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There were some people who had asked for a second part to this story. I finally got around to doing it. There are probably some parts of this that some people won't like, so i figured i warn you a head of time. It's a family involved in tickling chaos. Feedback of any kind is always appreciated. Thanks!

The Cole family was exhusted. Father, Mother, son and daughter all were tickled until they gave up the information the crooks were looking for. It was a horrible night so far. They looked around at each other embarrassed. Everyone knew about their own ticklishness, but no one really knew that the other family members were THAT ticklish. Dan, the father, was really feeling shame. He tried to be the strong leader of his family and wanted to step up to do something and save them. But all it took was someone running their fingers over his socked, and then bare feet and he was totally helpless. Jessica his wife was the same way. Her good looks were unable to help her in this situation. Their kids, Tommy and Erica were college athletes, but no matter how fast or tough they were, they too gave in to their weakness.

The leader of the crew that was torturing them was James. He had studied the family for a while and had executed his plan perfectly. He had gotten each family member to crack, and give up their 4 digit code to the family fortune. But, he was having too much fun watching them all suffer. This group had it all. Looks, charm, money, it all just came to them so easily. He wanted to make them pay big time. The fact that something so childish as tickling was their kryptonite was too funny for James. The whole scene was actually kind of hot, and he noticed that a couple people on his crew were agreeing with him, as they tried to not show their building jeans. It was now time to turn this group against one another.

"OK everyone. I gave you enough of a break. Thanks so much for the information, but we're not done yet by far." James said. "We're going to split up into teams and play a little game. Kids vs. parents. First we're going to have the guys tickle the girls. So, the way it works is Tommy and Erica are on a team. Tommy will tickle Jessica as hard as he can. His goal is to get her to break. The way you get the tickling to stop is by giving up the name of someone else we can call over here to get tickled. Tommy, you won't want to take it easy on your mom because Dan will be tickling Erica at the same time. The first one to break, loses. Then we will switch and the guys will get tickled. We all know that the feet is the worst place on all 4 of you. So after 5 minutes, if no one has cracked, i will let you know for the next 2 minutes, you have to pick a new spot to try out. Anywhere else, get creative. Then, after 2 minutes, you can go back to the feet for the rest of the time."

The family was stunned. The girls were very upset that they were going to be tickled first, while the boys were relieved that they will be getting a break. The crew untied Tommy and Dan but kept a close eye on them to make sure there wasn't any funny stuff. Tommy approached his mother as she sat there still tied up. Her stockings had been cut off already so her feet were bare. He never really noticed how nice looking the school teachers feet were. He didn't really want to tickle his mom, but it was way better than getting tickled.

On the other side, Dan walked up to his 23 year old daughter. He definitely was against doing this. "Do i have to do this?" he asked James. "this is my little girl, i can't be the one to make her suffer like this. I saw how ticklish she is." Before James could answer, Erica jumped in out of nowhere. "Not as ticklish as you dad. We're going to beat you and mom by far, you guys were so weak." Dan was shocked. He didn't expect such a sharp tone from Erica. She was competitive, and apparently didn't want to lose in the battle of weaknesses.

"Well I don't know about that Erica. We have to stick together here, don't let them split us up mentally. We're better than this." Dan said. "Dad, i don't want to get tickled all night, so me and Tommy are going to hold out and win."

The first warning shot had been fired in her snappy response. She gave Tommy the nod and he nodded back. The game was now on, and they were again falling into James's trap.

"Well then," Dan said, "I guess you won't mind if i take off your other sock." Her black ankle sock still clung to her left foot. He removed it slowly, almost taunting her. She was now officially nervous. Both women looked at each other, and wiggled their toes slowly. The girls were now in a battle of ticklishness.

"Ready, set, GO!" James yelled. At that, both ticklers dug into their victims soles. Mother and daughterly laughter belted through the house. In the early going, Erica was a little louder than Jessica.

