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World of When
Part 11

In response to the sensations being inflicted upon her captive feet, Talyn continued to laugh helplessly. Don had managed to make it such that the tickling feeling was just enough past her ability to control, so that she was unable to stop her laughter.

“Yeheeeheee! heeee! Don! hehe! PLEASE! Yeheeehhhe! Yeeeheeeeheeee! Stop! uh-uh! uh-uh! YEHeeeeeheeeeheeeee! Please turn it offff!”

The ‘it’ was a multipurpose sonic emitter. The device was designed to produce a wide range of harmonic effects, via high energy wave projection. It’s audio dampening features allowed for perfectly quiet operation, so it was producing it’s deep vibratory torture upon Talyn in erie silence. Don had dug the tool out of one of her smartsuits many pockets, and had managed to stickstrip it to her, such that it was beaming it’s vibrations all along the soles of the thief’s bare feet.

To Talyn, the sensation it had produced was at first, sort of nice, not unlike a good foot massage. But Don had continued to play with the tools settings. After a bit, he found a combination that produced a feeling that was not unlike hundreds of tiny raindrops hammering up and down her soles in waves. The unending series of tiny pokes were driving the oriental woman nuts.

“Oh hell! uh-uh! Stop it DON! yeeeeheeee! hehehe! yeheeeheeee! Turn it off! uh-uh! yeheeeeeheeeheeeee! Come on it’s beeheheheeh! been foutehehee minutes!”

Indeed, the forty minutes that Don had promised to tickle her for had expired. Her internal clock which she had managed to blink set before the experience started, displayed an end to the count down.

Don smiled an evil grin and laughed, “Yes it has been Pooka. I did promise to work on you for only forty moments for what you did while I was asleep, but I never said I was going to stop after it passed.”

“Nooyehhhee! fair! yeheeheheee! Bastard! yeheeehheheeh!” yelled Talyn in response.

“That I may be Pooka, but I’m not the one who is all tied up.” answered Don. “I’m going to catch my wake-up shower, Alex is set up to watch out for you if there is a problem. We’ll talk about letting you go when I get back. Be good now.” With that he strode off to the suites bathroom.

“Don! yehehheehee! DON! uh-uh! yeehehehehe! Let mehehe! gooo! yeheheheh!” called the thief after him to no response.

She quickly tried the AI. “Alex? yehehehe! hehe. Help Alex!”

The house’s system replied in it’s sultry voice. “I hear you Marta-lynn. You are not in need of aid. I have been instructed by Donimic to observe your vitals, they are all within safety norms.”

Talyn tried another direction, “Get yeheheheee! mehehee! loose!”

The AI answered smoothly, “I am unable to comply, Donimic has requested that no interference be made with your physical situation unless there is a medical reason. He has assured me that you are safe. And though you are agitated, I agree.”

“Bastard! hehe!” the dark haired thief shouted at the bathroom. Giving up on the AI, she decided to see if she could free herself. “If I can reach my belt...” was the main thought she had. Slowly between bursts of giggles and laughter, she began to rock herself from side to side in her hog tie, and wriggle towards the edge of the bed. It was slow going, but inch by inch she made progress.


As Aron and Statcha returned from their lunch, they passed the site of the living statue competition. Clearly the crowd had gotten much more hands on in the last hour. Only two of the few dozen participants were still in the game.
The first, a statuesque black woman, with a vivid orange afro, wearing a tank top, was being teased by a couple of young people. To her detriment, her position left her bare armpits wide open to their light pokes and strokes. Her tormentors didn’t seem too intent on being very nasty. But it was clear that she was still having difficulty withstanding the light tickles being rained upon her.
The other ‘statue’ was a dark haired, square jawed man. He was easily 6’6”. Like the woman Cha had teased earlier, he’d made the same mistake of not locking his clothing. His pants and undergarment lay pooled about his ankles. A busty brunette was busily going down on his rigid cock with a good deal of enthusiasm.

Statcha casually remarked to Aron, “Remind me take a look at the entire feed of this thing. I want to see what I caused.”

“Want to stay and see who will win?” Aron asked.

“Nah it’s not gonna be a surprise. The carrot top over there will win.” predicted Cha.

Even as she said the words, the male contestant let out a groan and bucked forward as he came. His pedestal turned red. The woman who had been playing with him licked her lips and smiled.

