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01-06-2003, 11:22 PM
Due to computer problems I havent been able to stay on my computer ong enough lately to complete this story. Sorry for the weight and I hope this story was as good as you all expected it to be. And for all those who wanted to see the video clip, my sisters still wont let me post it on the net, sorry. :(

With an hour and fifteen minutes left of tickling time I was retied to the pole and the new female tickler arrived. I still don't know how she ended up at the park with a feather but my sisters gave me no say in the matter. I was tied back to the pole(I guess it was a teatherball pole because the ropes were tied to a little ring on top of the pole) and the blindfold was replaced as I anticipated this new tickler. Suddenly the feather tip touched right above my jean waistline(which had been yanked down a tad bit for more tickle space) and glided softly up my side. The feather tickled horribly and I tried to swing my body away but she started attacking my other side with her free hand and once again I was defenseless. I hung back giggling madly as she slowly shifted the feather on to my toned abs and started tracing designs across my tummy. My tummy screamed crazily at my brain to protect it ticklish surface but all I could do was try and bury my head into my arm and muffle the laughter. The lady then put the feather down and started spidering all ten of her fingers across my twitching tummy as I squeled and squirmed. Then to my luck one of my sisters decided to join in and began goosing my sides as the other girl continued on my tummy. She would drag her long nails across my quivering tummy and have one finger running circles around my bellybutton, getting closer and closer until she would dive in and wiggle her finger into my oval innie. Then she would start over again, running circles around the indent on my tummy until at the last moment diving in again and again. All the while she was doing this my sister was scrabbling her fingers up and down my sides like crazy, as my whole body shook with laughter. Suddenly the tickling stopped and after I cought my breath I heard muffled wispers and I realized another tickler had come. She had been jogging on the park and came over to see what the rucus was and decided ot join in.

01-06-2003, 11:58 PM
tummy - Great story! I'm anxiously awaiting part 4!!
And PLEASE don't give up on your sisters!