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Fate/Tickle: Chapter II
"Royal Address" f/f


**concept for what she looks like**

I had snuck in through the back door, which I had made sure to leave unlocked before leaving school. It was 1:30am on a Friday night, and as a custodian assistant, I left the school after my shift with the other two janitors at around 10:30pm to lock up. The school was completely empty by the time I sneakily barged in.

My name's Katie by the way. I was a senior at the school, who had just turned eighteen four months ago. I also was involved in a secret organization that involved the ancient skill of reviving long dead figures of history in order to do the dirty work for me. In my studies I had focused much of research on the "caster" class. The concept of magic and mystery always lulled me into day dreaming, so naturally I was drawn towards this type of servant. I also figured with the right strategy and usage of abilities, I could have this competition in the bag.

When I shut the door behind me, I locked it. I then quietly crept into the school's auditorium where I snuck behind the curtain, and to the backstage area. The brick walls were flowing a feint orange, from the stage lights that someone forgot to turn off. I was involved heavily in theatre, so this backstage was like a second room to me.

I took a deep breath...Exhaled. I cast the spell...

I heard a feint giggle emerge from the shadowy smoke that exploded before me. The red fumes faded and swirled into dust as a dazzling figure stood before me.

"Hmm, the kingdoms have changed their wall textures I'm afraid...pity," said the woman, who lightly touched her hand to the brick wall.

I was in awe to see the risen presence of a long lost member of the past, yet slightly embarrassed, since I wasn't entirely sure who it was that I had summoned. She was gorgeous and serenely graceful, and judging by her facial features and hair color, she was most certainly from an Asian dynasty. Her extravagant-looking garments were of a peacock blue, tinted with yellow, red, and all the other colors of the rainbow. Her golden headpiece stood out more valiantly than any crown I had every laid eyes on, in real life or a movie.

"You must be the one who summoned me, what is your name, girl?" She inquired me.

"I'm, I'm Katie."

"Katie, you poor thing, you must come from quite the unruly household?" She asked rudely.

I was wearing dark, tattered clothes, for the sole purpose of looking stealthy. However, from what I could see from her outfit, I could be the richest girl in school and still be considered to be stuck in poverty.

"I suppose," I spoke, unsure of how to respond.

She smiled at me reassuringly, for what, I had no idea; she then moved a few paces closer to me. Her perfume was quite strong, and some-what sweet-smelling.

"And I'm quite sure that you are aware of my name?" She stated confidently.

What should I say! I wasn't too adept in my Chinese history, but I didn't want to offend her!

"The Empress of China of course!" I bullshitted.

I at least knew that China had emperors as opposed to the traditional "kings".

She smiled slyly at me before she spoke softly, "You don't know who I am, do you?"

I swallowed in my throat. I shook my head slowly.

"Well then, her smile turned somewhat bitter-looking, "I think it's time for a history lesson!"

She then snapped her fingers and sparks of gold and red flew all around us, and the floor boards themselves sprung up from the ground and caused me trip. Upon falling onto the hard ground, they then bent themselves over my shins and ankles so that I couldn't move my legs.

"You shall learn respect, and discipline will be your teacher," she stated firmly and proudly.

I was a bit confused at the moment, considering the fact that I was considered her master, not the other way around. But seeing as she was clearly a royal member of China and a powerful conjurer, I wasn't going to object. She then snapped again, all the while standing in the same spot, and I watched in wonder and shock as my shoes and socks literally dissolved into orange and black dust.

"I am the representative of the caster class," I breathed a sigh of relief when I heard that, "and as a royal member of the ancient world, I shall demonstrate myself to you."

I suddenly felt uneasy.

"I shall release you from my subjugation once you have come to realize my name and title," she said.

And then, this Chinese mystery woman, for the second time since she appeared, moved, and knelt down besides my exposed toes. I got anxious as I saw her sleeves fall back, and her left hand approach my left foot. Her fingernails were painted with a brilliant finesse, and shined brightly with a dark blue hue. I cracked a grin as she touched down upon my innocent sole.

"Mmm he.....mmm," I grumbled, trying not to giggle.

She put in the least amount of effort possible, as she allowed her fine nails to glide over my soft skin, ever so slowly.

"Hehe..hehe e....please stop," I complained as I struggled where I sat.

Her ridiculous teasing was quickly becoming unbearable, and I still had no clue who she was or where she was from. Itch. Itch. Her nails scraped along the bridge of my toes.

"I am teaching you a lesson," she responded firmly, picking up the pace slightly on the tickling.

Realizing the sensations were too much to take, I quickly reached down towards my feet in order to halt her onslaught of my poor feet. Yet, as I attempted to move she intervened.

"Uh uh uh," she taunted, as she snapped her fingers, forcing four planks up from the ground, trapping me like a prison cell. I could only reach so far through the slots of wood, as I desperately wiggled my toes.

"Heheheheheh ohohohhhh pleasssse! Heheheh it's too muhuhuhuhch!" I cried out through my laughter.

Her nails skittered all over my bare soles, raking and shaking, tricking my nerves every time they came in contact with her cruel tickle tools. It was too much.

"Hahahah aha I don't know who you are! Pleases eheheheheheh," as I trailed off in an endless current of giggling.

Without responding, she just kept on wiggling. And swirling. And tapping. And dragging.

"HAHAHAHAHAHHAH!" My feet were starting to sweat by then, and my toes ached for release.

I started panting as I was losing my breath from all the laughter. I wanted to snap off those fingers that were ever so torturous to my heels and soles. She then wriggled her fingernails under each individual toe, tickling the senses out of them.

"Hahahah haha I cannnnnnnt take it!!" I screamed hysterically.

I was laughing so hard, tears began to fall down from my eyes and gather on my cheek. She then immediately stopped. I was breathing heavily at this point, as she leaned over and wiped my tears from my face. She then sucked her fingers that had my tears on them. I was very weirded out until she explained.

"You just gave me more power my dear."

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good beginning, looking forward to the next part