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Alright community. This is my first attempt at tickling fiction and is loosely based on Stacy Keibler from the WWE circles. I wrote it with my dark fantasies in mind so hopefully you all share my perversions. Comments and recommendations are more than welcome. Hope you enjoy!

It was an unusually warm night in April as Stacy stepped out of the cab by the large stone gate. "This is good," she said to the driver as he eyed the young tall blonde.

"Do you want me to wait around, because I don't mind", stumbled the driver. In fact, he would have waited forever to have another chance to share time with Stacy. He couldn't stop staring at her perfect legs and ass, encased in the charcoal grey cotton leggings. Her calves and ass looked even sweeter extending from the sexy black boots and on top she wore a simple pink tank top. The accent of the matching pink socks extending just past the top of her boots peaked the drivers libido although Stacy had no idea of her hotness. He knew she had to be a former cheerleader captain looking for her big break but she had a soft sweetness to her that made him desperate for her.

"That's so sweet but I'm supposed to be here for the next few days. Thanks for the offer", and with that she paid him and he watched her walk through the gate.

As Stacy approached the beautiful home, she prayed this would be the chance she was waiting for. She was single and alone and anything was better than being back in Baltimore. She grew up as the model student back in a Baltimore Catholic School and knew her family would frown on her desire to get into entertainment. She was 23 now and ready to break free and didn't dare share the details surrounding what will hopefully be her big break.

The door was open and a group of 3 stunning women waited for her. "There's no doubt, you're Stacy", a short blonde started. "You're head shots don't do you justice. Please, come in."

As Stacy entered the mansion she was amazed by it's sheer size. Every detail was exquisite and stairs wound both up and down. Her 3 suitors were stunningly beautiful. The first was a short curvaceous blonde, in her late 20's, but definitely fit. She introduced herself as Trish and something about her smile left Stacy uneasy. Her two partners were so similar Stacy thought they must be twins, each taller with sandy blonde hair and smooth tan skin but yet to say a word.

"So you're interested in joining our team?" Asked Trish as they entered the modern day palace. "You understand once you say yes your training begins immediately and there is no backing out until you get the job or we disqualify you, right?"

Stacy shifted from leather boot to leather boot as she responded. "I understand.....the job, I mean...the pay is, um...I mean..."

"The pay is $1million a year but getting the job is not easy; this is the toughest job you'll ever have and the next few days are to convince us that you have what it takes. You will be pushed beyond your limits but will have no choice but to persevere. Are you in?"

Stacy heard what she needed to hear. A million dollars is more than she ever dreamed she could earn and quickly answered, "Yes!"

"Very good. Let's discuss some ground rules", smiled Trish.

Chapter Two

"Please sit", asked Trish as Stacy eyed the large room.

Stacy dropped into the only chair in the room not realizing she had been lost in a daydream.

"Being distracted is not an option here. We need you to show you can follow directions and deal with improvisation when necessary. When I ask you to do something you do it immediately. During the entire interview process we are looking for 3 things: you need to be tough both physically and mentally. We will test both of those attributes in multiple ways. You need to follow directions, which I can tell already you struggle with. Finally, you need to be sexy and sultry. First and foremost we are entertainers."

As Trish lectured, the twins were measuring different parts of Stacy's body and marking notes into a small iPad.

Trish continued, "by morning we will have everything prepared to begin. Tomorrow we will pamper you and work to get you perfect. I recommend you get a good night's sleep because being well rested is a big part of staying beautiful. Molly and jasmine will help you to bed."

"Oh I'll be okay if you just point me to my room", Stacy said trying to show her self sufficiency.

Trish responded sternly, "I want Molly and Jasmine to help you with it being your first night. Please don't question me again."

Stacy allowed herself to be escorted to her room. She was led down many halls and passages before coming to an arched door. As she passed through she couldn't believe her eyes. It was like a medieval torture chamber with a leather bench in the center of the room and racks of gags, restraints, and devices lining the perimeter. She turned to reason with her escorts but they easily forced her down upon the bench and made quick work restraining Stacy's wrists and elbows to the contraption with the padded leather straps. Stacy contemplated her situation and knew she was outmatched by Molly and Jasmine each on their own. Both remained eerily silent as she tried to politely negotiate out of her predicament. Seeing that her efforts would do no good Stacy accepted her fate.

"This is to help you understand your role here", Molly said calmly. "Whatever happens here tonight is your initiation. You must never tell another about this experience. If you do you will have to be initiated again and I'm sure you wouldn't want that."

