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07-26-2001, 09:49 PM
these aren't really mainstream
scenes as they are home-made stuff,
but may be of interest.


Red Head prostitute (big boobs) - another female victim, she really gets into it and says things like "no - no, please stop tickling!". Great vid.

Black prostitute - guy hires a (female) black prostitute and she is surprised to find out he wants to tie her down for tickling. Upper bodyand foot extravaganza.

home-made vid of girl being tickled and fondled
(she laughs but is angry at being tickled)

(home-made vid) guy is tickling young brunette tied to bed,
she's not wearing much and her bare soles are visible to the camera.
He tickles her feet then upper body, and then her blonde friend
comes in and REALLY tickles her, she is shrieking and laughing
uncontrollably after that. about 15 minutes.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Cross-dresser tickling - man with make-up and women's clothing,
fairly convincing if you don't look too closely.
Also does a high female voice with great squealing, appears
he/she is sincerely ticklish. Upper and bare
feet tickling, about 20 minutes.

part of s/m video - man has blonde woman tied up, which she
agreed to. He then takes a lit candle and puts it on her belly.
She is expecting hot wax, but he then asks "what if I were to tickle
you" and her eyes goes wide, and she gasps "no, I can't take that".
He then proceed to tickle her, and she is struggling to maintain
control. He lifts the candle off but continues tickling, and she
cannot control herself any longer and releases the laughter
(and also a bit of spit). excellent scene, she really laughs.


Wrestling with tickling female domination (F/F) vids, lots
of foot tickling

woman is tied up and sitting forward on her knees with her soles in the
air, not expecting to be tickled and complains when the man
starts stroking her soles ("no fair, you're tickling!"), which progresses to uncontrolled guffaws.