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03-29-2015, 07:33 AM
“Hey Jess, time to get up.” Brent just finished making breakfast and walked up to his younger brother’s room. “Yo little bro, breakfast’s ready.” He walked in the room, pulled back the curtains, and sunlight flooded the room. Brent then opened the windows letting the warm spring breeze chase away the staleness of winter. “Damn, this boy can sleep through anything.” He reached down and shook the slumbering youth. “I guess I’ll just have to resort to drastic measures.” Slowly, Brent pulled the covers off his bro’s feet. Wrapping his arm around the left ankle, Brent scratched his nails along the soft exposed arch. “Holy Fuck…” Immediately, Jesse’s eyes popped open and he burst into a fit of wild high pitched laughter. “Don’t blame me little bro, I’ve been trying to get you up.” Brent smiled as he pulled Jesse’s toes back and drug his index nail along the ball of the ticklish sole. “Shit, not there please. I’m up, I’m up.” Squirming and thrashing with everything he had, Jesse was trying to pull free. “I’m not quite sure you’re fully awake yet.”

Straddling Jesse’s legs, Brent used one hand to gently squeeze just above his brother’s hips, and used his other hand to tickle the balls of his feet. “I fuckin’ give. I give.” Jesse screamed out as both his worst tickle spots were being exploited. “Hehe ok I’ll let you get ready.” Brent got up as his heaving tickle victim recovered. “Your wake up calls suck” Jesse threw a pillow at the closing door. Jesse got up, walked to the bathroom, and splashed water on his face. He fixed his spiked black hair, grabbed his favorite green tank top, a pair of slim fit jeans he got from his modeling gig, and slipped on his favorite leather flip-flops. He checked himself in the door length mirror. Even though he was a model with his brother’s agency, Jesse didn’t think he was as good looking as everyone else did. However, he did think his size 12 feet were his best feature.

“Those jeans look amazing on you.” “Thanks, they’re the pair I was just modeling for the store last weekend.” Having breakfast together was the best way for them to catch up with each other’s activities. “I got No Lies booked at next month’s fundraiser.” “You’re so awesome. I’ll get to work with Lonnie on some songs. I’m staying with him tonight. We’re working on the Victorian you helped us get. Hopefully we’ll have everything done in the next couple of months.” “Sweet, I was just gonna say you’re on your own for dinner tonight. I’m going over to Jay’s after work.” After cleaning up, the brothers went to finish getting ready for their day. Jesse crept into Brent’s bedroom. Brent was searching for the right tie to go with his shirt. “Hehe what the…” He started squirming and laughing as his younger bro’s fingers explored his ultra ticklish ribs and sides. “Heh thought you could use a little payback for this morning bro.”

Jesse smiled and continued his tickle journey up into Brent’s pits. “You hehe little shit” Brent’s knees buckled, he collapsed into a heap of ticklish squeals. “Tickle tickle Brent” Straddling the incapacitated victim, Jesse grabbed Brent’s size 11 nylon sock clad foot. “Oh shit not my…” He was cut off mid-sentence as Jesse’s nails glided up and down the vulnerable sole. All Brent could do was squirm and scream with childish wild laughter. “Hehe I give, I give.” Brent’s fists pounded the floor and he was starting to sweat. “Ok, I’ll be nice.” Jesse got off his bro and helped him to his feet. “You’re so dead for that.” “I know, but admit it you had fun.” “Yeah I did.” Brent gave Jesse a hug. “I’m outta here. Love ya bro, have a good day.” “Love ya too little bro, be careful.” Brent watched as Jesse hopped into his ’65 Mustang and drove off.

Lonnie was already at the store. He was getting the measurements for the custom fit leather pants he ordered. “Hehe hey be careful Chris.” “I can’t help that you’re so ticklish Lonnie.” Proving his point, Chris goosed the young model. “Ahh no fair” Lonnie jumped and squealed from the tickle. “Hey Jess, how are you this morning?” “I’m good Mike, how are you?” “Great as always, we’re looking forward to the fundraiser.” “Us too, the songs Lonnie and I are working on are freakin’ awesome.” “Hey Jesse” Lonnie called out from the corner. “Hey Lonnie, you’re here early.” “I had to get the final measurements done for the new outfit.” “You’re all set Lonnie.” “Thanks Chris” Lonnie gave the tailor a hug and started getting dressed. As he was putting his socks and shoes on, Jesse became fixated on Lonnie’s feet.

