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06-18-2013, 09:39 AM
I was on a walk when suddenly I was jumped and grabbed and was being carried but didn't know where and then next thing I know I was being laid down arms and legs stretched out and wrists and ankles tied I couldn't hear anything because my headphones were playing music but they weren't wearing clothes or anything and they were feeling all over me like they wondered what was on me and then one grabbed my shirt and started pulling until they heard a small rip and i said stop and he let go and then two grabbed each Side of my shirt and started pulling and heard more rips and soon there was a hole in my shirt and the stopped and looked at it and felt my soft skin and it tickled and I giggled and then he spit in the hole and then they grabbed my shirt again and it started to rip more I was yelling no please but they didn't listen and then soon there was nothing but mear threads stopping them from ripping my shirt apart and soon they did and my shirt was ripped open and they looked at my pink and blue bra at amazement and they felt my soft skin and it tickled bad and they felt my bra and then grabbed my bra and ripped the middle part and my breasts were exposed and they felt them and admired how soft they were and then one grabbed my headphones and pulled out the cord to my iPhone and it started playing music and one of then grabbed it off my sleeve and threw it at a wall and it stopped and broke into pieces and one broke my headphones apart and pulled the cord out of them and then they went to my yoga pants and felt them and felt my vagina and smelled there as my legs were quite far apart almost doing the splits one grabbed my pants and pulled and made a hole by my knee and some spit on them by my vagina two of them grabbed my pants and pulled and ripped them a lot and strings flying everywhere soon my panties were exposed my favorite pink hip style panties they all rubbed them and spit on them and soon one grabbed them and just ripped them right apart into pieces and I was crying because they were my favorite And then they went to my shoes I was wearing my oldest pair my black and pink nikes with pink and blue socks they ripped my laces off of them and forced my shoes off and smelled them and went crazy at my pink insole of my shoes and they smelled horrible I could smell them right when they took them off some we're smelling my socked feet and licking them and some were smelling my shoes and soon started tickling my feet and I was crazy ticklish then made me smell my own shoe it was stinky but they loved it and soon grabbed my socks and ripped them in half off my feet and they ripped them into pieces and passed them around so everyone gets a piece to smell and then stared at my beautiful soft clean soles with hot pink nail polish my feet are only size 6 but sink bad the. They smelled my feet and licked my soles and sucked on my toes and it felt kinda good and then started with the tickling and wow it was bad I felt like I was gonna die and then one of them got this liquid and put some on my feet it was oily and it made them soo sensitive and ticklish it was crazy and soon I lost my voice from the laughter and then they realized my shirt was still on the sleeves were so they ripped those off and ripped my shirt into pieces and my bra and I was tickled for years and soon rescued but I can never walk on my feet again cause they r so sensitive still shoes and socks make your feet ticklish so go barefoot and re connect with nature so your not as ticklish and this expire nice wont happen to you my feet were spoiled hey got massages and pedicures all the time and were always in socks and shoes and always ticklish and smelly.