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I've seen people try sleeping bags and stuff at REI in bare feet and thought that it might make for a good tickle situation. I just used a sleeping bag in my last story but this one is a bit different. Hope you enjoy!

REI Used Gear Tickle

Jamie, a 5’3” Caucasian with short brown hair in her mid-20s, went to the REI used gear sale to try and land a sleeping bag. From her experience, there is some equipment that is unusable at these sales, but just as much of it is brand new. Customers will buy something, use it once or never at all, then make up some lame reason to return the item. Jamie found a sleeping bag that seemed to be in good shape with a pretty steep discount. The tag indicated that the zipper would get stuck but Jamie decided to try it out herself.

Jamie found an area of the store with few people around so she could roll out the sleeping bag and get inside. She slipped off her flip-flops and got into the bag barefoot. She zipped the sleeping bag up all the way using the inside zipper. She found it to instantly be too snug and tried to unzip the zipper but it was stuck, just as the tag said it would. She tried and tried but could not get the zipper to even budge. Jamie tried wiggling out of the sleeping bag but could not make any progress: she was completely stuck!

While Jamie was struggling to get out, a handsome male sales associate around 30 saw her. He walked over to see if he could assist.

“You seem to be having a problem.”
“Yeah. The zipper is stuck and I can’t get out!”
“Hmmm. Let me try.”

The sales associate tried to unzip the bag from the top but also could not get it to move.

“Man, that’s one stuck zipper. I can try opening the bottom zipper.”
“Yes, please. Whatever to get me out of this thing.”

The sales associate began unzipping the lower zipper and quickly found Jamie’s feet. They had pink polish on the nails and, while not super filthy, her feet did show some dirtiness from walking around in flip-flops.

“Hmm. I see you tried this on in your bare feet.”
“Yeah. So?”
“We have a policy to have shoes or socks on when getting into our sleeping bags.”
“Well, I didn’t know.”

The sales associate paused. He thought for a minute then grinned mischiefly.

He bent back down and playfully tickled the soles of Jamie’s feet.

“Hahah. Stop! My feet are really ticklish!”

“Uhoh. Then it’s extra bad that you tried the sleeping bag in your bare feet!” The sales associate smiled and laughed in a playful manner. “Okay. The bottom zipper is stuck now too. It looks like we’re going to need to cut you out of the sleeping bag. Don’t worry, we won’t charge you anything for it. But I can’t really do it out here on the floor for other people to see. We don’t want our customers to get the impression that we sell low quality sleeping bags that they will need to cut themselves out of. Would it be okay if we go into the back?”

“Uh. I guess that would be okay.”

“Would you mind if I carried you to the back…?”


“Jamie. I’m Ron.”

“Ok, Ron. Let’s do it.” Ron picked her up and started to take her towards the backroom. She looked at him and joked “My hero!”

They went into the back and walked a long way, into a second room.

Jamie commented “Wow, we really had to go far back, huh?”

“Yeah.” Ron responded. “Uh, we have our tools for this kind of stuff back here.”

Ron put Jamie down on the ground.

Ron added “This is also a place really far back so people are less likely to hear you.”

“Hear me?” Jamie said, worried.

“Yeah, hear you when I tickle those cute feet of yours!”

And with that, Ron grabbed Jamie’s right foot and started to dance his fingers up and down her sole.

“No. Stop! Hahaha! Please!”

Ron kept on going, dancing across her toes.

“Haha. That tickles so much! Haha! Please!”

“I can’t stop, Jamie. You decided to try on the sleeping bag in your bare feet. This is your punishment! Tickle, tickle!”

“No. Hahaha. I can’t stand it!”

“Well, ok.” Ron stopped for a split second. Then he grabbed her other foot instead and subjected it to the same treatment.

“Hahaha. I said stop! Haha.”

“Your other foot had all the fun. It’s only fair! Tickle, tickle, tickle!”

Ron stopped for a few seconds. Jamie relaxed enough to have both of her feet within striking distance of Ron’s hands. He quickly grabbed both of her big toes so she couldn’t move her feet away and he slightly elevated them. He leaned his face in close to Jamie’s feet. He took two sniffs and more closely looked at Jamie’s feet.

Ron said “Your feet are a little smelly, Jamie. And they are dirty too. I think we should clean those feet up.”

“No, just let me out of here!”

“Well, I’m thinking that with our store policy, it might be okay if you had clean feet, but you shouldn’t be trying sleeping bags with dirty feet. If my manager found out that I was spending so much time helping a customer that doesn’t obey the rules, I might be in trouble.”

“What would your manager say about keeping customers against their will and tickling their feet?”

“You got yourself stuck. And the foot tickling is just a little bit of fun. But before my manager hears anything about this incident, I want to make sure that you have clean feet.”

Ron walked right around the corner, turned a sink on and off, came back with a small bucket of water, some rags, and a big brush with thick bristles. He said “This is the type of brush we use to scrub down our rental equipment. Don’t worry, this is an unused one, but they really help to get all of the dirt off. They’ll make good work of those dirty feet of yours.”

Ron dipped a rag in the water and then went to work on Jamie’s feet. He first rubbed all over her feet with the rag, causing Jamie to laugh. He washed in between all of her toes and over the whole length of her sole. Then he dipped the rag back in the water and reapplied the soapy water to Jamie’s feet.

Ron picked up the brush, looked at Jamie, and smiled. “Now comes the fun part.”

He held fast Jamie’s right foot and scrubbed her foot, side to side, and up to down. Jamie had never felt anything so ticklish before. She laughed really hard and could not stand the sensation.

“Scrub-a-dub-dub!” Ron said.

He grabbed her other foot.

Jamie protested “No! It tickles so much! Please don’t. Stop!”

“But your other foot looks so much cleaner. It’ll all be over soon, Jamie. Then you’ll have clean feet!”

He proceeded to scrub Jamie’s other foot, holding it steady as he felt her trying to pull back.

Finally, the scrubbing was done. Ron picked up a clean rag and dried her feet, slowly and carefully. This sensation started to feel pretty good to Jamie.

Ron grabbed both of her big toes again and leaned in close to her feet. He touched his nose to her soles and breathed in deep.

“Wow, your feet smell so good.”

Ron then started to gently kiss Jamie’s soles. He grabbed her left foot and started kissing her toes, starting with her big toe and working down. This was feeling very nice to Jamie. She laid her head back and closed her eyes.

Ron moved the ball of her foot to his mouth, then licked her sole from the bottom to the tips of her toes. He put her big toe in his mouth and rolled his tongue over it. She moaned. He proceeded to do the same to the rest of her toes, one-by-one. Then he repeated with her other foot.

Jamie had never felt like this before. It felt amazing to have her feet and toes worshipped like this. She was so turned on and started to feel wet.

Ron gently put her feet down and unzipped her sleeping bag from the bottom. Then gave her a hand for her to stand up.

He said “I’m sorry that I lied to you about the bottom zipper being stuck. Your feet were just so sexy and I really wanted to play with them.”

She took a moment to get her bearings straight. “It’s ok. I really enjoyed what you did to my feet, especially at the end.”

“Yeah, I could see that.” They both smiled.

Ron asked “So, who are you going camping with?”

“What are you doing next weekend?”

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Wonderful story! :feets:

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Yet again, another well written story!