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all scenes listed here available for trade on VHS.

Little Orbit the Astrodog (Pluk im Cosmos)
(/F and /M) - animated, multiple
female and male targets are captured by robotic arms
and are then tickled mercilessly.

Tenchi Muyo - The second Ryo-ohki OAV. Ryoko is strung up upside down adn tickled insane by beams of electrical energy by Ayeka.

TALESPIN "Polly Wants a Treasure": Kit Cloudkicker and Baloo come across a parrot that knows the location of buried treasure. The evil Don Karnage kidnaps Kit, and ties him to a tree, tickling his feet to get Baloo's attention. Kit's laughter is great in this one!.

Simpsons - Groundskeeper Willy strips down to his underwear and oils up to catch a dog that is in the vents - Willy gets stuck and the dog comes up from behind and licks his feets, causing Willy to go into repeated spasms of hysterical laughter.

MYSTERIOUS CITIES OF GOLD young Esteban gets by a parrot climbing up his calf while he's in a handstand trying to prove to local children he's not a god. A few seconds later, several smaller children tickle Tao, Esteban's friend, to see if he's not a god either.

Mr. Men (3)
- one of the characters on the cartoon segment is called "Mr. Tickle" (!) and he has super-long and stretchy arms. In one episode that focuses on him, he tickles the entire town, including a (male) carpenter and (female) "Little Ms. Shy", as well as at least a dozen others. This particular episode rarely plays.

RAGGEDY ANN & ANDY, THE MOVIE -- At the end, a giant sea
monster with a hundred tentacles tickles the crew of an entire
pirate ship, both guys and girls. A long scene while they decide
how best to solve the situation...

Disney's ROBIN HOOD (movie) -- Prince John's toes get tickled by Sir Hiss, who's sleeping at the foot of John's bed, his tongue flickering in and out.

Disney's ALICE IN WONDERLAND -- Alice is tickled on her ribs by a crazy flamingo at the Red Queen's hedgehog croquet game. The animation of her laughing is spectacular.

GUMMI BEARS: [Disney channel] -- " Secret of the Juice" Duke Igthorne gives a brief history of torture for Grammi Gummi, culminating with the most evil tool, 'the Feather' (oooooohhhh).
She is then strapped down to a table and foot-tickled by the ogres for the secret recipe of Gummiberry Juice. Loooong scene.

DARKWING DUCK, [Disney channel] -- Videocassette vol. 1 -
"Darkly Dawns the Duck Part 2": Darkwing is rib-tickled by his
spunky adopted daughter while holding her upside down by her ankles.

With "Valentine Ghoul" (title?) -- Negaduck tries to off Darkwing by tickling a carnival flame-eater. Too bad the flame-eater doesn't laugh, he just chokes on the flame and coughs up a fireball on Darkwing.

BONKERS baby-sitter Bonkers tries to make his young charge go to sleep. The kid threatens to tickle Bonkers, apparently quite experienced on the matter, and pulls out a feather a yard long. He gets to use it on Bonkers a few times, especially on the nose.

DUCKTALES [Disney channel] -- "Aquaducks" Launchpad tries to
rescue Scrooge McDuck from an underwater prison. A sea monster
tries to hold back their escape until Launchpad lets him have it
under the arm.

ALADDIN (series) - at least 5 different, all either M/M or FM/M.

CHIP 'N' DALE [Disney channel] -
"The Lone Chipmunks" and another tickling scene in
"Throw Mummy From the Train" (underarm)

WAGON HEELS/INJUN TROUBLE -- Ancient Warner Bros toonage.
Crazed pioneer Sloppy Moe reveals the secret weakness (take a
guess what it is!) of frontier terror Injun Joe while trailing after wagonmaster Porky Pig. ends with the hysterical Joe rolling off a cliff, and Moe gets in a quick crack at Porky, too.


ROCKABYE BEAR -- Tex Avery toons. Unrelated
cartoons, but with similar plots. The protagonists are threatened
with dire punishments if they make any sound at all; naturally,
their nemeses try various ways of noise-making. At one time each
hero is caught in an outstretched position and gets tickled in
the belly, and must come up with a way to muffle his giggles.

