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Ok so this is a second fictional story I wrote hope to hear what people think

Andy was a driving through a ritzy area early morning and notice a family packing up for a trip. He smiled to him self and wrote down the adress. Andy is a common theiF that goes by the name "The barefoot bandit" not that he liked the name it just stuck due to the cloth shoes he wore to quietly enter a residence it always left foot shaped marks on the floor. They are great for sneaking around but the material doesn't breath and his feet sweat bad in them.

It was 7pm and the he had parked his car near a lake. Andy didn't want the anyone to to call about a car parked outside of a house. He slowly crept in the dark to the house, saw no cars in the driveway and entered the backyard and was surprised how nice it was. It was looked like a little forest area with a pool waterfall and stream leading away. "Man this has got to be the nicest house I've ever worked on" he thought to himself. As he approached the back door he saw a access point for the alarm and went to disable it but it wasnot even armed. "Must have been to busy and they forgot to arm it" he laughed to himself.

As he started to pick the lock he thought wonder what riches these people own? The lock clicked open and he enters the house. To his surprise it was very open not many art pieces or even furniture. As he walked further in he could feel the floors were heated. "Great just what I need my feet to be warmer" he said. The living room had a large sofa and recliner but no tv, not even one hidden behind a pannel or inside something.

He checked the kids room figuring 2 teenagers had to have laptops, smart phones, something but alas all there were was only beds and closets full of clothing but nothing expensive or worth taking. Getting discuraged he moves on to the master bed room and finally he finds some jewelry and collective coins. As he starts to put it in a bag Crackle he hears and then his body starts to cunvolce on its own he hits the ground hard bumping his head on the way down.

Andy was to his legs tied to the leg part of a recliner and his arms to the armrest. He tries to make some slack but it's too tight.

"Why hello there mr. Thief" says a lady he remembers seeing load up the car.

"My names Stephanie and this is my house your intruding in" says Stephanie

"I bet you thought the house was empty since you saw me and my husband loading up the car. But that was my nephew and nieces stuff. He's taking them home, sooo that leaves just me her to teach you that trespassing is wrong and then to teach you stealing is even worse hehe" she says with a smile that made Andy's skin crawl.

Stephanie walked around him a couple of times and finally Andy went to say something but as he opened his mouth something was shoved in it.

"Now now you don't get to talk" she whispered into his ear making him move away from her. She smiled "Sensitive ears???" She asked.

"No matter I'll find out all about them later but for now mr. Barefoot bandit let's see how you handle your punishment for leaving mud prints on my floor" said Stephanie.

With that she went to the foot of the foot of the recliner and grabbed the toe of his cloth shoe. "No shoes in the house my dear" and with that she slowly pulled on the shoe. As it passed off his ankle to his heel he scrunched his toes as the cool air rushed to his warm skin. As it went over his heel to past the ball of his foot he couldn't help but slightly man and wiggle his toes at the nice cold air hitting his overly toasted soles. With her final tug his foot was bare and boy were his soles pink already.

"I see that you love freeing your feet from that shoe let's do the other for you" said Stephanie.

Andy hated that she was right, but the fact that his feet were warm from the shoes and then warmed more from the heated floor made his soles sensitive and the cool air just felt great. When Stephanie was finished with removing his footwear she looked them over and smiled. Andy just rolled his eyes at this silly lady worring about her stupid floors and the CRACK

Andy's eye popped open and looked straight at his feet. There was Stephanie and she had a wooden spoon in her hands. She smiled at him and said "glad to see I got your attention. You duties my floors and now you'll be paying the price." And with that she took a shoelaces and tied his big toes together and then pulled them back and tied it to the rope holding his ankles to the recliner and she then began to smacked his other sole. His toes tried to curl but couldn't, they were nice and taunt. He couldn't believe that she was going to do this to him. Smack smack smack went the spoon three times on each foot. Then she stopped looked Andy in the eyes and smiled. "Sooo I like soles a nice red color. Yours are pink right now so we will keep at this till there my favorite shade of red." And with that Stephanie continued to smack his soles. After what felt like a eternity Andy swore she was hitting his soles harder and harder but most likely she wasn't but he was in tears from it anyway and needed her to stop.

