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Star Wars TK: Mandalorian Mindgames

(This takes place at an indeterminate time during the Clone Wars, but after my stories ‘Mandalorian Mirth’ and ‘Ahsoka’s Revenge’).


Well, that went well, Ahsoka thought, as she walked the decks of the Republic vessel The Interceptor. She and Barriss might not always get along, but they definitely made a terrific team. Barriss had not been especially enthused to work together after Ahsoka’s pranks, but they had spent the better part of an evening voicing out their grievances (and spending a good deal of time ‘sparring’ in one way or another) and by the time it finished, Ahsoka’s feet were tingly, her throat was sore from laughter, and they were all friends again.

After Barriss had gotten her ticklish retribution, she had been keen to assist Ahsoka in getting hers – she had a debt to pay, and the Jedi always paid their debts. Ahsoka and Master Luminara had been bested by Bo Katan and Sooka, of the infamous Death Watch Mandalorian extremist group, through guile and cunning, but this time the heroes had proved themselves victorious. Barriss and Ahsoka, with their youthful vigour and ingenuity, had defeated Death Watch in a thrilling and tense battle. It would doubtless be made into a book if not a holo-net movie one day, Ahsoka was sure, but the key thing was that The Interceptor’s Cargo Bay had a pair of volatile Mandalorians begging for a little attitude adjustment, ticklish Jedi-style.

With Barriss at her heels, Ahsoka made her way to her two guests, her mind going back to her first encounter with them. Bo Katan was the Death Watch Lieutenant, and as tough-as-nails, and she was devoted to the idea of an ordeal through tickling. She definitely seemed a devout tickler, but Ahsoka was wondering if the redhead’s steely resolve would crack after a few strategically placed feathers. The brown-haired Sooka was an entirely different matter – mischievous, insubordinate, and as insolent as they came, and the Death Watch head interrogator and stim expert seemed like the type who would betray her comrade in a heartbeat, but Ahsoka could be wrong. She lived for the tickle torture, and it would be interesting to see if she could deal with what was doled out.

“Don’t you love it when a plan comes together?” Ahsoka asked rhetorically, as they nodded to Clone Troopers while walking towards the chambers where their two captives awaited.

“You know it,” Barriss nodded. “So what’s our plan now? Tickle them silly just for fun?” she asked, wiggling her fingers for emphasis. It seemed the young Miraluka had definitely caught the tickle-bug too, but Ahsoka had something more… intricate in mind.

“Fun is good, but I have something else in mind. I want to test their resolve and their loyalty to each other… the idea of an ordeal, and all. It seems fitting, don’t you think?”

Barriss raised an eyebrow. “Run that by me one more time?”

“Oh, you’ll see,” Ahsoka smiled, lightly poking her friend in the side. “Trust me, it’ll be good… very good…”


Bo Katan tested her bonds, grunting in frustration as the bindings refused to give way. The red-headed Mandalorian warrior wanted to blow her hair out of her eyes, but the gag made it impossible. She had been tied to a plastisteel chair, with her ankles tied to the legs of the chair and her arms bound behind her back. The Republic dogs had stripped off her armour and left her in their thin Republic prisoner rags, which protected little more than her modesty. Not that Bo Katan was feeling vulnerable or anything… her stocking-clad feet curled, feeling cold on the metallic floor. She took a deep breath. The remnants of Death Watch or her allies would be back to help her soon enough. She was sure of it. Across the room was Sooza, similarly bound. The other Mandalorian’s brown eyes were unreadable, as always. What was she thinking?

Sooza felt adrenaline coursing through her veins as she eagerly awaited her tickle torment to start. One glance at her nylons that had somehow been part of Republic prisoners uniform told her volumes about what was soon to occur – they would be tickled, without a doubt, and Sooza could not wait for it to start. The idea of being pushed to her limits… it thrilled her, and the fact she would likely get to enjoy the sight of their fastidious and overbearing Lieutenant receive a heavy dose of tickling thrilled her to the bone. She had long wished to see the Lieutenant tickled in person, and she couldn’t wait to see her tough and brutal visage crack. She had been very close to spiking the Lieutenant’s meal on more than one occasion. Sooza held no illusion about being saved by mysterious forces – who had much love for the Mandalorians? But perhaps she could offer herself as an interrogator for the Republic. Maybe she would do that after she’d had as much being on the receiving end as she could handle – no sense in cutting the fun short, after all.

