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Dandy Jack
01-26-2003, 08:55 AM
For many years I thought that I was weird because I always
wanted to tickle the girls that I was friends with or went
steady with. My favorite tickling fantasy would be for me to
be the tickle victim of about 5 beautiful women that would
tickle me well past my breaking point. I used to very ticklish
but now somehow I am immune to the tickling touch. I can easily
resist and no longer loose control when being tickled. I have
actually tried hypnosis to see if I could regain my former
sensitivity to tickling. I have seen less than adequate results.
Because of my great love for tickling I have become a tickler
of women instead of a ticklee. I love to tickle women well
past their own limits. That I enjoy very much. It is great to
see women tickled against their will into screaming vixens of
joy and pain. It's all great fun to me and I consider it better than sex. If tickling cannot be included in sex, then I am not that interested. I never tickle a woman without her permission. However
I do have a few female friends that I wish I could get the tickling best of. In the past I have paid strippers to allow me to tickle them. They are less turned off than many women I have met. Because
tickling is not yet accepted by the mainstream; many people
consider tickling and those that have a true passion for tickling
to be weird or devient. I have not always been able to find willing
ticklish partners to tickle. Many women will simply not submit to being tickle tortured. I like to tie women up and tickle them slowly.
tickling feet are my favotite. Whenever I meet a new potential girlfriend I always wait for the right chance to find out if she's ticklish. I still await the right girl and the right girl for me has got to be extremely ticklish with a healthy attitude about being
within my tickling power.


01-26-2003, 12:53 PM
Hello Jack,

Welcome to the forum. Glad that you have joined. I wish I could make your hopes true, but alas my Tzar powers end once I leave the forum :-)