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Hi. This is my first ever post. I've been a long-time lurker and have enjoyed reading everybody's stories. I've had a few ideas over the years, but just got back from a camping trip and was inspired to formalize some of those ideas into a story. I hope you guys like it. I had other ideas and there are more stories to come.

Camping Tickle Mystery

Zach walked out of his house carrying his last bag and approached his car. Through the windshield, he could see a pair of bare feet resting on the dashboard, all ten toes pressing flat against the glass. He put his bag in the trunk and got into the driver’s seat of the car. The feet on the dashboard belonged to his girlfriend, Zoey.

Zoey and Zach had been dating for the past year. Both were in their late 20s, working ambitious careers that took up a lot of their time. Zoey was Asian-American with a petite figure and dark tan complexion. She had been put off at first by Zach’s foot fetish, but had since come to enjoy it. Zoey now kept her feet in good shape and enjoyed the attention that Zach gave to her soft, sensitive feet. She would get turned on by the way Zach would tickle and worship her feet and found it to be great foreplay. No other guy had ever turned her on through her feet the way Zach had.

Zoey and Zach were on their way to go camping for a long weekend. Zach read about a place that was a far drive into the woods and was secluded; they would really be able to disconnect from the world for a few days and enjoy a trip together. Zoey knew that they would have a long car ride ahead of them. She had just gotten a fresh pedicure to have extra-soft feet and dark blue nail polish so that Zach could drool over her feet on their car ride.

Zoey wiggled her toes and brushed her feet together. She looked at Zach and saw him glancing over.

“Eyes on the road, mister!” Zoey said jokingly.
“Oops. I guess I got distracted. I couldn’t help but look at those sexy feet.”
Zoey smiled.

At one point Zoey dozed off, wearing her sunglasses with her feet still up on the dashboard. She felt the car decelerate and stop. She opened her eyes briefly and saw that they were stopped at a gas station. Zach got out to fill up the tank. The car began to feel stuffy, so Zoey rolled down the window and propped her feet out of the car, right ankle crossed over left. She closed her eyes again.

A few minutes later, Zoey felt a brief tickling sensation on the sole of her left foot. Without opening her eyes, Zoey brushed her left sole with her right big toe. She then felt a much more intense ticking feeling on both soles at once. Zoey opened her eyes and saw Zach standing by her feet, his fingers tickling away.

Surprised, Zoey tried to pull her feet back in the car, but Zach pushed both ankles down with his left arm and kept tickling both her feet with his right hand. He spider-tickled up and down both soles again and again.

“Hahahaha! Stop! Stop!” Zoey shouted.

But it didn’t help. Zach kept tickling her feet, causing Zoey to flail in her seat, laughing, helpless to do anything about it.

Finally, after a minute, Zach let go of Zoey’s ankles and she pulled her feet back into the car and onto the floor. If they were alone at home, Zoey wouldn’t have minded so much, but she didn’t want to create a scene here, at the gas station.

Zach got back into the driver’s seat. Zoey flashed him a frown.
She said “That wasn’t nice! You’re mean!”
Zach replied “Your feet are just too cute. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.”
Zoey thought for a second, still showing a frown. “Just for that, no more foot watching for you.” And Zoey slid her feet into her black flats.
“Oh no! I was just joking around!” Zach said lightly with a frown.
Zoey knew her was just joking and didn’t really mind that much. “Ok. But consider this a warning!” Then she laughed a little, smiled at Zach, and slid her feet out of her flats and propped them back onto the dashboard.
Zach smiled back.

As the car drove away, another car soon followed. Zach and Zoey did create a scene at the gas station and now the driver of the other car knew that Zoey had ticklish feet.

After driving nearly an hour on unpaved roads into the woods, not encountering any other cars, Zach and Zoey arrived at the spot they would be camping. They set up their tent and started to unload their other supplies.

Zach said “I’d like to do a little bit of exploring before it gets too dark. Would you like to come?”
“No, you go ahead. I’ll stay here and get more situated.”
“Okay, I’ll see you soon.”
Zach gave Zoey a kiss and walked off into the woods.