Two slender Jedi walked into the room, with matching grins, and both Mandalorians knew their ordeal was at hand.


The two Jedi sauntered over to their captives, and swiftly plucked the gags from their mouths which could only mean one thing – they wanted them to talk, or more likely, they wanted them to laugh. Bo Katan was resolved to delay giving them that satisfaction for as long as she could, but Sooza was happy to just get things over with – she knew that delaying the laughter that so desperately wanted to erupt from you would just make things worse. Watching the stubborn Bo Katan pointlessly try to resist would at least be enjoyable.

“Jedi,” Bo Katan spat, as if the word were was poison in her mouth she had to get out. Fury flashed out of her pretty eyes and she struggled in her bonds again, despite the fact they were as strong as they had ever been.

“Jedi,” Sooza said in a resigned tone. She made no effort to struggle – she’d rather not give herself blisters in some foolish show of bravado, thank you very much.

“I hope you aren’t expecting me to beg,” Bo Katan said, fixing the two Jedi with a fierce glare.

“I hope you aren’t expecting me to keep your secrets,” Sooza said, addressing Bo Katan. “Nothing personal, but its every woman for herself.”

The Jedi exchanged surprised looks as if they were in shock that betrayal had appeared quite so quickly – clearly they had not remembered Sooza’s unscrupulous personality.

“Well, we seem to have skipped a few stages,” the Togruta Jedi said.

“Mercenaries,” the Miraluka Jedi shrugged, as if that explained everything.

“We are not mercenaries!” Bo Katan hissed. She had always been sensitive about being lumped in the same category as every cutthroat with a blaster. “We are the proud warriors of Death Watch, and we fight for Mandal-” Bo Katan’s tirade was suddenly cut short as sharp fingernails danced across her nylon-clad soles – it looked like the Jedi had ticklish revenge on their mind after all. It was a treat watching Bo Katan splutter as she tried to finish spewing her nonsense as giggles trickled out of her mouth – it seemed she was as ticklish as Sooza had always suspected but never quite got around to confirming.

The Jedi each took a hold of a wiggling nyloned foot, and went to work, scraping their fingernails all over the sleek surfaces. And it was clear from the clenched grin on her face that twenty merciless Jedi fingers rummaging wildly all over her slender feet was more tickling than this hardened Mandalorian could stand. She tugged at her restraints again, as if she doing so could take her mind off the torment that was being inflicted on her sensitive soles. When the Jedi began to grab Bo Katan’s muscular, fleshy toes, pull them back, and began poking their fingers at the gaps between them, the headstrong Mandalorian began snorting and laughing in earnest.

“Sounds like she’s more than a little ticklish between the toes,” the Togruta Jedi cooed as she rolled the stem of the toes like she was spinning a top.

“Is it unbearable? Want it to stop?” the other Jedi added, as she continued weaving her fingers in and out of the undersides of those ticklish toes.

Bo Katan clearly saw the trap and she refused to answer to the bait as she closed her eyes and shook her head defiantly in response to the Jedi’s comments.

“You see, this is the game,” the Togruta explained, a cheeky smile on her face. “We can tickle you… or you can tell us to tickle your buddy Sooza.”

“You just have to tell us where. We stop after five minutes… if she tells us where to tickle you!” cackled the Miraluka Jedi.

“And if you name a non ticklish spot, then you get punished. That won’t be fun, I promise you…” the Togruta said, her voice laced with an un-Jedi like menace.

Sooza immediately saw the flaw in their little game – she had played many of these sort of games with her own captives. Her personal favourite was the "no-win" mind game situations. What Sooza liked to do was tempt her captives by telling them she would stop if they could answer a question or some trivial task like reciting the alphabet backwards, but then tickling the snot out of them while they tried to answer and then saying "times up!" and starting the tickle torment all over again.

It was designed to drive a wedge between them, but it clearly forgot to consider the possibility there might already be a substantial wedge present. The flaw in the Jedi’s plan (they were clearly newbies at this sort of diabolical torture which was far more Sooza’s forte) was that Sooza and Bo Katan could theoretically cooperate – they would both name non-ticklish spots yet feign ticklishness all the same. Of course, fortunately for the Jedi, Sooza had no intention of sparing her arrogant superior any relief whatsoever, and she would happily play along. Her resolve was doubly strengthened as Bo Katan happily threw her under the bus.

