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“Morning sunshine, did you sleep well?” “I did thanks. That new bed is so awesome. Is there coffee?” “Sure thing bro, it’s coming right up.” Smiling, Roman handed Chuck a cup. Roman and Chuck shared a duplex. They lived on one level and rented the other one. Roman just turned 34, and Chuck was 35. They met in college and became best friends. “Hey Chuck, how would you like to make an easy $1,000?” Roman asked as he sat beside Chuck and ran his hand through his dark hair. “What’s involved?” Chuck was always a little apprehensive when Roman got these “easy” moneymaking ideas. “Well, this ad was in my new magazine.” Chuck’s eyes widened as he scanned the cut out piece of paper. “Dude, no way. You know I hate being tickled.” “C’mon Chuck, if you don’t do it I’ll only get $500. Besides, I have a plan.” “What’s your plan?” “We go do this, but we tell them we want to tickle each other.” “I don’t know.” “Dude, this could be fun. You know you love tickling the shit outta me, if we’re each other’s tickler, then we tickle each other just enough to make it look good without it being torture.”

“I still don’t know Rome. It still feels weird.” “Please, I really think it’d be fun.” Reaching over, Roman playfully poked his timid bro’s exposed side. “Ahh hey, cut that out.” Squirming and giggling, Chuck tried blocking Roman’s tickle attack. “Say you’ll do it.” His grey eyes gleamed with mischief as Roman squeezed and kneaded Chuck’s defenseless knees. “Fuck, not the knees you jackass.” The giggles turned to girlish squeals from the new tactic. “Are you going to do it?” Roman continued tickling the kicking legs. Sweat was beading along Chuck’s forehead as he convulsed into a giggling heap. “I guess I’ll have to go for the kill.” “Fuck, get off me, you jerk.” “Jerk huh? I’ll show you a jerk.” Roman knocked his writhing roommate off the couch and straddled the backs of the wiggling legs. “Don’t you dare fucking touch my feet.” “Say you’ll do the video with me.” “Over my dead body” “It’s your funeral.” Wrestling with Chuck’s flailing ankles, he finally trapped them in an iron grip.

“Don’t tickle my fuckin’ feet.” “Hey, you brought this on yourself. I gave you a chance to agree.” Grabbing hold of the thin, red and black striped no show socks. Roman bared the soft, size 10 feet. “Coochie coochie” Roman taunted. He looked back and smiled as he lightly skittered his fingertips along the exposed soles. “Hehe shit don’t hehe tickle my feet.” A flood of high pitched, girly squeals and giggles escaped as Chuck was hurled into a new world of tickles. Roman couldn’t help giggling as he reduced his normally masculine bro to a helpless little boy. “Say yes and this’ll stop.” The playful skitters switched to a single index nail lightly scratching the center of the arch. Chuck’s eyes bulged, his squirming became a mass of thrashes and pounding fists, and his giggles turned into tortured ticklish belly laughs.

Sweat beads were glistening on the toned skin of both guys. Roman’s tickling was really taking its toll on the struggling Chuck. It took all his reserve and will not to give in too quickly. Suddenly, there was a new sensation making its presence known. Not only had Roman added his other fingers to the flailing bare soles, but he also was sucking and nibbling Chuck’s plump toes. “Ahh fuck don’t…” That was all Chuck managed to say before words were replaced with ear splitting boyish squeals. Roman knew it wouldn’t take much longer for his ultra ticklish bud to submit and agree to his proposal. “I’m not hearing you say yes Chuckly boy.” The response he elicited was a string of squeals and other unrecognizable sounds. Finally, after another few minutes of nonstop nibbling, licking, and tickling Chuck’s resolve was broken. “Yes, I’ll go along with it.” Roman stopped his torturous tickle assault, and both guys remained in the same spots as they recovered.

A few minutes and glasses of water later, Roman and Chuck went to their respective rooms. Sitting at his computer, Roman was watching the video from the hidden camera he’d setup. Feeling satisfied, he sent it to the e-mail address the company provided him. Roman breathed a sigh of relief as he began coming down from his adrenaline high. He kicked off his sneakers, lay back and stripped his white and grey ankle socks from his size 10.5 feet. Roman was almost asleep when his phone rang. “Hello!” “Hi, I’m trying to reach Roman.” “This is he.” “Hi Roman, my name is Tark. How are you this morning?” “I’m doing well, and yourself?” “Having a great morning, thanks for asking. Look Roman, I’m calling in regards to the video you just sent us.” Sitting up, Roman was now fully paying attention. “I have to say it was awesome. I loved Chuck’s reactions, as well as the chemistry and playfulness between you two. My partner’s have also seen it and agree. “Sweet, so when do you want us to show up?” “We have a slot available for Saturday.” “I think that’ll work.” “Great, we look forward to working with you two. See y’all Saturday.”

