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Chapter 6
Zoe undid her own top and knelt down, putting her face only inches from Clara’s and allowing her boobs to touch Clara’s smaller ones. Zoe smiled and ran her hand down the length of the bound woman’s side, caressing the moist skin as her finger’s followed the gentle curves, down to Clara’s waist then sloping up her hips.

“Me,” she said simply, “Focus on me, not some silly boy.” Zoe kissed Clara, a tender, full mouthed kiss that seemed to claim all that it touched, as if Zoe planned on devouring her captive.

The warmth of Zoe’s lips and the dexterity of her small tongue, gently darting in and out of Clara’s mouth like a hummingbird feeding on a flower, sent a rush of arousal through Clara, and a knowing caress on her breast did even more. But Clara’s anger was a wall around her libido, and she blocked those feeling from her brain. Angrily, she pushed Zoe away.

“No matter what you say, no matter what you do, you cannot make me want you, Zoe,” Clara, breathless, “I’ll always despise you for taking him away from me.” She tried to sound angry or fierce, but she just didn’t have the energy to emote.

“Awe, why so glum? We’re just about to have a lot of fun, you and I,” Zoe said with a smirk, ignoring what Clara had just said, “You need to cheer up sweetie! Luckily, I can help you with that.” She put her hands on Clara’s waist, digging her fingers into the redhead’s hipbones. Clara erupted instantly.


Zoe’s fingers were devastating. They knew just how to worm into Clara’s hips, to get into the bone and wiggle and wiggle in a way that drove her mad. Clara’s body bounced up and down, her pelvis thrusting back and forth instinctively in a vain attempt to toss of the source of her discomfort. Clara reached out and grabbed Zoe’s wrists. Her body was exhausted, but she managed to pry the tickling fingers from her flesh.

“Awe, listen to my poor little tickle baby,” Zoe taunted, pulling her hands back, “I know your spots baby, know just how to touch you to make you scream and howl. I always have.”

“I…I won’t <gasp> won’t let you touch<gasp> me…” Clara panted, sitting up. Her eyes fixated on Zoe like a mongoose watched a snake, waiting for her to make her next move, “My legs might not work because of those damn anklets you put on me, but there’s nothing wrong with my arms! I can still fight you!”

“I suppose you can at that,” Zoe said in a husky voice, “I couldn’t put those bands on your wrists, though. They’d be too close to your torso. The muscle weakening field would affect your heart and lungs, something we don’t want. I don’t suppose you’re ready for me to touch you here, are you?”

Zoe reached out for Clara’s crotch, still covered by the skimpy thong. Clara slapped the hand away, covering her womanhood with a snarl.

“Well, luckily there are body parts that you can’t protect so easily,” Zoe walked around her body back to her feet, “You still can’t protect these babies, can you?”

Clara could only watch in horror as Zoe scooped up both of her bare feet and held both of her slender ankles in the crook of one arm. She pressed both of her bare soles together so her two big toes were touching. Clara wanted so badly to kick her legs, to pull them away or plant a knee into Zoe’s stomach, anything that might set her free, but as before, everything below the waist was dead meat.

“This’ll be just like old times, won’t it it, my little tickle baby, with you hysterical while my hands explore your vulnerable feet. Except today, we get to go all the way. Today I finally get to do to you what I’ve been waiting for. It’s been so long!” Zoe’s voice was dripping with excitement, her dark eyes on fire to match her auburn hair.

“No…” Clara whispered hauntingly. She couldn’t protect her soles! Her arms just weren’t long enough! Why oh why hadn’t she stayed limber enough to touch her toes?!

Zoe started raking her five nails over the bottoms of both feet, scribbling them wildly. Clara’s soles were so small that Zoe’s hand had no problem tickling both of them at the same time, her fingers moving so fast, they seemed to cover every square inch at the same time. This time there was no surgical precision, no zeroing in on her weak spots, so care or delicacy. Clara felt like every bit of skin on her soles had been lit on fire, like they were being tickled by not five but ten or twenty or a hundred fingers. She screamed, howling and howling, unable to escape.

“Tell me, Clara! Tell me you love me! Tell me you want me! Just like Dale did to Kristen!” Zoe demanded, tickling harder and harder.


