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04-14-2015, 10:04 PM
Hey all!

Below is my submission for C.A.B's 2015 Spring Break Me contest currently being held. I hope you all enjoy it!


The Rack, the Horse, the Wheel… each of these was known to Sadista. Their intricacies and uses, the ways which they were constructed, and how to ply each one to most effectively break someone, this she knew like her heartbeat. Like a gardener walking amongst strawberries blossoming into their third season, they were intimate to her. She could walk among the aisles of any history museum or wax exhibit and regard their cold inhabitants with the warmth and familiarity of an old friend. And due to this, few would find themselves willing or able to put such knowledge to the test. Sadista was known to make idle tongue and foolish challenger alike regret such hubris.

This the masked one known as Hikokai knew well.

A chair sat in the middle of a dark room, only a spotlight from above illuminating the seats sole resident. Sadista did not just sit, however. In part by her demeanor and in part by the chairs design, she managed to rest with such grace that it almost appeared as if she remained in the chair of her own free will. But bound she was: upon her arms, upon her legs, her wrists and ankles, and her torso and shoulders as well. Her legs, toned yet lithe, were spread wide apart due to the separate leg rests that protruded from the modified chair. Though she did her best to remain at rest in the seat, the implements of her torment were quite active. A large wheel adorned with the exterior plumage of nearly a dozen birds of prey rested between Sadista’s legs, each rotation stroking her already enflamed womanhood. This elicited a sound, one that was primarily comprised of low moans drawn from an agonizingly slow process. This utterance was much different than the noises that came as a result of the wheels on her feet, where two brushes each coated with down feathers danced their endless performance across her soles. She was to be on her fifteenth orgasm today, the heavy smell of sex and the bright red shade of Sadista’s feet indicating the long hours which the day had already dragged on.

And yet Hikokai saw no sign of defeat showing in his captive before him.

This was no trouble of course. Hikokai had barely utilized a fifth of his special “toys” in his attempt to break the woman. In his efforts so far, he had composed an opera set to her voluptuous moans and animal screams. Full movements originated from the hours dedicated to teasing her ribs while she was tied spread eagle against the back wall, or to her vulnerable feet as she dangled in his coffin. Only Hikokai knew how long her torture had truly lasted, while Sadista only knew that the wood winds had utilized the howls that came from her armpits being tickled, while the brass had decided to stick with chuckles that came from her sides. Others in the masked one’s position may have begun to fear defeat. For truly no creature on this earth could be able to withstand such torments for so long.

But Hikokai was famously known to be a patient man.

“So Sadista, are you feeling ready to talk?” He finally said after the feral cry of an orgasm ripping through her body subsided. Reaching into the darkness that lay beyond the spotlight’s reach, the sound of a lever being tossed echoed. The cruel machines that worked their unending affections upon the man’s captive finally slowed to a stop for the first time in days.

“W-W-Why… Should… I?” Sadista hoarsely whispered after a full minute had passed.

“Because if not, I shall let my loyal machines resume their task.”

“H-Have had… worse… than this…”

“I’m certain you have my darling. Truly your form is fair beyond the many others I’ve had in my dungeon. And yet you will break, like all the others. For the fact remains you are still a mere mortal, a creature of flesh and blood. Whereas I? I am much more than that. I am a ruler, I am a king. I am ennobled by birth and purpose,” Hikokai said, leaning in closer to the bound woman. “In the end, what can you or anyone else possibly say when faced with such a man?”


And so Hikokai, great ruler of the shadows, king of criminals, found himself at a loss of words. His hand flung out and struck Sadista upon her right cheek, his patience beginning to crumble under the still visage of his Oni mask and the eyes of his captive.

“I will break you woman! I will drag the words of subjugation and mercy from your lips! I will rip your possessions from you! I will torment your slaves and break their will submissive wills even further! I will take them as a barren mother driven by envy takes a child and I will make them my own. I will strike your name from the very mouths of your friends and will turn to stone the hearts of your allies. I am Hikokai!” He shouted as he stepped away from Sadista and turned his back, reaching into the darkness once again for the lever. The machines roared to life as he spoke once more. “And I will make you rue the day you crossed my path!”

Yet no sound came from the victim in the chair. Hikokai turned to see his instrument of torment now empty, the light that shone down merely illuminated the spinning wheels and the undone ropes that ran the course of the chair. He moved toward it, scanning the lit area as best as his mask would allow. Yet no sight of the Sadista could be found.

And then, from out of the darkness, Hikokai saw two burning eyes stare at him.

And so this ruler of shadows, this keeper of dark secrets and whispered horrors, stared on as a figure approached him, unable to move. A voice then spoke in a clear yet rough tone: “Look upon my works ye mighty, and despair”. Hikokai body burned to fight these eyes, to resist their cold certainty as they stared beyond the reach of the light.

Yet in the end, this so called shadow king learned once again to fear the darkness.


Silke Arches was sitting on a beach. She was enjoying the most recent of a very long line margaritas. She was….


A phone, her phone to be precise, disturbed her day dreams in that cruel way only phones can. She was sitting in her very rarely used office and drinking out of her very much used mug. This was the not so glamorous side of spy work, the mere thing that made her tend to jump on whatever mission should find next: paperwork. Yet when she stared at the phone on her desk, partially wishing away the disturbing sound that woke her from her respite, a small shiver went down her spine.

The location of the office, its position in its building, and the building itself were top-secret information. And yet, as she stared at her office phone, the message “Unknown Caller” flashing in black and white, she felt less remarkably secure. This lasted for only a moment, however, for afterward her training kicked in. Silke’s mind began to analyze and dissect what an unknown number could mean here at headquarters, until within the span of a single ring, she calmly and coolly picked up the phone.

“Hello Sadista.”

A slight giggle came over the receiver.

“You get me every time Arches.”

“What do you want Sadista? You wouldn’t be calling me here unless it was very, very important.”

“I wanted to let you know, since we both were involved in the matter… The November Incident has finally come to a close.”

Silence was the only answer Sadista recieved.

“And I get you every time dearie. I have to run now, but I’m almost certain we’ll speak again. Ta-ta for now!”

A dial tone echoed in the dusty and bare office of Agent Arches. She replaced the phone on its hook, sitting for a moment in silence. She then let out a long sigh before rubbing her temples. The November Incident had come to a close. That could only mean that the Black Court would be inclined to make a move soon. Silke then turned to her nearly empty mug, her shoulders suddenly weighted, and took in another deep breath.

“I’m going to need more coffee.”