“Tickle heheheher feeheeeheet! Tihihihickle her tohohohoes! Stahahahap!” Bo Katan cried, clearly desperately to rid herself of the fingers worming and picking between her toes.

“Thank you for being nice and specific,” the Torgruta Jedi nodded.

“But you still have four minutes to go – you’re a real lightweight, aren’t you?”\

Even though Sooza knew she would be the one with fingers teasing her petite toes in a few minutes, she couldn’t help but grin in delight at the look of ticklish outrage on Bo Katan’s face. She knew she would enjoy this show like a junkie enjoyed death sticks. And they loved death sticks.


Bo Katan growled and panted like some trapped Boma beast as she tried to get her racing heart under control. Those vexing Jedi had finally stopped tormenting her soles as they went over to give Sooza a taste of her own medicine. It was oddly therapeutic to watch Sooza’s toes flex back as if they were bolts under a magnetic pull, as the Jedi used the force to keep those ticklish appendages immobile so their fingers could scramble all over them freely.

The sweating Mandalorian had always steadfastly believed the traditions, and she never took a perverse pleasure in their ordeal, but… she could start to see why someone might enjoy it. She felt a bubble of satisfaction in her stomach as she watched Sooza squeak and squeal, desperately trying to shake her ankles free as the Jedi’s fingers weaved a ticklish path across the nylon-covered soles. The nylons Bo Katan wore over her own feet had definitely amplified her own sensitivity, and she would wager that the same was true for her former comrade. She definitely seemed to be laughing her squeaky laugh enough, as dexterous fingers of the Jedi traced along and in between those petite toes.

She watched with joy mixed in with a bit of trepidation as Sooza laughed harder and harder as the Jedi fingers struck every inch of her soles – Sooza was almost hiccupping with laughter when the Jedi skittered their fingers along the outer and inner sides of her feet, so they took care to do it more insistently and often.

Sooza hadn’t named a ticklish spot yet… could it be that she had forgotten? Maybe the Jedi would keep tickling her till the dim-witted fool remembered! Bo Katan smile grew to a sharp grin as minutes passed by and Jedi fingers tormented still, helpless, feet till Sooza’s squawking laughter was echoing across the rooms off the wall. But the Jedi seemed to realize the time, and slowed their tickling to a crawl to let Sooza catch her breath, and they stopped entirely at the five minute mark.

There was a pause, and Sooza looked at her former comrade straight in the eye, as if she wanted to savour her expression when she gave the Jedi their command.

“Tickle her stomach. Get her right in the navel,” she said, in a voice as cold as intergalactic space.

“Aren’t you being helpful, the bellybutton, eh?” the Miraluka said, and motioned to move to Bo Katan, but the other Jedi raised a hand.

“How about we make this more interesting…” the Togruta Jedi smiled, as she reached in a plastisteel container and pulled out a pair of electric toothbrushes. In the dim light of the room the Togruta almost looked like a horned demon at times, an image that was hammered in as they rolled up Bo Katan’s shirt to reveal to muscular set of abdominals, and set the two buzzing toothbrushes to work along her stomach.

The stomach muscles contracted as they reacted to the powerful stimulation – it almost looked like she was belly dancing as Bo Katan threw her head back and bit her lip hard as the fiendish sensations crawled up her body like worms.

“I hope you aren’t expecting me to beg,” Bo Katan managed to say through gritted teeth.

“No, I expect you to laugh,” the Togruta said with a Cheshire cat smile, as she slipped her whirling toothbrush into the little divet that was Bo Katan’s bellybutton, and the Mandalorian howled with her powerful lungs till laughter was bouncing across every corner of her room. The Jedi liked this reaction so they took to constantly slipping their brushes into her navel every few seconds to keep her in that steady state of hysteria.

Bo Katan didn’t want to laugh – she would have given an arm and a leg for a blaster right now to defend herself, but there was nothing she could do but flail about impotently and scream curses at her captors, who seemed amused by every colourful insult and profanity she threw their way. They seemed to resolve to tickle her ever harder for being so mouthy; the hundreds of tiny bristles the two whirling electric toothbrushes housed weaving along her toned abdomen was bad enough, but the Jedi then added their fingers to the mix too, and skittered and stroked along the sides of her stomach. Bo Katan thrust left and right with every poke there.