Molly and Jasmine began to remove Stacy's boots and buckle her ankles and knees to the bench. Jasmine peeked down Stacy's leggings and said to Molly with a smile, "no panties...and better yet, not a single hair." Molly smiled back and made her way to a bench out of Stacy's view. She returned with a red ball gag and a mechanism Stacy had never seen before.

As Jasmine forced the small gag into Stacy's mouth Molly said, "This is a responsive vibrator. It is high frequency and can be set to tease or to bring on wave after wave of pleasure. Because it's so intense we are prohibited to use it against bare flesh but let's just say those soft cotton leggings, hmmm, won't provide much protection."

The vibrator had six small straps hanging from it and the head was shaped like a ball covered with several nubs. On the tip was an extension that curved slightly and came to a soft point. The girls strapped the contraption around Stacy's narrow waist just above her hip bones. Smaller straps were tightly secured over the tight grey leggings around each of her upper thighs. As Jasmine delicately adjusted the position of the device, Stacy could feel the soft textured head pressed between her labia and the curved tip extended over her clit with only the soft leggings protecting her most sensitive area. Her eyes were wide and pleading as she looked at Molly hoping for some sort of stay from the pending torment.

"Are you asking me for help?" Taunted Molly. Stacy shook her head yes hoping for mercy.

"No problem, I know what will help." Molly went back to the shelf and returned with what appeared to be a long necklace. "Pull up her top", to which Jasmine quickly complied exposing Stacy's perfect midriff and breasts. Stacy was embarrassed by her small breaths and turned her head away. Jasmine began to pinch and fondle Stacy's nipples which responded rapidly as Stacy moaned into her gag. Stacy had always had very sensitive nipples which, from time to time could bring her to climax.

A shock of pain shot through Stacy's hard left nipple as it was pinched between the black rubber clamps. She screamed into her gag as the tears welled up in her eyes.
"Aw, I'm sorry love. Let me give it a kiss." Jasmine leaned down and started to lightly lick the tip of Stacy's nipple protruding from the clamp. Stacy's pussy immediately responded as she began grinding her hips in response to Jasmine's tongue. The same torment befell her right nipple with Molly leaning in to tease the tall bound blonde. As Stacy approached climax both girls withdrew and smiled down at their pet. Stacy's grey leggings showed the obvious wetness around the edges of the strapped on vibrator. Molly secured the other end of the chain to the vibrator to add to Stacy's agony.

"Well we've identified one of her weaknesses. Maybe we can find One more before bed time", teased Molly. Molly slowly dragged her nails across Stacy's sock covered arch and was rewarded with a spastic scream. She added a set of nails to the other foot and quickly had Stacy thrashing against her bonds. Stacy couldn't believe how vulnerable she felt knowing she couldn't escape the devilish nails ravaging her feet. She thrashed viciously trying to break free but only managed a small bit of movement. Panic began to set in. Molly wished she could continue this all night but after a solid minute of torturing Stacy's beautiful feet stopped. "That's what I was hoping for." Stacy sobbed as she worked to catch her breath as Molly switched on the vibrator and left for the night.

Chapter Three

The vibrator quickly helped Stacy forget about the ruthless tickling from Molly. Stacy had no experience with vibrators and was a bit excited about the prospect of tonight. The vibrator itself was strapped firmly in place and it was obvious repositioning it was not an option. The textured head was wedged firmly between her. Her wetness allowed it to easily spread her further apart. The tip pressed firmly against her clit as it danced over and around Stacy's most sensitive spot. It was clear that leggings were a horrible idea as it electrified her already engorged clit. Worse, the nipple clamps were vibrating the tight chain and further teasing her already sensitized nipples. The sensation started mildly but quickly built to a rhythmic pulse, exciting every inch of her pubis. She fought the sensation, her Catholic guilt reminding her that this was sinful. Within minutes the waves of warmth were taking over and she could feel 'the moment' racing in.

Stacy was no stranger to orgasm. She had boyfriends in the past who would sloppily find there way around. They often left her unsatisfied but that came with the territory. She wouldn't have sex but was open to messing around with guys. From time to time she would reach down and pleasure herself but all of that lacked the intensity she faced tonight. She had one experience in college when her roommate and she got drunk. They took turns going down on one another which she though was the most amazing thing but once sober felt dirty for trying it.

The sensations were too much and she succumbed to the clamps, and the vibrator, and the bondage, and the feeling of knowing nothing could stop this. Her eyes clenched as her head rolled back, her hips thrust and she clenched her perfect ass ready to cross over into bliss...and everything stopped. The vibrator shut off leaving Stacy hanging on the edge of heaven. She thrust her hips hoping for some pressure but the wicked contraption just lie still against her throbbing mound.

