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CAB contest entry

Isles of Caprice

Oh gods my head, what’s going on? My head feels like someone used it for a dartboard.

Okay, gotta think, gotta focus; oh shit someone stripped me!?!

Oh crap Miri, get your shit together and remember what happened.

Okay the last thing I remember was I arrived in the coastal town of Caprice au Brimstone. I remember travelling there looking to hit up leads on a big score not too far from there. Caprice might not have much going for it aside from the rather extensive network of brothels that made it a favourite place for sailors from all over to venture here for shore leave. No what I was more interested in was something was something potentially powerful enough that, if I got my hands on it, might make good on that fanciful cliché of Taking Over the World!

Not too far Caprice’s coastline there lay three islands: Carmila, Aphrodite and Bacchus, far out into the ocean but close enough that could spot them on the horizon, were reachable by rowboat. Arranged together in a triangle, one could make out structures, well-kept and populated ones, with use of a telescope spotting them through the canopy; despite this the island rarely if ever gets willing visitors, these islands are well known as havens for the most successful and thus most dangerous pirates in the east. According to accounts by some of the few survivors rescued on lifeboats, these pirates were quite unique in the world: they were all women, the majority of whom had tanned or dark skin, they stood taller than the average man looming over them as if they were children, their strength so great they tossed their opponents aside like dolls and the bullets literally bounced off their skin.

It all sounds like the tales from mother’s fairy book, but the accounts of these basic elements are all too consistent in each account to deny, real life amazons. Although some accounts contain significantly weirder tales of magic unheard of; ripping holes in the fabric of reality, spontaneous mutations and the appearance of a pink haired witch, the memory of which made the witnesses bawl their eyes out like babies. Even though I came prepared for this it made me wonder and shiver about the fates that must befall those the pirates took as their prisoners.

And while I don’t deny their existence, quite the contrary I hope everything I heard to be true; the Amazons, the magical chaos that they wield and the wicked witch who appears by their side, are all forces new to the CAB islands, there is no record of any of them appearing before the last four years, and around that time is when the historically barren islands registered new magic energy shooting off the chart. Whatever their sound whether it was from the witch or from some kind of relic or a deal with an entity from another plane I wanted to find out.


Gods how stupid could I be so stupid, no weapons and very little magic, I mean honestly how could I let my greed get the better of me like this, my doctor was right I do have an obsessive personality disorder.

Ok Miri, get a hold of yourself, can’t start panicking now. Who did this anyway? The Amazons? The Witch? If they did does that mean this is some kind of game they’re playing?

Wait what was that? I hear rustling along the tall grasses, oh gods what are they going to do to me? Are they going to eat me? Are they cannibals just like the locals on the mainland said?

Can’t stay here, gotta get away, retrace steps and find the boat!!


I was able to reach the island of Carmila just under two hours and damn were my arms were killing me, this prize is sure to be worth it. I’ve spent the good part of the last three years preparing for this very mission, from a humble librarian studying the means of magic siphoning to travelling the land on the lookout for any relics or magic infused areas where I could cipher the power. Admittedly I haven’t been able to cipher power from any of the magical phenomenon I have encountered thus far, but I’m feeling really lucky about this one.

I landed my boat on the southern end of Carmila, at the opposite end from where the main population centre was. Hoping very much to avoid the Amazons as much as possible, I would sneak my way through the dense jungle and make my way to the epicentre where the magic feels the strongest. Understandably an outside observer would consider my trek through a jungle potentially infested with pirates and predators to be foolhardy even without the presence of strange magical energies, but I say one must never underestimate the will to make something happen, and convenient placed distraction for the pirates just over the horizon.

I suppose it was foolish of me not to consider the possibility of a patrol or guards here on the southern end, I came here with minimal equipment to ensure I could weave past any pursuers without confrontation. I snuck up behind a large rock not too far from my obstacle’s location, a small group of what must’ve been at least five Amazons, the accounts didn’t do them justice as their beauty and strength dwarfs anyone back on the mainland. Three of them were gathered around a fire while two of them stood watch a few meters away watching the shore, this scene seemed routine for the amazons as the ones around the fire enjoyed passing around what I could out as a bottle of expensive wine, likely taken in a recent raid, and the guards slouched their shoulders and weren’t really paying attention, led me to believe they weren’t expecting an attack. But one interesting feature was that not too far from the fire was a tall bamboo cage that looked to be holding a man, naked and maybe a little overweight, he appeared to be a prisoner, why keep him here and not at a decided prison? Then I realized having an unarmed and naked human being they could overpower must’ve been an irresistible treat to these sadists.

