

Torrie stood straight once more as Dawn Marie ogled her.

"..Now it's my turn..."

Torrie looked at Dawn Marie's current outfit, which consisted of a satin and lacy robe that showed off plenty of her legs.

'Geez' Torrie thought. 'Even her lingerie is slutty'.

Dawn Marie removed her robe to reveal a bra & panty set that was similar to Torrie's, except hers was dark blue.

The brunette walked up to Torrie and, placing her hands both behind and on the side of her head, pulled her in for a kiss.

It was very slow, tentative almost. Torrie stood there and let the evil woman have her way with her lips. She didn't want to touch her, so she kept her hands outward on either side of Dawn Marie.

The brunette pulled away with a smile on her face.

"You're an incredible kisser Torrie.........just like your dad..." she added t remind the blonde why she was here in the first place.

Torrie frowned deeply and looked as though she wanted to beat the hell out of Dawn. She knew she couldn't do that though. Not if she wanted Dawn away from her father.

"Now, go lie down....on your back..."

Torrie did as she was told, climbing up onto the four post bed and waiting, while Dawn Marie rummaged for something in one of her bags.

The blonde was joined shortly by Dawn, who had climbed up onto to the bed and straddled Torrie's waist.

The cameraman was following their every move.

"Put your arms over your head....in a spread eagle position......"


"DO IT!"

Torrie sighed and placed her hands above her head. Her brown eyes widened when she saw Dawn Marie pull a set of faux-fur lined handcuffs from the little bag she had retrieved from her suitcase.

"Whoa!" exclaimed Torrie as she sat up. You never said anything about bondage. I'm not into that....I'm not going to let you hurt me...."

"Torrie, Torrie, Torrie......I'm not going to hurt you...."

"I don't believe you....I'm out of here...." she said as she went to move Dawn.

"Okay then.....I guess I'll just have to try these babies out on your Daddy. I'm sure he'd love them......" she said with a smirk.

Torrie glared daggers at the brunette, but laid back down and resumed her position with her arms above her head.

"That's a good girl" said Dawn as she snapped one cuff into place around Torrie's wrist and snapped the other cuff around the bed post. She then did the same to Torrie's other wrist.

Dawn got off of Torrie.

"Spread your legs......"

Torrie did so.

"Very good......I only had to tell you once this time....."

Dawn Marie removed two more sets of handcuffs and had bound Torrie's slender ankles to the bed post at the foot of the bed. She then threw the bag on the floor on the side of the bed.

The bed was king sized and a lot longer than Torrie. so Dawn had too pull for the handcuffs to reach the posts at the foot of the bed, leaving Torrie stretched taut and immobile, but not to the point of being uncomfortable.


Torrie didn't answer.

Dawn Marie placed her hand on top of Torrie's left foot, and began a slow and teasing decent up her leg. She then ran the tips of her nails across the crease where Torrie's thigh met her pussy, causing the blonde to shift uncomfortably. The brunette continued her ascent upward and stroked Torrie's tummy.

Then, straddling the tall blonde's waist once more, she ran both her hands over Torrie's mounds of flesh, kneading them and running her fingers over the nipples. Teasing them to hardness.

Torrie moaned against her will and Dawn smiled.

"I knew you'd enjoy this....just relax sweetie...."

Torrie was not enjoying herself. The only thing she wanted to do at that moment was crawl out of her skin, but it didn't look like Dawn was going to let her go anytime soon.

Dawn kissed her once more and then smiled.

"Do you know what I'm going to do?"

"Have your way with me?"

"Yup.....but you what the best part will be?"


"You're going to ask.....no beg me for it....."

Torrie couldn't help herself. She laughed out loud.

"Oh really? You actually think that I'm going to beg you for this? Yeah right. Just do what you want and get it over with...."

"No, no, no Torrie. It wouldn't be any fun if I just took you against your will. It would, however, be extremely fun if you wanted this just as much as I did and begged me for it....."

"Well, you better keep dreaming cause that's not going to happen...."

I think it will....because you see, I can be very, very persuasive......."

"Yeah right....how?"

"I could torture you....."

"You said you wouldn't hurt me!" Torrie shouted.

"Calm down.....did I say anything about pain? No, I did not. The torture that I have in mind for you can be quite pleasurable......."

"What are you going to do?" asked Torrie, more than a little fearful of being at the mercy of this woman.