Tears streamed from Clara’s eyes, running down her cheeks and blinding her. She sat up and leaned as far forward as she could, reaching out for her poor, tormented feet, but they were just too far away! She couldn’t shield them, couldn’t grab those horrible, tormenting hands. All she could do was laugh and scream.

“Say it, little tickle pet, tell me you love me. Remember, I know your very worst spot, the one place you’ve tried to keep secret all your life. Don’t make me tickle you there, Clara, don’t make me…”


“Fine,” Zoe said with a wink, “Just remember, you asked for it.” She stopped raking her nails over both soles and slipped her index finger into the crevice underneath one of Clara’s pinkie toes.

* * * * *


Molly thrashed underneath Enforcer Steele’s fingertips as they slipped into her short sleeves and wiggles over her underarms. She twisted and turned her torso, but with Steele’s knees firmly on both of her forearms, she could do nothing to cover up her hollows, to shield her tender flesh from the assault.

“This is so unnecessary,” Steele said plainly, “I know you want to save the girl, but I can keep you pinned here until the Tournament is over. You won’t be able to help her, and I keep tickling your pits. Give me the lockdown code and at least the tickling stops. Will just wait here together, nice and calm.”


Clara howled, each swirl of one of Steele’s long fingers in her deep hollow pushing her farther and farther into hysteria. She bucked and pushed and pulled, but she couldn’t get the stronger woman off her arms. She couldn’t make it end!

Even as she laughed, even as she screamed, Molly couldn’t help but wonder if an Enforcer had ever turned on a Tournament Mistress before. Of course, she was certain an Enforcer had never had a Submission collar forced on them before. She knew that it was the collar forcing Steele to take these unconventional actions. That didn’t make the tickling any easier to take.

“Nothing can help the girl,” Steele kept stroking her fingers over the sensitive skin, “The only question is how long I keep tickling you. Say it. Give me the codes to lock down the office, and we’ll just sit in here and wait patiently for the Tournament to end and someone to let us out.”

Molly endured the tickling for several more minutes, her cries spiking then starting to fade as the oxygen needed for laughter was having a harder time getting to her lungs. Maybe it was because the hysteria and the lack of air had pushed her brain away from conscious thought, maybe it was just desperation but that was when the idea occurred to her.

Steele was wearing a collar. She didn’t want to do this. She was being forced. That was her chance.


“I’m waiting,” the Enforcer said, looking down at Molly. She stopped tickling, but didn’t get off the Tournament Mistress’s arms.

Molly caught her breath, than whispered something unintelligible. Steele demanded she repeat it and Molly did the same.

“I still can’t hear you,” Steele leaned in close, putting her ear close to Molly’s mouth.

That was what the Mistress had been waiting for. Despite being a big woman, she was surprisingly agile. She kicked her legs, reaching them as far as she could catching Steele’s head in a vice grip between her shins and pulled. Steele tumbled head over heels, flying through the air and handing on her back just in front of Molly.

Molly had been right. Submission Collars could make you obey, but they took away your initiative. Acting on her own, Steele certainly would have smelled the trap. She had been focused on obedience, however, and not independent thought.

Quick as a cat, Molly sprung to her feet, only to see Steele had done the same. Both women faced off again, with the Enforcer still blocking the doorway.

“Very nice,” she said, “I wish I could let you go. Sadly, now I just have to subdue you again.”

“Bring it,” Molly said simply, trying desperately to think of a way out.

* * * * *

When Zoe slipped her finger into the crevice underneath one of Clara’s pinkie toes, it was as if a live wire had been connected to Clara’s foot. Her body spasmed, shaking wildly. She started shrieking at the top of her lungs, cackling maniacally. The strength poured out of her body in seconds, and she was unable to remain sitting up. Her torso crashed back to the hard floor

“You never could resist the pinkie toe, Clara. When I tickled you here at the Juvenile Center, you’d cave immediately, do whatever I wanted. And that’s what you’re going to do now. Tell me you love me, Clara! Tell me!”

Zoe just kept wiggling that finger. She swirled it around Clara’s pinkie toe, forced it between that smallest toe and its neighbor, then returned to that awful spot just below it. After a few minutes, Zoe switched feet, getting Clara’s other pinkie toe, hitting all the same awful places.