"Nngggg!" Stacy screamed into her gag.

Her head was swimming as the sensations started to die down leaving her sadly unsatisfied. Then it began again. Stacy tried to fight the sensations knowing all too well how it would end but the device was far too proficient to allow that. Stacy was reduced to a trembling sweaty mess praying for the release she so desperately needed.

She opened her eyes to see Holly and Jasmine back in the room, both in white lace corsets, their breasts heaving out the top.

"Trouble sleeping sweetie?" Jasmine teased while massaging Stacy's left nipple lightly with her index finger. "Anything we can do to help?"

The gag was removed and Stacy swallowed several times. She looked beaten and exhausted and her entire body was covered in sweat. Her tight grey pants were sopping wet from her crotch through her ass crack and her pussy was aching for release.

Holly began to speak. "Did we accidentally leave your friend on tease? Jasmine, that's no way to treat our guest. Well Stacy, if your not tough enough for the initiation you may as well leave tonight."

"I agree entirely, I'm not prepared for this...let me gather my things and I'll go,". Stacy would happily part ways rather than be subjected to any more of these twisted games.

"Then it's settled, once we finish collecting we'll part ways."

The gag was placed back in Stacy's mouth as the girls moved toward the end of the table. "This collection is to remind you what happens if you tell anyone about tonight," reminded Holly.

Holly started to tickle Stacy's feet, spidering her nails across the arches, driving Stacy insane. Jasmine squeezed at Stacy's knees and hips finding additional areas of weakness. Holly was clearly getting off tickling such a beautiful girl's helpless feet. She would reach down between her legs regularly and rub for a second before returning to the attack, focusing especially on the areas tormenting Stacy the most.

Jasmine was laughing as well, clearly enjoying Stacy's defeat. She started tickling down Stacy's bare arms towards her armpits. Stacy's eyes shot open as she identified the sensation approaching her most ticklish spot. Holly watched intently making sure to continue her own relentless assault as Jasmine's ten wiggling nails hit pay dirt. Stacy screamed into her gag and shook her head back and forth bucking wildly. Jasmine and Holly both reveled in the power and control over their stunning slave. Seconds led to minutes as the pair continued their attack, not relenting for a moment.

Stacy was seconds from unconsciousness when she heard Trish shout, "what on Earth...Holly, Jasmine?" Four large men grabbed each of the scantily clad torturers. "I told you to show her to her room. Why did you bring her to the Play Room?" Both girls stood silent, clearly afraid of Trish.

Trish went over to Stacy with a sympathetic look. "I'm so sorry. You should have been taken to your suite, not here, oh my goodness dear." Trish removed the gag and unbuckled the straps holding the tall beauty to the table. Stacy was too weak to move and just laid on the bench. "I'm sorry but this might hurt a bit." Trish gently removed the clamps from Stacy's rock hard nipples and Stacy groaned as the blood flow returned. The vibrator was unstrapped and removed and Trish helped Stacy sit up.

"What did they do to you?" asked Trish, and Stacy recounted the entire event. Trish listened wide eyed as Holly and Jasmine kept their eyes to the floor.

Trish looked to the men holding Jasmine and Holly. "Gentlemen, please take Jasmine to the Chapel and keep her there to repent until morning. The kneeler please and what she is wearing is fine. Make sure to use the stockings and you have my permission to keep her awake by any means necessary. Wake Chae and let her know I'll need her to administer Jasmine's punishment." Jasmine began to sob openly upon hearing this.

"Trish! Please...not the stockings, and Chae... I'll die, please.... Anything else, anything! It was Holly's idea, please, I'll do anything, please!" Jasmines pleas fell on deaf ears as the men led her out.

Holly will spend the night in here and I will deal with her myself. I have something new I think will help teach my apprentice about treating guests properly. Stacy, would you assist me?"

Stacy wanted no part of it and said, "if it's all the same to you I'm just going to leave. This has been way too much for me and I just want to go home."

Trish looked over sympathetically, "you can't. As I told you earlier you need to stay until we make our decision. These two did this so you WOULD leave and we can't let their actions be rewarded. Please, tomorrow will be a better day. For tonight, I need your help with her."

Chapter 4

Holly walked to the center of the room holding her head up, refusing to show fear. She hopped up on the bench.

"Stand up", ordered Trish and holly complied. "I am very disappointed to see my potential replacement treating a candidate so cruelly. I consider myself a very fair woman but in this instance you need to be punished for you actions."

