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03-27-2015, 06:05 PM
I have had a thing for my sister in law ever since I met her. That was 39 years ago. I had tried on a few occasions to tickle her feet. Not more than 3 or 4 seconds. I am a firm believer that good things come to those who wait.
It was a nice spring day, blue sky and sunshine. I had just finished mowing the lawn and went in the house for a brew. There she was, sitting on the couch with her feet up on the coffee table. I walked into the front room and said hi, she looked up and smiled and said hi back. She pulled her feet back from their purch on the coffee table as I sat down at the other end of the couch. I told her, "you're alright, put em back up there. Relax!! So she did. My wife was still at work and when she got home her and sis were going to a baby shower.
We got to talking and the subject some how turned kind of flirty. So I decided to take a shot. I told her, "you know, there is something I have been wanting to do for a really long time. She got a weird look and I said not that, meaning having sex, although that would be cool too. She sat back looking more relaxed and said, "well, what is it. I said, "I have had the urge to tickle you ever since we first met". Where do you want to do this? Right here is fine with me. No, I mean where are you going to tickle me? Ohh I said, I would love to tickle your sexy looking feet. Are you ticklish?? She replied, I don't know, have never been. She then turned sideways and laid both feet in my lap. Instant boner when I started tickling her soft, gorgeous feet.

Stay tuned for part II

03-28-2015, 06:53 AM
Good set up. Hope you post the rest of the story soon. :D

03-28-2015, 10:51 AM
I'm hoping to get it done by Monday. If I can get her to come back over I will try to get a pic as well.

03-29-2015, 12:14 AM
Looking forward to the continuation !!