View Full Version : I new I would get you part two

03-30-2015, 11:57 AM
"Wake up Tom come on open those eyes of yours"
Toms eyes opened straight away he was still tied up and was staring at Rob he whimpered"Please please let me go you don't have to do this"!!!
Rob then lifted Toms t-shirt just above his lower ribs Tom was screaming "NO NOO! "
Rob had an evil glint in his eye he looked straight at tom "My look at your tum tum So white so smooth so soft and with that started very lightly stroking Toms tummy which sent Tom into hysterics the finger were getting faster and faster poor Tom was shaking his head screaming for it to stop he felt Robs fingers move closer to his bellybutton Tom then went berserk "Wow Tom you are ticklish aren't you!!!" Robs fingers were spidering all across Toms stomach poor Tom was trying to breath in but couldn't every time he did a finger would slip inside his ultra sensitive bellybutton the fingers found Toms lower ribs extremely sensitive Tom was in hell laughing so hard but then Rob stopped and said "Awwww I haven't even started yet tell me how deep is your bellybutton?"
Tom Screamed "NOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO NOT MY BELLYBUTTON PLEASE PLEEEAASE PLEEEAAAASSSEEE HAHAHAAAAAAAAAAA NOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOONOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" Rob then grinned and stuck his tongue into Toms bellybutton and blew the biggest raspberry ever Tom went into hysterics his ticklish laughter filled the room as the fingers started creeping up His sides and started lightly tickling Toms armpits. Rob stopped and said "I wondered what you taste like such soft skin"
Tom was still laughing trying to catch his breath the room was spinning he was dripping with sweat he looked at Rob and pleaded and begged "PLEASE PLEEEAASE LET ME GOOOOOOO IM SORRY IM SOOOOOOOO SORRY PLEASE NO MORE TICKLING PLEASE LET ME GO!". Rob then took a seat next to his feet "Well Tom it's going to be a long night!!!!!!"
End of part two