GARDEN GOPHER -- Another Tex Avery. Bulldog Spike tries to
cover up ALL the holes of a pesky gopher with his hands and feet;
the gopher retaliates by burrowing underneath Spike and tickling
his stomach.

Theatrical BUGS BUNNY shorts -- "Bugs Gets the Boid" Bugs
Bunny gets carried off by dippy Beaky Buzzard. Bugs uses a tail
feather to tickle the bird in to dropping him.

"Bushy Hare" -- Bugs is carried by a stork toAustralia where he's being chased by an Aborigine who he eventually kicks headfirst into a hole, then attacks his wiggling feet while he's helpless that way.

DAFFY DUCK: "Daffy Dilly" -- Daffy is a salesperson for
amusement gags (like a rib-tickler--"Ladies, amuse your
boyfriends?"), when he sees an ad for a millionaire who will pay
big bucks to whoever can make him laugh. The millionaire's butler
tries to prevent anyone from succeeding, but Daffy uses the
rib-tickler on the butler to get inside.

Looney Toons Easter special. Sylvester steals Daffy's
golden egg and refuses to give it back "Over this
puthycat's dead body." Daffy says "Much too methy... I
prefer to use the Ancient Chinese Tickle Torture," and
tickles the cat under the arm with a backscratcher.

POPEYE - the episode where Olive gets tied up by pirate
ghosts and milk is poured on her soles, followed by cats licking
her feet.

Olive is running away from Bluto, and gets caught suspended from a beam by one foot, which Bluto then tickles unmercifully. (also available colorized)

Bluto gets his comeuppance, however, in another
where he falls into a cage with a hyena with one foot
sticking through the bars. With Popeye's help, he and
the hyena have a laugh fest!

A Bad Knight For Popeye -- (made for TV series)
The dragon henchman Bluto hires turns out to have an
extremely ticklish belly, which Popeye uses to his
advantage in a couple inopportune times.

Popeye himself gets it from the Sea
Hag, who's trying to perfect a villainous machine while
he tries to stop her. She manages to get him bound onto
a table, pulls off his shoes, and starts up a small arm
with a white feather whisking across his soles,
cackling, "Here's something to tickle you over!"

THE SIMPSONS -- Episode where Maggie says her first word. While reminiscing, a flashback of Krusty the Clown in a 1984 Olympics promo comes on the TV. Sideshow Bob tries lifting a barbell, but drops it on himself when Crusty tickles his belly.

"Homer and Apu" -- Depressed Quickie-Mart owner Apu imagines everyone is laughing at him, including a babbling brook. It turns out under the bridge are two bums tickling each other; one comments, "Who needs money when we got feathers?"

Tracey Ullman - back when the Simpsons were merely between-sketch shorts. Maggie imagines tickling the Simpsons feet, as she is a giant. Great giggling as Bart and Lisa plead "don't tickle our toes!"

"The Toxic Revenger" Plucky Duck tells male bullyto "lighten up" while carrying some bricks over his head (presumably to throw on Plucky), and with the bully's armpits naked and exposed, tickles them alternately, each time eliciting a greater response and weakening the bully's grip until he succumbs to laughter and drops the bricks, which sends him flying. Great scene!

"The Return of Pluck Twacy" -- Plucky is playing a detective and Sloppy Moe from "Injun Trouble" show up to tickle his ears, in a great bit of animation you see his expression go from shocked terror to ticklish hysteria. Then his feet get the treatment.

"Bunnochio" -- Toymaker wants to make Buster into a doll; Buster escapes by tickling him under the arm.

TAZ-MANIA -- No episode names yet -- Wendall Wolf tickles
Taz while on a tree catapult and sends Taz over the horizon.

Norse gods Odin and Thor use Taz as the target for a lightning-bolt contest; Odin tickles Thor to ruin his aim.

EARTHWORM JIM -- Young Peter Puppy (regular character) transforms into a monster when angered or scared, but tickling him under the arm brings him back to normal. 4 (maybe 5) different, $2 each.

PINKY AND THE BRAIN -- Title? Brain recalls being able to make old hamster friend Snowball laugh; one flashback memory shows him giving Snowball a good belly-tickle.