"Well, I going to......you know what? I think that I can show you, better than I can tell you...."

Dawn reached over and placed her fingers in the palms of Torrie's hands. She slowly dragged them down the inner part of Torrie's arms, lightly teasing the skin.

The blonde squirmed.

Dawn Marie continued until her fingernails were underneath Torrie's biceps. She smiled at the blonde and then began to wiggle her fingers.

Torrie's arms began to shake and a small smile formed on her face.

Dawn Marie kept it up until a giggled flew out of Torrie's mouth. Then she stopped.

Torrie looked at her with wide eyes.

"No,.....no, you wouldn't....you can't......I'll do anything....but please...."

"You'll beg me to take you?"

Torrie remained silent.

"Good, I was hoping you'd be a challenge" she said as she placed her fingers in Torrie armpits.

"No, no please god no....." Torrie whimpered when she felt Dawn Marie's fingers flutter up and down the smooth skin of her bare armpit.

Torrie pulled her lips into a straight, thin line. She was determined not to let this get to her.

"Tickle Tickle Tickle Torrie.....come on baby laugh for me......" Dawn teased as she increased the speed of her fingers.

Torrie screwed her eyes shut and fought to keep her mouth in a tight line.

Dawn leaned down near Torrie's.

"Your dad told me all about what you were like when you were a little girl......especially how ticklish you were.....He used to tickle you a lot didn't he? And you're 3 brothers used to tickle you a lot too right? Al told me how he had to rescue you from them a lot. They would tickle you to tears wouldn't they Torrie? Sometimes until you would even pee yourself right?" Dawn asked as she began to scrape her nails up and down the hairless hallow.

Torrie's brown eyes opened wide at the stronger sensations. Tears pooling in them as Dawn Marie kept up both the physical and psychological torture.

"They would chase you all over the house. And when they finally caught you, they would take you to the tree house, tie your arms and legs up just like this and tickle, tickle and tickle until you thought you would die. Am I right Torrie?" she asked as she dug into Torrie's armpits.


"One would tickle your feet......another would tickle your little tummy......and the other would tickle your armpits........just.......like........I'm.....doin g.......now....."

Each remark was accompanied by an extremely strong tickle directly in the middle of the sensitive pit.


Torrie screamed and laughed, begging Dawn Marie to stop the tickling, but to no avail.

The brunette sat there tickling the tall blonde without mercy. Without missing a beat, she leaned down and began to nuzzle and suck on the blonde diva's neck.

Torrie tried her best to scrunch her neck to stop Dawn Marie, but with the tickling consuming her, she couldn't concentrate too much on the other woman's mouth. She was more concerned with her tickling fingers


The brunette stopped her tickling and leaned up over Torrie.

"Did you enjoy that baby?" she asked as she wiped the woman's sweat drenched hair away from her face.

"Please....no more...."

"Do you want to be with me?" Dawn asked while lightly tracing her nails over the tops of Torrie's heaving chest, causing her to giggle a bit.

"No...." Torrie managed to say through her giggles.

Dawn Marie sat up further and placed her hands on either side of Torrie.

"I guess I'm just going to have do a little more persuading then aren't I?"


Dawn was currently massaging Torrie's ribs. Furiously rubbing the ticklish skin against the bone in hopes of forcing the most tortured laughter she could out of the blonde.


The bed bounced slightly as Torrie tried to buck Dawn off of her and break her bondage so she could escape from this madwoman.

Dawn Marie had switched to tickling the tanned flesh between each rib, squeezing and squeezing until nothing but laughter could be heard from the blonde.


The brunette, deciding to torture the blonde further, leaned up and began to lick Torrie's left armpit.

Torrie's eyes popped open only to squeeze shut again as she threw her head back against the pillow and laughed.


The blonde diva's face was flushed, sweat poured down her beautiful face, and her mouth was frozen open with forced laughter.

Dawn Marie had switched to licking Torrie's other armpit, while her hands tickled the beautiful woman's sides and tummy.

She would squeeze her sides and perform deep tickle massages into the muscles of the woman's flat stomach. These methods seemed to tickle more.

Torrie would feel the sensations deep within her tummy and they would shoot straight to her brain. But, there was also another feeling inside. Something she hadn't ever felt before by being tickled.