“Yo! Earth to Jesse” “Huh” “Are you ready to go?” “S-sure let’s get outta here.” Lonnie jumped in his ’79 CJ7, and then he and Jesse headed out to their new house at the edge of town. They pulled up to a three story Victorian. It was already set up so three families could live on each level. Lonnie and Jesse decided to live on the main level and rent out the other two. “I still can’t believe Brent was able to help us get this.” “I know. You have the coolest bro Jesse.” “He’s you’re bro too ya know.” Giving Lonnie a hug, Jesse started getting things together. After a few hours of working, the two guys were exhausted. “Are you ready for some dinner?” “Dude, I’m starving.” “I’ll go to the store and get some food. You want to come with?” “Nah, I’m gonna sit down and rest a little.” “Cool, I’ll be back shortly.” Once Jesse kicked off his shoes and stretched out on the couch he drifted off.

“Hey, I’m back.” Lonnie brought the bags in. “Damn, he really was exhausted.” Lonnie smiled as he took everything to the kitchen. Looking back at Jesse, he couldn’t help but think how cute he was. “Jess dinner’s ready.” Lonnie said as he lightly ran his fingers along Jesse’s socked feet. “Hehe that tickles, wait don’t take your feet away bro.” “Wow, Jesse’s got a subconscious foot fetish.” “Lonnie, I’ll make a deal with you. Let me play with your feet and I’ll give you complete access to mine.” As he talked in his sleep, his toes were wiggling in his socks. “Shit, he’s got a thing for my feet. That’s hot.” Even though Lonnie wanted to see where this was going, he decided to wake Jesse for dinner. “Jesse it’s time to get up.” Lonnie pinned the unsuspecting feet and started scratching his nails over the soles. “Holy Shit I’m up, I’m up.” Jesse almost fell off the couch from the tickling as he tried to pull free. “You fucker” “I tried getting you up, it didn’t work.” “Just wait bro.” “Yeah, yeah that’s big talk for such a ticklish guy.” “Don’t forget you’re ticklish too.” They went back and forth as Lonnie served dinner.

“Hey Jess, if you want to you can sleep in my room tonight.” “Thanks, I’ll take you up on that, since the other bedrooms aren’t finished yet.” Ever since they were young, Lonnie and Jesse somehow ended up sharing a bed when they spent the night together. It was part of their close bond, and complete trust in one another. With the decision of continuing work the next day, the two relaxed on the couch watching TV. Jesse reached over, put Lonnie’s feet in his lap, and started gently massaging them. “Fuck that feels good.” Lonnie laid back, closed his eyes, and was lost in the feeling. “Hehe don’t tickle my feet.” Lonnie suddenly squealed. Jesse had started a surprise tickle assault on Lonnie’s bare feet. “Aw is the little boy too ticklish?” Jesse smiled as he scratched the center of Lonnie’s arch. “You’re a hehe fuckin’ ahh hehe asshole.” Lonnie’s giggles became girlish squeals as he pulled his feet free. After another round of verbal taunts the two were ready for bed.

“Whoa, hehe what’s gotten hehe on my feet?” Lonnie softly giggled. He looked to see what caused the wet ticklish sensation on his toes. “Mmm damn your feet are awesome.” Jesse was in a dream sequence. He’d crawled down to Lonnie’s bare plump toes and was suckling them. “Hehe hey Jess, that tickles.” Lonnie knew from time to time Jesse would sleepwalk. He figured this was the same concept. “Ahh not the teeth” Lonnie squirmed and jerked in ticklish ecstasy as Jesse’s teeth scraped along the soft milky soles. “Oh fuck I love your feet. The taste, the ticklishness, and your cute toes it’s all perfect.” Jesse’s tongue slipped between and around the base of Lonnie’s toes. “Fuck that’s amazing.” Leaning his head back, Lonnie let himself get lost in the sensation. After an hour of nonstop tickle/worship, Jesse lay back on his pillow, and cuddled against Lonnie.