No sooner had Roman hung up, did Chuck burst in his unsuspecting bro’s room. “Hey what giv…” Chuck cut him off mid sentence, by jumping on the bed, and wrapping some rope around the struggling Roman. “Get the fuck off me.” “Quit whining and squirming you little worm.” Chuck quickly got his prey hogtied. “No fair you fucker, I didn’t tie you.” “That’s because yours was spontaneous. I planned this revenge. I got to thinking, if we’re gonna be tickling each other, then you need to practice your reactions. Otherwise, I’ll just have to really tickle the shit outta you, and not just for show.” Roman was trying his hardest to work out of the ropes binding him. However, Chuck’s knots always held tight. “Oops, I forgot something. I’ll be right back, now don’t go anywhere.” “Shit, like that’s possible with these damn knots.” Chuck smiled as he went to his room. Reaching under his bed, he retrieved his bag of toys.

Roman was still struggling with the rope, even though he knew it was useless. “Good, you’re still here.” “Haha you’re so gonna get it when I get free.” “You mean if you get free?” Chuck put the bag beside the bed. Sitting next to Roman, he playfully ruffled the trapped Italian’s hair. Chuck was predominately straight. However he did periodically dabble in some sexual play with guys. Truth be told, he always had a thing for Roman. He was the classic Italian god. He was 5’10, weighed 140 with no body flab. His soft grey eyes were a nice contrast to his black hair and smooth skin. Chuck wasn’t chopped liver by any means. His 5’9, 140lb frame always got attention from men and women. He could mesmerize anyone with his sparkling sapphire blue eyes. Over the course of their relationship, tickle fights and playful wrestling were quite regular. Even though each one put up a good front of threats and resistance, inside they loved both ends of the tickle spectrum.

“Gee Ro; you’re pretty tied up right now.” Chuck poked his index fingers in the middle of Roman’s ribs. “Ah hehe fuck you, I’m so gonna make you pay for this.” Roman was having trouble holding back the urge to screech with tortured laughter. “Big talk, but kinda hard to back it up considering you can’t move.” “Oh, just you w….” The sentence was cut off and replaced with a string of very girly high pitched giggles and squeals. “What was that?” Chuck teased as he lightly wiggled his fingers along the back and sides of Roman’s neck. “Hehe fuckin’ hell, if you don’t ahh stop tickling hehe my damn neck.” The ticklish assault of his neck was sending poor Roman into a swirling mass of tickles. His neck was one of his worst spots. “Aww coochie coochie, Roman.” The wiggling fingers began making a trail along Roman’s cheeks.

“Whoa, no biting.” Chuck quickly pulled his fingers back as Roman playfully tried biting him. “That’s what you get if you… FUCK” In retaliation, Chuck kneaded all ten fingers between Roman’s ribs and even nuzzled his friend’s neck with his nose. “And this is what you get for trying to bite me bro.” Making the tickling worse, Chuck began drumming his fingers along the heaving waist. Adding insult to a very ticklish injury, he also blew a few raspberries on the exposed stomach. “Holy shit that’s torture.” Roman’s body arched as he let out an earsplitting squeal. It had only been a few minutes since this started, but Roman was completely soaked with sweat. And his muscles were getting tired from the forceful exertion. “Need a breather?” Chuck was feeling compassionate. He got a damp facecloth and wiped the sweat from his bud’s forehead and face. “Dude, you’re fucking brutal.” “Too much?” “Have I cried Uncle yet?” “You’re such a little freak.”