The two men worked quickly to secure leather restraints around each of Holly's wrists and ankles. Trish walked to Stacy and hander her a large steel 'T' which appeared to twist at the hinge. There was a hole on each of the ends and the shaft was threaded. "Hold this for me," Trish asked Stacy. Trish took what appeared to be a large red rubber dog toy, looking like a series of 5 large balls stacked on top of one another, and screwed it onto the threaded end of the 'T'.

Trish stepped away once more and returned with a red ball gag that she was dripping some liquid from a small bottle. She pressed it between Holly's pouty lips as she explained, "just some Ecstasy to get your motor running, don't worry."

Holly smiled, clearly enjoying those words.

"You see Stacy, Holly is all about personal pleasure. Usually the best way to teach her a lesson is orgasm denial. That sinister device you had to deal with tonight was actually designed specifically for Holly, to teach her about self control. Tonight, I think we try other methods." Trish was putting on a pair of rubber gloves as she spoke. She turned her attention to Holly. "Are you feeling good yet my dear? Let me explain your predicament. Do you see this cream I'm applying to the bottom 3 bulbs? It's a heavy duty analgesic, you know like icy-hot? You know what, let me just show you," and Trish pinched Holly's nipples with the cream covered glove making sure to roll them between her finger and thumb. Holly moaned with pleasure and pressed her eyes closed, clearly enjoying the attention from her boss.

"At first it just feels cold like ice but over time it gets a bit more intense." Holly's expression started changing as the effects intensified. In under a minute she was clearly in distress, breathing heavy around her gag and shaking her body to escape the burning sensation. "Gentlemen, please remove her panties and hold her legs apart for me." Trish took the T-bar from Stacy and walked over towards her apprentice. The men were holding Holly's struggling ankles apart while Trish pressed the top ball between Holly's bald pussy. Trish rubbed the red rubber toy back and forth against the bound girl's mound until it stretched past the widest point of the ball and contracted against the first narrow rib of the device. Trish made some adjustments to the hinge and then worked to attach the wide bar to each of Holly's ankle restraints. "Wider", she ordered the men and the pulled Holly's legs further apart forcing the second ball to start it's ascent inside her.

"Hey!" Holly shouted around the gag, clearly understanding the importance of keeping herself as fas away from the cream as possible.

Trish fastened the second ankle restraint to the bar and stepped back to review her work.

"Stacy, you were the one who suffered at Holly's hands so you will be the one to exact justice. I will tell you what to do and you just need to follow directions. If you want to get creative and go above and beyond, I won't stop you however, but that is only for tonight, understand?"

Stacy nodded.

"Remember, this is a battle of will. Your job is to defeat her, cause her body to betray her mind. Holly knows that accepting any more of that toy has major repercussions but her body craves more. Our job is to help her body get what it wants. Go take the metallic radish-shaped plug from that rack and bring it here."

Stacy walked over to the rack. There were dozens of different plugs, clamps, and brushes. Stacy shuttered imagining how these devices and contraptions could bring pleasure and torment at the same time. Having been subjected to just a few of these was the most intense torture Stacy had ever experienced but in staring at this collection she knew her experience was just the tip of the iceberg. Her stomach fluttered as she was trying to come to grips with this interview. From this point forward she knew she would do whatever she was told and just try to make it out unscathed. She returned to Trish with the plug.

"Very good Stacy. This is a vibrating plug", Trish twisted the end to show her the different speeds. "It needs to be lubricated and inserted into Holly. You can pick the speed."

Stacy dripped some Ky oil from a bottle on the counter onto the plug and moved towards Holly. Holly was standing as still as she could staring daggers into Stacy. Stacy turned the device on to a middle setting and kneeled in front of the bound Amazon. " How on earth can I insert this with that enormous dildo stretching Holly to her limits", Stacy thought to herself. She started rubbing the vibrating toy against Holly's clit. Holly moaned loudly and rocked back and forth on her toy trying desperately not to accept any more of it. Stacy began to feel herself moisten and was surprised. "Can I really be enjoying this?" She thought.

She increased the devices speed and held the tip right against Holly's clit. Holly new she couldn't risk moving which left her clit exposed as a target but the onslaught, combined with the effects of the ecstasy, left her needing more inside her. Stacy watched Holly slide down to the widest part of the second ball, rocking slightly, searching for some relief. Stacy was obsessed with this new control and power. Controlling this beautiful bound vixen's every emotion had Stacy more excited than she'd ever been. She was maneuvering the vibrating orb all over Molly's stretched pussy and swollen clit. Stacy forgot about her audience as her free hand gently slipped inside her own leggings.