"Well that was a nice 10 minutes and your soles are such a great shade of red." she said looking her work over. "Now let's see they seem a bit cold though. Mind if I warmed them for you???" Says Stephanie. He looked at her like she was nuts, his poor soles were on fire from her smacking them with that spoon. Stephanie skipped off to get whatever it was she need to warm his feet. Andy just closed his eyes and tried not to think about his burning soles.

All of a sudden Andy felt something being stuck between each of his toes. He just shook it off she was trying to get him to react. Just then he heard the a foosh and felt the heat of a flame near his soles. Then came that same sound eight more times. He swollowed hard as he slowly started to open his eyes. The sight he saw made him shiver in fear.

There was Stephanie with a match and between each of his toes were long match sticks with match heads glued all over the sticks. He shuttered as his eyes went wide. She had lit all of these supper matches and the flames were heading towards his poor toes. Foosh went the next match heads. Andy tried to wiggle his toes but it was no good they barely wiggled with the big toes being tied back as they were. There he was watching as thus crazy woman was going to burn his poor soles. Foosh went the next set of match heads. As they got closer his feet heated up more and more. Andy was in tears now. All he want was for this to stop.

As the flames hit his toes he screamed and the matches fell back out From between his toes. He was burned but his soles and toes felt like they were. Stephanie came back into the room at this point with some latex gloves on. "When did she leave??? did I not notice her leave since I was so focused on my poor burning toes???" Thought Andy. Stephanie smiled at him and sat at his feet.

"How about a nice foot massage" she asked as she poured a red packet of powder into her hands. She began to massage half the packets powder on one foot macking sure to get between each toe and saying "A friend of my husband gave him this packet and we'll I'm not letting him use this on my delicate soles" and with that she started the massage on the next sole Rubbing in the rest of the red packets powder.

"There we go all nice and coated." she said as she got up. "I'm going to take a nice long bath. see you when I'm done" and Stephanie walked off. "Great now I can try and esc......." Andy's train of thought was interrupted by a itching feeling on his soles. He tried to scratch them but couldn't. The itching began to intensify and become unbearable. Tear began to form in his eyes as he realized what she had rubbed into his soles. As the itching became worse and worse it start to actually tickle a bit even though it itched. As time pasted it started to warp and feel like every second was a minute every minute was a hour.

Finally when he thought he'd go crazy a cold wet rag started to wipe across his soles. The itching started to subside and he layer there exhausted. "Looked like you were enjoying yourself there giggling and wiggling around. so there is your punishment for my floors" said Stephanie with a smile. Andy noticed she was wearing a decerative robe and slippers now and was looking down past his soles at something. "So let's begin your punishment for breaking and entering". Andy shook his head no and was begging with his eyes "no more"

Stephanie reached down and held up a feather. Andy looked at it confused and then at her. "Not scared of my little Feather. Well you'll respect it soon enough" and with that she slowly ran the feather between his little toe on his right sole, down his ball of his sole, across his arch, and at this point Andy started to laugh through his gag and she slid it down his and around his heel and back up his sole. Andy started to laugh harder as she started her way down again.

"MmmMmmmmMMMMMM" was all Andy could say

"No no I want more??? Is that what you are saying??? Ohhh ok no problem I just love when guys beg for more." Laughed Stephanie as she added her nails to Andy's left sole. This was the worst thing he had ever felt. Her rounded yet sharp nails drew little patterns and shapes all over his poor little sole. And on his other sole was this firm feather tailing it's way around the landscape known as his left sole. It dipped between and under toes, it followed a imaginary path finding spots that he didn't know could tickle.

Stephanie put the feather down and picked up a marker in each hand and started to write away. Stopping only to ask Andy what he wrote. It didn't matter since he couldn't answer her anyway so everything he tries to say was wrong and got more writing. Finally she stopped and he was in tears wanting her to stop.