Sooza grinned as she watched her former superior grunt and giggle as the two Jedi poked and stroked with one hand while maneuvering the humming brush with the other. It was almost like being the boss and sending out your cronies to tickle someone or your behalf – was this what being in power was like? If so, she could see why so many were loathe to give it up. The Jedi stopped, and Sooza realized the power had shifted again.

Bo Katan glared at her with hatred flaming in her pretty dark eyes. She panted for breath, looked like she wanted to spit then thought better of it. “Get her armpits. Make her suffer,” she snarled.

“That’s quite a good choice,” the Miraluka Jedi said, with a laugh. “Never fun to be tickled there, eh, Ahsoka?”

“Oh, don’t remind me,” Ahsoka said with a friendly poke to the other Jedi’s sides.

Sooza barely had time to compute this strange scene when a pair of toothbrushes came prowling down her biceps to enter the stronghold of ticklishness that was her underarms. The brush was horribly effective – the way it kept on spinning meant that the brush could stay on the same super sensitive spot, say the centres of those astonishingly sensitive underarms and just stay stationary in that same static spot and stimulate the nerves till Sooza settled for a steady stream of laughter spilling from her lips.

The prison uniform had short sleeves which protected her armpits slightly, but they couldn’t keep out the pair of roving toothbrushes that buzzed and scratched all over her underarms. It was like the Jedi were trying to scrub her armpits clean as they held Sooza’s arms still while they toothbrushes buzzed about happily.

“If only cleaning duty at the temple was this fun, eh?” Ahsoka said.

Sooza’s thought the feet tickling had been bad, but the hundreds of bristles scritching along her underarms was a powerfully frustrating sort of tickle teasing – she wanted nothing more than to yank her arms free, but the pesky Jedi weren’t going to let that happen. She had to get back at Bo Katan… where would be a good spot to attack next.

She felt a bit robbed when the Jedi put the toothbrushes back into the plastisteel cylinder, but grinned when they pulled out a pair of feathers instead.

Oh, she knew exactly where to put those.


Damn that Sooza… Bo Katan was having difficulty forming full sentences as the Jedi stuck the feathers up her armpits and scratched them about methodically. She desperately wanted to yank her arms free, but despite her muscular biceps, she was closer to pulling her arm out of its socket than making any kind of meaningful progress towards freedom. All she was really doing was exhibiting to the smirking Jedi just how ticklish her armpits were, though her high-pitched wails of laughter may have already given the game way somewhat on that account.

“Is it unbearable?” Ahsoka whispered as she teased the triceps with gentle grazes from her fingers while her other hand continued to twist the scratchy end of the feather all over sensitive flesh.

“Wouldn’t you like to tickle Sooza for putting you through such suffering?” Barriss added, with a fiendish grin as she mimicked Ahsoka’s actions on Bo Katan’s other arm.

“Yehehehes! Bo Katan blurted as she closed her eyes due to the intensity of the sensations flowing from the sensitive hollows under her arms.

“All you have to do is give us full information about Death Watch… we’ll give you a leaner sentence and thirty minutes alone with Sooza. Doesn’t that sound like fun?” The mighty Mandalorian had to admit she was sorely tempted – nothing would be sweeter than hearing Sooza beg and whimper for thirty long minutes under her ticklish touch, but betraying Death Watch and everything she stood for…

Bo Katan bit her lip and shook her head as the Jedi tickled her even harder for declining their offer. The tickling was bad, but worse was the comment Ahsoka whispered in her ear. “You think your pal Sooza isn’t going to sell you out? She’ll happily betray you…”

Tears welled up in her eyes as Bo Katan knew this was true, but nonetheless she could not give up Death Watch’s secrets. There were valuable things she knew that Sooza did not, and even if betrayal was all but certain considering Sooza’s louche nature and the Jedi’s baleful tickling influences, Bo Katan could not concede.

She felt the feathers being removed from her underarms as the Jedi stepped back.

“You heard the offer, Sooza, it’s your turn, unless you’d like to tell us something.”