"Very nice Stacy," interrupted Trish. "Now, insert it."

Confused and embarrassed, Stacy looked to Trish. "But there's no room?"

"So beautiful, yet so naive....pick another hole perhaps."

Holly protested through her gag, but this only excited Stacy more. She move behind her victim and kneeled down. She smacked each cheek of the exposed ass in front of her, earning a muffled, "ouf!" with each smack. Holly slipped down another 1/2 inch. Stacy pressed the cold vibrating plug against Holly's perfect little wrinkled hole. Holly, shouted a muffled "no!" defiantly and tensed her muscular thighs.

Stacy decided to improvise. She reached around Holly's waist and touched her index finger to the gel on the bottom of the huge toy. Trish began to intervene, but thought for a second and returned to her seat to see what Stacy had planned.

"Oh, these muscles are so tight...maybe the will help them relax," she teased at holly. She pressed the gel covered index finger against Holly's clenched asshole. Almost instantly Stacy got the response she was looking for. Holly grunted into her gag as Stacy sat inches away from the flexed anus and just watched as it tightened and then opened slightly. Than it clenched again and puckered out, searching for relief. Holly was screaming now but still holding relatively still so as to avoid giving the final 2 inches away up front. Stacy took advantage of Holly's lack of control and pressed the plug against her anus once more. Another pucker, and the vibrating plug began to slide in. Another clench fought back but Stacy held tight waiting for the the firm hole to relax once more. Holly protested loudly but by the 4th cycle of this game the widest part of the plug slid past and the rest was absorbed into the beauty's tight asshole.

Holly was moaning loudly, apparently overstimulated but still refusing to thrust down on the huge red probe. Stacy's head was swimming from all of this power but she still wanted to see holly impale herself on the treacherous contraption. To make another woman do such a thing would be the ultimate aphrodisiac.

"The insides of her thighs are her weak spot," said Trish out of nowhere. "Why don't we see how they respond to a little ticklish fun? Maybe that will encourage her to bend those knees."

Trish walked to the table and returned with 2 electric toothbrushes but the bristles were much longer, yet still stiff. "You focus on the left and I'll handle the right." Both ladies positioned themselves, Stacy in front and Trish in the back and switched on the brushes. Holly stood completely still, the humming of the buttplug and the electric brushes the only noise in the room. When the brushes touched her thighs, she began to scream and struggle. Stacy stared at Holly's stretched pussy slowly slipped down the dildo. An inch to go....Stacy ran the brush higher just below her taint...now, a Half inch. The brush crossed over the border where thigh becomes taint and holly lost all control. She thrust down violently, trying to stop the vicious attack, and in the process took the huge red toy deep inside her. The attack stopped and both girls stepped back watching for the delayed reaction.

"No, non, no, no!" plead holly having realized what she had done. The dildo moved out to one ball deep as she stretched both legs instinctively, hoping to have undone the recent thrust. Her eyes raced back and forth from her own predicament to Trish and Stacy, looking both apologetic and afraid.

"Owwwwww, ahhhhhhhhhhhh, owwwwwwsh", poured from behind Holly's gag as her body searched for relief from the stinging within her mound. Her pussy lips were on fire as the gel did its evil bidding and she thrust back down searching for some position that wasn't as torturous. The motion provided minimal relief but standing still was not an option so she continued to thrust up and down, tears now pouring down the sweat covered beauty's face. Her body struggled and her head thrashed back and forth, her pussy now feeling the full effect of the painful gel.

"Let's leave her to contemplate her poor decisions and by morning be ready to apologize," and Trish ushered Stacy out of the Playroom closing the door to muffle Holly's screams.

Stacy's head was swimming, having loved the control and sexual torment she just inflicted upon the beautiful woman. She could have stood and watched all night but she would not make the mistake of disobeying Trish.

Chapter jasmines tale

By the time they reached The Chapel, Jasmine was being carried by her two escorts. She was kicking and fighting and had grabbed the door while they tried to bring her through.

The room looked very much like a chapel with a row of kneelers against a three foot half wall. To the sides were dark wooden cabinets, beautifully accented. There was a large table up front and six majestic chairs lined across the front wall, which itself was one large mirror.

Each kneeler was its own device, padded in burgundy leather and stretching two feet from the half wall. There were 4 leather straps running across each set and the kneeler itself was adjustable to either lie flat or to assume a v-shape. The half wall had a series of leather rings, each about 4 inches wide, lining the top.