Chuck reached in his bag, and pulled out some lotion. He sat at Roman’s upturned soles. “You’re gonna untie me and give me a nice massage right?” “Umm yeah, we’ll go with that.” Putting some lotion on the wiggling soles, Chuck started working it in. “That’s awesome, I love your foot massages.” Roman was starting to get lost in the feeling of relaxation. Suddenly, Chuck made his move. “Ahh hehe wait hehe don’t eek tickle my hehe feet.” Roman’s euphoria was quickly changed to another tickle attack. His boyish giggles were infectious, because Chuck even started giggling. “Aww you’re just way too tickly Roman. Whatever possessed you to respond to that ad?” Chuck’s fingertips made a trail of tortured tickles along the length of Roman’s warm, soft, and utterly helpless soles. “Shit, my feet are too ticklish.” “Tell me something I don’t know dude.” Suddenly, the boyish giggles became screeches and the squirms turned to thrashing. “Fuck, get out of my toes.” Roman screamed as an unseen feather was now penetrating the soft spots under and between his toes.

“You give yet?” Chuck abandoned the feather. Holding Roman’s feet in place, Chuck raked all five of his free nails along the arch’s centers. At the same time, he nibbled and sucked the flexing toes. “Ahh don’t do th…” This new tactic sent Roman into violent thrashes. His laughter went silent. Chuck kept this up for another ten minutes. Just as the tickling was getting too much for Roman, it mercifully stopped. This time, he was being untied. His limbs fell limply on the bed. Chuck began massaging the tickle sensations from his spent bud’s body. “Mmmm damn” Roman became a limp mass of flesh as Chuck’s magic fingers invigorated his muscles. “Ooh fuck that’s amazing.” He was being turned on his back, and Chuck began gently rubbing his dick. At the same time his other hand was caressing Roman’s balls and legs. “Fuck, please don’t stop bro.” Once Chuck’s warm lips and moist tongue wrapped around the throbbing cock, it didn’t take long for Roman to shoot his hot load.

After lying back a few more minutes, Roman and Chuck cleaned up and got themselves together. “I’m starving.” “Me too, let’s go make dinner.” They headed downstairs and started working on dinner. “That was fuckin’ intense.” Roman said as he washed the vegetables. “I’m sorry if I went too far.” Chuck was marinating the steak for the grill. “It was amazing. I had fun.” “Me too.” After dinner, Chuck went to his room and sent an e-mail with the video to the company from the ad. Within a few minutes he got a call from Tark and Saturday was confirmed. While Roman was in the shower, Chuck went and retrieved the hidden camera from the air vent. After all the tickling and physical exertion, the two slept like babies. Neither one aware of each other’s double cross. Once thing was certain, Saturday was going to be an interesting day for them both.

After almost a week of constant tickle attacks and ambushes, Chuck and Roman were feeling stoked about Saturday. After working out the details with Tark, the two had made their separate plans. “This is gonna be an epic shoot.” Tark said putting the guys address in his GPS. Accompanying him was his lighting, camera, and makeup crew. As well as Billy and Phoenix. “So, the guys really don’t know about the other’s double-cross?” Billy asked as he kicked back for the hour long ride. “Nope, and they’re completely oblivious to our double-cross too.” Phoenix replied as he leaned his head on Billy’s shoulder, and lightly tickled his stomach. “Hehe hey don’t hehe tickle ahh hehe me.” Billy squealed and giggled, trying to block Phoenix’s wiggling fingers. “Okay you two, save the fun for Chuck and Roman.” Tark reached over and playfully tickled Phoenix and Billy’s socked soles. “Ahh not hehe the hehe feet.” Phoenix shrieked as they both retracted their insanely ticklish tootsies.

“I can’t believe you talked me into this.” Chuck and Roman were trying to relax a little before Tark and his crew arrived. “What are you nervous for, I’m the one getting the hell tickled outta me.” Taking a sip of his wine, Roman was wondering if his double cross would work. He was surprised he hadn’t spilled the beans with all the weeks’ tickles. “I guess you’re right. I mean you’re only tickling me for my revenge.” Chuck’s nerves were on fire with the uncertainty of his plan. They were so lost in each other’s thoughts, the ringing doorbell almost made them go into orbit. “Are you ready?” “As ready as I’ll ever be.” Chuck opened the door, and was faced with an entourage of men. “Hi I’m Tark, you’re?” “I’m Chuck, and he’s Roman.” The guys shook hands as the crew milled around them setting up. “Would you like anything to drink?” Roman offered as he showed Tark and the crew around. “Pepsi for me if you have it, I have drinks for my guys in the van.”

