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Becca and Jess had a lot in common. For starters, they were both tall, both had been state champion athletes and high school and still kept in shape, both turned heads.

Becca had shoulder-length blond hair with breasts that strained against any sweater, full lips and dark eyes set close together that looked through her glasses at men and said “we both know you’d do anything for me”.

Jess was thin as a fashion model, a WASP with a tan that stayed all year long, high cheekbones, and long dark caramel hair that she usually kept pulled back into a pony tail.

They were both rich and could pay their way out of trouble, even serious trouble. They could pay to start trouble if they wanted, and they wanted. And they both, as they had recently discovered in a late night talk about boys, wanted to tie men down and make them scream and beg. Jess had tied down a couple of guys in college, dick teased them, made them moan and plead for sex. She had tickled them until they were breathless, panting and promising to be good little boys. She said those were the hottest lays of her life. Becca had been so turned on by the stories that she couldn’t wait to be alone to – think some more about it. Since their conversation, she had looked into f/m tickling on the Internet and found that she really liked the idea. They had talked about some more and decided to seriously indulge their interest.

And so they had paid a young man who worked at a certain five star hotel to book them a soundproofed room – it turned out they soundproofed some of the suites that were used by the wild partying, high profile guests – and they had paid him to book the room with no paperwork, everything in cash including a nice top, and to assure that they would not be disturbed. They flirted a bit in addition to paying him well and they knew he would be determined to deliver.

Finding a guy was easy. They decided they’d start at the hotel bar and if there were no hot, lonely hotel guests they could always try a local bar or club.

They both knew they wanted Mike as soon as they saw him. He was in a suit with no tie at the hotel bar, having a cup of soup and a glass of wine. He looked to be a little older than them but still in his twenties or maybe thirty. He was handsome. A little dark, maybe Italian or Mediterranean. Not a weightlifter type but definitely someone who worked out and kept in shape. So cute and well presented that Becca’s main concern was that he’d be gay. He was clearly not. When they sat next to him at the bar and Jess started talking to him, they could both see they had his complete attention.

After letting the conversation go from where are you from to are you in a relationship and all the way to the aggressive so what kind of girls do you like, they knew they had warmed him up. Becca leaned into her friend, pressed a breast against Jess’ shoulder in a way that the poor guy wouldn’t miss and whispered in her ear, gently holding a thin strand of Jess’ hair out of the way. “Go on. Reel him in,”
Jess smiled, nodded and looked Mike in his brown eyes. “It’s your lucky night. We both really like you. Have you ever been with two girls?”

Mike coughed and waved to the bartender for his check. “Let me settle up here.”

They took him to their room. He made out with Jess in the elevator. With her heels on, she had to lean down a little. Becca checked out the growing tent in his pants. Oh yeah. He was a good catch.

When they got into the room, Becca adjusted the lighting, going for dim and romantic. Mike hardly glanced at the view of the city out the window. Jess was unbuttoning her white, silk shirt and kicking off her shoes. “I didn’t think I’d be meeting a guy on this trip, “she said, “I just figured I’d go to Plan B. I was going to tie you up, Becca, and sit on your face.”

“You can still sit on my face tonight,” Becca purred. She stripped to her black nylons, nothing else. Mike’s eyes popped at the sight of her taut flesh. “But I want him to eat me first.”

“Clothes off, honey.”

Their prey got out of his clothes while Jess went to her suitcase and brought out some straps. “Ever been tied up?”

Mike gulped. He had not. He was nervous about it and they could see it on his face. But it was clear who was in charge and who was a very eager guest in this room. He would do it. They knew he would.

Becca led him by the hand to the bed and, with a light touch to his shoulder, encouraged him to lay down. Soon they had him tied spread-eagled. Jess slid off her skirt but left her satin underwear on. She leaned over him, let him lick a nipple until it was hard, let him smell her perfume. She freed her hair from her ponytail tossed her head so that it glided over his neck and chest. He tensed and shook. “Does that tickle?”

“Yes,” he gasped.

“Are you a ticklish boy?” He nodded and licked his lips. “How ticklish?”

He felt Becca’s fingers stroke a thigh and he bucked. “Oh! Easy. Very ticklish right there,”

Becca giggled. “Here?” She grabbed his leg right above the knee and he spasmed. He let out a screech at an octave that a guy doesn’t like to make in front of women. Not a macho, in control sound. “Easy,” he said, sounding worried.

“Mike? What if we jus want to tickle you silly?”