One of the guards held Jasmine in a bear hug while the other locked the kneeler in a V. They wrestled her arms through two of the holes on the wall and then locked thick leather restraints around both her wrists on the far side of the wall and the forearms on the near side. Her knees dropped to the bottom of the V making it more difficult to struggle and the two guards easily secured the straps around her thighs and calves.

Jasmine had only been in this room once and it was to watch a young applicant get punished for trying to leave the program. Chae administered the punishment and it was so intense the girl passed out after 10 minutes. The crazy part is that nobody laid a finger on the girl. Trish made the other 3 applicants watch to assure no one would ever try and quit again and the lesson was successful.

Jasmine heard the door smash open as the feisty little Asian, Chae walked in. "Waking me up is not a good idea Jasmine, you know that. I understand we have a no mercy rule tonight, is that right gentlemen?" Chae went to the side cabinet and returned with 2 boxes, a syringe, and an ancient looking bag. She handed a box to each man and said, "please prepare her for the ceremony."

Each guard took their box and disappeared behind Jasmine. Inside each box was a series of oils and brushes which would super sensitize the bound beauty's feet. Jasmines feet were soft and maintained to begin with and this process would only make them more sensitive. Trish knew that Jasmine hated having her feet tickled which makes this the cruelest punishment possible. Each guard massaged a generous amount of exfoliant cream into each of her milky soles, this she tolerated. The next step was to scrub her feet with a stiff brush to remove any calloused skin.

Jasmine went wild as the brushes scrubbed back and forth from heel to toes, screaming and laughing throughout. This 30 second onslaught was more than she could bear and she slumped into her bonds as they finished. A warm oil was then applied and wiped clean with a cloth. Jasmine giggled throughout but at least there were no more brushes. Finally, baby powder was dusted onto the vulnerable soles and the excess blown off.

"Please Chae, you know I can't do this....please, anything...I'll do anything. Just don't do this...", jasmine's panicked voice quivered as she hoped for some mercy.

Chae's kneeled down in front of Jasmine. "You know I can't go easy on you, right? If Trish found out I would be sitting right where you are. I'm going to give you something and I don't want you to fight me." Chae injected the syringe into Jasmines arm. "This is so you can't pass out. This will keep you awake and focused for at least six hours. That way we don't need to douse you with cold water every 10 minutes. I don't know what you did but if Trish is going to these lengths, I need to be ruthless." Chae placed a large rubber ring gag into Jasmine's mouth and prepared for her mission.

Jasmine was sobbing, shaking her head back and forth slowly. Chae walked behind to inspect the target. Both feet were flawless. Chae cringed thinking of the hell Jasmine was about to enter. This was going to be the cruelest tickle torture mankind has ever witnessed with the most ticklish feet ever meeting the most sadistic devices ever.

Chae took the ancient looking bag and stepped back in front of her prey's tear filled eyes. "I know you've seen these in action but to appreciate the design is to appreciate the true art of torture." From the bag Chae removed a sheer bluish silk stocking. "These are made from the finest gossamer silk from India. There isn't a softer material known to man." Jasmine shook her head from side to side, drool running down her chin from the gag, but still trying to bargain in an incomprehensible jibbrish. Chae ignored her and continued her monologue. "These were designed almost 1500 years ago to punish india's queen for her infidelity to the maharajah. The inquisitors were ordered to design a torture that would break the queen from her wicked obsessions but would not leave a mark. What made the task more difficult is the specification that the torture must take place in solitude, as no one was allowed to touch the queen aside from the maharajah. These stockings were the outcome of that order and are known as 'the hands of ghosts'. The queen wore these for three grueling hours, half of what your going to endure, and went mad in the process. The designers were too good at their trade and all of them were executed." Chae was enjoying jasmine's horrified expression as she continued this mental attack. "Notice how the stockings are designed. Each toe is an individual sheath allowing the sensitive areas between the victim's toes to participate in the inescapable sensations. These seams along the bottom of the stocking allow the silk to stay just a micron away from the victim's sensitive soles. Quite genius really, as the material is constantly in motion against the victim's soles based on the slightest of movement or even from the softest of breezes. In reality, I could put these on those delicate feet of yours and just walk away and you would probably be tickled to insanity in under 10 minutes. With my unique skills, I intend to have you in tears in under a minute. The other 5 hours and 59 minutes will just be pure, grueling, merciless torture. Good luck."