Clara’s face went beet red in seconds. It was awful! She’d had no idea she was ticklish there, had no clue her smallest toe could be her biggest weakness. Yet Zoe knew, said she had tickled it before? How…how…


“You really don’t remember, do you?” Zoe asked, lightly stroking the padding of the left pinkie toe, “They did this to you, Clara! They removed all the good times we used to have! They made you forget! Don’t worry, I’ll help you remember! I’ll help you remember how much you loved me!”

Clara cackled louder and louder, shrieking at the top of her lungs. She knew there was a problem, that Zoe was saying something incredibly important, but she just couldn’t focus on her words. It tickled, it tickled, it tickled so so so much! That damn finger, tormenting one baby toe then the other. It was too much, so much more than she could handle. It It…

“Gitchie gitch gitch gitchie goo! Laugh for me tickle baby, laugh for your mama,” Zoe teased, “I know you can’t handle this. I know you’re about to give in. Beg me. You need to beg me to stop. Just like you used to.”

Every stroke of her finger sent knew jolts of hilarity crashing through Clara, every inch it travedled, every wiggle across her skin made Clara suffer. She couldn’t handle it. Too much, too much, too much! Each one made her want to surrender. Somehow, she laughed even harder, sweat now dripping off her body. She started pounding the floor with her free arms, tiny fists slamming into the hard surface. She couldn’t…couldn’t…

Zoe swallowed Clara’s right baby toe, popping the small appendage into her mouth. She wrapped her lips around it, vibrating them and sucking hard. She swirled her tongue around it like it was a piece of hard candy. Clara’s nervous system exploded. Her mind started slipping, conscious thoughts fading away.

Don’t give up. Even as her heart pounded in her chest and her muscles ached, Clara clung to those three words. She couldn’t give in to this woman, this person tickled and tortured her, who had all this knowledge of a past she couldn’t remember, who had stolen Dale from her. She tossed her head from side to side, clenched her tiny hands into fists and closed her tear filled eyes as her hysterical screams threatened to tear her slender body apart.

Clara tried. Her spirit was willing, but her flesh had become so weak. That damn tongue, always licking, teeth nibbling, lips kissing that one, super sensitive toe. She just couldn’t handle it. With one finally ear shattering outburst, she broke.


“Oh close, so close, but no, not mercy, my little angle. You know what to say. Tell me the words I want to hear! Say them, or I’ll never stop!”

Clara’s sanity felt on the verge of snapping. No more, no more, no more! She needed it to end, needed the awful tickling to be no more. It was too much, more than she had ever experienced before. But she didn’t know what to say! Zoe expected her to know what to say, what to do to make the agony stop, but she didn’t. GOD, SHE DIDN’T KNOW!!!!!

“Tell me <nibble…nibble> the magic words <lick…suck>! Tell me <nibble…lick> or I don’t <suck> stop <nibble>!” Zoe demanded.

Clara’s chest was on fire, fighting desperately for air, every muscle in her chest consumed with hysterical laughter, aching as if she had just run a marathon. She felt like she was fading, her own laughter growing weak in her ears. Bright lights exploded in her face. Her brain, so desperate for relief, retreated into her subconscious. Taking one last gasp, Clara’s mouth worked independent of thought, words she would never remember thinking pouring out at maximum volume.


Uncle Mama Zoe, Uncle. Had Clara been thinking clearly, had her mind been working normally, she never would have come up with those were words. But now, Clara was being driven insane by the tickling, her brain reeling, desperate to make the agony stop. Somehow, those were the ones that popped out of her mouth, coming from some hidden place deep inside her.

That hidden place was now wide opened, and a rush of memories poured out. Clara remembered. She remembered the truth. In a flash, her past was completely rewritten, the false memories she had clung to vanishing in a haze.

Zoe had not been the only friend of a lonely girl but as a sadistic bully who had tormented her relentlessly. She had been Clara’s worst enemy. And now Clara was at her mercy.