"o shit, oh shit, ok shit dad, wait just a sec heheheha NO hahaha HAHAHAHHAHAHAH NOOO HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH SHITTTT HAHHAHHAHAHAHAH I CAN"T TAKE IT ALREADY HAHAHAHHHAHAHHAHHAHAH NOT MY FEET HAHAHHHAHAHAHHAHAH. NOO HAHHAHAHHAHHAHA OMG HAHHAA. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAH hAHAHAHAHHAHAH The college athlete was beside herself once again. her father was having a blast tickling her. Her feet were so smooth and soooo ticklish.

Dan took this opportunity to taunt her. "aww my poor little girl. I thought you guys were not as ticklish as us. Look at you, i'm barley touching your little feet. You run around in cleats all day, i would have thought you'd be a little desensitized by now. I guess not. You're so ticklish! Just like when you were little! tickle tickle tickle!" Dan was totally absorbed in the role of tickler. He actually liked it.


On the other side, Jessica wasn't really in any better shape. The school teacher was laughing her beautiful face off. In her wildest dreams, she never could have concocted this thought. She was in a tickle competition against her daughter, and her very own son was the one tickling her most ticklish spot. At first, she tried to plead with Tommy.


Tommy was shocked that he was having so much fun. He had a set of great looking feet in front of him and he was just raking his fingers up and down listening to the laughter that poured out of the women connected to them. It was a great feeling. He looked over at his sister. He found that she was hysterically laughing. Her tough act from minutes ago was no more. He knew he had to keep up the tickling on his mom, so he went right for the toes.


Dan heard this and remembered about Erica's toes from earlier. He decided to go for it. he dug his fingers in to the ball of her foot, right at the base of her toes. Erica lost it. HAHAHHAHAHHAHAH DAD HAHAHHA WHAT THE HELL HHAHAHHAHAHAH STOP DOING THIS TO ME HAHAHHAHAHAH THAT"S THE WORST HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA. Both Cole women were in trouble.

5 minutes had passed. James jumped in to let them know for the next two minutes they need to tickle somewhere else. Both women panted and took heavy breaths. Jessica thought quickly and remembered a time when she saw a boyfriend of Erica's tickling her on the couch. She yelled out to Dan. "Honey, tickle her thighs, i know for a fact she's ticklish there!" Erica was stunned. Her mom was telling her dad about a secret tickle spot on her body. This was unreal. So she decided to bring out the big guns, as awkward as it might be. She yelled out to her teammate. "Tommy, i know this sounds really weird, but we have to win. I saw Dad tickling mom one time that really got her laughing." Tommy was pumped at this news. "OK where should i tickle her????" Erica looked at him for a second, and then at Jessica who was giving her a stern look. She looked back at Tommy and said, "Her boobs, i know its weird but it will work, trust me." Tommy grimaced at the thought. Just then, James jumped in and said "READY, SET, GO!!!!" Dan tickled Erica's thighs like crazy and she was going nuts. Tommy decided to just go for it.

"I'm sorry Mom, but if you just give up a name, i'll stop. We have to win." And with that, he went to town squeezing and tickling her boobs. He realized right away that the 11th grade math teacher had real boobs. And Erica was right, they were very ticklish.

"Tommy don't you dare touch me, no no seriously, heheh o god, no Tommy hehehehehhEHEHEHEHHEHEHEHHEHAHAHAHAHA OHH HAHAHAHHAHAH OHHH NOO HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHA JESUS HAHAHAHAHA. Once again, Tommy's opinion on tickling his mom changed. He was just closing his eyes and picturing something else, it was actually really fun. He was dragging his fingers along the inside of her dress to hit the bare skin, which made her lose it. She was laughing extremely hard.

Dan was tickling the hell out of his daughter. Her inner thighs were very sensitive. She was laughing hard, but it almost felt good at the same time. . She was so conflicted. heheheheheheh NO Hhehahahahaha STOP HAHAHA DAD Ohhh stoppp hahahahahahAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Just like that, 2 minutes were up. James threw two hair brushes into the center of the room. The men went and grabbed them right away, and then used them on their victims.

