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07-26-2001, 09:26 PM
two more sections to wrap up
the mainstream list, here's the magic

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(NOTE: most have both the tickling AND the entire set-up!)
all scenes listed here available for trade on VHS.

Bill Bixby in a TV movie tickles the stockinged feet of a woman
while performing an magic trick audition

"tickle box" three piece trick, blonde gets tickled (upper body
and toes)

ABC after-school special - teen is in magic box, magician says
"don't shake her feet, she's ticklish" (no actual tickling)

Brett Daniels (1998) tickles frizzie-haired blonde's stockinged
feet, great laugh

Robert Harbin with the "zig zag" tickle box, tickles female assistant

Rudy Colby - tickles red-headed assistant's feet

Tony Curtis tickles blonde's feet, then saws her in half in HOUDINI

Gina Davis is tickled by David Letterman AND magician on her
black-stockinged feet

two women tickled when Doug Henning performs on Cosby, a white
woman (Barbi Benton) and a black woman (Melba), who's body
parts are inter-changed!

Henning on Cosby again, different trick and a TALL woman in a body
stocking gets tickled.

Ann Jillian and Henning tickle captive woman's feet before slicing
her in half with a giant circle.

HOCUS POCUS show - train wagon trick with female foot tickling

train wagon trick as performed in Finland, shoes off and stocking
foot tickle

Spain magic trick - tall woman (brunette) dressed all in white with white pumps is in a box and has her sides tickled.

Ms. Julie - young woman is cut and off and has her feet tickled
as she begs for the tickler not to

Doogie Howser New York benefit magic trick - tall blonde woman
is tickled by Doogie

Priscilla Lopez and Florence Henderson have their shoes ripped off
and are tickled in this 1970s magic show by Doug Henning

NASHVILLE PALACE variety show - magic box split trick, female feet
are tickled

LAST PRECINCT (TV show with Adam West) - have the complete episode
where the cast is in the haunted house of a dead magician, and
the good looking blonde in trapped in magic box, and has her
stockinged feet tickled. extended, and great laugh/protests.

Box of Laughter - not really a magic trick, but a long video of disembodied hands tickling different women on their ribs, stomachs,
thighs and feet. Intro has woman claiming she's not ticklish and
that "nobody can make me laugh", to which the
hands prove wrong, she laughs hysterically.

for trades (these are on VHS cassette, not computer format), please note new email address topoth@yahoo.com