All the better for me then.

As the Amazons laughed and drank, I snuck through the shadows to get close enough to the imprisoned man to speak with him

“I’m an agent sent by the royal navy, all prisoners on these islands are being rescued now!”

I released the latch of the cage’s door holding the man captive, as I instructed him there was a landing party just north of our position, he took flight and brought the rest of the Amazons with him. And in no short order they quickly caught up to him, overpowered him and tied him in painful bondage, and though I couldn’t see what was happening, a shrill pain-filled squeal echoed as the Amazons had their way with their plaything.

I’ll be honest, there was no reason to do that, I just thought it’d be amusing.

But clearing away the Amazons had revealed one stroke of good luck; a clear cut path deeper into the jungle, perhaps a bit too convenient it most likely led to more guard outposts and perhaps their main population centre, but at the same time there was also a good chance of coming across a map or even the source of the magic itself, perhaps sealed within a decrepit old temple. I knew deep down this path would take me to the true power on these islands.


Damn it, damn it, damn it all to the 27th hell. How could I be so stupid!? How could I let my greed get the better of me?!? I mean ok, this isn’t the first time, the magic ring and that monster woman with the foot fetish but I don’t these the witch will be as willing to compromise a few moments with my feet in exchange for her magical McGuffin.

I thought the witch wouldn’t be that big a deal, I thought she’d just be another lunatic mage with pie in the sky dreams about megalomania, but no, I had stumbled on something much worse. I have to get out of here, I have to get back to the mainland and warn everyone!


As luck would have it I was right, only a brisk stroll away to the centre of the island to find a decrepit old temple from where the magical energy comes from. It seemed almost cliché, it looks old but wonder if this was a creation of the Amazons or another force like the pink haired witch; it didn’t matter much though as I was as it would soon be mine.

As I traversed through the temple I found the walls contained mosaics and reliefs that were far more elegant and beautiful than I had expected of the amazons; the images told a story, it started with what I’m assuming were these islands and how the women who eventually became the Amazons settled here. One day the Amazons were visited by an orb of lightning, what I’m going to assume was some kind of portal, and were visited by the pink haired witch; the Amazons at first tried to overpower the stranger but were beaten back as this witch had potent magics at her command, none of them lethal however, instead the witch could seemingly summon golems, doppelgangers and what looked like bondage devices from out of thin air.

Those who opposed her were tortured for days on end, she would personally see to it and wasn’t afraid to get her hands, or any other part of her body for that matter, dirty; she would personally torture their feet, breasts, genitals, any part of the body that was sensitive and she would relish the experience. The images however don’t allow me to see what her hands or her devices are doing to her prisoners’ bodies, I can only assume some manner of horrible tortures because, and I’m assuming, their faces appear contorted and twisted in some manner of agony.

Eventually the Amazons relented and ceased their attacks, the high chieftain herself came to the witch and prostrated herself before the invader, offering surrender as long as they could have their sisters back. But it seems the witch was quite happy about finally meeting the chieftain and receiving her offer only to make a counter-offer: that should her tribe pledge themselves to her as her undyingly loyal soldiers then the witch would use her magic to grant power and glory beyond their wildest dreams. The chieftain happily accepted, not really having a choice, and so the Amazons grew in strength and stature and began a violent push to become the most feared pirates this side of the continent, taking prizes of gold, jewellery and captives. The final relief speaks of the witch as returning to the island during the full moon, but there doesn’t seem to be a special purpose to it, or even to lead the Amazons, it seems she comes here more for personal entertainment.

Finally reaching the centre of the temple I saw what was causing the magical emanation, rather than a floating orb or idol that usually produces these things there was instead a gaggle of massive steam and smoke belching machines constructed to sustain the portal at the centre. Now I’m as power mad and hungry as the next wannabe warlock but I’m not foolish enough to risk my life on an alien dimension on top of all this. It looks like this whole thing was a wash, with an entire world to have to find the witch’s power I have little time or opportunity to find it before the Amazons notice my presence and take me prisoner.

And as if on cue things got worse, as the last possible person I ever wanted to see stepped through the portal and greeted me.

