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The bell rung start of a new day, it was mid October, Dave was headed to class, math class, ugh, he was just squeaking by with a D.* His parents were not happy about paying for his schooling when he couldn't keep his grades up. Strolling into class early to find a spot his professor wouldn't call on him to answer any questions.

"Hi, Dave," the soft slightly high pitched voice sang out. "Hey, Ash," Dave replied, "how are you?" "Great," she squeaked back with a smile. What a sight Dave thought, 5'2 brunette, wavy hair it looked so soft, her hair complimented the curves of her body and at 130lbs she's slightly plump and her skin the color of honey, gold and delicious looking.

"Do I look taller today," she interrupted Dave's thoughts, "I don't know, why?" Dave asked, "I'm wearing new shoes," Ashley replied. "Oh I hadn't even noticed," said Dave. That's unlike me not to notice, Dave thought, as well he spent countless hours looking at her feet very seldom getting the opportunity to catch a glimpse of her soles, which were a teeny tiny size 5 and that was a major part of the reason he was so attracted to them.

"Well look now," she stammered angrily. "Ash, those look great I'm just really pre occupied, my grades just aren't where they need to be," Dave said. They really did look great platform wooden wedges with a dark blue canvas top. "I can tutor you," replied Ashley. "Really? When?" Asked Dave. "After practice today," Ashley was a cheerleader and being the smallest* always on top of the towers they'd practiced.

After class Dave headed down to get a hot dog and then back to his apt to study which he was dreading. Walking back to his apt he couldn't help but think of Ashley and those cute shoes she was wearing today, why though does she almost never take her feet out of them. Oh well he thought as he began to study.

A light knocking at the door startled Dave, oh wow I must've feel asleep he thought, rustling to his feet he goes to the door and half asleep opens it, he's jarred awake when he sees Ashley standing at his door a sight to see wearing a puffy* sweater shirt with one of those round cone things that throw your voice and a red R, a plaid skirt, blue and black with hints of charcoal, definitely nylons he could always tell, she was also wearing socks and her keds which he loved.

"Are you ready to be tutored," Ashley said with a sly smile, "Oh yes come tutor the shit out of me," Dave replied. "Let's find a quiet place" said Ashley. "My bedroom is pretty quiet," Dave said.

Walking into Dave's bedroom you wouldn't think a guy lived in there, the bed was made wooden posts style with wooden slats in between each post of the head and foot board a computer desk and chair a couple lamps sitting atop end tables, and the room was a cool blue color which was warm and inviting, it was comfortable, not exactly the way Ashley pictured herself being in his room, she always felt attracted to Dave, constantly dropping hints to him but he never noticed.

"Ok, Dave let's get started," "Ok, but before we do would you like something to drink?" Asked Dave. "Yes, water," replied Ashley "I'm trying to lose a few pounds," she added. "Well your helping me with my studies maybe I can help you lose a little weight," Dave said "after all I am going to school to be a personal trainer you can be my first client," Dave added.* "Ok" she said excitedly. "I'll be right back with the water," Dave said.

Man this is great he thought, I never thought I would have such a beautiful girl in my bedroom, and now he gets to be her personal trainer, Dave had no idea she was into him and still didn't even after she offered to come tutor him.

"Here's your water," Dave said entering the room. "Oh, I had an idea for an exercise you can do," he said. "Really, what is it," she replied happily. "Well it's easy for you all you have to do is laugh for like a half hour," "nothing is that funny," she replied. "Well I guess I'll have to help you then," "Are you a comedian now?" "Well no but I can tickle you," oh god I just let that out he worried to himself, oh well it's out now, she paused for a moment mouth open in disbelief of what she just heard

"What?" She asked in disbelief. "I said I could tickle you," "that's what I thought you said." She stammered "I have to go." "Wait, please" Dave said "I'm sorry, can we just get to studying?" "I did come all the way over here to tutor you I guess I could do that much."