“Uh, no, I-“

He had no chance to finish his reply. Jess had her painted beige nails scratching along the sides of his pectorals and Becca’s beautiful lips were attaching to his belly button, giving him a raspberry. He cackled. “NO!”

“Awww,” Jess cooed into his ear. “He’s a wiggly tickle toy,”

She went to work with quick jabs and pinches of her slender fingers, tickling him up and down his sides, experimenting to see where it made him shake and buck the most. The sides of his chest muscles, his ribs, she explored until she found the floating rib. It made him scream desperately. “Bingo,” she said in her sexiest voice.

Becca, meanwhile, ran her nails up and down his legs, from knee to hip. She occasionally grazed fingertips over his still hard shaft. Yes, frantic as he was to pull free of his bonds, he was still horny.

She went back to his tummy, alternating between finger pokes and wet blowing berries. Their prisoner was hysterical. “Please! HAHAHAHAAAA! Please!”

“Need a break?”

“HAHAHA! Yes! HAHA! I ca-hahahahaha! I can’t’-“

He couldn’t get the words out without bursting into renewed cackles. Jess was in his pits, twirling her fingers around in fine armpit hair and scraping gently at the spot where the bicep caved into the crevice. He thrashed his head from side to side but escape was out of the question.

It went on until he was perspiring and red in the face. And until his cock, which Becca had kept pressed against her bare tits, was throbbing.

Becca got up and her friend followed the lead. “Go ahead, baby. Get some air.”

He panted hard, sucked up oxygen and then tried to talk his way out of it, “Hey, seriously, I’m sorry but I can’t do this. I didn’t know you-“

“Of course you didn’t, sweetie. But we’re not letting you go yet. We’re going to have some fun. In fact, you haven’t got any idea yet how intense this is going to get.”

Jess was back at the bag that had contained the bondage straps. Now she was bringing out a ball gag, an electric toothbrush, an eye makeup brush. Torture device after tickle toy came out as Mike eye’s opened wider in fear. “Wait,”

Before he could think of threats or promises to convince them to let him go, the gag was in place. He tried to scream but was well muffled. The girls laughed.

“OK, I’m so turned on right now,” said Becca.

“I know. I’m fucking creaming. What do you want to try?”

“Um, duh – feet,” Becca stared Mike in the eyes and winked. He shook his head frantically.

“Oh definitely the feet,”

Becca used her nails on one foot and Jess tried a brush on the other. Mike’s muscle strained as he tore uselessly at his restraints. He wasn’t getting away. He laughed and cried into the gag. He had never felt anything like it.

“What are you saying, Tickle Toy? You want more?”

He tried to make himself clear through the gag, as if there were any doubt. The girls didn’t stop. They worked on him from heel to toes, danced fingertips on his insteps, made circles over his ankles, they licked at the tips of the toes and bit at the flesh just beneath them and their victim broke into tears. Jess put down her brush and produced some baby lotion. She spread it softly over his right foot and then turned on the electric toothbrush. “Brace yourself,” she giggled, then began to stroke from heel upward. Mike arched his back and flopped down, again and again as if being shocked with a cattle prod. The girls had never heard a man make a sound like he was emitting. They tickled on and on. It felt to Mike like an eternity. It felt like a long time to the girls too, who were both wondering how long they could play this game before they would be too excited to ignore their sexual needs.

Becca moved from his foot to his middle and held his erection in her hand. Her hand was already trembling a bit with frustration, though she didn’t expect he was nearly focused enough to notice. Jess stopped tickling and listened to the prisoner laugh away, unable to calm down.

“Listen to me, little boy,” Becca teased. “If you want us to let you go, we will. Want us to untie you?” He pleaded gibberish into the gag. “Hmm. Whatever you’re saying, it looks to me like this big, hard cock is having a great time.” Mike moaned as she gave him a soft tug. “If you want us to let you go, just act like it. Just stop fucking my hand like a horny perv,”

She jerked slowly at him, corkscrewing, sliding her thumb over the head, tickling his balls, pointing his swollen dick to one side and then the other. He shook under her touch.

“On the other hand,” said Jess, “Maybe you secretly love it. Tell you what. Show us you’re not turned on by this and we’ll set you free. But if you stay hard, then we’ll know you want more. And if you shoot your load without permission….” Jess wiggled her fingers over Mike’s tummy.

