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03-30-2015, 04:20 PM
"Now then Tom you can scream and beg all you want but I'm still having fun now what soft soles you have!!!" as Rob scratches down Toms soles Tom hots the roof Tom was screaming for this to end the room was filled with "NOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO NOT MY FEEEEHEEEEEET NOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO HAHAHAHAHA HEEEEEEYYY HAHAHAHA STOOOOHOP IIIIHIIIT HAHAHA NOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO !!!!" Robs fingers tickling Toms feet without mercy pulling back his toes and tickling each one Tom was now on the verge of passing out Rob was laughing"HAHA LOOK HOW TICKLISH YOU ARE IM GOING TO TICKLE YOU ALL DAY AND NIGHT HAHAHA YOUR SKIN IS SO PALE AND WHITE AND SOFT COOCHIE COOCHIE COO!!!!" Tom went mental Tom had been laughing so much no noise came out so Rob stopped and walked back to Tom Tom was shaking Rob smiled wiped the sweat from toms head and walked back to his feet and then Tom heard the one thing that was going to drive him crazy he heard Rob start saying "This little piggy went to market this little piggy stayed at home this little piggy had roast beef this little piggy had none and this little piggy went........." Tom couldn't remember getting to the end cause he past out when he came to he was still on the table his hands had been untied Rob was still there Tom couldn't move he heard his footsteps Tom froze and closed his eyes Rob went to Toms ear and said "You ever treat anyone badly again I know how to get you and I will you know I will get you again!!!!" Rob then simply walked out the room leaving Tom still on the table.

I hope you like the 3 part story would like to know what you think :-)