“Well now, welcome to my parlour and all that jazz.”


And that’s when I made a break for it out to the jungle, a small group of Amazons were waiting for me, they attacked me and tried to grab me but weren’t able to do more than tear my shoes and clothes off leaving me naked, a minor discomfort if it meant getting out of here as soon as possible.

That witch with the pink hair, isn’t just any sorceress, she a tyrant who ruled the world no more than 200 years ago. She was only known by the name Sadista, and the name was most fitting, she appeared out of nowhere and quickly seized power, with all the kings and queens of the land willingly allowing themselves and their families to be enslaved, as did any army or hero who opposed her, she was known as a wicked temptress who tortured her enemies and her allies, who drives people’s minds and bodies to the breaking point.

And then just as suddenly as she appeared, she disappeared with no way to know where she went. After she left, things went back to normal amazingly enough, and no one wished to speak of what actually went on in detail yet all was forgiven even to those you would consider traitors. For this reason very little is known about the witch Sadista aside from her name and face, penchant for sadomasochism and that the last time she was here she had the ability to control minds apparently. Nothing else was revealed about her and magic or how she tortured her enemies, it was like a great blanking out of people’s memories.

And now she’s here, on this island and looking for me, and all I want is to get out of here as quickly as possible before I piss myself.

I reached the end of my path out to where I landed my row boat, only to be faced a group of extremely displeased looking Amazons. I decided then and there to take my chances, nothing they could do to me could be worse than what Sadista. Unfortunately I was but a humble, short scholar and they were Amazonian pirates; the moment I made a move for the boat the closest one quickly tackled me to the ground and subdued me, straddling me and pinning my arms above my head. The sadistic women had their fun at my expense, tickling my prone feet and armpits and cooing to me, calling me their little doll; the teasing didn’t last long as they remembered they had a witch-queen to please and so set about binding my wrists and ankles to a bamboo pole, carrying me around like some kind of animal carcass.

As my captors came closer to Sadista’s temple I found more and more Amazons had come to see me trussed up and humiliated, they gathered at either side of the path to sneer and mock me, clucking their tongues and even sneaking some prods and grabs at my sides and breasts which tickled quite a lot.

In a short while we arrived the temple where an ornate altar in front of its entrance, the area around the temple had been lit up by what looked like at a hundred Amazons bearing torches; and sitting on a throne surrounded by candles eliminating her alabaster skin and menacing smile was the witch Sadista.

“You’re quite brave my little lost adventurer, normally people either avoid this island or they come armed to the teeth and backed by a small army, but you did us the pleasure of bring your sweet little self without a weapon or even a reliably good escape plan.”

As she spoke the Amazon untied me from the pole and moved me to the altar where my wrists and ankles again bond, this time to the corners of the altar, thus leaving completely exposed and vulnerable to whatever they wished to do with my body. My mind began to race with all the possibilities of what Sadista would do to me; there are no accounts of her past victims being physically hurt in a way that would cripple or maim them, but that wouldn’t matter as illusion magic was powerful enough to make the human mind feel like it was on fire without ever having a flame touch her. Aside from that who knows manner of horrible tortures these savages have devised to play upon their captives.
“Do you know what the penalty here is for thieves? Neither do I honestly, we’ve never had any thieves before, no one’s been that stupid.”

The pink haired witch continued her monologue as she rose from her throne and she slowly took steps towards me. I was too frightened to respond or say anything, I felt like a small child just wishing that if I stayed as still as I did I would just disappear.

“Do you have any suggestions? Or perhaps you prefer I use my imagination, I doubt you’d like that very much since anything I come up with would be purely for my own amusement, and that could only happen at the cost of your suffering.”

The sound of her stiletto heels on the stone steps as she came closer and closer, I gritted my teeth and closed my eyes as tightly as possible, hoping to just vanish but more likely because I didn’t want to see what torture she concocted.

“Or maybe you’d prefer my dear Amazons be the ones to decide your fate. Would you enjoy that little lady? Being ravaged by a real woman? I should warn you though, my girls might not have fully outgrown their savage ways.”

As if on cue one of the Amazons at my feet clamps her teeth down on the ball of my foot, I screamed even though the bite was playful and lightly scraping the skin.

I tried keep my eyes and maintain this pathetic little defence as long as I could, but I knew my time was up as two soft, sharp nailed hands cupped my cheeks in a gentle manner.