"Dad no, you can't use that on me. Please don't. I'm never going to give you a name so just please stop. nno hahahahhehehehAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA NOT THE BRUSH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH NOOOO HAHAHAHA I"M DYING HAHAHHAHAH I"M DYING HAHHAHAHHA. Dan took the brush and raked it up and down her feet. The college lacrosse star was breaking quickly. She started trying to think of someone who she'd want to bring her into this nightmare.

On the other end, Tommy took the brush right to his Mom's toes. She threw her head back and laughed harder than ever. HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH TOMMY STOP IT HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH I RAISED YOU BETTER THAN THIS HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA YOU HAVE TO STOP HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA. "just give me a name and it stops." Tommy said. "No HAHAHA I CAN"T HHHHAHAHAHAH HAHAHA OMG I CAN"T HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA MY FEET HAHHAHAHAHAH ARE SO TICKLISH HAHAHAH OK OK OK OK HAHAH I"LL GIVE YOU A NAME. HHAHHAHAHA. Tommy stopped tickling his mother, proud that he got her to break.

Jessica took 3 deep breaths as James came over with a notepad. "So Jessica, who is the person you want to bring her to get tickled.?" he asked her. "Jen Mathews. She's the principal at our school. I'm close friends with her, but if i have to choose someone to see get tickled, I'd choose her." James took the name down and gave it to his men.

On the other end Dan didn't stop. He still was taking the brush to his daughter's toes and she finally broke, not aware that her mother gave up before her. HHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHH DAD I"LL TALK HAHAHAHAHAH I"LL TALK HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA BRIAN JOHNSON. He's my boyfriend. He plays on Tommy's team up at school. I know he's very ticklish." James was very happy. He would now be bringing in a high school principal and another men's lacrosse player into the ticklish situation.

Both women were sweating heavily, and looked at each other in a way that almost asked for an apology for giving up each other secrets. What made matters worse was that each found their nipples were a little hard, due to the tickling of their boobs/inner thighs. They were trying their best to hide it. They were so tired and thrilled that their session was over for now. While James's crew was on the mission to find the two new people given up by Jessica and Erica, he walked up and tied up Dan and Tommy once again. They were so caught up in the fun of tickling the girls, they forget that they too would be tickled. This made them nervous right away, but they tried to remain calm and tough. The looked at each other in eyes, knowing that the other was just as ticklish. James let the mother/daughter duo out of their bonds. They walked slowly around to stretch out. Jessica lined up at her son's feet, Erica at her father's.

"Wow dad, your feet are sooooo soft looking. It's no wonder Tommy and i are so ticklish. You and mom are ticklish as school girls. It must run in the family." On the other end, Jessica found that Tommy still had one of HIS black ankle socks on, just as his sister did.

"Well Tommy, the tables have turned. Should i take off this sock? What do you think? I think i will." As she was talking she slipped the thin sock off of the 25 year old stud. "There's no way i'm gonna give up a name Mom." She responded quickly, "Oh i think you'll be naming anyone you can possibly think of in a second."

James stepped in. OK now, it's time to get these boys laughing. READY, SET, GO!"

The girls dug in to the feet of their family members just as they had done to them. One would think that since this time, it was two men being tickled, there would be some struggling and grunting at first. This was not the case. The 44 year old stock broker and the college lacrosse team captain immediately burst into screaming laughter. Father and son were just as ticklish on their feet as the mother/daughter combo. it was music to the ears of Jessica and Erica, who were dying for some payback.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAA MOM HAHAHAHAHAHA YOU HAVE TO STOP HAHAHAHAHAI"M SORRY FOR TICKLING YOU HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA NOT MY FEET HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH THIS IS HORRIBLE HAHAHAHAHA I"M SORRY HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAH Tommy was in hell right away. "Oh what's wrong, i thought you were so strong? isn't that what you said? This is actually really fun! Hey Erica, Tommy is SO ticklish! This is great!"

