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03-25-2015, 09:37 PM
Call me provocative. Call me a slut. I don't really care. I'm a beautiful, desired, seductive, confident woman. I have a huge sexual appetite, and I want variety and excitement every night.

Hmmmm, wonder what kind of fun I wanna have tonight. Haven't been to a karaoke bar in a while. I'm not planning on singing tonight. But I am a huge sucker for a great voice. Gonna find me a sexy man with a great voice to seduce and tickle.

What to wear tonight? Ooh, got it! So I slipped my silky, freshly shaven body into a tiny, see-through black dress. My ample, slightly tanned breast hardly covered at all besides my flesh pink colored aureola’s and hard pebble nipples. Yes, black stilettos to match. My long dark hair is worn down, with a slight curl at the ends. I put on black eyeliner around my vibrant blue eyes, with a little black glitter to make them shine. Then, bright red lipstick on my pouty, full lips. I spray Pure Seduction on my neck and wrists to finish.

“Damn, You look good” as I wink at myself in the mirror. Unstoppable tonight! I grab my keys and head out the door.

As I pull up to the bar, I noticed the parking lot was pretty empty. “Must be a slower night”, I thought to myself. Ooh princess parking, it's a good night already. Just as I was walking in, I caught a faint breeze that seemed to just so slightly lift and flutter my dress and hair. All eyes on me now. I walk up to the bar order a shot of Patron and a beer. All I can do is smile while the guys around the bar all pull out their wallets to pay for my drinks. “Thanks Boys” I said as I walk away. I find myself a secluded corner table in great view of the whole place. Karaoke starts soon. Usually I would be filling out my slip and participating but not tonight. I'm a deviant spectator.

Ten minutes goes by and people start pouring in. I'm amazed at how many people can walk in a bar in such a small amount of time. I'm scoping out the place, I see a few good looking guys but not what I'm wanting tonight. Well I will just wait for karaoke to start and go from there. I hear a few people sing. Nobody is that good. An hour goes by. Nothing. I might be going home alone. The thought crosses my mind.

Then.... a tall attractive man walks in. “Is he going to sing” I wonder. He sits a table alone. No ring? No girlfriend? “Hmmm”.

“Miss, can I get you another round?” Asks the waitress.

“SURE” I said. “Bring one for that guy over there as well”.

“Oh Aaron”?

“Who”? I asked. “You know him?”

“Yeah”, the waitress said, “He's a regular. He has an amazing voice and is a really great guy.”

“Well then why is he alone?” I asked.

“Too picky I guess. Why you gonna give it a shot?” She asked.

Challenge excepted.

I hear the DJ call him to the stage. I pull out my powder compact to freshen up a bit and reapply my lipstick. Then it hits me: his voice like nothing I have ever heard before. My heart starts pounding. I feel tingles with every note he sings. I close my eyes, My nipples harden. My vagina moistens. I can hear only his voice running through my body. I open my eyes and look up to find him looking right at me like he can feel my arousal. I think to myself, “He's the One”!

I hurry and take my shot in hopes of slowing down my pulse a little. I brush the hair back outta my face as I see him pass by his table. He's coming my way. Does he know what I am thinking? No way. I'm way too far ahead and dirty minded for him to know. He approaches me.

“Haven’t seen you here before. I'm Aaron.”

“I'm Cally. Nice to meet you. Your singing was tremendous.”

“Thanks” he said, “Can I buy you another drink?”

As the waitress comes by with both rounds of drinks that I had previously ordered, she says “Oh! Should I just leave them all here?”

“Yes” I replied.

“Wow” he said. “You going to drink all that?”

“I might” I said.

“Aww, I see. Was one of those for me originally?”

“Yeah, you got me”.

“So what are you in to”? I asked.

“What do you mean”? he said.

“Well I'm a straight forward girl and I was wondering if you had any plans for the rest of your evening?”

“I guess I do now”, he replied.

“That easy?” I asked, “I heard you were a choosey man.”

“I am” he said, “And I've chosen. Lets go.”

“Do you wanna follow me to my place”? I asked.

“Definitely” he replied.