In a fleeting moment of sanity, Torrie actually realized that she was actually getting turned on by being tickle tortured. She couldn't believe it, but it was true she guessed. While the tickling was sending shockwaves of torture to her brain, they were also sending shockwaves of pleasure to her erogenous zones. She had no idea how to deal with the conflicting feelings her mind and body were now absorbing.

But it's not like she could do anything about it. She was bound and Dawn wasn't. The brunette was in control.


Dawn Marie stopped licking and sat up. She smiled devilishly at the laughing wreck that was once Torrie Wilson.

Not exactly feeling merciful at the moment, Dawn Marie latched onto Torrie's hip bones and dug into the ticklish flesh there with a vengeance.


Torrie's laughter then double when Dawn lowered her mouth to the taller woman's tummy and had begun to blow raspberries into the toned skin.


Dawn kept this up for a good 30 minutes before she finally let up and gave the poor girl a break.

Dawn sat up and stretched her arms over her head.

"Oh boy.......that was fun.........."

Torrie laid there gasping for breath. Her chest was heaving and her lungs had been burning for oxygen. Her upper body was covered by a thin sheen of sweat and her cheeks were covered in the tears that poured from her eyes from being forced to laugh for so long and so hard.

"Next Round!"

"What?.....*gasp* No ......wait.......please.......I------"


Torrie bit her lip.

"Fine....." said Dawn as she sat on her knees between Torrie's legs.

"I had no idea you'd be this tough to crack Torrie......but you know what, I don't give up easily......especially when it comes to something I want..............." she said as she lightly teased Torrie with one finger through the material of her thong.

Torrie squirmed under the touch and couldn't help actions when she bucked up to get more of Dawn's touch.

"Ooooh, so we are enjoying this aren't we?"

Torrie somehow managed to glare at her.

Dawn smiled and leaned over Torrie's stomach.

She began to lick and nibble the blonde woman's belly button, occasionally sticking her tongue into the tiny pocket and swirling it around.

Torrie giggled and tittered. But, she began to really howl when Dawn brought her nails into contact with the crease where her thighs meet her pussy.

The brunette alternated between caressing and digging into the soft crevice.


Dawn sat up and watched Torrie cackle and yank at her bonds. She then looked down and noticed that there was a damp spot right in the center of Torrie's underwear.

She lowered her head and began to nibble Torrie's inner thighs, while her hands were now squeezing the tops of Torrie's thighs and knees, while tickling the soft skin beneath her knees as well.


Dawn Marie probably would have added more psychological torture, but she did have her mouth full at the moment.


Dawn continued to work her way down Torrie's long and tanned legs. Tickling all of the exposed skin. She was going to save the best spot for last.

Torrie's feet.

Dawn Marie slid off the bed and examined Torrie's feet. She couldn't wait to get her hands on them.

Torrie was too out of her mind with laughter to notice the brunette's next target.

All Dawn could think about was how soft and tender Torrie's soles had to be. Especially after walking around all day in the sandals and having kept them on during the entire tickle session.

The sandals were black and exposed Torrie's foot almost in its entirety. There was a strap and buckle around her slender ankle and a strap that went across her foot, just under the tops of her toes.

Dawn Marie noticed how high and pale Torrie's arches were. She also noticed the nice shade of red that adorned the woman's immaculately manicured toenails.

Not being able to take it anymore. Dawn began to unbuckle the strap of the shoe on Torrie's left foot.

The blonde had calmed down enough to notice what Dawn was doing and began to beg in earnest.

"Please........please Dawn...don't do this.....you know what? You know what? You can have my dad......I can tell that you really love him....You two would be perfect together......just please please stop this......"

"It's too late now Torrie. We made an agreement. It wouldn't be nice of you to back out now.......I agreed to give up your father and I'm going to get everything I possibly can out of this deal before I let you go......now, get ready....." she finished as she slowly removed the shoe from Torrie's foot.

Dawn was in awe of the perfection that was Torrie Wilson's foot. The entire thing look soft as silk. Not a callous in sight. The balls and heels of her feet had a slight tinge of pink to them, but it did nothing to mar the beauty. Dawn hastily removed the other shoe and saw that Torrie's right foot was just as perfect as her left.

She gave Torrie's feet a quick tickle and was delighted to hear a shriek come from the blonde.

"Please....don't don't do this...............please no more......." Torrie whimpered as she pulled and pulled at the handcuffs.