“See?” said Statcha. As they headed down the pod stations stairs, the sounds of applause for the winner faded from their hearing. “So you can do it?”

“Child's play evil one.” replied the programmer. “All will be ready by, say two tomorrow morning? Good enough?”

“More then good enough!” replied the woman with a big smile.

“When can you start to pose?” ventured Aron.

“How about this evening? I’m free, or will that get in the way of things?” answered and asked Statcha.

Smiling, “Not at all.” was Aron’s reply. He was greatly looking forward to working on a nude of Statcha from life. “What pose?” he mused. “Something that shows off her legs well.” he decided.

“I appreciate you posing a lot Cha.” he said in thanks. “I’d have helped even if you didn’t agree to the nude work, you know. It’s a fun problem.”

“I thought you might,” replied Statcha, “But I sort of want to be drawn by you. Something new for me to try. You know, stretch my boundaries. It will be good for me.”

Aron shook his head up and down to show his understanding of the feeling she was describing.

Before he could add words to his nod of agreement, an empty pod arrived.

As the friends boarded the pod for the quick trip back to New York, they continued their chat about possibilities for the dancer to pose in, and the favor Aron was going to work upon. If asked, both would have agreed, it had been an exceptionally fun afternoon out.


Talyn had managed to roll herself off the bed, and squinch her way across the room to where her smartsuit was pooled upon the floor. While laying on her side, she felt about it with her bound hands, trying to find a specific tool. “Where the fuck is the damned thing?” she swore to herself.

“Yehehehehe! hehehe! uh-uh! yehehehe!” she also continued to giggle aloud, thanks to the tool attacking her arches with sound waves.

Her fingers found the object she was looking for. It was a think metal wand about an inch long. She got a good grip on it, and gave it’s end a firm squeeze. The little metal rod began to grow in length, soon it was close to a full foot long. It had also matched her body temperature.

“Gonnahaha yehhheee! get out! and heheheh! get him!” spoke Talyn to psych herself up.

Slowly she probed about with the wand as best she could manage. If she could catch a stickstrips lock point, the warm rod would release it as well as her finger would have. It was a difficult angle, and her fits of laughter caused by the sonic on her sensitive soles were not helping.
Suddenly, the feeling on her feet shifted. “I must have gotten the sonics stick!” she thought in triumph. Indeed she had, the thin device slowly slid off her heels, bounced off the bounds about her ankles and wrists, tumbled down the back of her legs, and slid between them, just at the base of her ass.

“Oh! yeahhhhhaaaaa! oh! oh! gods! fuck! uh! uh! oh! ummm!” gasped out the thief in surprise. The tools vibrations now played over, and into, a different, and more sensitive part of her body. She began to writhe and jerk in hopes of dislodging the nasty little tool. But because of the nature of her modified hog tie,Talyn simply couldn’t bounce it free. The thin device was firmly stuck between her thighs.

Slowly the device teased her up the arousal spectrum. “uh! uh! uh! uh! oh yah! uh! uh! shit! uhm! uh!” the woman gasped out. She’d started to grind her pelvis into the soft rug. It helped a lot, and felt wonderful. The first orgasm was slow, and spread through her body like warm water. “Uh! Uh! UH! UH! UHGAH! oh, oh, oh, uh! uh! whew! huh.” The sonic however, didn’t care that it had pushed her up and over the edge of her personal mountain of arousal, and began to drag her back up again, regardless if she wanted to go or not. “Shit! no! uh! uh! ugh! um! oh! oh! uh! uh!”


Maribree was working on yet another of the cursed questions. This one dealt with a fad that had arisen more then three hundred years back. It involved a game imported from a specific sidlerial culture. Learning about the fad had been child's play, but the question asked specifically what individual had actually brought the game over, and she’d not been able to find a reference to that on the link.
“Don is with the Guard.” the researcher mused. “Perhaps he can help.” A quick look at her terminal showed that Don was still in the loft, and in his suite.
Deciding on impulse to go visit him in person, the redhead rose, grabbed a gray silk robe from her bed and threw it on. Saving her work with a word, she exited her suite and wandered down the wood floored hall to Don and Talyn’s rooms. The hall was lined with soft arabian carpets which lay scattered up and down it’s length. They were pleasingly soft under her bare feet. She was also pleased with how nicely their colors livened up the space. Reaching the door of her friends suite, she tapped the door plate, and called to Alex, “I’d like to speak with Don and Talyn?”