During the drive home, I have so many thought and ideas running through my head. I'm so excited and turned on by the thought of what is to be. Oh, I hope he is ticklish!

We arrive at my place and walk up to the door. I turn to him and say, “I'm gonna be forward with you, I'm controlling and demanding and I get what I want... especially in my house. So if you aren't sure if this is what you want or you think you can't handle what may be in store for you here is your chance to leave.”

“I'm not afraid” he said with a big ass smile on his face, “Intrigued, aroused, and curious? Yes!”

“Ok” I said, “Come on in.”

“Want a drink”? I asked.

“No”, he answered.

“Wanna kiss me?”

Before he could reply, his tongue was already intertwined with mine. Heated intense kissing went on for a minute. Then he picked me up and carried me to the first room he found with a bed in it. He laid me down and untied my dress from around my neck as he softly kissed it. He blew into my ear making me moan slightly as I felt myself thrust against him. I am wanting him so badly. He lifted up and took off his shirt to reveal a very toned inviting stomach. I couldn't help but to reach up and softly run my fingers down his sides to give him a little tickle.

I was right? A giggle spilled from his tasty lips.

“Ticklish, I see”.

“Yes” he replied, “Very, but its incredibly arousing for me. I love it!”

So I flip him over. “Really now? Lets play”.

I unbutton his jeans. He is already pretty hard and worked up. I slide his pants off and give his legs a little tickle with my finger tips. A wiggle and a moan gets me even more excited. I love to watch a man squirm in erotic pleasure. I let my dress fall to the floor baring all for him. I spread his legs and scale my way up his body letting my nipples drag and tickle him on the way up. I get to his underwear where his cock was hard and begging to be let out.

I asked him quietly, “Are you partial to these?”

“Not really,” he replied.

“Ok then.” I just ripped them off of his body.

Oh my. I had to gasp for air it was so brimming and beautiful! I told him to close his eyes, no watching. I took my nails on both hands and skittered them down his penis. He moaned. I tickled my way back up. He moaned louder. Then I tickled up and down the sides of his balls. Oh, now he's almost sweating from arousal. I can feel his penis throbbing harder so I put his cock deep in my mouth. I feel him twitch as I move up and down on his cock with my mouth I continue to tickle his balls. I don't want him to cum yet so I remove my mouth and reach up and give his pelvis a big tickle.

“Hahahahehehehe” he screams.

I sit up and sit between his legs so I can have free range over his whole body. I take my extensive breasts and put his hard cock between them. He seems to love this, I bounce up and down, sliding his cock in and out of them. I reach up and give his side a tickle at the same time.

“I can hardly take anymore!” He screams laughing murderously.

“Oh but I'm not done with you yet.” I climb off the bed and reach for a feather. I take off his socks.

“Tickle tickle” I said as I ran the feather fast over his feet and toes. He laughs so hard, I had to stop and let him breathe. I climb up and sit on his stomach and give him a kiss on the neck, rubbing my hard nipples on his chest. Sweat is pouring from his body. It's almost too slippery to sit on him. I run my feather over his nipples and stomach.

“Tickle tickle, wanna be inside me yet?” I ask him. He's laughing so hard he can't answer.

“Well, I guess not. I will keep tickling then.”

I turn around and run the feather from his foot up his legs around his thighs up the side of his balls, up and over his stiff cock.

“Ok, I think your ready. Take me!” He pushes me off, mounting me with integrity, and shoves his throbbing penis inside of me.

“Oh my god!” I gripped and tugged the sheets so much in pleasure that I ripped the sheets half off the bed.

I yell “Tickle me!”

He thrusts and tickles my sides and tops of my breasts. I start to rub his nipples softly we both are completely lost in the explosion of ecstasy between us. It takes no time at all now we both scream and cum at the same time.

Oh shit. I can't breathe.

“I haven't cum that hard ever!” He said.

“Me either.” I said as I lay back in bed and think to myself: Wow what will I do tomorrow?


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Outstanding, very hot. Thank you for posting

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Fine story. :D

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Thanks! I enjoyed writting it.

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Thanks! I enjoyed writting it.

It shows, part of the reason it's so good

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Oh my.

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Great story. Thanks for sharing :)

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Awesome story, Hon!