“Gladly,” Sooza said, with a feckless smile that made Bo Katan’s blood boil.

The Jedi escorted Sooza from the room, as Bo Katan stewed in her bonds, mulling over all the efforts of Death Watch Sooza was undoing with her loose lips. She shook her head in dismay – whatever happened to loyalty to a cause.

The door opened, and Sooza re-entered, a grin on her face as she wiggled her fingers eagerly.

“I have been dying to do this for the longest time…”


Being tickled by Sooza was no fun.

Well, the first part of that statement should have gone without saying, Bo Katan thought, as she arched her spine and reclined as much as she could in her bondage as a storm of fingernails swept across her nylon-clad soles. Beaming like a bride at her wedding, Sooza was having the time of her life as she rough, unkempt nails scratched and stroked as they flew over the soles like a blur.

For some reason, Bo Katan had always thought that the stim expert and chemist of Death Watch would have a steady hand and a measured touch, but like everything else about the Mandalorian, Bo Katan had misjudged Sooza, it seemed. The comparison was especially clear due to the juxtaposition of Ahsoka and Barriss, whose precise, deft strokes seemed controlled as if guided by their infamous stoical Jedi discipline. The Jedi had tickled insistently, stubbornly, and cruelly as they pushed her buttons, but the tickling had been consistent too – after the first minute or so Bo Katan had noticed patterns developing in their hand manoeuvres, which hadn’t made the tickling any more bearable, but it was a pleasingly distracting thing to focus on. Sooza’s style of tickling brought no such comfort as it was unpredictable as she was. It was a wild mix of strokes, pinches, scratches, kisses, nibbles and licks as Sooza used tongue and fingers to drive Bo Katan into a logorrheic state of laughter. The nylons blocked the sensations somewhat, but they accentuated the feelings of every long stroke up and down her sole too.

The Mandalorian leader’s complexion was becoming florid as Sooza’s flurry of wild finger strokes intensified, focusing on the area around the ball of the foot and the centre of the sole. The Jedi had been kind enough to share their toys with Sooza, but she was in no great haste to use them, and she happy to simply use her fingers to wring as much ticklish mirth from Bo Katan’s pair of wiggling, nylon-covered soles as she could.

“I have wanted to do this for the longest time… big, tough leader girl getting humbled by a lil bit of tickling on her feet… if only I could sell tickets to the other Death Watch boys,” Sooza purred, as she skittered her nails along the gaps between Bo Katan’s slender toes, with her nylons making everything smooth and slippery and much more unbearable that it should have been.

“Fahahahahahack ohohohohoff!” Bo Katan cussed, but the s******ing turncoat continued all the same.

“What, you think we all liked you? We all complained about you soooooo much behind your back. We were all tired of you being so sanctimonious all the time… we all wanted to see you giggling and squeaking for once. And it looks like I’m the lucky one to finally get the honours!” the other girl tossed her head back and giggled as Bo Katan giggled at a considerably higher-pitch and intensity.

After tormenting her soles for what felt like a few eternities, Sooza stood up, flexed her wrists, and reach for her toothbrushes. The toothbrushes were re-introduced to Bo Katan’s mid-section, tracing devastating paths as they buzzed their bristles happily against toned yet ticklish flesh. The toothbrushes whirled all over her torso like Sooza was a perfectionist cleaner trying to scrub a speeder pristine of dirt and flecks of mud. Sooza’s unpredictability continued too, with her toothbrushes attacking her with asymmetrical two-pronged attacks – the toothbrushes maneuvered along a side and an armpit, her bellybutton and her neck, a rib and her thigh, the possibilities were as endless as they were effective. Sooza even introduced her wicked traitor’s tongue to the mix too, blowing raspberries on Bo Katan’s six pack while the toothbrushes snuck into her armpits. Bo Katan struggled to say what was worse: the indignant humiliating of such a childish and demeaning tickling technique, or the sheer effective ticklishness of tongue and lips on her toned abs.

Keeping a stiff upper lip was always how Bo Katan had conducted herself, and it was a moral victory that she managed to keep her laughter under control for the most part despite occasional-to-frequent splutters of hysterical laughter. Fear began surging through her body as she looked at the clock in the room and realized it had already been almost an hour… where were the Jedi? She was struck with doubt as the realization Sooza might tickle her to death became a real possibility. There was no honour in such a death… even her legacy would be tainted by such an embarrassment, though thoughts of legacy and honour became hard to focus on when Sooza twisted around and turned the brushes on Bo Katan’s wiggling toes and soles once more.

