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Cassidy's Big Mistake Pt. 14

Warning: Intense

Heather emerged from her ‘playroom’ slowly, wiping the sweat from her brow before tying her hair into a loose bun. Torturing Monica had been a blast, almost as fun as playing with Cassidy, and so much so that Heather had almost lost track of time and forgotten that her mother and Isabelle were due to arrive at the cabin shortly. Leaving Monica strapped to the bondage table Heather locked the door and checked her watch before walking down the hall to the room where Cassidy’s mother, Catherine, was being held. Licking her lips Heather punched the room’s access code into a small keypad by the door and walked in.

*2 Hours Ago*

Though she was upset that she had basically been sent to bed, Reya couldn’t deny that the day’s activities had exhausted her and was asleep the moment her head hit the plush pillows Heather had provided her in her already extravagant room. There would be no ‘good night sleep’ tonight, however, as a short time later Reya, a natural light sleeper, woke almost instantaneously once she found that she could no longer move her body.

“H-huh? W-what’s going-MMMPNNHNPHH!??”

Reya was unable to finish her sentence as a large, over-sized ball-gag was shoved in her mouth and buckled tightly behind her head. Instantly alert, Reya began to thrash and pull at the straps that now held her body spread eagle to her bed.


Reya screamed as she tried to make out the identity of her attacker in the darkness.

“Relax ‘Chica’ I’m not going to hurt you. I’m just here to have a little chat, okay?”

Instantly recognizing her intruder’s voice Reya calmed and and slowly nodded her head.

“I only have an hour until the lady of the house returns, but trust me”

The voice said softly as Reya felt a hand trace up her leg slowly until it reached her exposed pussy.

“You’re going to want to hear what I have to say.”

Reya nodded her head slowly, moaning softly as unseen fingers found her clit and began to rub it slowly.

“But first”

Reya’s unseen intruder said as its unseen, teasing fingers were withdrawn,

“I’m going to have a little fun with you pretty girl.”

Puzzled, Reya again searched the darkness for her attacker until she felt fingers scratching softly on the soles of her feet.


Reya began to scream and thrash as unseen fingers began raking their nails up and down her exposed and very ticklish bare feet.


“Oh hush little girl, I’m just-warming you up, that’s all.”

The intruder said with a girlish giggle.

“Tickle tickle tickle little Chica.”


Reya screamed as tears began to streak down her cheeks. But after a few minutes, as quickly as it began, the tickling stopped. As she tried to catch her breath Reya felt the pressure on the bed shift as though someone was climbing onto the bed with her. Moments later the then felt her ball-gag being unbuckled and removed. With the gag removed Reya began gulping down fresh air before the questions began to flow.

“W-why are you *gasp* doing this to me?”


The intruder asked as she fondled Reya’s exposed breasts,

“Because it’s fun, really. Honestly, this has been the plan all along my pretty little Reya.”

“Y-you know *gasp* when she finds out what you’re doing *gasp* you’re going to wish you were dead.”

“Oh trust me she won’t even see what I have planned coming cutie, none of you have. Which is why I’m here, I have a little proposition for you.”


Standing outside on her driveway Heather watched as a sleek black Mercedes pulled up and parked in front of the cabin. Emerging from the driver’s side door was a young Asian woman with pale skin and jet black hair and eyes. A pair of thick rimmed glasses accented her black business suit and skirt. Heather watched silently as the young woman made her way around to the rear passenger door and opened it for an older woman with greying brown hair and dark brown eyes.

The woman said nothing to her driver as she quickly made her way to the front door. She appeared upset and Heather had seen that expression and walk on more than one occasion before.

“Isabelle! Mother! It’s so good to see you!”

Heather said as she went to embrace her mother.

“Yes darling it’s nice to see you too. Now please let me inside, I need a drink and my feet are killing me.”

Janet Foster said as she walked right by Heather without pause and straight into the cabin.

“Lady Heather, it is good to see you again.”

Isabelle said as she bowed slightly before following Janet inside.

“It’s great to see you too Izzy, please make yourself at home.”

Heather said as she followed the petite woman back inside the cabin.

As Janet and Isabelle relaxed inside the cabin’s luxurious living room, Heather prepared drinks in the kitchen. Prepping her mother’s favorite cocktail, however, Heather made sure to add her very own ‘special ingredient’.

“I say darling this cabin looks absolutely dreadful.”

Janet called out from her chair in the living room.

“This furniture looks like it’s at least two months old and these floors look like they haven’t had a good waxing in days. And where is your help Heather, please tell me you don’t actually prepare your own drinks darling.”

“Oh no mommy I usually don’t, but the maid is-ah-out for the evening. When you said you were coming I gave her the night off so we could enjoy the evening ourselves. “

“Please Heather, darling, don’t get caught up in sentiment, it doesn’t suit a girl like you at all.”

“Oh course not mommy, I won’t. Not ever again.”

Heather muttered to herself as she made her way into the living room.

Serving her mother and Isabelle Heather took a seat across from the two as Janet took a sip of her evening cocktail.

“Oh darling this is absolutely dreadful, but I suppose it will have to do. Now listen Heather I simply must tell you what happened when we landed at that awful airport.”

“It must’ve been terrible mother, please do.”

Heather said as she smiled and took a sip of her own drink.

*1 Hour Ago*

Although her evening had ended nicely, Emily Sinclair’s day could best be described as traumatic. Abducted from her home and tortured to the brink of sanity by three old classmates Emily wasn’t sure how she survived, or if she could take another day like today. Unfortunately for the slumbering girl that day would come much sooner than she expected.

