View Full Version : Mainstream TK (Farscape Quickie)

07-20-2001, 09:03 PM
There's a quick TK scene on tonight's FARSCAPE, though unfortunately it does not involve any of the main female characters.

The blue female regular and some alien babe named Jewel are abducted under the influence of a drug on some pleasure planet. When D'Argo moves in to rescue her, he hears screams. It turns out they are from Jewel...she's in a bathtub in a large open room, and someone outside the tub is tickling her bare foot!

Unfortunately you don't see the tickling, though they do show a closeup of her laughing face for a brief second, later in the episode. You do get to hear several ticklish shrieks however, which was a nice surprise on a Friday night.

It does repeat again in a couple of hours, for those who read this quickly.

Now to get a "Tickle Aeryn" campaign started... :)