Twenty minutes in Dave is frustrated, Ashley is having trouble understanding why he's not getting it, "look all you do is add f and d together then you multiply by g," those aren't numbers" "they're variables, they represent numbers" "Ok but where do you get the numbers, just stop for a second I need a break," "what if you had some incentive?" Ashley asks "What kind of incentive?" Dave asked. "What would make you want to answer correctly? More than you already do?" "Ok how bout this for each answer I get right you try my workout idea for one minute," get tickled for a minute wow I don't know if I could handle that, she thought. "Ok deal" she said knowing he would answer maybe two right.

After taking a break Dave did all he could to focus on the correct answers, as Ashley began asking him the questions he started to get a few right, she got worried, then he got a couple wrong frustrated he tries a different approach to his delight he starts to get questions correct, after 15 minutes he's answered 30 correct questions and Ashley says I think you got it.

"No," stammers Dave "I need to understand better." "Ok, but I don't think I can handle thirty minutes of tickling," Ashley says. "Well let's try and see if you can," Dave retorts. "Ok where do we start?" Ashley asks. "Lie back on the bed and put your arms up, I'll be right back," Dave says.

Returning with rope Dave sits on the bed near Ashley's arms. Panicking Ashley says "Oh no that wasn't the deal," "how do you expect me to tickle you if your gonna pull away?" Dave asks. "I don't care" says Ashley "it wasn't part of the deal." "Tell you what if you let me tie you to the bed I'll take 10 minutes off the time you owe me."

Reluctantly Ashley agrees. Dave ties her hands together and ties each elbow to the bed post so her arms are spread wide tying her ankles together at a few feet apart and each to the bed posts securing each foot in a stationary position separated from the other.

Returning to the top of the bed he uses his phone to turn on a 20 minute timer, taking a feather into his right hand showing it to her and then turning on the timer as the feather begins to touch her left elbow on the inside and draws circles as the feather descends toward her armpit. Ashley begins to panic and giggle,
hehehehehehe, as the feather draws nearer her armpit the feather descends into her armpit and Ashley goes berserk,

sthahahahahahahahahahap, plehehehehehehehehehehsohnohohohohohohohohoohmygah ahahahahahahahad dahheyheyheyheyve,

Dave removes the feather and begins at the same spot on her right arm drawing circles on the way down, Ashley begins laughing, hehehehehahahahahaha, the feather reaches her armpit,

ohmyghahahahahahaplhehehehehehehesesthahahahahahah ahahahap, Dave looks at Ashley, now panting, and says "did that tickle? Do you think my fingers would tickle more or less?"

Ashley now wide eyed and in disbelief starts to beg, "Oh no please you can't just keep going with the feather please I can't handle it if you use your fingers," Dave begins again with the left arm slowly tracing down as his fingers wiggle in a tickle motion, Ashley's laughter is immediate,

sthahahanohohohohohohohohohohohplheheheheheheheheh esesthahahahahahahapICanthahahahahahahAkehahahahah ahaIthahahaha

Dave hasn't even gotten to her actual armpits as he does her laughter becomes explosive, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAPLEHAHAHAHAHADAHAHAHAHAHAOHMYHAHAH AHAHAHAHAHA,

.. Dave stops her breathing begins to return to normal, "whew" she sighs "Are we done?" "Oh no," Dave replies "you still have eighteen minutes left," her mouth drops open no way there's eighteen minutes left, Dave grabs his phone and shows her that there really is eighteen minutes and a few seconds he pauses it,

"Wait, what are you doing?" she asks. "Oh, I'm gonna give you a short break." "We can't leave the timer on?" She asks. "Oh, no" Dave replies "plus I already gave you back ten minutes."* Two minutes later Dave restarts the timer now using both his hands, using tickling motions starting again near her elbows her eyes widen as she struggles and tries not to laugh, as his fingers get closer to her armpits she begins to giggle,

hehehehehehehehehehe, as his fingers dip into her armpits she thrashing wildly and bucking as she laughs, HAHAHAHAPLHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHENOHOHOHOHOHOHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAOMYGHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAD,

her body twitching each time his short nails scratch back up her armpit, Dave is in loving every second of this, the feeling in his fingertips is so amazing as he drags his fingers down her ribs, her bucking is renewed with more laughter,

hahahahahahahahaomyhahahahahahaplhahahahahahahanoh ahahahahahaaaa,

moving up and down her ribs now, hahahahahahahahanohohohohhahahahahaha, Dave stops for a second to let her catch her breath and moves down to her hips, grazing his fingers there she begins to beg,