Emily never heard her intruder enter her room, and, in her depth of sleep, never felt her tie her down to her own bed. But Emily felt the gentle slaps that roused her from her sleep, and upon realizing her predicament Emily began to panic.

“W-what’s going on? What are you doing in my room?”

Emily said as she tugged on the straps that held her fast to her bed.

“I’m just here to have a little chat Em.”

“Please, haven’t you done enough to me? Please let me sleep, I’m so tired.”

Emily whimpered as she held back tears.

“I’m afraid I can’t do that Emily, you and I have some important business to discuss.”

“Business? What business? Please, please leave me alone.”

“In due time cutie, in due time. But until then”

Emily’s face went pale as her all-too-familiar intruder held up a familiar white bottle.

“No, please no. Please, don’t use that on me again! Please don’t! I’ll do anything you want, I swear it!”

“I’m sure you will Emily, but I need to be one hundred percent sure.”

“Please, please don’t! Please don’t! P-PLEASE SOMEBODY HEL-MMPNNPHHH!!!!”

Emily’s screams for help were silenced when a rag soaked in the sadistic hellfire sauce was shoved into her mouth followed by a few strips of duct tape.

Almost immediately Emily’s face turned bright red. Sweat began to appear on her forehead and fresh tears began to fall from her eyes. Why was this happening? Why now? All poor Emily wanted to do was sleep. Why wouldn’t she let her sleep? Emily’s thoughts, however, were interrupted by the feeling of fingers raking up and down her helpless and hyper sensitive bare feet.


Emily sobbed between hysterical laughter beneath her gag as her feet were tortured. It was an instant hell for the poor, pampered and broken young woman. With her mouth on absolute fire and her ability to scream and laugh muted, Emily wasn’t sure what was worse, the tickling or the hellfire sauce.

“Tickle tickle tickle little Emmy. That’s it pretty girl laugh, laugh for me my little Emmy! God you are so adorable, I feel like I could just eat you up! I think you’ll be my favorite little Emmy!”

The intruder said as she raked her nails faster and faster up and down Emily’s frantically wiggling feet.

Her face bright red, her hair plastered to her face drenched by sweat, Emily continued to sob and laugh beneath her gag. She didn’t know why this was happening and didn’t know what she could do to make it stop. So Emily suffered and suffered. For over forty minutes Emily Sinclair was tortured out of her mind until, as quickly as it began, the tickling stopped.

Sobbing hysterically Emily couldn’t focus on anything that was happening to her, but after a few minutes the poor girl calmed down. But as Emily regained her composure and focus her face went absolutely white as she eyed her intruder lubing up a massive strap-on dildo and crawl onto the bed between her legs. Panicking Emily began to thrash and buck in her bondage, begging frantically beneath her gag. Giggling slightly her intruder reached down and removed Emily’s gag.

“Please! Please don’t use that on me! Please you know I’m a virgin! Please don’t take that from me! Please I’ll do anything! I’ll lick your pussy! I’ll make you cum! I promise! I’ll be your slave; I’ll do anything you want! I swear it! I’ll be your slave forever *sob* just please don’t do this to me!!”

Emily begged hysterically as her attacker just watched with a sadistic smile on her face. After a moment of feigning thought the intruder spoke softly, and coldly.

“I like your offer Emily, I really do. And I accept it. But you have it all wrong my dear, I’m not going to ‘take’ anything from you. You’re going to give it to me, willingly.”

“W-what? Y-you want me to-to give myself to you?”

The confused girl asked.

“Yes Emily. I want you. All of you and I will have you. Trust me.”

“Uh-uh okay. I’ll do it. If you won’t tickle me anymore I’ll do it. I swear.”

“Oh no my dear, there are no negotiations. Not this time. You will give yourself to me Emily, but first you will beg me to take your virginity.”


Emily’s hell began anew as she felt ten well-manicured nails descend on her helpless and exposed armpits. Squirming wilding Emily tried to beg, tried to plead for mercy to no avail. Her intruder simply licked her lips and squealed with glee as the beautiful young heiress struggled furiously beneath her.


“That’s a good girl Emily, beg! Beg for me pretty little Emily! BEG!”

And that’s exactly what Emily would try to do for another twenty minutes. But for now silent laughter would steal her voice leaving her helpless to the ticklish onslaught being brought down on her helpless and exposed body. After nearly one hour of torment Emily’s attacker ended her assault when Emily began to show signs of fainting. Untying her captive and tucking her exhausted body back into bed Emily’s uninvited guest asked one final parting question.

“To whom do you belong little slave?”

“T-to you, my mistress.”

The exhausted girl replied before her intruder gave her a long, deep parting kiss.

“Yes darling, yes you do. Now unfortunately I have to go now, but you will not mention this night to anyone. My plan is still not complete and there is much more to do. Goodnight sweet Emily.”

Turning off the light the intruder closed the door and made her way down the hallway to where Catherine Brown was being held. Entering quickly and silently she closed the door.


She muttered to herself as the door’s automatic lock kicked in,


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So glad this story is back in all its twisted, dark glory, though was hoping for more Monica torture. Looks like Heather is about to get hers in a way she was not expecting, and I have a few theories on just who it is that is about to turn the tables!

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I am SO happy to see this back. Please keep going...best series on the site

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The plot thickens!!! I was very excited to see a new entry in this fantastic series, it made my week!

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Part 15?

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