“Jehehehedi!” Bo Katan called, real desperation in her voice. “I want to tahahahalk!”


Sooza did not know what to think – one second she having the time of her life, as she watched her short, stunny fingernail flick across Bo Katan’s ticklish soles. Her head felt so fuzzy… The world was a black abyss, or she was blindfolded, and as she turned her head the second possibility seemed more likely as she felt the material rub against her face.

She dimly recalled her former commander shouting something incoherent in an amusingly-impotent fashion that had made Sooza chuckle, and then the Jedi did something, and then she was here.

There was something powerfully frustrating about being blindfolded. Most people, soldiers especially, tended to rely so much on their eyesight that when it was taken from them they would be in a hyperaware state of every sound. Sooza’s ears pricked at the sound of the air ventilation vents on the ship, and every groan and hum the vessel made as it continued its voyage towards Coruscant.

What had the Jedi said? It was coming back now… something about taking a quick rest? Sooza couldn’t remember, but she definitely was not in a comfortable resting position. She wiggled her body and discovered rigid resistance at her ankles, wrists and waist. She was tied eagle-spread to some kind of flat surface, probably some boxes from the cargo hold she had been in earlier.

Sooza still wore the same tacky uniforms the Jedi had given them, and those dreaded nylons were still on her feet as she wiggled her toes experimentally. She knew what likely awaited her, but she didn’t quite want to believe it… the tight bonds binding her down, her exposed body, those blasted stockings… there seemed like only one possible conclusion.

There were footsteps, whose echoes bounced across the walls of the cargo hold which sounded deafening to Sooza’s sharp ears. The footsteps stopped in front of Sooza’s right foot, and for a few heartbeats, nothing happened. All Sooza could hear was the steady hum of the ventilation system and her heart pounding in her chest. Just when Sooza was starting to think she might have imagined the footsteps or it was some kind of cruel Jedi Mind Trick, a strong hand snapped out and grabbed her right foot, yanking the sole back by the toes. The grip was firm, and the hands callused, and Sooza could only gasp as her foot was pulled back and held firmly in place. There was no doubt who it could be, as Sooza had felt those hands on her soles before.

Bo Katan.

Bo Katan pushed the toes of Sooza’s right foot back, extending the tendon, which Sooza knew from painstaking experimentation always intensified the tickling sensations along the arches and the ball of the foot. Her other foot curled and flexed, as if wishing it could aid the trapped foot. This was going to be bad…

Sooza had always found Bo Katan’s rigmarole about the great Mandalorian traditions and the noble ordeal and yadda yadda yadda rather tiring, but anything would be better than this oppressive silence, which sent a shiver through Sooza’s spine like a cold knife in her back. Sooza was expected to be excoriated for betraying their former-cause, and she honestly thought that maybe even that would be better than this awkward silence which stretched on and on. She almost wished the tickling on her horrendously sensitive feet would begin already.

And she got her wish.

Fingers as cruel as talons worked up and down her right foot. The appendage jolted as it were electrified, quivering and shaking to try to break free of Bo Katan’s iron grip, but the arm held the foot still, no matter how hard Sooza tried to liberate her trapped toosies. Five fingers turned into a predatory spider which danced and danced along Sooza’s slender soles, and Sooza could not do anything but shake her head and roar with laughter. The spider turned into a claw which scratched up and down the sole like a wildebeest trying to slash at prey. She could feel Bo Katan putting all her vengeance and fury into the tickling, as tears trickled down her flushed cheeks. The claw turned into a lone snake, which slithered along the arches and weaved through her toes, as Sooza laughed and laughed.

When the right foot was released, the foot immediately curled up, but Sooza knew it was no cause for celebration, as Bo Katan strode to her left foot and latched onto it with a grip like plastisteel.

“I’m not stopping, Sooza. This is the only justice I can give my people, it seems,” Bo Katan said, as she cracked her knuckles and the spider, the claw and the snake went from the jungles of faraway planets to Sooza’s sole once more.