Oh dear god! Clara thought as image after image ran through her brain, It can’t be! Someone save me!
* * * * *
Steele didn’t make a move. She didn’t have too. Molly Clayborn would have to get past her. She could wait until the large woman tried to make her move then subdue her again.

“I don’t know how they got that collar on you…that should be impossible,” Molly whispered, “But we can take it off. Then you can perform your duties again, Enforcer. You can help me make sure the Tournament is run by the rules.”

“I…” Steele paused, the words obviously affecting her, a world of emotion showing on her usual placid face, “I…nn…no…NO! You…I can’t let…let you remove my…my collar…”

Damn, Molly thought, Whoever had put that collar on her must have also ordered Steele not to permit it to be removed. Had they thought of everything?

Maybe not. Of ll the duties the various Tournament Masters and Mistresses had, the maintenance of the Submission Collars was the least known. But if you thought about it, it made sense. Participants received their collars at the Tournament. The new Dom’s had their collar removed at the Tournament. Molly was storing the collars and responsible for making sure each and every one was in working order.

She knew about a feature the collars had that almost no one else did. That was why, instead of charging Steele in an attempt to get out the door, Molly went the other way and hit a button on her desk, one that triggered the diagnostic mode on any collar in 20 feet.

Steele’s collar started vibrating, buzzing like a hive of bees. The band of metal rested on the base of statuesque blonde’s neck, touching the inside of her collar bone. As it hummed, it tickled her like crazy.

“he eheeheeheh nawowowo hehehehe ehehe sttawwwpwpw he eheheheheehe staawwpwpp itttt eheEHEHE ehe EHEHEHEHE…”

Steele started giggled, louder and louder. She reached up and grabbed at her collar, trying to get her fingers between the metal and her skin. No matter how she tried, it made contact with her flesh somewhere, tormenting her.

“HE EHE EHEH EEHEHEH EEHEH, PLEEHEEAHEHEHEHSSSEEEEE,” Steele’s laughter grew as she was driven to her knees by the increased sensation.”

“I’m sorry,” Molly Clayborn told her Enforcer, “I know you’re not responsible for your actions, but I have to leave you like this. After I save Clara, I find out who did this to you.”

Molly ran from her office, determined to save the girl and find who had destroyed her Tournament, leaving Steele laughing and shrieking behind her.

* * * * *
Clara had spent her childhood and adolescence being tickle tortured by Zoe. Now that whatever block had been placed in her mind had popped, Clara could see it all so clearly. The time Zoe had backed her into the corner and tickled her ribs until her lungs ached from screaming, the time Zoe had caught her crawling under her bed and had tickled her bare feet until Clara had wet her pants, the time Zoe had managed to tie one of her hands to an overhead beam and had tickled her armpit for what had seemed like hours. Clara remembered those three and a hundred more just like them.

Of course Zoe had known all her worst spots. Zoe had discovered all of them! She had talked a couple of boys into holding her down when she first found how devastating tickling Clara’s pinkie toe could be. That excruciating memory was now front and center in Clara’s mind.

“That’s it, baby, that’s what mama Zoe wants to hear,” she popped Clara’s pinkie toe out of her mouth, “Say it again for me. Say the words I want to hear”

“U….uncle…<gasp>…un…cle maaammmaaaaa <gasp> Zoe,” Clara sputtered. Zoe had forced her to say that phrase again and again growing up. She’d tickle and tickle Clara until she thought she’d go crazy! Only stopping, only letting her take a breath if she said those awful, hated words.

“You remember now,” Zoe said simply, staring into Clara’s green eyes, “You remember all the fun we used to have before they took you away from me. Well, they aren’t here now, and we’re going to be Paired so we can keep having fun forever.”

“Fun? You think this is fun?” Clara could only stare, her face turning white. She was too weak to fight back. Even if she could move her legs, the tickling had left her entire body exhausted. Clara’s chest burned like fire as she struggled to catch her breath while her arms and shoulders felt like limp noodles. A year younger than Zoe, a year weaker, she had never been able to resist.

“Oh, don’t look like that,” Zoe said in what she thought was a soothing voice, “We did have fun. You just remember. They took your memories. They stole them, after that night. They made you forget me, took me away for ‘re-education.’ Now that is over. Mama Zoe is back and she’d going to make it all better.” Zoe stroked Clara’s fiery red hair, now damp with perspiration, and brushing her bangs from her green eyes.