"oh my god no please you can't no please no no no nohahahahahahahahahahahaplheheheheheheheseohnohoho hohohohohohohohohsthahahahahahahahahahahahahahap, stroking her thighs and grazing her inner knees she begins to giggle knowing he is going to tickle her there, hehehehehehehehe, digging his fingers into her thighs,

ohmyghahahahahahaahahahahahahahaplhehehehehehehehe hehseohnohohohohohohohohohohoho, "Oh my god is this almost over," Ashley says, Dave shows her the timer her eyes bug out of her had when she sees twelve minutes, holy crap she thinks, "I'm saving this time for your feet," her body begins pulling on the binds her mind racing, there's a reason she doesn't take her shoes off, she can't stand being tickled, and so many people just can't resist her absolutely sexy size 5 feet,

Dave moves to the bottom of the bed stopping the timer again, she says, "this is gonna total like thirty minutes for all the times you keep stopping it," "would you rather me just continue without breaks?" He asks "No," she replies.

He begins to trace the soles of her keds she can feel the vibrations from his fingertips, giggling slightly she argues "that's not fair the timer isn't on" "I'm not tickling you" he replies, "but I can feel that," she says. "I'm counting on it" he replies, as he slowly begins to pull the shoelace of her left foot. Ashley begins to panic her feet are deathly ticklish, grabbing the heel Dave begins to remove her shoe, her toes wriggle her ankle pulls at the bond, she begins to beg,

"please don't tickle my feet I don't think I can take it please..." "I haven't even started the time yet, Wait for the beep." Ashley begins to get nervous, Dave admires her socked foot the heel is nicely rounded and glides up into her arch just under the ball of her foot looks like an actual ball he can make out just faint imprints of her toes,

"beep", Ashley begins hysterical begging, "Oh my god no please no don't I can't do this please let me out of here oh my god," Dave begins lightly scratching her heel, hehehe please stop hehehehehehehe, as he gets closer to her arch the laughter increase as if he were using her foot to turn up the volume,

hehehehahahahahahahahahahahahaomyhahahahahaplhahah ahahaha,

Dave now working his way up her foot reaching the ball which makes Ashley jerk, noahhahahahahahahahaplehahahahahasthahahahahahahah ahahap,

Dave's fingers flicking up and down her still socked sole hahahahaohmyhahahagahahahahahahaplhehehehehehehehe ,
Dave begins tapping oh Ashley's right shoe this sensation coupled with her left foot being tickled dives her mad, dahahahahahahahahahavesthahahahahahahahahahahapple hehehehehehenohohohohohohohohmohorhohohore

Dave gives her another break, clock stops, "nine minutes seventeen seconds," he calls out, Ashley's mind is racing she can't even comprehend how long that is after all it feels like it's already been two hours when it's only been ten minutes, tapping and scratching on her shoe again forces Ashley to one again begin to giggle she's lost most of her ability to resist Dave slowly pulls the string and removes her right ked, Ashley is going crazy with anticipation,

"beep", oh god she thinks, hahahahahahahahah, is all she can say as Dave's fingers find the ball of her right foot and work their way down then back up, ghahahahahahahapleahahahahahahanohahahahahahahaohm yhahahahadahahahahahasthahahahahap,

"Well now it's time to remove one of your socks," Dave says. Oh my god, Ashley thinks I'm gonna die, "which one should I take first?" Asks Dave, "neither!" Exclaims Ashley, "both you said" Dave replies, knowing that her right foot was just recently freed it will tickle more so he chooses to remove her right sock,