Zoey went into their tent and started to get their sleeping pads and sleeping bags setup. She set them up so their feet would face the flap of the tent and heads would be furthest in. As Zoey unraveled the sleeping bags, she was bent at her knees, with her lower legs outside of the tent and the rest of her body inside. She straightened her legs and leaned towards the inside of the tent to reach further.

Zoey heard footsteps approaching. Still mostly inside the tent, without turning around she said “That was fast. Did you see anything interesting?”

Without hearing a response, Zoey felt hands gently elevate her feet and remove her flats.

Zoey said “Oh. I see why you came back.” She smiled and laid on her chest onto the nearest sleeping pad.

The hands worked on Zoey, one foot at a time, caressing her soles and her toes, then starting to tickle her. Rather than the spider-tickles she had received from Zach before, this was much slower. These hands were taking their time with her feet. The tickling gradually became more intense.

“Hahha. Ohh. Hhaha.” Zoey giggled as the fingers danced across her soles and on every toe. She didn’t fight it this time, though.

After the hands tickled every centimeter of her feet ten times over, they put her feet down. Then Zoey heard footsteps quickly moving away from the tent and there was silence.

“Zach? Is that all you’ve got?”
Zoey sat up. “Zach? Where’d you go?”
Zoey put her shoes back on and walked outside.
“Zach? Where are you?”

She looked around their campsite and did not see any sign of Zach or anybody else. A bit annoyed with Zach’s games, Zoey went back into the tent to get more things set up.

Five minutes later Zach arrived back at the campsite. Zoey, annoyed with him, asked “Where did you go?”
“Just around the area. I found a ridge that I think will have a great sunrise tomorrow.”
“No, I mean, why did you take off just a few minutes ago?”
“What do you mean? I left thirty minutes ago and I told you I was going.”
“But you came back. And tickled my feet, and then you left without saying anything.”
“Zoey, I don’t know what you’re talking about. Something tickled your feet? Maybe it was a bug or something?”
“No, it was definitely a person that tickled my feet for a long time. It was definitely another person and not a bug!”

It dawned on Zoey that it was not Zach that tickled her. He would joke around at times but never lie and never take a joke out this far. There definitely was another person out there that had tickled her feet and now she became worried.

Zach could see her concern. He hugged her and said “Look, it was probably some kid messing around. It is almost dark now and the kid went home.” Zach paused for a minute. “We could try leaving right now, but I don’t think I’d be comfortably driving those roads we came in on at night. How about we stay here for the night, I won’t leave you alone, and we can leave first thing tomorrow morning?”

Zoey, worried, but seeing no other option said “Ok.”

Zoey and Zach made dinner and went to bed without any other incidents. Zoey was finding it difficult to sleep, but she did feel safe with Zach there by her side.

At one point, Zach got up.
“Zach! Where are you going?”
“To the bathroom. I’ll be right outside the tent. I’ll be watching you the whole time.”

Zach went out and came back in.
Zoey requested “Hey, before you get settled back into your sleeping bag, would you do me a favor? My feet feel really hot. Would you mind unzipping the lower zipper of my bag?”

Zach did as Zoey requested. Zoey felt the cool air on her feet and it felt instantly better. Then she felt Zach begin to caress her soles.

“Stop! Honey, I’m not really in the mood.”
Zach stopped right away, apologized, and kissed Zoey on the cheek.
Zoey said “You’re right. It probably was just a kid. I feel a lot better but am still not in the mood for any foot play tonight, okay?”
“I completely understand. I hope you’re able to get some sleep.”
Then they tried going back to bed.

Just before dawn, Zoey awoke to a slight tickle on her right sole. She used her left toe to brush it and decided that it was just a bug. She stirred and saw that Zach was up and halfway dressed.

Zach said “How are you today?”
“Pretty good. I feel much better now about that weirdness yesterday. I’m sure it was just a kid messing around. I’m not worried that we’ll see him again.”
“Good. I’m glad you feel better.”
“Yeah. I know it took us a long time to get this trip together too. It would really suck to go all the way back now. I’d like to stay.”
“Oh, Zoey. That’s great! If you change your mind, though, I will totally understand. Hey, do you want to go over to that ridge I spotted yesterday to watch the sunrise with me?”
“No, I think I’m going to try getting a little more sleep. You should go though.”
“Are you sure?”
“Totally. It’s too early in the morning for some kid to be awake. I’ll be fine. Just don’t be too long. And take a good picture to show me!”
“Haha. Ok.”