That night. Zoe had been tickling Clara for years, but she had never gotten the instructors at the Juvenile Center to understand. They kept dismissing it as harmless fun and games or just gave Zoe warning after warning. Occasionally, when Zoe crossed a line, she’d get some minor penalty, one she’d make Clara pay for tenfold when she got her alone later.

But that night… Zoe had stolen the keys to the punishment room, and had tricked Clara into meeting her there in the middle of the night with a forged note from one of the instructors. She had forced Clara into the apparatus and taken off her top, the first person to see Clara’s breasts since puberty. Clara had thought she would die from shame.

Then Zoe had tickled those breasts, they first time they had ever been touched, with the soft brush, caressing the mounds, and flicking the bristles over Clara’s hard nipples. It had tickled worse than anything the innocent young woman had ever dreamed of. She had howled and howled, struggling with all her might to break free, but could do nothing but look into Zoe’s lustful eyes.

And Zoe had tickled Clara’s boobs for hours, all night long. The punishment room had been sound proof, so no one heard, no one came until the morning. By then, the redhead had been driven mad from the hysteria, from the intense sensations her body hadn’t been equipped to handle. By then, she had been covered in sweat, her red hair a tangled hay stack and a look of madness in her eyes.

By the time the instructors came, Zoe had totally broken her. Clara had sworn he was in love with Zoe, willing to wave her right to participate in the Tournament and become Zoe’s Sub as soon as possible. She had said the words while cackling like a fiend, calling her Mama Zoe over and over again.

That had finally convinced the Instructors to take action. They had removed Zoe and, for the sake of her own sanity, removed the memories of years of tickle bullying from Clara’s mind. The memory of having her breasts tickled, however, had been too intense to simply make vanish, so the therapists had reframed it, turned it into a severe punishment instead of mind breaking torture.

“How…how could they let you into the same Tournament as me? After everything you did to me? Why aren’t you…locked away?” Clara gasped, feeling betrayed by the system. Surely, they would have kept her abuser away from her!

“They didn’t ‘lock me away’ for the same reason the instructors let me get away with so much at the Juvenile Center.” Zoe said, still stroking Clara’s damp hair, “It’s because I’m a genius with technology. Those anklets you are wearing, the ones that have your legs too weak to move, are just a taste of what I can do. Haven needs me. I have ideas that will revolutionize society, ideas that could make our little planet a superpower in the galaxy. So naturally, they give me more leeway.”

“But no matter how much they needed me, they wouldn’t let me close to you,” Zoe now looked angry, her eyes narrowing, “They said I was harmful to you, might end up doing you significant distress. They wouldn’t let me out of therapy until I convinced them I was over you, like I could ever be over my little tickle worm. It was my greatest acting job. Even with that, though, they were going to ship me to the southern continent to live, put me in a Tournament half a planet away from you, force me to live my life as far away from you as possible.”

“But I showed them!,” Zoe’s smiled triumphantly, “Cracking the Tournament database was child’s play. I easily put my name on the Participants list as yours, Clara. Taking control of their security system wasn’t much harder. I even managed to subvert their best Enforcer. Now, my prize for all that hard work is you, my little tickle worm. And there’s nothing anyone on Haven can do to stop me.”

Zoe removed Clara’s bottoms, the last piece of protection she had, and spread her legs out wide. She then sat near Clara’s feet, facing the exhausted woman like a partner in a Pilate’s class instead of a tormentor.

“Look who’s got a fire crotch,” Zoe smirked, looking at Clara’s unshaven pussy “Don’t you keep that bush of yours trimmed? When you’re my Sub, you will keep your pussy bald as a cucumber.”

Ice ran through the redheads veins even as her face flushed from the humiliation at having her most private place exposed. This was a nightmare.

“M…my bo…body <gasp> is…isn’t yours y…yet <gasp> You…you <gasp> you can…can t…tickle <gasp> my feet all you…you want…Zoe <gasp>…” Clara panted, “I won’t give…give in to you. You’ll have…have to make me cum…and all…all the tick…tickling in the world won’t give…give me <gasp> an orgasm.”