Chae made her way back to the soft exposed feet, bound soles raised for their punishment. She slowly and deliberately slid the first soft stocking onto jasmine's wiggling foot, carefully massaging each toe into it's dubious pocket. Jasmine immediately started to scream and laugh, the sensation much worse than she had anticipated. The material was so light the she couldn't tell that it was there but her foot felt as it was being tickled by 20 skilled ticklers all at once. Chase slid the second stocking on her poor victim's other foot and watched as Jasmine bucked in her bonds, looking for some escape from the misery.

Jasmine's tan toned body writhed against her bonds, yet she could do nothing but wiggle her toes and scream through the ring gag. Her skin was beaded with sweat as the invisible onslaught continued against her sensitive feet for what felt like an eternity. Her mind was scattered and she prayed for death to come and take her from this living hell.

Chae stood watching, wishing she could stop this massacre but knowing she had to push forward or risk her own punishment. She stepped towards the sexy suffering prisoner and positioned 10 manicured nails above the hypersensitive soles. As her nails made contact with the clad feet, Jasmine's body responded as if being electrocuted. Not a sound was made as the poor girl was reduced to a struggling trembling mass, her mind searching for a way to detach from her body...5 hours 51 minutes to go...

Chapter seven

Stacy awoke in a spacious room with windows adorning 2 walls. It was beautifully furnished with dressers and overstuffed chairs and the oak four post bed appeared hand carved. There were fresh cut flowers on the table and a small note set next to them.

Please dress with an outfit from the closet and come downstairs to join me for brunch. -Trish

Stacy walked to the closet and was overwhelmed by the size. A door stood on the end wall which apparently is how the closet is tended by staff. There was a changing table and several islands with jewelry and accessories for her outfits. Along the back wall were 5 pairs of boots and two other pair of very tall heels. There were only 1 new outfits hanging for her and her clothes from last night had been cleaned and returned.

"I guess that makes my decision easy," Stacy chuckled to herself.

The outfit was simple but sexy. A short black Lycra dress that barely covered her shapely ass and scooped slightly in front to expose cleavage from her B-cups. It was sleeveless and two small straps held the top portion in place. The back was open except for another small strap that ran across her shoulders. Also on the hanger was a pair of panties, the likes of which Stacy had never seen.

It's waistband was a two-inch wide piece of white lace which held three strands of pearls in place along the front. The thong attached to the back and connecting to the pearl strands was a very thin piece of white spandex. Stacy hiked up her skirt and pulled on the interesting lingerie. She gasped as she was a bit surprised by the experience. The three pearl strands positioned themselves strategically and much to Stacy's liking. The two outside strands lingered on the outside of each sensitive lip of her pussy, pulling them together a bit, while the center strand ran between her mound and up over her clitoris. As Stacy walked, the pearls began a delicate dance that felt unbelievable to the tall vixen.

She felt amazingly sexy as she pulled on a pair of black boots and made her way downstairs.

When she arrived downstairs Trish sat at the table waiting for her, sipping from a delicate white China cup, "sorry again about last night. I don't know what got into those two but I think it's safe to say they've learned their lesson. I assume the outfit I left for you was too your liking?" Trish asked with a coy smile.

Stacy blushed as she noticed she was rubbing her upper thighs together to keep her new panties moving and massaging.

"Don't be embarrassed. Part of your training is learning to be sexy, and maybe find your submissive or dominant side. You impressed me last night with Holly. She's a tough one to control yet I think you did well...and I think you enjoyed it. Everyone has a soft spot. Holly's is cumming. Jasmine's is being tickled on her feet. Before last night I thought Holly would be the one to replace me but now I have nobody to fill that role. Tell me, what was going through your mind when you saw Holly thrust down on that huge rubber toy?"

Stacy felt her entire body throb with adrenaline as she began her answer, "I loved it. The battle to get her to defy her intentions and betray her own body was exhilarating. I knew I was in control and I knew she deserved it and I loved that it wasn't a question of if, but rather when. To be honest I never wanted to stop."

Trish loved what she was hearing, "in order to be a powerful Dom, potentially my replacement, you need to understand what the submissive is experiencing. I will teach you everything I know but you have to agree to be my submissive for the next 30 days. I will show you every room in this house and familiarize you with every tool and device, but half will be through the eyes of the Dom and half will be as the victim. If you are successful, you will have all of the power and resources at your disposal until you decide it's time to find your own replacement. If you say no, the opportunity will never again be yours."

Stacy shuddered at the thought of what this meant. Before she let her logic deceive her passion she responded, "yes..."