As they sat and talked, Billy and Phoenix quietly snuck in for their part of the plan. “So, what I’m going for is just some natural interaction and playfulness. There’s no pressure for any sex, if it happens it happens. Are you two ok with that?” Chuck and Roman nodded as Tark continued. “Have either of you been filmed before?” “Not professionally.” They replied in unison. “Well, are there any questions?” Roman and Chuck looked at each other and back at Tark shaking their heads. “This is Barry, he’s our makeup artist. “Hey guys, if you’re ready, I’ve set up at your kitchen table.” The three were making small talk while Barry got them ready for the camera. “You guys ready?” “Sure thing” They left Barry and went back to the living room. Getting comfortable, Tark gave the thumbs up and cameras rolled.

“Hey guys Tark here, and I’d like you to meet Chuck and Roman.” Each nodded and smiled at the mention of their name. “Are y’all excited?” “Totally” Roman said giving a goofy smile. Tark did a few more minutes of animated banter, before changing gears. “Ok guys why don’t you strip and show us what you’re made of.” Without missing a beat, both Roman and Chuck stood and started getting undressed. “Nice, I think y’all are gonna become a crowd favorite. C’mon and flex a little.” The camera angled and displayed each guy’s muscle tone. “You two have some really nice and soft looking feet.* “Hehe thanks” Chuck blushed and nervously giggled. “You know you love the attention bro.” Roman sat down, crossed his leg and wiggled his toes at the camera. “Alright Roman, what’s the best kept secret about this guy?” “He loves Scooby-Doo.” “Hey, don’t tell them that.” Chuck playfully pushed Roman. “Oh and he’s ticklish.” Smiling, Roman wiggled his fingers along Chuck’s exposed stomach. “Ahh hehe hey don’t.” Doubling over, Chuck burst into boyish giggles. “I’m not the only ticklish one.” Before he could retaliate, Roman grabbed Chuck’s wrists, and Tark grabbed his ankles.

“Hey what are you doing? Lemme go c’mon guys this is so uncool.” Chuck tried getting free to no avail. “Oh quit being a big baby Chucky-boy.” Roman grinned as he sat on Chuck’s wrists. “Let me go you ass, I’ll show you a big..Hehe that hehe tickles.” Using his fingertips, Tark made little boxes in the center of the trapped arches before him. “Oh you’re really cute when you get tickled.” “Just wait till you really get him going. He’s adorable.” Roman snickered and pinched Chuck’s cheeks. “You’re gonna regret this bro, you too Tark.” Reaching under the couch, Tark pulled out to pairs of cuffs, and tossed one to Roman. They quickly got Chuck’s wrists and ankles restrained, and then secured the cuffs to the legs of the couch. Roman was about to start his ticklish raid on his bud’s exposed body, when he was suddenly put in a choke hold.

“Fuck, what’s this all about?” Roman tried struggling free, but the guy holding him was too strong. “It’s just a little surprise for you.” Tark approached Roman and started wiggling his fingers along Roman’s bare ribs. “Hehe please not hehe that.” Boyish giggles burst from Roman’s lips as his knees buckled. Tark brought out two more pairs of cuffs. Then he and the mystery assailant made quick work of immobilizing their prey. “So, still glad you did this?” Chuck asked as he continued struggling against his cuffs. “Oh shut up.” “I guess you two are pretty confused right now.” They stopped and looked up at Tark. “What kind of buddies are you? The two of you sought to double cross the other one.” “You were going to double cross me?” Chuck and Roman asked in unison. “However, we decided to add our own little double cross.” Stepping back, Tark revealed two masked men. “Chuck, Roman these are our mystery ticklers.”

“Oh fuck, this is gonna be hell.” Roman nervously shifted and squirmed. “Mmm two really hot and ticklish guys completely exposed.” “This is gonna be fun.” “Roman, when we get out of this, you’d better run.” “Hey you were gonna trap me.” “Hehehe no hehehe don’t hehehe tickle.” Both Roman and Chuck’s squabble was interrupted by the ticklish sensation covering their bare soles. “This is a ticklish jackpot.” Chuck’s tickler was exploring the tickly territory under his toes. While Roman’s tormentor was lightly stroking the backs of his knees. “Please, hehe I’m ahh too damn hehe ticklish there.” The high pitched squeals and giggles were almost earsplitting. Both guys were struggling furiously. “I think we should make this easy on ourselves and have a bit of fun.” “How so?” “We make each one reveal the other’s most ticklish spots.” “Awesome, that way they can both be punished as well as get revenge for their plans to trick the other.” Chuck and Roman looked at each other and cringed.

