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Sarah's New Family Pt. 1

“Dad don’t forget that I’ll need someone to pick me up after poetry club today.”

Sarah Mason said as she rinsed her breakfast dishes in the sink.

“Oh I’m so sorry darling but your mother and I will be leaving for Jonesboro this afternoon.
I have my quarterly budget meeting with the firm, and your mother will be going with me.
Megan, would you mind picking up Sarah from school later this evening?”

Peter Mason asked his new stepdaughter as she entered the kitchen.

“As a matter of fact, I would.”

Megan answered as she grabbed a breakfast bar and headed for the door.

“Your father was being polite Megan, but you will pick”

Megan’s mother, Elaine, began.

“He’s not my father.”

Megan countered before her mother could finish.

“We were trying to be polite Megan, but if you do not pick up Sarah from school this evening
you can forget about that car until graduation!”

Sarah’s father fumed.


Megan cried as she stuffed her breakfast into her backpack.

“I don’t mind walking home dad.”

Sarah said, her eyes avoiding Megan’s cold stare.

“We’re not having this discussion girls, Megan this is not an option you will pick up Sarah or
that car is gone! Do you understand!?”

Elaine Mason said firmly.

“Fuck! Whatever! Let’s go freak!”

Megan said as she stormed out of the house and out to the driveway.

“Bye dad, bye Elaine have a nice trip.”

Sarah said as she quickly followed Megan out to the driveway.

“I don’t know if those two will ever get along.”

Peter said with a sigh.

“Don’t worry darling, I’m sure this weekend alone will do wonders for them.

Elaine reassured her new husband.

“Do you have all your crap?”

Megan said as she pulled out of the driveway.

“Y-yes, thanks for the ride Megan.”

Sarah squeaked out.

“Don’t thank me freak, thank my mom.”

Megan said as they sped off to school.

It had only been two months since Sarah’s father Peter had married Megan’s mother
Elaine, but Sarah’s excitement over gaining a new mother and a sibling had already
long since died. From the get-go it seemed Megan had nothing but contempt for Sarah
and her father and Sarah had no idea why. Although both would soon be turning nineteen,
age was all they had in common. Where Sarah was a cute and mousey 5’1” with long blond
hair and bright green eyes which she hid behind large, thick rimmed glasses, Megan was a
beautiful and bossy 5’10” with short black hair and eyes. She was also captain of the girls’
basketball team, which seemed far more impressive when compared to Sarah’s vice presidency
of the school’s poetry club.

The two never argued in the traditional sense, but rather Megan simply bossed Sarah around
and Sarah being much smaller and far more submissive simply took what Megan dished out.
But as bad as things had been so far Sarah still held out hope that she and Megan would one
day get along. But Sarah did admit to herself that being left alone with this tyrant for an entire
weekend didn’t seem like a good way to make that happen.

School flew by as it always did and at 6:30 Sarah waited patiently at the school’s entrance for
her ride. By 7pm, however, Sarah accepted that there would be no ride tonight and silently
made her way home. Arriving home an hour later Sarah tossed her backpack on her bed and
made her way to the shower. It was a long walk home and Sarah was both tired and sweaty.

As she basked in the comfort of a nice hot shower and made plans for a quiet evening at home,
however, Sarah was unaware that Megan was already home. Exiting the shower in her favorite
fluffy bathrobe, Sarah grabbed her cell phone and called in a pizza while she began looking for
the family weenie dog, George.

“George!? Georgie? Where are you little guy?”

Sarah called as she went room to room, looking for the tiny little dog.

Continuing her search Sarah approached her parent’s room and opened the door, and what she
saw stopped her dead in her tracks. Inside her parent’s room Sarah found Megan going through
her birth mother’s jewelry box, looking for something nice to wear for her date later that evening.
Shocked, the two girls locked eyes for a moment before Sarah broke the silence.

“U-um y-you’re not supposed to be in here.”

Sarah said softly as her knees began to shake.

“Oh yeah? What’re you gonna do about it nerd?”

Megan said as she dropped the jewelry and took a few steps toward Sarah, causing her to back up slowly.

“N-nothing, but that’s m-my mom’s stuff and”

Sarah muttered as she backed up into the wall.

“Yeah? And what’re you going to do, tell your daddy?”

“N-no I was just looking for George and it was an accident and I”

“Shut up!”

Megan said angrily, leaning in and pinning Sarah to the wall.

“Look nerd, I’m taking some of this jewelry for my date. And when I’m done,
I’ll bring it back okay? But if you say anything to your lame ass dad about this
I will break you into little pieces, got that?”

Megan said as she poked Sarah forcefully in her ribs to make her point.


Sarah said as she jumped slightly.

“Whoa, what’s wrong with you freak? All I did was touch you.”

Megan said as she took a step back.

“N-nothing I’m just a little ticklish there is all.”

Sarah said a she tried to make her way to the door.

“Oh? Ticklish huh? How ticklish?”

Megan said as she took a step towards her new sister.

“I’m not r-really all that ticklish Megan; you just surprised me that’s all.”

Sarah said as she made her way out the door, trying to get to her room.