ANIMANIACS -- The Goodfeathers, "Bad Mood Bobby". The only way to break Bobby of his bad mood is to make him laugh; Pesto and Squit try to tickle him but are cut short by an oncoming train.

Woody Woodpecker - girl gets underarms tickled


"Adobe Dick" -- Barney and Fred are trapped inside a giant whale's mouth. The whale burps up a couple of feathers, and they decide to tickle their way out with Fred attacking the uvula and Barney on the
side of the mouth.

the new nanny has kicked Fred out for not knowing how to take care of newborn Pebbles, and Fred practices on Barney in the interim. One of the practices is "how to play with baby", and Fred tickles
Barney's toes while he's lying on a table.

Fred confronts a blowhard neighbor over Dino's infatuation with HIS dog, and the neighbor drops a stone fence on Fred's ankles, effectively trapping his feet. When Fred begs NOT to be tickled, the neighbor ignores his pleas with great vigor!

TOM & JERRY KIDS/DROOPY, MASTER DETECTIVE [Cartoon Network] - New version of old cat/mouse team spinoff w/Droopy and son.

"Tres Sheik Poodles" -- Droopy tickles a lizard to open its mouth and steal its diamond tooth.

"Mighty Rotten McWolf" -- Droopy takes advantage of superhero-gone-bad Mighty McWolf's secret weakness - tickling! Both is nose and underarm get feathered.

"McWolfenstein Returns" -- McWolfenstein tries to force a King Kong actor monster to fall off a building by tickling it under the arm.

Screwball Squirrel remake -- Grumpy groundskeeper wants a nap and pet dog Rumply tries to keep things quiet; Screwball tries noisemaking,
including tickling Rumply's nose.

WIZARD OF OZ:"The Lion That Squeaked" [HBO] -- In this
episode, a hyena captures Dorothy, and straps her onto a rack,
covered totally with feathers. Then he tries to tickle torture
her all over her body into giving him the ruby slippers.

JOSIE & THE PUSSYCATS: Alexandra writes a message on the sole of Alexander's foot for him to take to the authorities.

Alexander is placed in a pillory where a pendulum-like feather whisps back and forth against his feet as he's questioned.

PJ FUNNYBUNNY "Lifestyles of the Funny and Famous"
(something like that) - Part of those ABC Saturday Weekend
specials. Weasel hangs PJ up by his feet to empty his pockets; PJ
retaliates by tickling the weasel under the arm, who can't stop
laughing after that.

BEETLEJUICE [TV series] A huge foot is the obstacle of a miniature golf course, and BJ feathers it out of the way.

TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES [USA Network] - In one, "The Hot Kimono", April O'Neal and her whiny partner Vernon are subjected to Tortelli's ministrations. (Tortelli gives up on April all too soon, though, claiming that she's too strong... but HEY! Why doesn't he take it as a challenge?!)

"Berne's Blues" - features April's boss and Vernon being run through the gamut throughout the entire show, from one set of villains to Tortelli, then abducted by aliens who apparently communicate through tickling. The actual tickling is shown the first time, but only implied the next two times.

"The Great Boldini" - a pair of kids are bound hand and foot and tickled for information (only the boy is actually *seen* getting it)

"Dimension X Story" - Michelangelo and Raphael tangle with aliens trying to rescue Vernon; in a
slapstick fight, one alien pulls out an electric
feather and uses it on Mike.

TOM & JERRY: (Various made-for-TV) - "Cosmic Cat & Meteor Mouse': when threatened by bully Bowser, Jerry tickles his feet to escape.

"Jerry's Nephew" -- Rooster tickles Tom's feet to spoil a rescue attempt of Jerry's nephew

"Outfoxed Fox" - Dog-bully corners a fox; the fox tickles the dog's nose to get away.

"Gopher Broke" - Tom gets his feet stuck in a gopher hole while trying to stomp a ball down to crush Jerry.
Jerry finds a feather underground and wiggles it across Tom's feet while he tugs for escape.

DANGERMOUSE: (British cartoon, don't know if it's around anymore)
"Day Of The Suds" Dangermouse foot-tickles a bubble monster to trip him up.