"You're right this is SO FUN mom. I had no idea Dad was so ticklish! Did you always know this about him?" Erica yelled out to her mom over the tortured laughter of her brother and dad. "Oh yes honey. I've seen him fight people, work on the house, build cars, he's a tough guy. But his feet are so ticklish. Always have been." The stock broker couldn't take this banter. HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA SHUT UP HAHAHAHAHHAHA JESS HAHAHAHHAH YOURE ON MY TEAM HAHAHAHAHHHAHAHHHAHAHAHAH PLEASE STOP SWEETIE HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH NOT THERE HAHAHAHAH NO NOT THE ARCHES HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAH Erica had total control over her father. He was her puppet, her laughing puppet.

The lacrosse player wasn't doing much better. HHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA I CAN"T DO THIS HAHAHAHAHAHAHA PLEASE STOP MOM HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH. She was really getting into the tickling. Totally hypnotized by the fact that she had him at her mercy. It was a rush.

James stepped in once again after the 5 minutes mark. "OK everyone stop stop, give them a chance to breath." Both father and son were gasping, just as Jessica and Erica had been a little while ago. They were nervous though, where they would be tickled for the next two minutes. James said "Ok ladies, think of a place other than their ticklish feet to go at your victim."

"This is easy." said Jessica. "All men are sensitive right at the hip bone and inner thigh area. It's just science." Erica jumped in, "you're right mom, i tickle Brian there all the time. It works like a charm." The guys were not happy. This was going to suck big time and they knew it. Before the could get their thoughts together James yelled out OK READY , SET, GO!"

Jessica dug into to Tommy's hips and thighs. It had the desired effect right away. "come on mom, not there. no hehehehehehehhehehe o god hahddhhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahah ahhaah HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA THIS SUCKS HAHHAHAHAHAHAhah oh no hahahaha oh no hAHAHHAHAHAh. Tommy was wearing mesh shorts, so this made it easy for her to tickle. But, it also made it more obvious that he was starting to sport the beginning stages of an erection. He couldn't help it, no matter who it was doing the tickling, his inner thighs always did this to him when tickled. It was a natural reaction, and Jessica knew this. She chose to ignore it and keep tickling away, trying to get her son to crack.

Dan wasn't doing any better. He took was extremely ticklish on his hips and thighs, and he too was in the first stages of a hard on. Wearing thin dress pants, Erica was able to tell early on that this gross reaction was happening. She chose to ignore it as well. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA ERICA STOP IT NOW HAHAHAHAHAHAH THIS ISN"T RIGHT HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH STOP IT HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA YOU CAN"T DO THIS HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH NOT THERE HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAhHAHHA OOHHHHHH STOP AHH SWITCH WITH YOUR MOTHER …GET YOUR MOTHER OVER HEREH HAAHHAHAHAHAHHAH LET HER TICKLE ME HAHAHHAHAHA. Dan didn't want his daughter to see his hard on, which was now fully pitching a tent. Erica just laughed, caught up in the tickling aspect of it. "Sorry dad, it's my job to get you to break."

Tommy's tent was now officially pitched as well. James noticed this and said "Don't worry fellas, it's a normal reaction. It's not your fault HAHA!" Then he saw the timer and stopped them. Both men sat there sweating, gasping and sporting huge boners. Jessica took note of the size of Tommy's erection. Like father, like son she thought.

James threw the hair brushes into the center of the room again. The girls smiled. "Oh man, you guys are done for now" Erica said. James screamed out "READY SET GO!" Jessica and Erica grabbed a brush each. Jessica was the first one to a brush. She ran back and attacked Tommy's soles with the brush on one foot and her fingers on the other. The young man totally was lost in his ticklish feet. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAH A HAHAHAHAHHAHA I"M GONNA DIE HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I CAN"T BREATH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA STOP IT MOM HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA MOM!!!!! NO HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAA The school teacher was in a trance. She wanted her son to break. "Awww are you calling out for your mommy? I'm right here Tommy. I'm right here with a brush and your wittle ticklawish tootsies. hehe" Tommy was close to breaking. He immediately tried to run through names of people he could give up to get tickled. He glanced over at his father. He was in no better shape. The leader of the family was begging his daughter to back off of his feet.

HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH ERICA HAHAHHAHAHA HONEY HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA I CAN"T TAKE IT HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA I"LL DO ANYTHING HAHAHAHHHAHAH JUST STOP IT HAHAHHAHAHAHAH Erica loved every second of this payback. "just give me a name dad, give us the name of some hunky coworker of yours. I want to tickle more stock brokers" Dan was totally baffled at his daughter's change of attitude. He knew right then, that the family had been totally broken by James. They had turned against each other, and it felt good to tickle. But he didn't have time to think of it long. She was raking his arches with the brush, keeping him in hysterics. HAHAHHAHHHAHAHAHAHHA OK HAHAHAHHA YOU WIN YOU WIN!! HAHAHAHAHA FRANK BRADY. I work with him!!!! HAHAHAHA STOP HAHAHA TICKLE FRANK!!! Erica was pleased. "Thanks dad! I love how ticklish you are!"

Around the same time as that was unfolding, Jessica was breaking her son down. He had a girlfriend of 5 years who Jessica loved. She hoped Tommy would propose soon, but now she was trying to get him to give her up to James, to see her tickled crazy. "Just give up Heather, Tommy! I know she has to be ticklish." HAHAHHAHAHHAHAH I CAN"T PUT HER THROUGH THIS HAHAHAHAHHHAHAHAHAHHAHAH. Jessica was not happy. Fine, now i want TWO NAMES. or i won't stop. James was loving every second of this. HHAHAHHAAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAH JESUS MOM STOP HAHAHHAHAH YOURE RUTHLESS HHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH OK OK OK HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAAHAH HEATHER McBRUNNER! HAHAHAHAH She's my girlfriend. She's more ticklish than me!" He said to James, who took her name down.

"And the second name?" said Jessica, brush in hand ready to strike. "OK, Mrs. McBrunner. Heather's mom. Her name is Sarah. I don't know if she's ticklish, but there's a good chance." Tommy was totally defeated. He sat there, still with a hard on, wishing Heather was there right now to take care of it for him. He was totally embarrassed that his mother and sister had to see him first scream and laugh at having his feet tickled, and second for having a boner in their presence.

James had won again. This was a total blast. This wealthy, great looking family was now against each other and tickle torturing each other, something they never would have thought in years. Not only that, but they gave up the names of others to come and join the tickle party. And to top things off, they were all aroused to some extent. It was a sight to be seen. After tying the girls back up, something unthinkable happened.

The doorbell rang. It was morning already. They didn't even realize it. Dan and Jessica looked at each other. Dan said "oh shit." James ran up to them and said "WHO IS THAT? WHO IS HERE?" Dan looked up, scared and disappointed and said, "My parents are here. They come to church with us on Sunday's." James's eyes got wide and he had a huge smile on his face. "Oh man, things just keep getting better." James had his crew let the parents into the house, and subdued them immediately. As that was happening, James asked about Dan's parents.

"So Dan, how old are your parents?" Dan was pissed off, but gained a little more confidence. He didn't think James's tactics would have any effect on them, if he tried it. "They are both 64. They had me when they were still young." said Dan. "My dad is a retired General in the U.S. Army. If you think any of your shit will work on him, you're dead wrong." James just laughed. It worked on you and your entire family. I think i'll at least give it a shot. I like a challenge."

Within minutes, Jack Cole and Nancy Cole were tied up, wide eyed right along side the rest of the family. They were able to see Dan, Jessica, Tommy and Erica all tied up with their legs out in front of them, barefoot. They were tied the same way, but with their shoes still on. James ungagged them. "What the fuck is going on here??? Do you have any idea how fucked you are you pussy?" Jack Cole spat off as soon as he was ungagged. James strolled around the two mature newbies. "Well sir, what i'm doing here is getting very wealthy. I was able to get your son's beautiful family to spill their guts and tell me their codes to the bank account. Then, i turned them all against one another. It's really been a great time and you're joining us right on time." Nancy Cole, a strong minded former mayor of a small southern town, spoke up. "Dan, what is happening? What did they do to you all? Tommy! Erica! Are you all Ok???"

