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Mark was a macho man with an embarrassing secret. It was triggered by a vague memory of 2 pregnant women passing him back and forth in a swimming pool when he was a baby. The memory of the incident made him feel sexually excited. He fantasized that they slowly lowered him into the cold water, and he was aroused by the fear of losing control, that he could do nothing to stop them from putting him in cold water. Mark never could remember when they did put him in the water. Eventually, fantasies of being overpowered and tickled by a woman replaced the swimming pool fantasy. But Mark was ashamed of this fantasy. He lifted weights to build his strength, so that no woman would be able to outwrestle, then tickle him when he was pinned. By his late teens, Mark could bench press 320 pounds--double his own weight--and he felt confident that no woman would discover his secret desire.

One afternoon, while going through boxes of junk in the garage, he found a copy of the book, The Joy of Sex. One illustration in the book shook his confidence--it was of a man tied down with a nude woman sitting on him. The text suggested that some women were adept at tying a man down while he was sleeping. Tickling feet in this predicament was suggested. Mark feared this could happen to him, and he felt ashamed and a little afraid. He stopped dating for several years, though he masturbated daily to the thought of a woman tying him down while he slept, awakening just in time to the terrible ordeal of merciless tickling.

Finally, Mark regained his courage and began dating again. He chose a pretty plump sales clerk who worked at a store opposite the one he managed at the mall. Pam was a brunette with large natural breasts and a fat jiggily ass. Mark decided he would be the tickler in this relationship. He was hard and strong while she was soft and weak. He would satisfy his tickle fetish by tickling her, and she would admire his macho domination.

He began tickling her during foreplay. She had a hearty, happy laugh. Her underarms and butt crack were her 2 most ticklish parts of her body. Mark tickled her there every time they had sex. Pam liked to laugh and enjoyed Friday nights when Mark held her down and vigorously tickled her. They called Friday "tickle day." It was always followed by thrusting intercourse.

A few weeks after they became engaged to be married, Pam offered to be tied down. They were both so excited when Mark tied her wrists to the bed posts. He was several minutes into tickling her underarms, ribs, belly, feet, and butt when she suddenly blurted out, "I should be tickling you."

Mark had been sitting on his naked fiancÚ, his fingers poking her belly when Pam said, "I should be tickling you." He stopped tickling and hesitated. He already had an erection but he felt an additional jolt in his groin. Pam's hysterical giggling ceased and she stared expectantly at Mark as he shook in excitement.

"You can have your turn," Mark said. "It'd only be fair. But I'm not through with you yet."

He resumed tickling her, and loud laughing rang throughout the bedroom. Mark untied her and humped Pam hard, showing how macho a lover he was. There was no further talk of tickling that night.

Because of their schedule, Mark and Pam didn't have a chance to be with each other until the following "tickle day." The night before, Mark got plastered in an attempt to calm his nerves. His mind raced wildly from 1 excuse to another, trying to think of a way out of his predicament. He hoped she would forget his okaying her "turn." If not, he could deny saying she could have a turn. But he remembered the way she had looked at him during his hesitation. She clearly had made a mental note of it. He decided to submit, only if she suggested it, and he would make sure she understood he was doing it to be fair. She must never find out that it made him feel really turned on to be tied down and at her mercy. Moreover, he would deny being ticklish and try not to laugh.

Pam came over to Mark's apartment that Friday evening carrying her overnight bag. She changed in the bathroom and emerged wearing a see through pink nightie, a stunning sight, but Mark's vision focused on the ropes in her hand.

"It's tickle day, sweetie. My turn. Remember?"

Mark felt alarmed, his heart pounded at an accelerated rate, yet he pretended to be nonchalant.

"It's only fair. It probably won't work. I'm not that ticklish."

"We'll see about that," Pam said, looking a little peeved.

Mark laid on his back. Pam sat on his belly and tied each of his wrists to the bed posts. She massaged Mark's neck and upper chest, forcing Mark to smile. Mark's penis got hard, the tip reaching Pam's fat ass. She felt it, turned her head, and saw it.

"I think you must like this," Pam said.

Mark's face flushed red.

"What do you like better: tickling or getting tickled?" she asked.

"Tickling," Mark lied.

"Sorry, but it's my turn tonight."

She increased the pressure on Mark's neck. He tried really hard not to laugh, but a high-pitched titter squeaked from his throat.

"What was that?" she asked.

"Nothing," Mark lied again.

Pam quickly tickled Mark's underarms, and he burst out laughing uncontrollably. He felt a joyous release. Pam smiled, so glad her lover was every bit as ticklish as she was. It would make this so fun.

"I thought you said you weren't ticklish. You lied. Do you know what I do to liars?"

"What?' Mark asked, now on the verge of laughing again.

"Coochie, coochie, coo."

Pam tickled his ribs and underarms mercilessly, and all Mark could do was laugh and thrash helplessly for several minutes.

Pam blew in Mark's ear, her breath tickling the inside of his ear and his neck. Then she whispered a question.

"Are your balls ticklish?"

Mark frantically tried to slip his wrists free, fearing the tickling would never end. Pam blew in his other ear and whispered again.

"Are your balls ticklish?'

She turned around, sticking her fat ass in Mark's face, and she tickled his balls, forcing Mark to laugh, a deep manly laugh this time.

"Tickle, tickle, tickle," Pam said as she continuously tickled his scrotum.

Mark couldn't stop laughing as Pam's fingernails swirled about his testicle hairs.

"Tell me the truth and I might stop. What do you like better: tickling or getting tickled?"

Mark told the truth. The confession felt like such a relief.

Pam rewarded him by spitting on his penis and rubbing it between her big boobs for awhile. Then she turned around, revealing a big triumphant smile. She shoved his penis in her pussy and rode hard, tickling him while she rode. Mark came in less than a minute, but the friction made him hard again (and tickled like crazy) as Pam kept riding. He was even more ticklish on the 2nd go around, laughing so hard his stomach hurt.

"I told you I should be tickling you," Pam said after she reached orgasm.

She felt Mark's warm semen fill her again. She untied Mark who felt strangely satisfied.

"Next week, let's flip a coin. Unless, you'd like me to tie you down every Friday instead," Pam said.


Mark bought a two-sided coin at a gag shop. It had 2 heads. He chose tails from then on.

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Great story! :D

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wonderful. please more about this stuff.