"Multiplication Fable" - Self-cloning alien pets called Ticklohibbuses get loose on earth; they're especially known for running up pants legs. lots of tickling.

"The Aliens Are Coming" - Dangermouse is used as a guinea pig for alien research; part of the tests includes a machine that uses a feather to foot tickle Dangermouse while his arms and legs are pinned.

GEORGE OF THE JUNGLE - Episode with carnivorous plants. George is about to be eaten by Venus Flytrap; his wife Ursula suggests tickling it, which works just fine.

Misc. Hannah-Barbera TV Series
"Jolly Roger and Out" - Huckleberry Hound finds the secret weakness of pirate Jolly Roger, and why he's so jolly!

"Laugh A Loaf/Laughing Guess" - Separate toons of Lippy the Lion, and Super Snooper & Blabber Mouse, respectively. A depressed person needs to be cheered up, and will pay much for the benefit. Foot-tickling is attempted, but Lippy's efforts are not appreciated, and Blabbermouse has better success on Snoop.

COCOA CRISPIES commercial - Aussie monkey Coco fights off
lion trying to steal his cereal. Coco sings, "a little tickle
never hurt anyone/I take what's rightly mine and have a bit o'
fun," as he tickles the lion under the arm and snags the box

URUSEI YATSURA Original Animation Video, "Only You" --
Possibly the LONGEST tickle-torture scene ever animated, Ataru Moroboshi is manacled with his hands up and feet bare while a member of the Tomobiki Torture Club savages his foot with what looks like a shaving brush. There are two versions; the original Japanese-language edition, and a subtitled version in which the tickle scene is drawn out and much longer. I have the longer version.

UNKNOWN - elves (female and male) get tickled

LUPIN THE THIRD - I don't understand Japanese, but from
what I saw, here's how the episode goes: There's a race, and
Lupin's lover/enemy, a cute red-head, is captured by the villain
in the story. She is taken to a darkened room where they all
watch the race. There are many cut scenes, and apparently the the
villain wants some information from her, so she is tied to a
rack, and little robotic arms come out and start tickling her all
over. if you like robot/F tickling, this is for you!

After they steal some gems, Lupin and the other
thief run away with the gems. Mine Fujiko, the victim
from the first tickling steals Lupin's gems, but gets
caught in a tree. Lupin gets out a little device which
goes up to the tree and starts tickling her so she'll let go of the gems. Then he tickles her
a second time to get her down from the tree. EXCELLENT UNDERARM/RIB TICKLING!

KEKKO KAMEN VOL.1 - A cute girl is stripped of most of
her clothing (well, to her bra and panties), and suspended in the
air by metallic arms above a bed (you kind of have to see the
scene). Then the arms proceed to tickle her all over, while she
laughs hysterically, crying and pleading for them to stop.

KIKI'S DELIVERY SERVICE -- Young lass sleeping in a
hayloft on a train gets a foot trapped in the straw from which
cows are munching. One cow starts licking her feet. Great

KIMAGURE ORANGE ROAD - Shape-shifting Akane
morphs into the form of Kyosuke to encourage his relationship
with Hikaru. "He" gives Hikaru a suntan-oil massage, tickling her
in the process. The real Kyosuke and Madoka are upset by the
charade, especially since Hikaru enjoys it so much. Great
"machine gun" female laughter!



07-27-2001, 03:52 PM
Wow! You pretty much nailed every cartoon I used to watch as a kid that had tickling scenes in it. But I know ya missed some, so here's a few that I can remember:

Goof troop: Pete's dog is hanging from a tree to avoid being attacked by a lawnmower gone vrazy when waffles (goofy's cat) comes by on the branch and tickles the dog's armpits till it falls out of the tree.

Garfield and Friends: In one of the "quickie" cartoon, garfield attempts to get these babies chicks in a nest in a tree, he is then spooked by the mother bird, then he falls and is hanging from the branch, the mother bird then tickles him until he falls from the tree.

Animaniacs: Opening credits, the animaniacs tickle that doctor's (who's name eludes me at the moment) feet to prove they crack up the audience into laughter

That's all I can think of for now, I'll remember more eventually.