The AI promptly responded, “I’ll see if they desire visitors Maribree.

Inside the suite Talyn was rather occupied. “OH FUCK! FUCK! UHGAHHHH! uh, uh, uh! oh man.” groaned the thief as the sonic forced a fourth orgasm out of her. It’s position was horribly perfect, it kept hitting all the right places to drive her crazy.

Alex spoke. “Marta-Lynn? would you like to allow Maribree to enter?”

“YES!” yelled the woman in reply. “Let her uh! mmmh! in NOW!”

The door slid open. And Bree walked in. Immediately she began to laugh. “It seems like I’ve come at a bad time.” she stated with a smile.

“Bree! uh! oh shit, get it the fuck uh! off me! Please!” begged the hyper-aroused thief.

Honestly curious, the redhead asked, “What in the world are you talking about Lynn?”

“Between uh! oh yah! uh! my legs! oh please! uh! get it out!” begged the writhing woman.

Squatting down next to her friend, Maribree slowly slid her fingers between the bound woman’s legs. “Whoa! What the shit!” she exclaimed as her fingers caught the edge of the tools wave field. Recovering, she felt a touch farther, and found the object of Talyn’s torment. She pulled it free and palmed it.

“Cute toy. Never seen a vibe like this before.” Experimentally she ran it over her palm. “Mmmm nice.” commented Bree.

“Thanks Mari!” gasped Talyn. She was still wriggling against the rug a bit, the tool hadn’t quite gotten her to orgasm again, and she was still very aroused. “It’s uh! not a vibe, it’s a disrupter, I use it to crack big rocks, cement walls, or stuff. umm! Can blow out windows and knock down people with it too. uh. Shit! after all that how can I still be so fucking horny! Bree let me loose!”

“Don playing with you?” asked Bree. “If he is, I really shouldn’t let you go.”

“It’ll be ok Bree! He won’t mind.” said Talyn.

“Hmmmm. If someone let my toy go when I was in the middle of playing with her, I think I’d mind a bit.” Slowly she started to make little circles with her finger tips on the bare heels that were so close at hand. “Not lying to me are you Tay?”

“Yehahahahah! Don’t doooo that! hehehe! uh-uh! Bree! NO! yeheheehhe!” giggled the thief. “Not like that! YEheheheheh! uh-uh! hehehe!”

Before Talyn could provide a coherent reply to Maribree's question, Don emerged from the bathroom, casually drying himself with a thick cotton towel, and spoke. “Hi Bree, Having some fun too?”

Maribree looked over to the man, he was still damp from his shower, and had not bothered to cover himself. As befit a Guardsman, he was in excellent shape. At 6’5” he was average height for a male. He wore his dark hair closely cropped to his skull, and had intelligent, piercing brown eyes. His skin was a rich chocolate brown, and his muscles smoothly moved under it, as he walked towards her and Talyn. With his economy of motion, and the casual physical confidence he projected, it was clear that this man was well trained in martial arts. She’d long known the fact, but Maribree was always impressed at how well hung he was. She knew his purposeful nudity was a subtle way of attempting to enforce his own Dominate nature. It was to show that he didn’t feel weakened by being exposed in front of her, that even nude, he was equal. “Perhaps he even thinks it might make me a bit uneasy, and off balance.” the researcher thought with suppressed amusement.

“Hi Don,” she said. “Sorry if I intruded and messed anything up, but the door did open. I didn’t intend to take any liberties that are not mine.”

Sitting down on the bed, Don answered. “No problems Bree, She does look tempting like that, I don’t mind. Looks like she tried to get loose, and you interrupted somehow. Thanks. What brings you here?” He rubbed the towel through his hair.

Maribree rose to her feet so she was not looking up at him, “You know that damned question survey I’m working on? I have one where you might be able to help. I was wondering of you could access the Guard archives and use them to answer a question for me?”

Without hesitation, Don asked back, “I have basic access rights, if it’s not a security issue I might be able to help, but what in the worlds could that guy have asked you, that you’d need Guard info for.”

“The old bastard wants to know the name of the person who introduced ‘Pogo’ to the world. And I think he means the specific person who brought it back sidlerially. I can’t find that info anyplace on link.” Bree replied.