James stepped in. "Dan, why don't you tell your parents what happened." Dan was ashamed. His father was a hard nosed man, just as Dan tried to be. He didn't want to tell his dad what happened. Jessica noticed this and stepped in for Dan. "Dad, they tied us all up like this and, well, they tickled us." She stopped to let that sink in for a second. Jack and Nancy looked shocked. Now the way they were tied up made sense. "They what?" Jack said. "They tickled us for a long time, until we couldn't take it. Then they made us tickle each other in some sort of sick tickle battle. It's horrible." Jessica said. Jack spoke up. "I can't believe this. You're a dead man," he said to James. "Do you hear me? A dead man!! I know people all over. I'm a retired U.S. Army general, i have connections. You're so fucked." James interrupted. "Well i believe you are the ones that are fucked. I'm willing to bet that despite being this big tough general, your just the tiniest bit ticklish, huh sir? Jack stopped talking, instead he spit on the floor at James shoes.

"Here's the deal." Said James. "Erica and Tommy won tickle battle earlier. SO I will leave the decision up to you. You're parents and grand parents are about to get tickled. You can either get tickled along with them, or decide to do the tickling yourselves. The choice is yours." Everyone in the room was wide eyed. Dan and Jessica looked to the sky, scared that they were once again about to get tickled. Erica and Tommy looked at each other and shrugged their shudders. They both knew what they were going to do. Jack and Nancy were shocked at what was happening in front of them. Were their grand children actually thinking about doing this?

"We'll tickle them." said Erica, almost giddy. She loved doing the tickling before, and she wanted to do it again. James let her and Tommy out of their bonds. This time he set up Erica in front of her mother and grand mother. Tommy was set up in front of his dad and grandpa. "well well well, you both know what you have to do. I'll let you know when to stop. I can't wait to see how ticklish our new comers are."

Erica stepped up to her victims. "Sorry grandma, i hope you're not as ticklish as we are. This will be way easier for you." She grabbed her grandma's shoe and pulled it off. She was wearing thin smokey gray socks. After the other shoe was off, Nancy wiggled her toes. "Erica sweetie, don't do this. This is insane. Right Jess? Tell her!" Jessica turned to Erica and said "Honey, don't tickle me, tickle her. I've had it enough already!" Nancy was shocked. Jess darling, you can't be serioushahhehehehehehhehehe o no hahahahahaha i haven't beenhahahahaha tickled like this hahahahahahah ever hahahahahahahahahahhhahaahhaha jesus hahHAHAHAHAHAHAH Erica was running her fingers slowly from the heels up to Nancy's toes. Erica had an idea. "Hey Grandma, i'll stop and tickle my mom if you tell us all where grandpa is most ticklish." Tommy heard this and smiled. Nancy was slowly losing composure. hHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA ERICA HAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHHA NO PLEASE DON"T MAKE ME HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH NOT THERE HAHAHAHAHAH O MY HAHAHHHAHAHHAHAH OK HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHHA. "Is it his ribs? Erica said. She shook her head no. "How bout his armpits??" Again, through laughter she shook her head. "Then where?" Jack and Dan looked on in horror as Nancy, the former politician gave in to her ticklish feet. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH HIS FEET HAHAHAH HIS FEET FEET FEET HAHAHHHAHHA JUST LIKE ME HAHAHAHAHHAHAH.