“Don’t you know it’s rude not to look your hostess in the eye? Such a naughty girl deserves a special kind of punishment.”

I opened my eyes, so frightened to face whatever the witch had planned for me, I was now desperate enough to play the role of her dog in hopes of her taking pity on me. I opened my eyes to myself come face to face with the wickedest witch who ever was.

“Tell me my sweet, what would be a suitable punishment for your crime?”

“PLEASE I BEG YOU!! Please spare me, I don’t want to die, please I’m sorry for what I did, let me serve you, let me be your slave, your dog; anything just please hurt me!!”

It was pitiful and degrading, but my fear was so great of all the horrors she could’ve inflicted upon my body that this seemed like the only option.

“Oh sweetie, that cute little display of yours has filled my heart with glee; so as a reward for your performance I won’t let my girl eat you alive right here on this altar. Isn’t that right ladies.”

A loud clacking sound responded to the witch, I realized it was the entire tribe chattering their teeth to mock me.

“No but I’m sure they’ll think of something to use their mouths for, they are awfully creative when it comes to torturing a scrumptious sacrificial lamb such as yourself.”

Before I could beg anymore I found myself laughing uncontrollably, I could feel them at my feet, at least four amazons had started tickling my feet, their hands covered in oil that softens my skin and makes it seem tastier to my tormentors. Sharp fingernails from large hands bigger than my petite feet took great pleasure in torturing every tiny ticklish bit of skin on my soles, while my toes were assaulted by teeth and tongues and the imprisonment within my assailants’ mouths as my toes were tasted and teased by two torturers per foot, between licked, tickled and bitten every which way into every available crevice.

Things only grew worse as it seemed like the entire tribe wanted a piece of me, with Amazons converging on my restrained body, it soon felt like my entire body was covered with the hands and mouths of these beautiful giantesses. I won’t deny that it was at this point that I was quite turned on.

Along my legs the Amazons indulged in a decadent orgy of tasting my flesh, disconcertingly pouring honey along my calves and thighs and lapping and nibbling it up from my skin, hands brought in to restrain and grope my thigh muscles, many of them comparable in size those of a large, muscular male, yet distinctly female in shape and sensuality, all of them tickling under my legs and the back of my knee. I won’t deny that this was a sexually appealing scenario.

More Amazons crowded around my sides, continuing their feasting upon my honeyed flesh, scratching and scraping along my skin, my ribs and armpits were particular favourites of the tribe as hands almost large enough to envelope my ribcage kneaded their knuckles in there with wild abandon as well as punishing my armpits with wicked techniques, getting their fingers and fingernails deep into the flesh and muscle, leading to them becoming swore and bruised, despite which they continued for other reason than sadism.

My breasts, though quite small compared to theirs, became objects of lust as the ticklers attacking my sides rested their heads upon my breasts, placing their mouths upon my nipples and sucked and nibble and raspberried like sadistic infants, their mouths were too large to allow another orgy to occur there, instead their massive mouths when outstretched to their widest almost swallowed my breast whole, they sucked upon the flesh taking turns and leaving them reddened from their abuse.

The final part of my body, my genitals, gained special attention, I couldn’t make out all her details but the Amazon who claimed my genitals as her own was dressed in a regal looking headdress from little I was able to see, I assumed she was the high chieftain of the tribe, who was allowed mark where her meal was. She feasted as hungrily and viciously like her fellows, pulling back the flesh of my labia to expose my clitoris and vagina to be tasted by her serpentine tongue.

Waves of pleasures came over me as it seemed the tongue must’ve been enchanted as it changed itself constantly, adding new elements to its form to enhance its pleasure giving abilities, she would enter me with slimy, wet snake whose muscles made me shiver as this mighty beast’s flesh made contact with my sensitive flesh; but sometimes she would make her tongue harsher, causing it to sprout out little soft hook-like tentacles or with a fine mane of fur that felt like each hair was covered with a feathery material.

My clitoris enjoyed her attention as well, being licked by her tongue, wrapping around my clit, tightly coiling and twisting itself around it like a giant snake trying to strangle the life out of it but was if anything breathing life in.