Don smiled. “Pogo, great game! As complicated as chess, but so very different. I used to play it a lot as a kid, loved those frog pieces. Yes, a Guardsman did bring that back here, very early, couldn’t have been more then the twentieth or so penetration. A Sino-Hindic earth if I’m not mistaken. I think I can help you. Do a favor for me in return?”

Bree smiled. “Depends Don, what is it?”

Don chuckled. His laugh was deep and resonate. “I’m not planning to put anything over on you, I’d just like a hand from a fellow Dom for a bit of fun I had planned for T here.” He tipped his head at the captive woman. “It will be a lot more enjoyable with a human to help, rather then some toy. You’ll have total control of things. No worries.”

“Bree! No!” whined Talyn. “Don’t help!”

“Hush Pooka. You lost, you pay.” Don reminded. ‘I’m sure you’ll take another crack at me soon enough anyhow.” Talyn glowered back, and then stuck her tongue out at him.

Amused by the lovers, Bree watched the exchange. “Helping Don is no skin off my nose.” figured Bree. “And it might be fun.”

“Sure I’ll help.” the redhead announced.

“Thanks Bree! Could you keep her amused while I get your data? Do what you like, I’ve no problems with anything. So feel free.” offered Don.

“Bree! Don’t! Come on!” begged Talyn. She wriggled furiously, but fruitlessly, in an effort to escape her bounds again. The stickstrips held fast.

Kneeling down next to the thief, Bree examined the landscape of choices that she had to pick from. As she considered, she had picked up Talyn’s loose, long silky dark hair, and ran it through her hands. She liked the silver shock of it. “It suits Tay well.” Bree thought. “A touch of moonlight in her darkness.”
One by one, Maribree examined the helpless body parts before here. “Feet are always good, I know she can’t stand that. But that’s predictable. Sides? Nah. Pits? Not great access in this bondage. Tits? A touch more personal then I feel like right now. Ass? Hmmmm, Yes, that and the backs of the legs, nicely exposed, and always fun!” She sat herself down and slung her long bare legs across Talyn's back to hold her in place.”

“Bree? Be nice! Please?” asked the captive Talyn.

“Sure Tay. I’ll be nice.” said Bree, as she started to lightly run her fingernails over the woman’s rounded backside, using long strokes from the start of her thighs, to the small of her back. “Nice and tickly!”

The light tickling brought Talyn to a low level of laughter. “yeheheeeh! hehee! Bree don’t! hehehe! yehhhee! oh! that’s bad! yehehehe! BE NICE! yehehehe!”

Occasionally the redhead ran her fingers all the way down the backs of Talyn’s thighs to her bent knees, and back.

“AHyeehehehe! don’t! yeeheeheh! hehee! hehehe! AH! uh-uh! yehehehe!” was the thief's response to these new strokes. The louder exclamations coming as Maribree traced the lower curves of her ass.

Don sat at his personal terminal and logged onto the Guards secure system.

“Full rank and name, please.” asked the Guard AI. “Captain Donimic Samual Marksburgh” he answered. He placed his hand against the units side. He knew the name part was a formality while the system took a look into his genetic structure, but the ritual filled the seconds needed for the magical machine to do whatever it did.

“Current Genetic encryption passware detected and authenticated. Secure link established.” chirped the Guard AI, Welcome Captain Marksburgh. How may I aid you?”

Quickly Don carefully outlined the information that he was looking for, and made sure that he could have permission to release it to a civilian. The Sidlerial Guard kept scrupulous records, but was also fanatical about protocol and security.
“An organization that was tasked with exploring other cultures, and protecting the planet from hostile incursions from other alternate earths needed to keep it’s shit together.” he figured. “Can’t blame them for security paranoia.”

Whenever he thought about the history of the Guard, Don always ended up wondering about the men who led to it’s creation. A group of scientists had started experimenting with pumping mass amounts of energy into quantum foam a few hundred years back, in hopes of creating subspace wormholes to beat FTL restrictions. He bet that they had been surprised when they punched a hole into another dimension, complete with another earth on the other side instead. Once he’d seen a picture of the team taken in the aftermath of it all. A huge amount of destruction had occurred, the unstable molehole had imploded, and puked out an impressive amount of energy. Even in the ruins of their lab, the scientific team looked joyous.
It also didn’t take long to find out that when you punched a hole like that, every one out there who knew what to be looking for, could see where the world that had done it was multidimensionally. Visitors had started to show up soon after, and some of them were not exactly nice folks. The Sidlerial Guard had been the solar systems response. For more then three hundred years it had defended the system, and done it well. Most aggressor lines had stopped being a problem, and had given up when they found the Guard a nut too hard to crack. The Corporate Hegemony lines still periodically took shots at them when they though it might be profitable to risk the cost of annexing their earth though. “Greedy neofeudal fuckers.” Don thought.