She’d fight. Clara would fight this woman with the last ounce of her strength. If she came, she’d belong to her childhood bully. Zoe would have the right to tickle her, to tease her, to use her worse then ever at the Center. That just couldn’t happen!

“I know,” Zoe said, smiling, “They turned you against me, brainwashed you, made you forget how much you love me. If I tried to finger you or eat you out, you’d still try to defend that pussy with your last ounce of strength. So let’s try this instead.” Zoe slid her own leg between Clara’s, placing her own bare foot squarely on the redhead’s vagina. Then Zoe slowly grinded her sole into sole into her victim’s love muffin.

A wave of pleasure washed over Clara, along with a feeling of dread. She couldn’t let this happen! She sat up and grabbed Zoe’s ankle, determined to move her foot from the danger zone, but she quickly found out that doing so was far more difficult than just slapping away a hand reaching between your legs. For one thing, Zoe’s foot had leverage. Her entire leg was behind it, stretched out straight with the knee locked. Pushing the foot backwards would mean shoving Zoe’s entire body away from her, something Clara just wasn’t strong enough to do!

Clara also couldn’t simple slide Zoe’s foot off. Her own, immovable legs flanked it, holding it in place. That left only lifting Zoe’s foot up, something her attacker could use her strong calf and thigh muscles to resist. Clara yanked, but her exhausted arms were not up to the challenge.

“Ah, poor baby,” Zoe taunted, moving her foot in a circular motion, pressing firmly against Clara’s labia, “You can’t budge it, can you? Whatever are you going to do now…other than climax, of course.”

A slight moan escaped Clara’s lips as her temperature rose. Damn it! The balls of Zoe’s foot were…were right there! She could feel the sensation building with each rub of Zoe’s sole. If this kept up…No! No, she couldn’t let that happen. Out of desperation, she wiggled her fingers over the top of Zoe’s foot, the only part she could touch.

“He eheh oohhhh whoosee ehe e behehing a naughty girl hehe,” Zoe giggled, her foot still grinding, “Someone hehe e wants to tickle eheh huh? Well, then, let’s tickle!” Lying on her back, Zoe’s arms were already close to Clara’s feet. She just reached out and quickly raked all ten nails over her pink soles.

“he ehHEHE EHEHEHEH NAWOOOTTTT HE EHEHEHE AGGAIINN EHEHEEHEHH!!!” Clara roared. After bring tickled for so long, she had little endurance left. In seconds, the little energy she had left was drained, and Clara’s torso fell back to the hard floor, her fingertips losing contact with Zoe’s foot.

“See, that’s what happens to naughty girls! Tickle, tickle tickle!” Zoe danced her nails over Clara’s soles for several more seconds before stopping. Then she started pressing with her sole again, massaging it into Clara’s ****.

“oooOooohhh!” Clara moaned again. Oh god, oh god, this couldn’t be happening! She couldn’t stop it! Surely Zoe couldn’t make her cum with just her foot! But Clara could feel her heart breathing faster, her breathing growing more rapidly! It couldn’t…no, no, no Oh God!

Zoe just kept kneading her foot into Clara’s moistening ****, first lightly, then more firmly. She knew the effect she was having on her victim, knew that this was her moment of triumph. This would be glorious.

Clara felt like she was losing her mind. She couldn’t let this happen! Several times she sat up, determined to get her hands on Zoe’s groping foot, but each time, Zoe just raked her nails down Clara’s soles again, and the redhead collapsed immediately in a fit of laughter. For several minutes, she was a yo-yo, moving up and down rapidly, but never able to reach her goal.

“You will be mine, Clara, my slave! Oh how I have waited for this! The things I’m going to do to you,” Zoe was practically purring, her pleasure almost as great as Clara’s.

Clara tried to block out the sensations, to blank her mind, to think of anything else, but the simple caress of Zoe’s foot on her genitals was more than she could bear. The flush which had taken over her cheeks started to spread down her body, encroaching upon her breasts. A deep, throaty groan started escaping from her mouth.

Zoe knew it was time. She stopping grinding her foot and slipped her big toe into Clara’s pussy. It quickly found the aroused woman’s engorged clitoris and began stroking it up and down.

“AAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!” Clara cried out in ecstasy. Somehow Zoe’s toe had all the skill, all the dexterity of other people’s fingers. It teased her lady boner, sliding over it, than circling around it. No, it was worse than a finger, because the other four toes were there too, sinking deeper into her now soaking vagina, wiggling against her labia and the walls of her ****.

CAN’T CUM. CAN’T CUM, CAN’T CUM! The words crossed Clara’s brain like fire. Her body wasn’t listening. Clara’s back started to arch, pushing her clit even harder against Zoe’s toe. Animal like cries surged through her throat, her open palm slapping the hard floor. She was…NO NO NO NO!!!

Zoe saw her prey’s dignity, her resistance dissolving before her eyes. Clara was panting, her mouth open wide, eyes staring into the heavens. Slowly, Zoe grabbed one of Clara’s feet and popped her toe into her hot mouth. This time, she didn’t lick, didn’t nibble. Zoe sucked, hard and long.

Clara exploded. She screamed, her pelvis thrusting forward again and again as multiple orgasms ripped through her. There was no holding back. She wanted more pleasure, more, more! She would have impaled herself on Zoe’s foot if she had needed to squeeze out every last drop of bliss.

With a buzz, Clara’s collar activared.

For a long moment, neither said anything. Clara was letting her breathing slow and her heart rate return to normal, a look of shame and terror on her face. Zoe looked smug.

“Now that that’s finished,” Zoe said in a sultry voice after a bit, “I want you to kiss my feet.” She stretched out her legs, placing her feet inches from Clara’s face.

Anger rose up inside Clara’s chest. How dare Zoe! It wasn’t bad enough that she’d been rendered helpless, tickled and…touched! Now, she was being told to do something as humiliating as kissing her feet, one of which was still moist with Clara’s own juices! She wanted to yell and scream, she wanted to grab one of those feet and…

And suddenly, Clara was hit with a sharp, almost painful need. It was the kind of need a small child feels when another child has a shiny new toy or a tasty sweet and they don’t. It was the kind of need that made them throw a temper tantrum to meet even though they know they’ll be punished. She had to have that foot!

They looked so warm and pink! Clara needed them, she had to have them! They were delectable! She had to…wait…what?...what the hell was she thinking! She had never been interested in feet before, male or female! She certainly wouldn’t be interested in one belonging to someone who had done nothing but bully her, someone who had been so cruel to her. Why? Oh my god, it was the collar! It was putting thoughts into her head!

“Not a chance,” Clara whispered, the words surprisingly hard to utter.

“Awe, please? Just one kiss,” Zoe said in a sensual voice, giving her toes a little wiggle.”

“No, I…AHHHHH!!” Clara was suddenly hit with a paralyzing wave of anxiety, one that made her skin crawl and her pulse skyrocket. It was like hearing a strange sound late at night in your house or seeing a shadow move while walking through a dark, deserted park. The words died in her mouth.

She had to kiss those feet! Kissing them…kissing them would make everything all right! Holding them, caressing them tasting them, would calm her, quiet her racing blood. They would be her security blanket, the toes her pacifier! She needed…needed…

Clara’s hands were moving almost on their own, fingers slipping around Zoe’s foot. Oh it was so warm! A joy, pure and tender, spread through Clara’s abdomen. Suddenly, she was content, no anxiety, no fear. It was like she was floating in warm water. Yes, yes! She pulled it closer, puckering her lips, needing, craving just a…

NO! It was the collar again! It punished her with need and anxiety when she refused to obey Zoe, rewarded her with happiness when she complied. It was manipulating her, trying to control her. She couldn’t…couldn’t…kiss….the…foot…

Again, Clara’s emotions were bombarded, keyed to her thoughts. This time it was more than axiety. It was pure panic! She was falling, rushing towards the hard ground at horrible speed. Someone was attacking her, threatening her life! She wanted to scream in terror, to run! The only thing that made it stop was thinking about Zoe’s feet, about obeying her new Dom. Then she was…like she had just eaten after fasting for days, had just come inside a cozy house after walking through a frigid, winter day.