“Oh really? Well why don’t we find out just how ticklish you really are nerd.”

Megan said as she licked her lips.

“N-no Megan please don’t. I need to get dressed, please leave me alone.”

Sarah said nervously as she turned to leave.

“Oh I don’t think so little Sarah, come here!”

Megan said as she followed her sister, a rush of adrenaline powering her desire to
tease and torment her smaller, weaker sister.

“No! Megan please leave me alone!”

Sarah said as she took off running towards her room.

It was never a fair chase, and deep down Sarah knew it. Megan was simply too fast
and athletic to outrun. Catching her sister easily Megan scooped up the thrashing Sarah
and dropped her on her bed. Crawling on top of the squirming girl Megan pinned the
smaller girl’s arms over her head with one hand, and with the other hand removed her
glasses and set them on her nightstand.

“Hi there freak.”

Megan said with a sinister smile on her face.

“P-please Megan, please just leave me alone. Why are you always being so mean to me?
What did I ever do to you?”

Sarah said as tears welled up in her eyes.

“It’s simple Sarah, I don’t like you. You’re goody-goody act has gotten on my last nerve,
and now I’m going to have some fun with you for a while.”

Megan said as she began to softly tickle Sarah’s exposed tummy.

“EEP! N-no! Please Megan! Please d-don’t tickle me! Please I don’t hehhehehe I don’t like
heheheh it!”

Sarah squealed as she began to struggle harder and harder.

“Aww is the little nerdy girl ticklish? Huh? Is little Sarah ticklish?”

Megan mocked as she skittered her roaming fingers up into Sarah’s exposed armpits.


Sarah screamed as she thrashed harder and harder until Megan lost her balance and fell off of the bed.


Megan grunted as she landed right on her butt.

“I-I’m sorry! I *pant* didn’t mean to!”

Sarah said as she re-tied her robe and attemped to cover her exposed and very naked body.

“Oh that’s it nerd! I have had it with you!”

Megan shouted as she jumped up and pinned Sarah’s tiny, fragile frame to her bed. Pulling her
arms above her head Megan untied Sarah’s sash and pulled it free. Using the sash Megan then
used it to tie Sarah’s arms to her headboard, permanently exposing her helpless and very
ticklish armpits.

“No! Please let me go Megan! Please!”

Sarah shrieked as she pulled and tugged on the sash to no avail.

“Oh no my little freak girl, you’re not going anywhere! Now then, what to do with these kicking
legs of yours hmm?”

Megan said as she made her way to Sarah’s dresser. Rifling through each drawer Megan stopped
when she found two pairs of tan pantyhose. Grabbing Sarah’s kicking legs Megan spread Sarah’s
legs and tied each ankle to the foot of her bed tightly. Now completely exposed Sarah trembled
as the cold air washed over her still damp body.

“Now then, I think it’s time to find out where else you may be ticklish Sarah.”

Megan said as she grabbed Sarah’s left ankle.

“Please Megan, please don’t tickle me! Please let me go! Please I just want to be left alone tonight!
Please I won’t tell anyone you were in dad’s room, PLEASE!”

Sarah sobbed as she tried in vain to reason with her evil stepsister.

“Oh I know you won’t tell, trust me. By the time I’m done with you dear Sarah you won’t ever try
to mess with me again!”

Megan said as she began to scribble her fingers up and down Sarah’s exposed bare sole.


Sarah’s felt like she had been struck by lightning as Megan assaulted her helpless foot, and
her laughter was so loud that Megan immediately stopped her tickling and began to look for
ways to keep her sister quiet. Digging through Sarah’s dresser again Megan grabbed a pair
of socks and a large pink bandanna. Approaching a fearful Sarah Megan simply said,

“We can do this the easy way or the hard way Sarah.”

Whimpering softly Sarah closed her eyes and sealed her lips, much to Megan’s delight.
Straddling her stepsister Megan simply reached down and pinched Sarah’s nose shut.
Immediately Sarah’s eyes popped open and she began to silently plead with her sister
for mercy. However, Megan’s own eyes made it clear that no mercy would be given
tonight and after only 30 seconds Sarah gave in and opened her mouth wide with a whimper.

Giggling, Megan then shoved in the socks and cleave-gagged Sarah tightly, silencing her
screams and laughter.

“Okay, now where was I?”

Megan said as she made her way to Sarah’s helpless bare foot again.

“Want to play piggies with me Sarah?”

Megan said evilly as she grabbed Sarah’s ankle firmly.


Sarah begged as she shook her head no.

“Too bad, because I sure want to!”

Megan said with a laugh as she began her assault again. However, before she could
get started both girls were startled by the sound of the doorbell. Smiling, Megan grabbed
Sarah’s wallet off her dresser and walked towards the door.

“Sorry kiddo, I’ll be right back. I believe my dinner has arrived.”

Megan said with a laugh as she walked out and closed the door behind her. Cold and scared
Megan’s stomach rumbled softly in hunger as she sobbed silently and waited for her
stepsister’s return.

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Great story so far

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Nice beginning, looking forward to part 2

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I like keep going