Amused at his wool gathering, Don returned his attention to the terminal. The AI had long since returned the information and permissions that he’d requested. The Captain quickly read through, memorized, and also copied the files, then discretely logged out of the Guardnet. He’d decided to watch Talyn and Bree for a bit, before letting on he’d gotten the info so fast. He liked watching the redhead work. In his opinion, she struck the balance between self control, and self pleasure perfectly. To him, knowing when to take, and when to wait, were important skills. It was nice to see them so perfectly executed.

“Yeheeeeheeee! Yehhheehhe! Breeeee! uh-uh! uh-uh! no! NO! yehehehe! AHyehehehe!” squealed Talyn. Bree had fully explored her victims backside, and had begun to experiment, seeing what results she could produce with her newfound knowledge. She’d decided that the best and richest laughter was coming when she traced the very bottom of the oriental woman’s ass, just at the point where it turned to her thighs. Maribree concentrated her tickling there.

“AHyeeheheh! AHyeheeheheh! AHyehehehehe! STOP! AHYeheheheeh!! Please! PLEASE! AHYEHEHEEHE!” rose Talyn’s begging and laughter.

Bree noticed Don watching her between glances at his screen. “Enjoying Don? No need to say anything, just stand up, and I’ll judge for myself.” she teased.

Knowing that she was on to him, Don answered. “In fact I am Bree. You have a very nice touch with my Pooka. Almost as good as myself. Fun to watch.”

“AHyeheheheheeh! AHyehehehehe! Make uh-uh, uh-uh! heehe! Make her Ahyeheehehe! Stop!” gasped out the captive.

“Well I’m glad that you are enjoying my meager efforts here. How goes the search? Find my info?” said Bree. She continued to stroke Talyn’s sensitive ass.

“Ah! Yeheheehe! Bree Stop! AHyeeheeheh AHYEHEHEEHEH! NOOOO!”

“Got it for you Mar.” replied Don, “Pogo was brought back from, ummm... screw it, you don’t need the technical designation, from an earth by one Lieutenant Mark O’Roark, in 2591. he was part of a cultural exploration team that spent a half year on that earth, and he picked up the game from the natives.”
At the next bit of info, he laughed. “In true Guard fashion he brought back souvenirs, among them, a full set of marble pogo pieces, and a playing board. Fasted for a few days, and ditched all his clothing to meet the mass cost limits.”
Done that myself.” Don mumbled, amused at how Guard habits had remained the same over the centuries.
“He never took credit for bringing it over, I guess he just liked the game, and had no interest in concept royalties. He must have liked the place, records show he’s gone back, attached to our defense consulate there now. Good enough? I’ve copied it to your system.”

“Yes very. That’s exactly what I needed. Thank you Don. Much appreciated. Did you know that she goes nutty when you make circles like this?” said Bree, as she started to make tiny swirling motions all along the bottom of Talyn’s bottom.

“AHYEEHEHEHEEH! STAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH! YEHEHEHEEHEH! Ah! UH-UH! NO! AYEHEHEHEEH! AHHEHEHEEHHE!” screamed the thief. As much as she bucked her body, she could not get Bree’s fingers to stop their cruel circles.

“I did, but never managed to make it work so well. You finger nails make the difference I think.” mused Don. “I’ll need to get myself a set of gloves that have some.”

“Why bother with gloves?” responded Maribree, “just ask your onboards to grow them out. Only takes a few minutes. So what was it that you wanted to do that calls for my help?” She worked the tight swirls down the struggling woman’s legs, as she spoke.

“ahyahahah! ahyahahaah! ahhahaha! no more Bree! please! heheheeh!” begged Talyn.

“Well it’s a simple idea.” said Don. Quickly he outlined it to Maribree.

The Redhead smiled “That, I’ll be thrilled to help you with!” she said.

“You wouldn’t!” said Talyn.

To be continued in World of When Part 12

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