Becca finished the thought, “We’ll keep you here all night and all of tomorrow. We’ll torture you over and over-“

“And over. Kitchy, kitchy coo,”

They both continued to whisper kitchy coo and tickle tickle as Jess tortured his soles and Becca held his balls to keep his hips still and licked ever so delicately at the head of his pulsing meat. Mike laughed and shrieked bloody murder. And did not lose his erection.

He was dizzy from breathlessness when they next stopped to let him gasp and beg. He had gone from drooling down the sides of the gag to dry-mouthed wheezing and his begging was weak. Becca had been lickling a hip, nibbling at the pelvic bone and watching the pre-cum ooze down the shaft of his member, running along a vein.
She now rubbed at her own sex for a minute, reached up and wiped her juice on his nose and cheek. His cock danced and raised toward the ceiling as she did so. “He likes that.”

Jess gave one of his ears a little bite and purred as she joined the act, pumping into herself for a few strokes with her middle finger, then wiping off on Mike’s dry lips. He grunted. His red was cherry red. His cock was darker.

“Don’t pop, Mikey,” Jess reminded. “Or else you’ll get punished with hours more. If you can just hold out a little while longer, maybe we’ll decide to move on from tickling to other games. But if you blow that load and show us you love it, well…”

“Tickle-tickle-tickle” the girls chanted in unison.

Becca went now to the bag of tricks and returned with a soft, pink peacock feather.

She handed it to her friend, who sawed at their victim’s genitals, twirling the tip of it all over his sex. As she taunted him with the feather in one hand, she lightly petted a ticklish underarm with the other. Becca went back to kissing toes, though softly now. They weren’t making him scream and cry. They made him sputter and giggle, kept him flinching and ticklish but did not stimulate him so much as to distract completely from the cock teasing. They both moaned and giggled and made sex noises, “ooh, mm, so gooood…”

They could both see that poor Mike was dying. He shook and giggled, his hips bucked, he strained to fuck at the feather. He tried to beg them through the ball in his mouth.
Becca kneeled at the foot she had been licking and experimented, grazing the side and sole of the foot with her fluffy blond pussy hairs. Mike shrieked. She held his foot tightly and kept it up. She couldn’t resist rubbing herself on him a little now and then but tried to keep the focus on tickling him and not masturbating herself. Although, she realized, she was very ready to get off and wouldn’t mind doing so in a way that offered him so little beyond the threat of further torment. She lost herself in her own lust for a moment, her eyes closed, enjoying the man’s grunts and guffaws. She was brought back around by Jess’ voice. “Oh no you don’t.” Jess had taken the feather away and was swatting Mike’s face with it. “He was going to cum, weren’t you, naughty boy? You were ready to explode all over my feather.”

He did look ready. His eyes told Becca that he agreed. He was painfully, desperately ready to release and to hell with trying to outlast the ordeal.

Becca straddled him, her pussy so close to him that they felt each other’s warmth and she began to tongue kiss her friend. “Ready to eat me?” she asked. Jess nodded.

Becca went back to the bag of tricks. Jess put her hands over Mike’s eyes. “No peaking,”

Mike couldn’t guess what the new torture device was as vibrator eggs were pressed to his feet and taped there. The hands were removed from his face. He saw the remote control in Becca’s hands but still did not appreciate his situation. Becca knelt across his chest so that her puffing, aroused labia were inches from his nose and mouth. He watched and smelled as Jess started to lick and suck her friend to feverish pleasure. And then the eggs were turned on. He flailed and cried out for pity, laughing like a maniac, his throat hoarse and body sore, his balls longing to empty as the vibrations tickle tortured him to madness. All the while, his kidnapper orgasmed above his face, a bit dripped down onto his gag and reaching his lips.

Becca shook, slowed down, sighed with joy. Jess pulled the gag out of Mike’s mouth, tore off her panties and squatted over him. The eggs were turned off and Jess mounted him, letting his hardness slide into her.

“Do it,” said Becca. “Make sure you get her off or you’re in serious trouble, bitch,”

They only fucked for a few thrusts before Mike came. Wasting no time, before he had gone limp or even released his final squirt, she had bounced up to his face and press herself to his mouth. “Come on,” she seemed to be pleading more than commanding now. She fucked at his tongue and Mike didn’t dare protest, sucking his own semen from her clitoris and lips while she quaked and twitched.

All three of them, sadists and captive, wordlessly sweated and struggled to catch their breath.

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Good! Thank you for sharing.

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Great story! :D
Where can I these two women? :devil:

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Wonderful story. I loved the synchronicity between the protagonists and the feedback loop they fueled by spotlighting Mike's resistant arousal.