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12-30-2002, 06:21 PM
Another life story!

When I was fourteen and was just exploring my whole tickle torture. Well I was at my cousins house and this was a perfect set up too, you see when my aunt and cousin got company they would stay in there living room and use the bathroom that was in there room. Well my cousin (lets say her name is Angie, which it is...) Angie always stayed in her room it wasn't trying to avoid us it was the only place she could study for colledge and listen to music. Well I would go in her room with her and we would talk and she would study. Well once in a joking mode and curiosty I jumped on her leg and started to tickle her foot. Sadly she wasn't ticklish there (my favorite place to tickle.) Well I was still ready to tickle her, so I jumped on her back and since I was pretty strong and heavy I weighed her down. I started to tickle her sides, next to her belly. Well she started to laugh and tried to squirm as much as she could. I tickled her five minutes straight when she said she had to use the bathroom. Five minutes and I knew how the blatter can be while being tickled so I let her up and she left the room. Now this is the best part. She came back in the room a minute later and laid back down on the bed the way she was. I teased her a bit and said I was going to tickle her longer and she said simply "ok." So I did.

01-02-2003, 03:32 PM
I remember when I was a kid between 10 and 12 when I was over my grandmothers house and my cousin, who was considerably older, probably about 22 or 23 was walking around barefoot. I had this habit of always parking my carcass underneath the dining room table that would place squarely in front of the TV. She would then come and take a seat the table and her barefeet would sit under the table directly to my left. So here I am this kid with this weakness for tickling pretty female feet--although I wouldn't say it was a sexual desire at this time just an irresistable urge. So I would relish watching her do that thing that women do when they're barefooted--that rubbing the arches together and wiggling the toes at the same time. While watching her continuously and slowly move her feet like this back and forth I would hear the sound of the soft flesh rubbing against each other. My mind would began to race as to how soft her feet must be to make a sound like that. Then watching her reddish caramel tanned feet with the sharply contrasting soft pink skin underneath--it looked as if her feet were always blushing--and the wrinkles that that only went from the sides of her feet half way down to the bottom. So her arches were wrinkled but on the side, the bottom was perfectly pink and smooth. So of course whenever she least expected it I would take one hand and secure her heel or ankle to immobilize her foot and tickle her until she would give up. She never sounded that serious about me stopping so of course being fully protected by the shelter of the table I'd keep going. Funny thing occurs to me, no matter how many times I would tickle her she would never put her house shoes on--she would only laugh and say "Don't tickle my foot". Any theories? I'd like to hear them. These were the most unbelievably softest feet I've ever felt, and this includes the women I've dated!!! Nice huh? Eventually this fun ended as we both grew older, but she even mentioned a guy she was dating once that loved to tickled her feet !!! Guess I wasn't the only one after all.

Then there was another cousin considerably older maybe 7 years or so, who was sitting at home with her feet proped up in a chair so that her soles were basically staring right at me. To make a long story short she was sitting there all depressed and her feet waving at me toes curling and uncurling --by this time I was about 14 dating a girl with beautiful feet who was tortured constantly but that's another story. She's sitting there with this sad look on her face and barefoot--she is my cousing but call it what you want the woman is a knock out--and these beautiful feet are teasing me. I swear if I didn't know better I would think she was doing it on purpose--I have an Aunt who believes this cousin has problaby secretly had some sort of crush on me. The sad thing is I'm adopted so technically theres no blood relation to prevent...anyway! Next!!! So she's sitting there feet propped up and staring at me. So make my way over there and says "Let's see a smile" and ran my finger ever so slowly up the bottom of her foot. Taking in every curve the heel, the arch the ball and across the toes. Her eyes got wide as she smiled and held her foot streched out--as if to say 'more, more'. She didn't laugh yet so I said, "well, that's better but let's try for a laugh now" and with that I ran my finger back down her foot again. Same reaction, and she still hadn't moved her feet !!!

So I stopped because at this point I'm getting nervous, thinking something is definitely wrong because my cousing shouldn't enjoy me tickling her feet better than my girlfriend. She just sat there still rubbing her feet against each other and looking at me and her feet smiling.

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01-02-2003, 05:15 PM
Don't worry, it's all relative.:cool: Great story anyway!



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Great response Raul, thanks for the commentary also.:D

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