The next morning, Jesse made no mention of what happened the night before. After breakfast, the two started perfecting their set list for the fundraiser. As the day wore on, Lonnie was dying to figure out everything, but he didn’t know how. “Hey Lonnie, let’s take a break.” “You read my mind bro.” Getting to a stopping point with their reno, Jesse and Lonnie went for a swim. After some playful splashing and horseplay, the boys relaxed on a couple of lounge floats. Looking over at Jesse, Lonnie knew he was wrestling with something. “What’s on your mind?” “I’ve been wondering all day why my mouth tasted like feet when I got up.” “Um I think you and I need to have a talk.” Jesse looked at Lonnie with a confused expression. “Ok, what’s up?” “Well, you know how you sometimes sleepwalk?” “Yeah” “Last night you tickled and worshipped my feet. And when you were sleeping before dinner yesterday, you told me you loved my feet.” “Holy fuckin’ shit. You’re kidding me right?” “Nope, you’ve got a developing fetish for at least my feet.”

Suddenly, the light bulb went off. Visions of all the times Jesse was enthralled by Lonnie’s feet and toes came back to him. “Damn, I-I don’t know what to say.” “You don’t have to say anything bro. This doesn’t have to change anything between us. We can still be just as playful and intimate as we always have.” “Are you sure?” “Dude, we’ve got too much chemistry to walk away because of this. It actually can take things to another level just like always. We already jerk off together, tickle each other, sleep in the same bed, comfort and cuddle, and now we can have more feet fun.” Lonnie paddled over to Jesse, and looked in his eyes. “I guess you’re right.” Jesse looked away as he blushed. “I know I’m right, besides I’m totally into these feet of yours too.” To prove his point, Lonnie took hold of Jesse’s left foot. Gently caressing the smooth sole, and lightly running the tip of his tongue along the base of the plump toes. “Mmm hehe that tickles.” Jesse’s moans were interrupted by his boyish giggles, as his toes and feet instinctively flexed and wiggled.

“You’re just too cute.” Lonnie commented before suckling each toe. “Hehe shit you’re freakin’ awesome.” The feeling of complete euphoria rushed over Jesse’s quivering body, setting his senses on fire. “Hehe hey not the nails it tickles like crazy.” Jesse screeched and fell off his float as Lonnie launched a surprise tickle attack. “Hehe gotcha” Laughing as he swam to the steps, Lonnie got out of the pool, and headed inside. “You’re so dead.” Jesse followed Lonnie into the house. “I’m starving, how about you?” “I could go for some feet, err I mean food.” Jesse blushed at his Freudian slip. “Mmm hmm, I bet you could go for that. Let’s get some pizza.” “Sweet, I’ll go this time.” Jesse got dressed, grabbed his wallet, and slipped into his flip-flops. “I’ll be back soon.” He surprised Lonnie by kissing his cheek and playfully slapping his ass as he walked out the door.

Lonnie and Jesse kicked back with their pizza and beer watching “Once Upon A Time.” “Lonnie” “Yeah” “Are you sure nothing’s gonna change between us cause of this new revelation?” Lonnie turned off the show, and looked into Jesse’s eyes. “I can’t promise anything.” Lonnie reached over and gently caressed his bud’s leg. “What I can tell you is that this doesn’t have to come between us. If you’re comfortable with it, we can explore this together.” Jesse kept staring at Lonnie’s sock clad feet and wiggling toes. “I’m like really nervous.” “It’s perfectly normal to be nervous. You’re learning something new about yourself.” Lonnie inched closer to Jesse, wrapping his arms around him. Closing his eyes, Jesse laid his head on Lonnie’s shoulder. “I just don’t want us to feel weird around each other. We’ve been friends for so long, you’re as much my brother as Brent is.” “I know kiddo. I feel the same way.”

“Did you just call me kiddo?” Jesse jumped on Lonnie’s lap tickling his sides. “Oh shit, don’t tickle me there.” Lonnie began screeching with high pitched laughter. His body squirmed and bucked under his friend’s weight. “Coochie coochie Lonnie boy” Jesse teased as he moved his ticklish assault into the hollows of Lonnie’s smooth pits. “Fuck, that’s torture.” Amidst the tickling, Lonnie and Jesse fell off the couch on the floor. “So, do you really think anything will change?” Panting and wiping the sweat from his forehead, Lonnie got up and went to the bedroom. “You coming?” Jesse straightened up the mess they made and locked up for the night.