"Ok I think that will dofor punishment for breaking and entry into my lovely home" she smiled at him as she said this and ripped open his shirt and played with his nipples. As he tried not to moan from it Stephanie laughed saying "wow a guy with sensitive nipples bet that is a horrible weakness to have. After each nipple was nice and hard she pulled out two suction cup looking devices and put one over each nipple after a nice hard pinch.

"So how many pumps huh??? One" and with that she squeezed each suction cup. He felt them pull tight on his nipples and now they were no stuck to him. She smiled at his discomfort and said "Maybe two???" Again she squeezed them and now it felt like his nipples were being pulled to there max, "No??? Well I always loved the number three" and with that she squeezed them one final time.

Andy let out a scream/moan. His nipples felt like they were being pull off of him and then Stephanie tapped the ends of these weird suction devices and they started to vibrant at different speeds and pulsations. Andy let of a moan he didn't want to and Stephanie laughed at him letting her robe slip open revealing all she had on was a pair of lacy panties.

She leaned forward pressing the devices to change vibration speed and pulsations again and laying her head on his collar bone she whispered in his left ear "Told you I'd be back up here to these lovely sensitive ears." Andy moaned louder and moved his head away from her, but she pulled it back and whispered "Now this is your push ment for stealing mr. Barefoot burglar." And with a little grind she got up walked around back of Andy and tied his head back to the head of the recliner with the belt of her robe.

She removed the make shift gag reviling it was a pair of woman's socks. "Pleasee leeee....." Andy tried to say but Stephanie replaced the socks. What ever she put in his mouth was salty and damp.

"Those are my gym socks hope you enjoy...... Ohhh you are I see" whispered Stephanie and Andy knew what she was talking about. He could feel it, he had a hard on from all this nipple and ear play. Stephanie started to dig her cin into Andy's collar bone and whispered how she loved how responsive he was to all of her punishments for him right into his ears. Andy couldn't take this add in the vibrating nipple cups and he was moaning loudly. Stephanie continued but switched ears and added in kissing his neck.

After about a minute of this Andy felt a warm feeling in his gut. Stephanie started to suck hard on his neck, move on to his ear lobe and then purred in his ear. The warm feeling in his gut started to grow more and more intense. By the turn of the fifth minute a warm feeling washed over him. "Oh my god I'm having an orgasm" Andy thought as the next warm feeling started again. He started to moan again but a new feeling started to occur as she purred in his ear and the nuzzled and sucked on his neck just under his ear. He started to LAUGH. "No no why does this tickle nooooooo oooohhhhw" was what Andy thought as his second orgasm hit him.

"Enjoying yourself???" Stephanie whispered into Andy's ear. He was on his forth orgasm his fit not far behind. He needed this to stop, he couldn't handel many more. The nipple cups were now so pleasurable by themselfs that every kiss, ear lobe and neck sucking, and whispers was just tickling him. He was in tears laughing and orgasming. finally after a eternity of his mind lost in torturous pleasure Stephanie stopped giggled and counted "Three, two, and one" and Andy had the most aggressively strong orgasm of them all.

"Honey I'm home" came a male voice from the front door.

"I'm in the living room baby. Caught a little friend hear". Said Stephanie.

A big man entered the room and saw Stephanie removing the vibrating nipple cups from Andy.

"Mr. Barefoot burglar this is my honey, Drew, Drew this is mr. Barefoot burglar." Said Stephanie as she tweeked Andy's left nipple.

"Nice to meet you mr. Barefoot burglar." said Drew shaking Andy's little toe. "Now honey call the cops already I'm sure he learned his lesson."

Stephanie just smiled and said "ok but set up the table real quick as I do"

Drew smiled and did so setting up the table so it was touching Andy's belly, as Stephanie called the cops. When Stephanie came back she jumped on the table and put her upturned feet up near Andy's face. And with that her husband started to tie her hands up At the end of the table.