And so while all this happened, as I was licked, tickled and forced to have orgasm after orgasm dominate my physical senses, she stood there all the while, not tickling, not touching, just watching; her eyes completely aligned with mine, unable to look away and unable to escape; I found myself in a strange hypnotic trance, I didn’t know if she was indeed trying to hypnotize or perform some cruel hex, but one thing was certain she was taking pleasure in my suffering.


That was the last thing I can remember before blacking out, and now here I am, stuck in a very literal gilded cage made of what seemed to be gold yet hard enough I wasn’t able to make a dent in it, at this point I was too tired to even guess at this point.

The cage itself had a giant black cloak over it, I’m sure that since I’m still alive Sadista and her Amazons were preparing another death trap or torture device to attach me to but didn’t want to ruin the surprise, that was my initial guess based on the fact that I could hear the hum of Sadista’s infernal machines behind my veil.

The veil was removed not long after I regained consciousness, I saw that I was back in the central chamber of the temple with the great machine from earlier active. It looked like some manner of mechanical teleporter, a revolutionary device in its own right, it seemed that large crates of cargo were shipped to the ‘other side’, wherever that may be.

“Oh good you’re awake, I was worried you’d miss my expository that explains where your new home will be.”

The witch Sadista appeared beside my cage, with her smug, self-satisfied smile that I already had my fill of before I lost consciousness.

“I know who you are, I know you’re witch queen who enslaved the world centuries ago.” My indignation in this case more than made up for any kind of bravado I could muster.

“Oh my I’ve been found out. Tell me is the part where you’re supposed to call the police and I am made all bother about how I would’ve gotten away with it if it weren’t for you nosey kids?”

I honestly didn’t know how to respond to that, what manner of cultural reference or sarcastic logic was she trying to make?

“Oh forgive me, I do sometimes forget your people don’t watch Scooby Doo. But I don’t know an inquisitive mind when I catch, always so desperate to find answers like a rat in a skinner box.”

Sadista approached the cage, her hands grasping a pair of bars and her face brought right up to the cage; it was good my wrists and ankles were bound lest I punch and kick her irrelevant of the consequences.

“As you probably surmised from that teleporter over there I’m not exactly a local, in fact I’m not even from your dimension. Your home has become something of a vacation spot for me, it’s not often I can sadomize princesses, lay dragons or enslave entire countries.”

Was this woman serious? The existence of alternate dimension other than the planes was the most nebulous of theories, to hear that it was real and that my world was a plaything for this fiendish woman.

“Why then?! Of all the places you could go and create havoc why of all places did you choose my home?! Why can’t you stay in your own world and leave mine alone!!”

“Oh my dear, of course I have the time of my life back home, why I’d be lost without my slaves and victims and adversaries, but there’s only so many times I can torture a curious sorority or lotion up Silken Arches before I start craving a change now and then.”

So it comes down to this does it? My world was vacation spot for this woman, nothing meant anything then, all the struggles of gods and demons, of good and evil, was just amuse this sadist.

“You’re stunned I know, but don’t worry sweetie, you’ll have a special seat from where you can view what I’m planning for your world this time around. You see I kept you around for a very special reason, the Amazons out there aren’t just another amusement, oh no I’ve taken quite a liking to them, when this is all over I might bring them home with me and make them my enforcers or overseers. You see I’m arming and training them, my own personal arming of dominatrixes with the most advanced sex instruments that my estate has been able to produce.”

It was then that I realized that the teleporter was bringing in a parallel set of crates for each one that was being sent to Sadista’s world there was one being moved by conveyer belt outside the temple.

“And you my special little thief will have an oh so special role in it; the Amazon queen wanted you so badly as a pet after last night, so we compromised that instead she be allowed to witness the tests.”

What tests?

“Why the tests for all the new weapons that’ll be used by the Amazons, every lotion, every fake nail designs, every new rope fibre and bondage device. I do hope for your sake you have enough hope to attempt an escape, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to see whether or not all conditioning we put those poor monsters through actually worked.”

And so it was that the gilded cage became my home, days and nights ran together, whether through exhaustion or drugs I slept for what felt like days but soon time became impossible to determine; the only time that mattered was the time between tests, time between being molested by the Amazons and Sadista, time became the only luxury, the only previous currency for the only thing I value anymore: the illusion of peace of mind.

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Looking forward to more of your work !!

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You really mean that? I was actually worried it was subpar for don't having enough detail work on the actual tickle scenes themselves

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Fine story. :D