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This is a place I would love to work. All characters and happenings are fictional, though i'm sure it happens SOMEWHERE in this country...

Jenna, who could arguably be called the hottest secretary on the face of the earth, walked into the office. She made her way down to her desk at the end of the cubicle row, waving to people at work as she passed them. Her co-workers smiled back, the females smiling at her as she passed, while the males leisurely getting an eyeful of her in her silk purple blouse as they smiled and nodded. They couldn’t be blamed for that, Jenna being a gorgeous redhead with a great figure and shapely legs, which were encased in tan nylons and high heels that only enhanced her ass, which was already tight and sweetly hipped. Her boss was one of these watchers, and she was ok with that. She knew he was a tickler. In fact, a lot of tickling went at the office where she worked for a company that manufactured nylons. 90% of the girls were tickled on a regular basis. Jenna herself was a highly sought after target for the men, who loved to watch her squirm and alternate between silent laughter and agonized high-octave hysterical giggles. But the one with most access to Jenna was the boss, who she worked under. She was nervous a lot of the day, for when she was concentrating on her job she would get snuck up on. Out of the blue hands would pounce on her ribs or squeeze the top of her thighs.

But Jenna was most ticklish on the soles of her feet, made even more ticklish by the slippery nylons she wore. It was the one place she actually dreaded being tickled, and the boss knew it. Therefore he would assign her tasks that would give him access to her tender soles and arches, where he could walk up behind her (how he learned to move so silently she could never figure out). Many a time she would be on her side, her ankles pinned with one of the bosses hands, as his fingertips teased and scrabbled over her arches and snaked underneath her nylon toes, until she was too tired to try to get away and just lay there, convulsing in ticklish laughter. To him a woman was never lovelier than when she was being tickled half to death.

She didn’t mind though, she was well paid and got 2 weeks paid vacation twice a year. That was worth her being on the receiving end of tickle-torture. She even enjoyed it often, although after she has to stumble to the bathroom for a little privacy, being turned on so. She was unmarried and didn’t mind a little fun while at the office. She sat down at her desk, turning her computer on to get a look at the daily workload. On her list, she saw that she had to pin up the pictures for the company cookout on the poster board above her desk after she got done with the morning calls.

She remembered it well, as she had a close-up view of Paula getting gang-tickled by three of her male co-workers, tickling her ribs and the insides of her thighs. The one who had her arms pinned over her head had slipped his hands down the sleeves of her t-shirt and was running his fingers in a constant circular motion up the insides of her arms and over her pits. She had howled with laughter on her back with her feet trapped in the air by two more who had striped her of her shoes and socks and raking their fingertips lightly up and down her bare soles and arches. Paula could barely move afterwards, she was so worn out, sweaty and disheveled, as the wolf pack went off in search of another victim. Jenna had left early after that, pleading she got a text from her mother who had lost her dog and needed Jenna to help her search. The boss let her go, with a gleam in his eye that she wasn’t going to get off so easily when she returned to work the following Monday. Which was today.

Returning calls usually took all morning, which put it around eleven o’clock before she could pin up the pictures. It was a big board, which hung facing her as she sat. It was installed over the weekend, and there was the big stack of photos, many of the girls of the office on the receiving end. Julia, she saw, had worn nylons under her shorts, which Jenna could hardly believe. But on the other hand, she was new to the office, and was unaware of just how much the men liked to tickle.

She was sitting on a bench with her arms trapped behind her as Mr. Shell cupped his hands around the outsides of her nylon feet and digging his nails into her arches. Her feet were blurred a bit which meant she was trying to kick her feet free which almost never worked, and her eyes were squeezed shut and her lips were stretched into a maniacal grin, which was right before she let loose with a scream followed by frenzied laughter, the poor girl. Along with a box of push-in colored thumbtacks. She looked down at her above the knee beige skirt. Shrugging she put her headset on and got to work.

