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03-29-2015, 09:03 AM
So, I am in line at the security checkpoint at the airport. I take my shoes off and place them on the belt. The TSA lady looks down at my feet and I think oh no! I get through the line and she says to come with her and that I can have my shoes back after I answer some questions. We go into a small room and she locks the door! She asks me what kind of socks I am wearing and has me put my foot on her lap! I tell her they are tube socks. She then asks me if my feet are ticklish! My face turns red as she wiggles her fingers on the bottom of my foot! I try not to laugh, but she is a really good tickler! My sock foot wiggles all around and she say to keep it still! She takes a break to untie her boot and says that we have a half hour and if I cooperate I will still make my flight. She lifts her leg up and asks me to pull her boot off! Out comes her foot with the same super soft comfy brand of tube socks I have on! Pulling her boot off makes her sock all floppy and loose on the toes and she tells me to tickle her socky foot good as she tickles mine back! We tickle each other for the full half hour! She gives me her business card and says that if I call her after her shift and donít leave town I can tickle her other socky foot;)