Dawn ignored her completely and sat at the end of the bed between the bound beauty's feet.

She grabbed Torrie's big toe with her left hand, bending it backwards to make the sole taut, and scratched her nails into the high arch.

The blonde, her resistance having been broken a long time ago, instantly began to laugh.


Dawn scratched at the arch and heel, and poked and prodded at the ball of Torrie's foot.


The brunette even tickled underneath and in-between each toe.


Dawn kept up the tickling for a while, though it seemed like forever to Torrie.

The evil woman then released Torrie's left foot, and before the blonde could even catch her breath, had grabbed the right foot, put it into the position the left had once been in and gave it the same tickle treatment.


Dawn continued to alternate between both feet for the next hour.

She then stopped and got up from the bed. She walked over to the mini fridge and pulled out a bottle of water. She'd almost been sweating as much as Torrie had been. She took a couple of swigs and asked Torrie if she would like some.

Of course Torrie said yes, her being out of breath and her throat raw from all of the tickling she had to endure and the forced laughter that came about as a result.

"Thank you..." she managed.

"No problem....." Dawn replied as she replaced the top on the bottle and placing it on the small dresser that was right near the bed.

The brunette then bent down to pick up her back and pulled something from it. It was long and slender. Dawn flipped a switch and it began to hum.

Torrie's eyes widened.

"What are you going to do with that?"

"What do you think?" Dawn responded as she leaned in close to Torrie's ear.

Dawn walked away from the blonde's head and lowered the device to her body.


Dawn smiled widely as she ran an electric toothbrush around the ball of Torrie's foot.


Sitting there on the floor on her knees, Dawn Marie moved the electric toothbrush all over Torrie's foot. She then leaned forward and kissed Torrie's wiggling toes.

Torrie's laughter increased when Dawn Marie snaked her tongue out and push back and forth between Torrie's toes.


Torrie bounced and laughed. Tears and sweat streaming down her flushed face. Her eyes screwed shut and her blonde hair whipping from side to side. She was a sight for any lover of tickle torture to behold.


Dawn Marie was no sucking and nibbling on Torrie's long, delectable toes.

Torrie was in complete hell.

She was being tickle tortured by a sadistic merciless bitch.

Her nipples were erect and alive with excitement.

Her clit was erect as well, and throbbing with ticklish electricity.

And there seemed to be no relief whatsoever in sight.


Dawn was greatly enjoying what she was putting this woman through.

The woman who had beaten her in countless bikini, lingerie, and other gimmick matches.

The woman who always seemed to get the best of her.

The woman who was now in her power and completely under her control.

Dawn Marie released the toes on Torrie's left foot and dove right into to tickling the other foot.


Dawn turned the toothbrush up to its highest and fastest setting and then lowered it to Torrie's bound and very ticklish right foot.

"Oh Torrie, your toes are so yummy......I just can't get enough of them....." Dawn teased right before she popped the red polished digits into the warm cavity of her mouth once more.


Dawn continued to bounce back and forth between Torrie's deliciously sensitive feet for hours.

The two had become completely oblivious to the camera man that was in the room with them. Him capturing every last ticklish detail in living color.

The tickling of her feet sent waves of ticklish pleasure to Torrie nipples and clit.

The brunette looked up to see her captive grinding into the bed.

She stood up and walked to the side of the bed.

She caressed Torrie's nipples through her satin bra.

The tall blonde groaned at the sensation the touch and fabric caused.

Dawn continued her caresses down Torrie's tummy and onto her pussy. There she teasingly rubbed the ticklish woman through her thong.

Torrie moaned in pleasure but then whined at the loss of the touch when Dawn pulled her hand away.

The brunette smiled and evil smile.

She had Torrie right where she wanted her.......

..........And they both knew it.

"All you have to do is say the word Torrie........and I'll give you pleasure of the likes you've never known.........."

Torrie was torn.

She was being tickled tortured and she needed to come badly.

But she couldn't give Dawn Marie the satisfaction of hearing her beg and winning.

Torrie closed her eyes.



Torrie sat there waiting for the tickling of her feet to commence once more.

But it never did.

Instead, she felt Dawn straddling her waist again and something cold being laid in the middle of her chest.

She opened her eyes in time to see Dawn Marie cutting away the middle of her bra as well as the straps and tossing them to the side. The brunette then cut away the tiny red thong, leaving Torrie completely naked.