Jack was stunned. He couldn't believe Nancy just gave up his worst spot. He still tried to play it off as Tommy turned in on him. "Tommy, that was years ago. Before i was in the Army. You don't have to waste your time son. It's not worth it." Tommy was ready to do this. "Gee dad, looks like grandpa is just like us." He slid off Jack's dress shoe, then the other. Staring back at him were two feet covered in khaki dress socks. He ran his finger up both feet. Jack shut his eyes hard. Tommy then began to slightly scramble his fingers over the soles of his grandpa's feet. The former U.S. Army General began to smile, then as Tommy sped up his fingers, giggles started to spill out of the 65 year old man. "hehehehehehehehehehehehe tommy hhehehehehhe no son. hehehehehehe i'm not ticklish. heheheh HA heheheheh NO son hehe i'm not ticklish. "IT sure sounds like you are grandpa. And wait until i do THIS!" as he said that, Tommy went crazy scribbling all 10 fingers all over the feet. Jack, just like everyone else in the room, was proven to have incredibly ticklish feet." HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH OK OK HAHAHAHA I ADMIT IT HAHAHAHHAHAH IM TICKLISH HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA TOMMY STOP HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA NOT THERE HAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHHAHAHA NO HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA Tommy answered, wow grandpa, what if you were captured in battle? All they would have had to do was tickle you and you woulda gave up everything! You're still so ticklish! Tell me where i should tickle my dad and i'll stop tickling you."

Jack was in ticklish agony. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHahHHAHAHAHHAHAH OK HAHAHAHAHHAHAH ANYTHING BUT MY FEET. The tough man was now begging already. He wanted his son to be tickled. HAHAHAHHA TICKLE HIS TOES HAHAHHAHAHA. Dan screamed NOOO HAHAHAHHAHAHHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAH TICKLE HIM HAHAHAHAHHAH TICKLE HIM HAHHHAHA TAKE HIS SOCKS OFF HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH NOT ME HAHAHHAHAHAH Tommy was loving this. He decided that his father made a good point. He slid the socks off his grandpa and went after him again. Within seconds, but Jack and Dan were both barefoot, and laughing side by side. 3 generations of Cole men were in the room. Two of them were being tickled like crazy by the youngest generation. Father and son laughter filled the air once again, but it was a different set of laughter.

On the other end Jessica was once again screaming and laughing. HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHHAH TICKLE YOUR HAHAH GRANDMA HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA NOT ME HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA SHE STILL HAS SOCKS ON HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Erica realized she was right. She ripped off the grey socks from Nancy's feet. The politician in Nancy kicked in. "Erica we can work this out. We can talk to these people, you don't have to dhhahahahahahahaahahahahAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAH THIS IS HORRIBLE HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH NOT THERE. NOT MY TOES HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Erica was happy to see that her grandmother shared the same weakness as her mother and herself. HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAH I"LL DO ANYTHING.

James took a step back. The children were using both hands to tickle their parents and grandparents at the same time. Everyone in this house had tried to convince themselves that they were strong enough to take the tickling, and everyone was wrong. 8 ticklish feet were being attacked by Erica and Tommy. He was loving this situation, and with his men out collecting the other people that the Cole family had given up earlier, it was set to be the beginning of one hell of a time at the Cole household. He decided that he was going to be here for a while.

To be continued…..

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06-02-2013, 07:30 AM
its was as good as the first part, i'm sure the third part will be cool too

06-06-2013, 09:44 AM
hope part 3 is in the works and will be posted soon

06-06-2013, 12:22 PM
There were a few things I had to be a little open minded about, but over all terrific! I cant wait for part three!

06-09-2013, 11:00 AM
thanks so much for all the kind words! If you have anything you'd like to see in the third story, PM me or let me know on here. I'm open for all suggestions as far as where/how to take it.

06-10-2013, 02:01 AM
Great Story! More! Can we meet Frank Brody, Heather and Sarah McBrunner? Get the Old timers to do the tickling, especially Nancy!

Axel flame
06-10-2013, 05:44 PM
great story, wouldn't mind a bit of forced orgasm here and there ;)

06-10-2013, 05:55 PM
great story, wouldn't mind a bit of forced orgasm here and there ;)

ooooooooooh, that's a GREAT idea!

06-12-2013, 05:19 AM
That and I'd like to see some tickle licking on everyone's feet.

06-13-2013, 04:59 AM
love it

09-07-2017, 07:57 AM
Man, this is still a good read. Still deserving of a part 3! :D

09-07-2017, 08:58 AM
wow, I agree with tickletrouble!!