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jack davis
03-30-2015, 09:07 AM
Jessica was in her last year at University and after partying too hard had fallen behind on her rent. She had found a job at the library and was working nearly everyday to make ends meet. It had been a boiling hot summer and Jessica wore a low cut top, denim shorts and sandals. She loved having her feet on show and had been dating a guy with a major foot fetish and it drove him crazy. If he was a good boy she would let him worship her feet; massaging her soles, gently licking and sucking her toes, it tickled a bit but it felt good.

Jessica's boss at the library was a mature student called Rob who was in his mid-thirties. He was quiet but attractive. She had noticed him staring at her legs a few times but she didn't mind as he was cute.
That Friday night Jessica decided to go out for a few drinks but only a few as she had agreed to work early the next day. That night she got smashed and the next day she woke up not knowing what had happened. She looked on her phone and there had been ten missed calls from Rob and she had slept all day, it was 5PM.

She quickly got dressed, showered and ran to the library. Rob watched from the window as she rushed up to the entrance.
''I'm so sorry'' said Jessica.
''you really let me down'' Rob replied.
''I know I will make it up to you''
''I'll do anything, please I really need this job''
''I think I need to find someone who is more responsible''
''I'll do anything, I beg you'' Jessica said tearfully.

Rob suddenly turned around and looked at her in a way he had never done before. Jessica felt frightened but also excited.
'You can keep your job but you have to be punished' Rob said
Jessica nodded and Rob led her down a staircase into the vaults of the library, then to a door she had never noticed before. He opened it up and inside Jessica couldn't believe what she saw, it was a dungeon; with a bondage table, St Andrew's cross and mirrors everywhere.
Rob turned to her ... 'strip' he said
'what?' Jessica replied
''take your clothes off, you need to be taught a lesson' Rob said sternly
Jessica was scared but she noticed Rob's erection through his jeans and it turned her on, what was he going to do with her?

She began stripping and got down to her bra and knickers and suddenly Rob grabbed her and tied her to the St James Cross, arms stretched above her head and her ankles apart. She couldn't move.
Rob gently tickled her ribs and she laughed.
''Are you ticklish?'' Rob asked
Jessica suddenly remembered being tickled as child, the combination of laughter and torture.
He tickled her some more, her ribs and under her arms. She couldn't take it, ''No, no please stop'' ... she laughed and wriggled hysterically as she rattled against her restraints. Rob's evil grin excited Jessica, he taunted her 'Does it tickle?' he laughed.
Jessica pleaded, begged, and suddenly he stopped. He untied her. Jessica looked puzzled, was that it she wondered.

Suddenly he picked her up and lifted her onto the bondage table and quickly tied her down, her arms above her head and this time her ankles in stocks so her sexy bare feet were exposed.
''I have seen you in your sexy little summer outfit'' said Rob
He opened up some baby oil and began to massage it on her soles.
''I have always wondered if your feet are ticklish''
He suddenly tickled her soles without mercy, she laughed and struggled, she couldn't breath, it was too much.
''No, please, I beg you, please stop, stop tickling me. ha ha ha, ha ha''
Rob looked down and noticed her knickers were wet.
''oh no has the little ticklish girl wet herself? Rob asked
Jessica knew it wasn't piss, her pussy was soaking wet. Rob took off her bra and started to tease her nipples with his fingers and his tongue.
'You have been punished enough, would you like like a treat?''
Jessica nodded and breathed heavily. Rob untied her and pulled her over his lap. He pulled her little knickers off and spanked her bare arse in between touching her wet pussy with his fingers, she was dripping wet.

Jessica turned around, unbuttoned his shirt and kissed his chest, she became ferocious and ripped his jeans. They kissed and Rob's cock felt so hard. He held her down thrusting his hard cock inside her. It felt so good.
''oh fuck, oh yes, please fuck me''
Jessica came so hard she dug her nails deep into his neck. They both paused breathed hard and Rob spun her round to do her from behind. He rocked backwards and forwards and round and round inside her. ''Oh fuck yes, oh God,''
Rob exploded, taking one last look at her bare arse, legs and feet before he released.

They both got dressed and didn't say a word as they tingled with excitement. As they left the room and locked the door. Rob turned to Jessica and said '' Don't ever be late again''
Jessica breathed heavily and smiled ''I won't''