Clara was bombarded by both emotions, negative when she wanted to refused and positive when she thought about obeying. She wanted to resist, but it was so hard! Her every emotion was pushing her in a direction. Clara felt like she was swimming against a current, one growing stronger, more swift with every moment.

It lasted only seconds, but to Clara it lasted an eternity. Wave after wave crashed over her. She was…was…oOO n N N N OOOO!!!!!!!

Clara snapped. She kissed Zoe’s sole, again and again, tongue running up and down the smooth skin. She could smell her own pussy on it, taste her own cum, but she didn’t care. She had to obey! Doing so made the fear vanish and caused her heart soar, the endorphins in her brain explode. She kept kissing, her delight growing every time her lips made contact. It was better than sex, better than winning! It was…was pure bliss…pure ecstasy, sexual and more.

Finally, Zoe pulled her foot away. She said nothing, but the look on her face was gloating. Clara felt her normal thinking return as the collar stopped influencing her with artificial emotions. She looked at Zoe with horror. She couldn’t reuse her, Clara realized. She couldn’t refuse her new Dom.

“Oh, the things I’ll make you do.” Zoe said, standing up and dusting herself off, “You are finally under my control, little Clara, and I am going to enjoy this more than a person should.”

* * * * *

At that moment, the Tournament Mistress, Molly Clayborn burst into the chamber with several enforcers behind her. She looked at both women and immediately knew what had happened. The urgency which had been plastered on her face evaporated. She seemed to deflate.

“Zoe Helke,” she said formerly, “I am informing you, as Tournament Mistress, that you have violated many key rules and guidelines. I am holding you pending a full investigation. Please come with me.”

“I’m sorry, ma’am, but you’re too late,” Zoe smiled, “You don’t have the authority to hold me or my Sub here. We are now Paired, and therefore neither one of us are Participants in the Tournament anymore. You have no power over us now. You may bring your violations to Haven law enforcement if you think they’ll take them seriously.”

“ Don’t think I won’t, Zoe. I won’t let you get away with this,” Molly said, looking down at Clara with pity and sadness on her face. She had failed the poor girl, had allowed her to become the Sub of someone who might very well have been a monster.

“Oh, before you go, could you take this with you?” She reached up to her neck and removed her golden collar. She handed it to Molly with a smug look on her face.

Molly gasped. As a new Dom, Zoe had the right to have her dominance collar removed, but it should have taken special equipment to defeat the locking encryption. There was no way she could just snap it off like a piece of costume jewelry. It…it just couldn’t happen!

“Why are you so surprised?” Zoe said with a devilish look, “So far I’ve crashed your Arena security system, your communications grid, subverted one of your best enforcers and smuggled in top secret, experimental equipment into one of the most secure area of Haven. Taking off a collar is child’s play in comparison.”

“Because your real collar is around the neck of Enforcer Steele,” Molly whispered, “You took off yours before the Tournament even started. Even had Clara brought you to orgasm, you couldn’t have lost.” She couldn’t believe any of this.

“And I thought you were too slow to figure it out. It's like they say. Never play a game you have a chance of losing. Now come along Clara. I need to get you home so you can get started living your new life.”

As Molly Clayborn watched the two leave, the last she saw of them was Clara turning around and giving the Tournament Mistress a look of despair and sadness before turning around and following her new Dom out into the cruel world.


Hope you liked it. 'Haven' was definitely a lot of work. At over 30,000 words long, it qualifies as a novella. Definitely taking a break, then not sure what, if anything is next. Hope to see you around somewhere.

03-31-2015, 04:22 AM
Absolutely brilliant! really enjoyed it from beginning to end

03-31-2015, 10:13 AM
Poor Clara! You deserve the break, but that's a very down way to end the story.

03-31-2015, 08:08 PM
A standard by which others shall be judged. Thank you for your hard work.

03-31-2015, 08:56 PM
I enjoyed it a lot, but now I'm just kind of depressed...

Still great though.

04-01-2015, 05:43 AM
Great story! Very well done. :D

04-05-2015, 10:25 AM
thanks guys

04-05-2015, 11:35 AM
Really great to see your return to writing here i64. Great tale of tickle torment for guys and gals and it's evil and erotic as ever. Great stuff.