Zach finished getting dressed, kissed Zoey, and walked out of the tent. Zoey felt a cool morning breeze blowing on her feet and opened her toes to feel it between them. She closed her eyes and felt peaceful.

Zoey heard footsteps approach at the sound of her tent unzipping.

“Did you forget something, Zach?”

Zoey felt fingers start to wiggle against her soles. She giggled and realized that this felt nice again. With a big grin, Zoey opened her eyes to see Zach, and saw that it was somebody else! This man looked unkempt and was dressed as a stereotypical hillbilly.

Zoey tried to scream, but the man covered her mouth with his hand and leaned on top of her to keep her from getting up.

He shouted “Bring the dang rope!”

The tent flap opened and another hillbilly rushed in. He took a look at Zoey and grinned in an unsettling way. The two men tied a rag through Zoey’s open mouth to prevent her from making much noise, then tied her arms together with a piece of rope. Since she was still in her sleeping bag, she couldn’t fight back with her arms and they only had to get the rope around her body to secure her. They also tied her ankles together above her exposed feet, which were still sticking out of the sleeping bag. In trying to fight the ankle restraints, Zoey was wigging her toes, which seemed to drive the second of the men wild.

“Wow, look at ‘em purty toes go! Hehe.”
“Are we gonna make ‘er squeal like a pig?”
“Damn straight we is!”

The two men started to tickle Zoey’s feet. Both men sat on one side of Zoey and each had their own foot to tickle. They spider-tickled side-to-side and up-and-down her soles and across the tops of her feet.

“Somebody’s ticklish!”

Zoey was already laughing in tears. She wasn’t sure if the tears were just from the tickling or from the fear of being at the mercy of these men, but the tickling was intense.

They went for in between her toes. Zoey tried to fight it by scrunching her feet. One hillbilly fought back by pushing her toes up and tickling the bottom parts of her toes. The other just tickled the sides of her foot until the toes opened and then he went back in.

“Tickle, tickle, tickle!”
“Man, she’s got ticklish feet! And they’re so nice and soft too!”

Zoey had never been tickled like this before. Zach would mix up his tickling with caressing and kissing her feet, but these two hillbillies were tickling relentlessly. This was also the first time Zoey had had four pairs of hands tickling her feet. It was too much for her to handle.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, Zoey caught a break:
“Hey! I think we’d better stop.”
“Awww. I could keep this up all day.”
“Me too, but her man will probably be back soon. We’d better skedaddle.”
“Shoot. But you’re right.”

Zoey was relieved. It seemed that this was over. The men would leave, Zach would be back, and they would leave this horrible place forever.

But after the two men got up, one walked up near Zoey’s head, grabbed her shoulders, and they lifted her together. They carried her out of the tent and Zoey saw another car not very far away. She realized they were going to take her with them!

Zoey tried to struggle and yell but it was hopeless being trapped in her sleeping bag. They placed her on her back in the back seat and pushed in her legs to shut the door. Zoey, with her ankles tied together, tried to open the door with her feet but it would not open. The two men got into the front and started up the car. She, in a last effort, tried to break the window with her feet but was not strong enough to do anything. She had her soles pressed up against the cool window glass as the car drove away.

Zach, returning from his morning hike, was close to the campsite when he heard a car start. He rushed back and saw a car driving away, with a pair of soles he had come to know so well pushed up against the glass in the back seat. He quickly went towards his car to pursue, but found that all four of his tires had been slashed. Zach was stranded in the woods and, worse, his girlfriend was kidnapped and her poor soles were at the mercy of her captors.

The end?

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nice story.

its good in character building and intense conversation.


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Good story, you should definitely write a part 2

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I really enjoyed this story! I would definitely encourage a part 2!

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Congratulations on delurking and posting your story! :bouncybou
Do go ahead and post part two. :D

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What a terrific story! Cant wait to see what happens to poor Zoey in Part 2!

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Thanks everybody! I hadn't thought much about part 2 for this just yet. But I've been working through some other stories in the meantime.

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Well obviously she will become their little tickleslave for the rest of her live.