"First things first then", said Trish. "You need to be mapped. Every woman who has come through is mapped to identify her zones of pleasure, pain, and torment. Since these often overlap we designed a way to systematically find them. I will know how to maximize your pleasure or anguish once we complete the exercise. After you are mapped, I will let you do the same to every girl who ever comes through here. Please follow me."

Stacy followed Trish into a room brightly lit with computers all around. In the middle was a large white ring standing upright with cuffs located at the top and bottom. It also had a white leather ring hanging from the top by a cable.

"Pleasure or torment? I'll let you decide which you would like to map first."asked Trish.

Stacy's panties had been driving her crazy for an hour and release would be so sweet. "Pleasure please."

"Clothes off but leave your panties on please." Stacy removed her boots and let her black dress slip down her slender body. The strings of white pearls accentuated Stacy's hairless pussy, allowing the lips to bulge out between, a single strand emerging over her swollen clit. "When you're ready, step in, cuff your own ankles in the bottom restraints and I will help you with your wrists." As Stacy stepped in, Trish continued, "Part of being a good dominant is keeping your subject off balance." Stacy stepped her slim tan body up onto the ring and began fastening the black cuffs around her ankles. "Sometimes letting them participate in their own bondage reminds them of their helplessness which is critical." The message was clear to Stacy as she latched the small lock on the restraint. Trish stepped up to help with the wrist restraints. Stacy's pussy was throbbing with excitement. "You want to give them options which provides them with hope," Trish fastened the wrist restraints which were hanging loosely allowing a good deal of slack. "This headband will monitor you while we show you images of differing sexual objects and concepts. Some will stimulate you more than others and some will not." Trish carefully placed the halo around Stacy's head. "Together with your special panties we are able to concoct the perfect combination of stimuli to perfect your pleasure," and Trish inserted a small cable into the waist of Stacy's panties, just below the small of her tanned back.

Trish walked over to one of the computers and started clicking some buttons. Stacy's arm restraints began pulling her arms up and quickly she found her slim frame stretched spread eagle in the center of the ring. The ring began to tilt her forward, facing her towards the floor which was made up of four screens. Stacy was looking at images of herself from the front, back, and each side. Suddenly her panties came to life, vibrating and pulsing as the video screens began rapidly showing parts of her body being licked, sucked, pinched, probed and stretched. She saw hot wax and ice drops cascading over her nipples, clamps and clips on her pussy lips stretching her obscenely apart, a leather riding crop rapidly working across her beautiful ass. There were multiple men, filling every hole. Stacy was drunk with passion as these visions went so far beyond her wildest desires.

Trish walked over from a computer screen and positioned herself underneath Stacy's spread eagle form. "The mapping has identified that this will heighten the experience." She reached up and began to play with Stacy's already hardening nipples. Trish gently rolled them between her thumb and forefinger, occasionally giving a tug, pulling them towards the floor. Stacy's body was on fire with lust as every button was being pushed in unison. Trish, once satisfied that they were stimulated to their limits, clamped a small pink vibrator to each of Stacy's brown, swollen nipples.

Stacy moaned, as she refocused on the screen. She recognized the red toy that stretched Molly to her limits the previous night, but this time it was being forced into Stacy's tight little asshole. Stacy winced and her body convulsed in its bondage. She had no experience with anal play and the thought of that massive object invading her was horrifying. The video seemed to go on for ever, each massive ball stretching her tiny anus well beyond its limit. What if the computer misconstrues this as me desiring this? She wanted to close her eyes but she couldn't look away. Watching this happen to her beautiful, slim tan body; imagining how it would feel; knowing she couldn't stop it if Trish wanted it done, heightened Stacy's realization of what she had agreed to.

"Oh no," Stacy was starting to lose control, "oh my god, uh!" she tried to regain it but she could feel the tingly warmth engulfing her. The treacherous pearls each delicately vibrating her poor throbbing pussy, from clit to taint. "Uhh, mmmm," the weight of each vibrating clamp tugging on her sensitive nipples as she tried to hold her breath all while watching her virgin asshole violated, "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Uh..uhhh, Ahhhhhhh." She orgasmed violently for minutes until she noticed the ring rotating back to normal.

Stacy hung in her bonds, exhausted from the most amazing orgasm of her life. Trish came over and unplugged the panties and removed the halo from Stacy's straight blonde hair. She unlocked and removed the wrist cuffs and leaned down to uncuff her ankles.

Trish spoke, "I can't believe the amount of data we were able to get. I thought I had some dark corners in my mind but I'm tame compared to you. Maybe there is hope for you yet. Now that we know your desires, let's figure out the other side," and with that statement Stacy felt faint. To be continued.....

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