Time passed, and it was 11:30 when she got through with the calls. She looked at the clock on the wall to her left, wishing she had time for lunch. Well, she thought, there’s no help for it, got to get it done. She thought for a moment. Her desk was in a corner. There was no other way to pin the pictures up unless she knelt on the top of the desk. It was then that she saw the predicament she would be in, picturing the boss creeping up behind her and pouncing his fingers on the soles of her feet and prancing her fingertips. She swallowed, her breath coming short. She had just gotten a pedicure too, which was often encouraged to the women at the office. But she moved her computer and her desk accoutrements to the side and climbed up onto the desk. Putting the thumbtacks on the side where she could reach them, she reached for a couple pictures and began tacking them up.

“Well hey there Jenna, getting those pictures posted up eh?”

Her heart stopped. Once again she never heard him approach. She became acutely aware of how her heels slipped off the balls of her nylon feet slightly.

“Yes…yes sir” she stammered a bit, almost forgetting herself and flexing her feet which would have drawn his attention and, worse, possibly would have made her shoes fall off. “Good morning Mr. Shell. There sure are a lot of them aren’t there?”

He watched her putting pictures up on the board. His eyes moved to watching Jenna, sliding down her body, lingering of her gorgeous buttock curves that showed through her skirt. Down her lovely thighs, her shapely calves to rest on her nylon heels about to pop out of her shoes.

“My, my you look gorgeous today, as usual. I notice you’re wearing the tan today. My favorite you know.” He said in his deep baritone with the accentuated teasing element in his voice that she had become accustomed to.
“Yes sir, I always wear tan on Monday…”

He took her chair and slid it out, sitting down. Her heels were right in front of him, and as he leaned forward a little, he could see her sweetly swept delicate arches that he knew were baby soft from past experience. He began to sweat a little bit, working up the nerve to do what he’s always wanted to do, as the rest of the coworkers filed out of the office.

“Um…where’s everyone going sir? It’s not quite lunch hour yet…”

“Oh we’re waiting on something Jenna…I gave them the rest of the day off.” He said, as he took one of the heels by the tip and began slowly wiggling it back and forth. She could feel it slowly coming off her foot, a quarter-inch at a time.

Jenna giggled nervously, because one, it meant that it was just the two of them. Two, her shoe was slowly wiggling off her foot and she knew what that meant. Her soles began to tingle in anticipation as she felt a bead of sweat roll down her neck.

“Yes, Jenna. I wanted to keep you company while you finished the board.” He slid the shoe the rest of the way off. She began to tremble as he exhaled, letting her feel the tendrils of his breath gently wash over her size 6 and a half sole. “I can’t tell you what a pleasure it is to have you all to myself.”

Her trembling fingers dropped the tack she was holding. She reached down to pick it up when he places his index fingertip on her heel and slowly spun it in circles over her heel and down her sole. A fraction of a second passed and then she felt the mild electric jolts shoot up her leg from the bottom of her foot. She let out a fit of giggles involuntarily as her tack flew out of her fingertips to land on the other side of the hall.

“Mr. Shell hehehe you know what that does to meheheheHAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAAHAHA…”

She never got to finish her sentence, because he abruptly switched technique and pounced his fingers directly onto her arch and began to gallop his nails over it. She made a pitiful attempt to wiggle away, but his other hand clamped down on her ankle, pinning it to the desk. He kept up his attack as she began howling hysterically, her head bowed with her forehead resting against the board, everything leaving her mind except the powerful irresistible urge to laugh and curl her toes.

“Let’s get under those toes, Jenna darling.”

She was unable to respond, her head shaking violently as his fingertips slowly made their way over the ball of her foot, slowly coming closer to her clenched toes. She didn’t have her toes clenched for long, however, because he began pinching the tips of those tender little toes, causing them to wriggle spastically as she wailed with that sexy laughter. Then he dove his fingertips under her toes and began gently scratching them along their length, as her head quickly slid down the board on her desk, and she tried to attain the fetal position, while the tears rolled down her cheeks, convulsing in silent laughter. How much more could she take? She wondered…

To be continued in PT. 2

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Great story. :feets: Definitely want to see part two. :D

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I definitely need a job at this company! :D

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