“I’ve got something to enhance this experience.” One of the ticklers reached in his pocket, and produced two blindfolds. “C’mon isn’t this bad enough?” Chuck tried to reason with his guy as he put the blindfold on. Roman just submitted to his captor. “Oh and let’s get these off.” The guys shivered, as they felt their underwear being cut and removed. Thus leaving them completely exposed. “Wow, these guys are packin’” “I know, I think they’re really enjoying this.” Roman and Chuck blushed as their manhood was being commented on. “Hehe cut that out.” Chuck giggled and squealed when he felt the tip of a stiff feather snake its way around his bull balls. “Ahh don’t hehe go hehehe there.” Roman’s body shivered and arched when the bottom of his ass cheeks and hole was being feather tickled as well. “Oh these guys are gonna crumble.” “So, Roman where’s one of Chuck’s major tickle spots?” “I-I can’t tell…Ahh hehe fuck hehe” The boyish giggles flowed as the feather’s torturing tip invaded Roman’s balls and inner thighs. “I swear Roman, if you…Hehe fuck don’t tickle my feet tops.” Chuck’s girly squeals and giggling replaced his threat. “Just be patient bro, you’ll have your chance.” “Ok pretty boy, spill it.”

Not waiting for a response, Roman’s tickler stroked his fingers along the defenseless arches in his lap. “Ahh hehe please hehe that tickles soo bad.” Poor Roman was at the rock and hard place. Either he betrayed his bro, or got tickled to death. Either outcome ended with the same result, his extreme ticklishness being exploited. “C’mon bro, you know I can make this much worse.” To emphasize his threat, the mystery man pulled Roman’s plump toes back, and slowly stroked the tip of a stiff feather across the exposed bases and taut balls of his captive’s feet. The outcome was an explosion of unmasculine squeals and giggles. “Roman, stay strong. Don’t give in.” Chuck tried to encourage his tortured bro. “Hehe I can’t take it. Ahh ok, ok I give. Hehehe fuck this tickles, tickle his neck and ears.” His tickler stopped tickling. He rewarded Roman with some shrimping and a firm massage. “Ohh fuck, that’s awesome don’t stop please. Roman moaned in ecstasy.

“Dude, I’m so gonna get ahh hehehe fuck.” Chuck erupted in a flurry of giggles. His tickler was assaulting one of the most ticklish areas. “Coochie coochie Chucky-boy.” The guy taunted as his victim tried scrunching his neck to stop the torture. “Hehe you’re eek so dead ahh hehehe fuck.” “Mmm hehe sorry damn that’s awesome mmmm toes before bro’s.” On Roman’s side, he was completely lost in the loving attention his tootsies were getting. The massage and toe sucking was making his dick stand at attention. “Heh this guy really loves this.” “Even with is protesting my guy’s getting turned on too.” Chuck’s pelvis was slightly thrusting as his dick was rising to the occasion. ‘I think they’ve been really good sports.” Me too, we should let them have some real enjoyment.”

“What are you gonna…Ohhh fuuck.” The tickling was suddenly replaced with a warm moist tongue sliding around Chuck’s shaft and balls. Roman was quickly approaching an explosive climax. The curious tongue explored the hot sweaty crevices and ass crack. Adding to the tongue bath, a couple of fingers started playing with the crack of Chuck’s ass. Warm lips wrapped themselves around the stiff and throbbing dicks. “Fuck I’m gonna cum.” Fingers massaged and lightly tickled both sets of balls as the two sets of lips continued their task. “I can’t hold back.” Chuck and Roman’s bodies shivered and writhed. Their pelvises thrust up and down in rhythm to the lips. Just at the height of each guy’s climax, the lips retreated, and two loads of hot cum exploded from the swollen purple heads. “Fuck that was incredible.” Roman and Chuck lay in the afterglow of incredible blow jobs.

