View Full Version : I new I would get you part one

03-30-2015, 10:19 AM
Tom woke up very gingerly head was still swimming he blinked a few time and went to rub his eyes but he couldn't rub his eyes he then tried to get up but couldn't move he quickly realised he didn't know where he was Tom looked up and his arms were shackled above his head he looked down and his feet were in stocks he tried to pull his arms down but couldn't so he started screaming for help but no one was there Tom started to freak trying to remember what happened and why he was here then he heard a door open......
Tom saw a dark figure walk towards him tom started to scream for help but the figure in black put their hand over his mouth and said "Shhhhh Shhhhh no one can here you". Toms eyes were wide and was really scared the dark figure said " Now I've seen you walking around town and seen the way you are with people and the way you think you are the best now I've watched you for a long time and I've wanted to know what your like I've also wanted to know why you think your the best best, when I tied you up i couldn't help notice you have very soft hands and skin." Tom was petrified he said "Wha.....What do you mean pleeeaase let me go what ever I've done I'm sorry please pleeeaase let me go"!!!!!.
"I'm sorry Tom I can't let you go because like I said I want to know why you are like this now like I said you have the softest skin and well I have a confession."!!!
Tom looked at the person and said "Please what are you going to do to me???? "
"First let me introduce myself my name is Rob and I have a tickle fetish and I'm going to find out just how ticklish you are!!!!" Rob started to walk towards Tom
tom Screamed "NOOOOO PLEASE PLEEEAASE DONT TICKLE ME PLEEEAASE!!!!!! " Rob crept up to Toms ear and said "I'll be back and by the way you smell like coconut cream!!" and walked out the door.
Tom started screaming for help he new he was in danger he was incredibly ticklish and didn't know if or when Rob was coming back......
End of part One