Ashley right foot bends forward in an attempt to keep her sock as Dave begins to remove it, he takes it off to just above her heel and tells her, "Tell you what if you can keep the sock on for a full minute I'll stop tickling you and untie you,"

oh wow she thought I can do that, that's before she felt his fingers on the back of her heel, letting out a yelp and jumping up she begins to shake and laugh uncontrollably,

hahahahahaPhahahahahahaOhahahahaMhahahahahahaGhaha hahahahahahahahahaha,

now shaking violently her sock begins to come of further she grips it with her toes, Dave sees this and intimately digs into the now exposed golden flesh, Ashley explodes, HAHAHAHAHAHApHHAHAHAHAoHAHAHAHAHAgHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA,

the sock goes flying off and Dave stops for a second to admire her nylon covered sole her short plump toes looking so delicious his mouth is watering the perfect arch coming down off the ball and up into her arch then back into her oh so perfectly rounded heel, "so now that you have one foot with a sock and one without, I'm gonna let you decide which I should tickle," fearing he'd do both, "the socked one," she exclaims frantically, "Oh both you said," Ashley's mind racing oh no I could barely handle one especially without a sock now I just won't be able hahahahahahaha, Dave's fingers masterfully glide over her socked and nylon covered sole,

aaaaahahahahahaphahahahahahahanahahahahahahahahass sphahagahahahahahahahahahaplffhahahahahahahahahaha ha,

"Ok now it's time to take off your other sock," Ashley begins to beg, "Dave please I can't take anymore I'm losing my mind, don't you care about my mind?" "Of course I do," he says, "No one's ever literally lost their mind from being tickled plus you only have six minutes left," "SIX MINUTES," she yells out, "what the Hell, Dave, have you been stopping the clock" "No you can hear it beep" with that he begins to remove her left sock,

Ashley begs again, "Dave, please really I'll do anything anything you want," "Ok great he says cause I want to tickle you," "Dave, please how can anyone enjoy this?" With that he begins on the heel of her left sole fingers curled dragging his nails up her sole so she can feel his nails scratching her sole which begins thrashing back and forth, hahahahahahahahahdahahahahaplhahahahahahaohhahaham yhagahhahahahahahahahahahahahanohahahahahaha,

Dave begins again on her right now tickling both, Ashley pulls sharply on her binds but they don't budge, AAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA,*
now unable to even try to protest she lays there worn out, "four minutes," Dave says. Ashley can't even think let alone respond to that, feeling her stockings getting ripped open, in her head she protest angrily, "those were expensive," but she can't muster the strength to say it, she feels something warm and wet on the skin between her heel and arch she begins to laugh,

hahahahahahahahawhahahahaihashahagahthahahahahahah ahahahahatichahahahalesaaahahahahahaplllehahahahah ahahaohnohohoplhahahahadahahaha,

Dave's tongue now flicking wildly over her now bare arch her creamy soles pushing oh his face on an attempt to get his tongue away from her sole, Dave grabs her sole with both hands and forces it down while he pushes his tongue into her sole firmly,

ghahahahahahahahadahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahas thahahahaohhahahaplhahahahaha,

Ashley begins to feel very warm the warmth creeping up her legs as Dave's tongue reaches her toes she's in agony and suddenly ecstasy as the warmth finds its way up her body, through moans and laughter,

mmmmhahahahammmhahahahammmhahahahahammmplheheheheh ehahahahammmmmm, Dave notices this and quickly rips open her other stocking, new found laughter emerges from Ashley's lips,

Hahahahahahaomyhahahahaghahahahahahahahahahahammmm mmmmmmmmhahahahahahahahahaOhohmmmmmmmhahahaha, Dave's tongue flicking her cute short stumpy toes, mmmmmplhahahahahahaohhahahaplhahahahammmmhahahahah ahahahahaohmyhahahammmmmmmmmmhahahahammmmm, "beep, beep, beep"

"Ok, times up I'll untie you now," "No, Wait just five more minutes," "I thought you hated this," says a confused Dave, "I did, do, I don't know this feels amazing just don't stop, Ok" with a big smile on his face he continues.

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