The two mystery ticklers removed their masks. Then untied Chuck and Roman and removed the blindfolds. As their eyes refocused, both guys stared in shock. “You’re Phoenix and Billy.” They sat between the dumbstruck guys. “Roman, Chuck, I’d like you to meet your mystery ticklers. Tark had reappeared and joined them on camera. “So, how was the experience?” “It was freakin’ intense.” Roman said as he rubbed his wrists and ankles. “How about you Chuck, did you like it?”
“I have to say, it was more fun than I expected.” “So, who tickled who?” “I tickled Chuck.” Billy offered as he leaned back exposing his pits. “By process of elimination, I tickled Roman.” Phoenix stretched and wiggled his toes. “So, is there anything you two would like to add before we go?” Looking at each other and smiling. “Just this…” Chuck and Roman quickly pulled their ticklers on the floor and cuffed them. “Hey don’t...” Before he could run, Tark was pinned by Roman and hogtied by Chuck. “We know Phoenix and Billy are ticklish as hell. Are you ticklish Tark?” “Oh by the way, there’s no use trying to struggle free dude. Chuck’s known for his knots. Tark was quickly discovering this fact. He was trying every escape trick he knew and none was successful.

“So, how about it you guys? Is Tark ticklish?” Roman was laying on Billy and Phoenix’s legs. He was making quick tiny scratches in the center of the four squirming arches. “Hehe not feet please, they’re too ticklish.” Billy pleaded between fits of giggles and gasps. “Ah don’t tickle hehe my fuckin arches hehe dude eek mercy. We don’t know if Tark’s ticklish.” Roman smiled and continued to tickle tease his prey’s soft feet. “I really think they’re telling the truth. Their feet are way more awesome in person than on film.” “I think you’re right. I guess I’ll just have to have some fun.” Rubbing his hands together and smiling Chuck stood over the squirming Tark. He bent down slowly, the wiggling fingers inching closer to the helpless guy. “Wanna make this easy on yourself Tark?” “I don’t know if I’m ticklish or not.” “I guess we’ll all find out then.” Finally, the anticipation was over. Chuck’s menacing digits hit their mark. Kneading and wiggling along the defenseless ribs and sides.

The reaction surprised everyone. Tark’s body thrust and jerked side to side, as screeching laughs flowed forth. “Fuuck this is torture.” “Dude, he’s not just ticklish. He’s freakishly ticklish.” Roman was in a trance watching Chuck reduce Tark to a heap of ticklishness. Suddenly, a mass of shrieks and shrill giggles were filling the room. “Having fun over there Ro?” Chuck looked towards his bro. Roman was alternating between blowing raspberries and drilling his index fingers in the belly buttons of his captives. “I’m having a blast. These guys are tame as babies. Little ticklish babies, isn’t that right?” He leaned down and wiggled his fingers along the flexing stomachs. All Billy and Phoenix could do to respond was laugh like crazy and thrash about. “I think we should have some more fun with them.” Roman uncuffed Phoenix’s ankles, then removed his jeans and underwear, and did the same for Billy. Chuck had also removed Tark’s clothes and retied him spread eagle.

At the same time, Roman was giving handjobs to both Billy and Phoenix. Chuck was sending Tark into a ticklish ecstasy filled world. His tongue was happily exploring the ample dick and balls. “Don’t stop Ro. I’m just gonna help you a little.” Barry decided to join the fun. He sat at his buddies’ feet licking the four soles and suckling the splayed toes. With Barry’s help, it didn’t take long before Billy and Phoenix shot their loads. About the same time, Chuck was finishing off Tark. Sweaty and spent, the three men came down from the euphoric high. “Ya know Chuck. I heard guys are more ticklish after ejaculation.” “It’s true, at least in your case.” Horror filled the three captive’s eyes. For the next ten minutes, the room was filled with the sound of complete tickle tortured laughter and pleas.

“Chuck, Roman would you come here please?” The two guys took their drinks and went to where Phoenix, Billy, and Tark were relaxing before they left. “What’s up guys?” “Sit down.” “We’ve been talking and have a proposal for you two.” Chuck and Roman took a sip of their Bloody Mary” “Would you two like to become models for our site?” “We never really thought of anything like that.” Roman said looking at Chuck. “Dude, the shoot was amazing. You guys have the perfect amount of playfulness, you’re sexy, and Chuck your knots are fuckin’ incredible.” After a few moments of internal thought, Chuck and Roman looked at one another and agreed. They were now the newest models for Phoenix From Ashes.

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