"Ok honey so have your fun as I have mine" said Stephanie as she played with Andy's nipples with her toes pinching them between her big and second toes. Andy moaned and she began talking about how soft and smooth her soles are and how she loved the feeling of Andy's nipples between her toes. Andy was forced to look down at her up turned soles. The more she talked the more he stared.

"They're silky smooth and we don't they taste greathe hehehe " Stephanie started to laugh as Drew slowly ran two stiff feathers up her sides and into her pits.

"Wait were did her robe go???" thought Andy as he started to stare at Stephanie's feet again as her big toes flicked his nipples.

"Who's been a naughty little girl??? You have you have" said Drew as he put down the feathers and tickled Stephanie's ribs. He slowly counted her ribs, walking his fingers up to her pits and doing figure eights in them to walk back down her ribs. Stephanie giggled and wiggled to get away but her husband did not stop and began to squeeze her sides saying " Yummy belly monster love side belly."

Stephanie grabbed both of Andy's nipples between her toes and scrunched her soles hard screaming "Eeeehhhehhe not belly moster!!!" As her husband started to nibble on her sides Andy couldn't take this nipple play with Stephanie's toes he felt like he might finally cum. But after all those orgasms with no release his brain was too wrecked to handle another orgasm even if he world get release, so he fought it.

Drew saw Andy's toes scrunch and laughed to himself knowing Andy was fighting not to orgasm again. So he smiles and flipped his wife over. Drew kissed Stephanie and started to circle her breast with his fingers and she started to beg her husband to stop. At the same time she started to rub her soles on Andy's poor over played with nipples.

Stephanie started to giggle again and beg "noo more honey. Not my niiiiipples" as she scrunched her soles on Andy's nipples. He moaned out loud trying so hard not to orgasm again. Drew smiled at the sound of the two of them and said "man honey look how much you two are enjoying yourselfs. I bet you'll love this too" and Drew began to slowly lick around both of Stephanie's areola and tickling under her breast still.

"Ohh my god babe more please more!!!" begged Stephanie and all her husband did was flick her nipples and look at Andy and then down at his wife. Andy couldn't help now but notice how wet Stephanie was now. Her panties were drenched and she was squeezing his nipples so hard and shaking her feet he did know if he would hold out.

"YES YES OHH YESSSS" screamed Stephanie as her husband blew on her nipples and flicked and squeezed them. Stephanie was gyrating up into the air and Rubbing her soles on Andy's poor nipples. As she hit this high her husband started to tickle her nipples now causing her to laugh begging h to stop and again she gripped Andy's nipples and he couldn't take it. He came and came hard. His over stimulated mind shut down and he passed out.

"Guess he can't play with the big boys" said Drew as he continued to tickle his wife's nipples and breast. Drew smiled and then started to tickle his wife's toes as she started to laugh. "Your lucky the cops are coming to pick him up or else you'd really get it." the husband and wife smiled and prepared there theif for the cops. They were even nice enough to change his pants out, throw out his soiled boxers, and take oit the gag. The cops came and took the out cold burglar and saI'd that Stephanie zapped him and Drew knocked him out. The two female officers dragged him out to the car and took him to the security desk. It seems that Stephanie actually called the guard booth for the community and not the cops.

"Well well well lok who's awake" said the tall red hair security guard

"it is Mr. Barefoot burglar." Said her partner who was shorter and had black hair.

The smiled as Andy realized he was handcuffed, gagged with someones socks, and tied to the cot in his cell and his feet sticking out of it. His feet were handcuffed together and his toes tied back. He looked at them worried as they each sat in front of him there hair down, feet bare, and smiling at him holding toothbrushes.

"Someone has dirty feet and apparently they are saying that they are ticklish" said the red hair female security guard.

Andy's eyes widened as he just realized what Stephanie wrote allover his soles. The two female security guards dipped there toothbrushes into a bucket of soapy water and said "It's going to be a long night cleaning up this graffiti" and the brushes desended onto Andy's soles.

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wonderful I love it so much.

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Great story! :D

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Good job

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Thanks so much guys I am hoping to write some more stories soon. Depends on my work schedule.

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So much in this story. Excellent