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I gulped as I held out my hand. I clearly and loudly spoke the words of the ancient magic. I was in my basement, and the entire house was locked up. My parents were out of town that weekend and I'm an only child, so everything was checked out. I had the lights turned off except for a dim lamp, and it was nearly 10:00pm.

As I performed the spell, my hand began to flow as beams of light began shooting all over the place. I closed my eyes as the blinding magic aura pierced the dark solitude of my basement. When I opened my eyes, the figure of a person, on both knees lied before me. The figure was bathed in white light; however, I deciphered it to be a female.

And boy was I right...She stood up before me, and she probably had a few inches on me. As the sparkling Magic dissolved from her body, I gazed in embarrassed awe at the beauty before me. The tall, slender figure of a Native-American princess stood no more than three feet away from me, in my very basement. Dark caramel skin, gleaming, gorgeous, black hair, and luscious lips that made me feel a slight tension in my pants.

Pocahontas is all her supreme grace looked down on me with ancient wisdom in her eyes. Her blue, tribal necklace shined even in the dim lit basement we were both standing in.

"Uh..hi.." I stuttered.

She looked at me with the face of an experienced, motherly tenderness that made my heart sank,"Hello, Master."

She bowed to me, and I froze. When she resumed her regal stance, she looked at me, puzzled.

"Is there something wrong?" Her sweet voice spoke.

"No, no, it's all good..I uh just, I'm glad you arrived, safely?" I sounded so stupid.

I suppose the elephant in the room was the fact that I had just summoned a renowned historical figure back from the dead within a matter of seconds. And if everything I had been trained to do was in fact correct, then she and I both knew why I had brought her to the present era...to pleasure. There were six others who had summoned an infamous female figure from the history books, and we would have them tickle each other into submission for the "ultimate" as the prize was referred to as.

Normally, you were supposed to summon a figure and get to know and understand their techniques, then begin hunting the other competitors. But seeing as she had never lived in this era, and because I didn't know "what she was made of" as my libido reasoned, I thought that maybe she could show me "what she was made of."

"So you are of the lancer class, correct?" I asked, trying to sound official.

"I am. I am Pocahontas, the tribal princess of the Native Americans, and a representative of the lancer class," she replied.

"And what is your noble Fantasm?" I inquired.

The noble Fantasm was essentially the trick up their sleeve, or their most intense, powerful ability.

"Penna et Aureus," she began,"a power granted to me by my spirit animal."

I probably looked dumbfounded, seeing as I had done no research on Pocahontas prior to summoning her.

"Ok, well I'm sure you're abilities are adept for the tasks ahead, but how will I know for sure?" I asked, getting excited, but hiding it.

"I assure you that my skills are to your approval, Master," she said, holding her right hand to her chest.

"Alright well how about you exercise your abilities on me? To test your power," I suggested, crossing my fingers.

"Are you sure, Master? I am unsure if you can handle it."

Those words just got me all the more turned on.

"I'm sure I can take it," I replied confidently.

"As you command," she said.

She then walked towards me and gracefully pushed me onto the ground, as I fell back in surprise. I fell down, and before I could get up, the carpet had sprouted vines made of, well, the carpet, and fastened my wrists and ankles to the ground tightly. I almost forgot, the strategy that all of the women summoned used to make their victims helpless.

I already felt a twitch in my pants, as THE Pocahontas in the flesh knelt down and straddled my waist, allowing her supple hips to cushion themselves nicely against my pelvic area. She looked down on me calmly as nodded, giving her the go away.

"He...hehe......ha..." I literally couldn't help myself.

She had only begun to graze her fingers along my sides and I already burst into uncontrollable giggles. I looked down at her nails which were creatively painted to look like the sunset on each individual nail, as she lightly scratched and dragged them along my skin.

"Hahaha that's pretty good," I exclaimed whilst squirming around, her eyes fixed on mine, a calm expression on her face.

Apparently I didn't get summon a "teaser"...I would have preferred that, but I'm not complaining. A teaser would make faces, taunt, and talk to you in order to instigate a reaction, which was something I always craved. Pocahontas never even changed expressions as she calmly and collectively played my torso like it was a grand piano.

"Hahahahaahhahahahaahhaahahaha," I writhed with laughter as she bent her head down and shook it, allowing her smooth hair to glide across my tummy.

I continued to laugh and enjoy myself, while the entire time, my erect manhood pushed against her tribal skirt. She would occasionally speed up and slow down her fingers in order to get different reactions from me, yet all the while I was craving to experience her noble power.

"Hahaha, Pocahahahaonntaas?" I managed to speak through my unstoppable chuckling.

"Yes Master?" She replied, never ceasing her nimble fingers on my ribs.

"I wahahahnntt you to use your noble heheh fantahahahssssmmm," I cackled when her index nail slipped in and out of my belly button.

"But Master, it can only be used twice, are you sure that I should give up one just to test-"..."Do it! Hahahahah," I interrupted.

It probably wasn't the wisest decision from a strategic standpoint, but from a horny standpoint, it was a 1,000,000 to 0 vote.

She ceased her torture for a moment, as she sat up and stuck her arms up in the air.

"Penna et Aureus! Grant me the feather of the golden eagle!" She cried out, her voice echoing through my small basement.

I felt a wind blow around us as a gleaming burst came from our ceiling, and a sparkling object descended into her hands. It was a four foot, feather that looked as if it were dipped in pure gold. It sparkled and shined as she gracefully accepted it.

"May the power of Penna et Aureus have mercy on your spirit!" She cried out.

That statement took me by surprise a bit, and I worryingly looked around for a second, only to realize how that the glittering gold particles had displaced my clothing, leaving an excess heap of shiny dirt on either side of my naked body.


When that feather descended upon my sensitive skin, it's as if the world stopped. An earthquake of sensation wriggled itself into my tummy as Pocahontas skillfully dragged that massive item across my belly. The individual follicles of the feather had minds of their own as they would dart across and nibble my skin, and then skitter across like they were supposed to, and then confuse the pattern some more.


She had a puzzling look on her face, as she swung her golden weapon to and fro along my upper body.

"Finish it!" I yelled before being sucked back into the unforgiving torment of the fluffy gold.

Understanding quite clear, Pocahontas moved her tickling methods lower. My lonely, erect penis, standing alone, quickly became acquainted by the ffiendliest companion imaginable, as the feathery brushes of the golden eagle hugged and tapped and teased. One fell stroke of that mighty feather was all it took.

"AHHHHHAHAHA YEEEEEESSSSSHAHAHAHAAA!" I screamed with intensity as I came hard.


"Until you need me again, Master," she whispered as she disappeared in thin air, releasing me from my bonds.

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Very nice fantasy. :D

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A nice start to the story there. Could do with being a tad bit more descriptive with the tickling but it's started off nicely and I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes.

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I like this story and I can't wait to see what you do in the future.