Dawn Marie placed the scissors back into her bag and to Torrie's dismay pulled out a wispy white feather.

"Do you know what I'm going to do with this?"

Torrie whimpered and prepared for the worst.

She shuddered as Dawn moved the feather along her neck and ears, lightly tickling her.

She shook her head and scrunched her neck, but no matter where she turned, the feather was there to tease her face, ears and neck to itching madness.

Dawn then moved in for the kill.

She teasingly moved the feather around and around Torrie breasts. Encircling everything without touching the very tip of the nipples, which were swelling even more than had been before. Torrie thought that they were going to pop from sexual all the sexual excitement.......

..............or frustration.

Torrie moaned and laughed.

She had no idea that her breasts were ticklish.

"hehehehh hahahahhahahha stop please hahahahhahahhahhehaehaeh no more hahaha"

Dawn placed her hand on one of Torrie's breasts, squeezing the tanned mound, placing her thumb over the nipple and wiggling it.

This combined with the fact that the brunette was also flicking Torrie's other erect nipple with the feather was killing the blonde.


Dawn continued for about five minutes before she stopped.

She enjoyed the look of frustration that covered the cute blonde's face at the loss of the sexual tickling stimulation.

The brunette simply smiled as she got off of Torrie. She then stood towards the end of the bed near Torrie's legs.

She looked in between the long legs to see her clit peeking out through her pink folds and glistening with her womanly juices.

Dawn looked at Torrie to as if to give her another chance to give in and end the tickling, but Torrie was extremely stubborn.......

........even when she was on the verge of a breakdown from lack of orgasm.

The sexy brunette used her left hand to tickle Torrie's left foot, while she used the feather in her right hand to stroke Torrie's pussy.

She raked her nails up and down Torrie's foot, while swirling the white feather around her clit.


Dawn Marie pulled the feather away, and laid it down on the bed, but continued to viciously rake her manicured nails along the bound woman's ticklish foot.


"You know what to do Torrie......." as she grabbed Torrie's toes, pulling the sole taut as a drum, and continued to tickle.


Dawn smiled and placed her hand over Torrie pussy, wiggling the tip of middle finger over her clit while she continued to tickle the blonde's foot.


Torrie arched her back and just accepted everything that the orgasm had unleashed upon her body.

Torrie recovered from her huge rolling orgasm and shuddered from the tiny ones that sent tremors through her body as Dawn continued to tickle her foot.


Torrie couldn't believe that Dawn was still tickling her!

And worse yet, the orgasm seemed to have made her more ticklish than she had been before.

Dawn Marie tickled Torrie from her head to her toes and back again well into the night.

She only stopped after Torrie had passed out for the 3rd time after one of her tickle orgasms had turned out to a little too much for her.

Dawn dried the sweat soaked blonde's body with a towel and then released her from the handcuffs.

She placed her body underneath the covers and kissed her on her forehead.

"Did you get everything?" she asked the camera man.

He nodded, his own face flushed from the show he'd just witnessed for the last few hours.

"Good, how many tapes?"


"Okay, leave them here........thanks a lot for your help....."

"Um.....uh, no problem......it was my pleasure....."

"I bet it was....." she said as she winked at him.

The camera man left the tapes there and left, taking his equipment with him.

Dawn Marie sighed and then stripped her underwear off.

She slipped into bed with Torrie and pulled the exhausted blonde against her. Placing her hands on her breasts and teasing them.

Torrie managed to moan in her sleep and snuggled closer to her enemy.

Dawn snuggled into her as well, more than a little tired herself.

"Hmm.......I wonder what Torrie will do when Al sees this tape?"

(And of course, anyone that's seen Smackdown and Armageddon knows what she did.)


Let me know what you think.

If you liked this story and would like to see more, as well as pictures of nice and (hopefully) ticklish body parts of the WWE Divas then go here:




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Wow, great story! Thanks, Hardy. :D

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Thank you very much for the compliments. I enjoy putting the beautiful women of the WWF(E) in various excruciatingly ticklish predicaments. :devil:

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Great story Hardy! Thoroughly enjoyed it!


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i know we ALL wish that is what happened when they had that skit. who knows, maybe after they finished filming for WWE television, they did that scenario in "real" life. you never know......

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