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04-17-2015, 03:17 PM
A little twist on some of the classic Native American / African origin tales, this one being more suited to tickling ^_^


This is the story of how Spider gave the world laughter.

One day Spider rested in a tree, watching the world go by beneath him. While he sat, a young woman clad in shining armor and carrying a giant spear came by and decided to rest in the shade cast by the great branches of the story-weaver’s tree. When the woman removed her helmet, he saw that it was none other than Indrasena.

Indrasena was known by her people to be the mightiest warrior under the sun. Every man and woman spoke in awe of her, for her deeds were known to all the lands. It was also known that she could resist no challenge put before her, for she had never known defeat.

And so Spider descended the tree to speak with her, his mind crafting a new trick to play. For it was known that man had learned the ways of shield and spear, of battle and blood. Yet they had no joy or mirth, forsaken it to master the way of war. And with a devious grin he approached the warrior.

“Greetings Indrasena, mighty above all, whose name begets legends,” Spider said, bowing his head in reverence.

“Greetings to you as well Spider, weavers of tales. What brings you before me?”

“Oh great warrior, I have come seeking your resolve and your prowess. I have heard many stories regarding your fire and your strength. I was told that no contest could go un-won by one as powerful as you.”

“You have heard right Spider, for I am without defeat.”

“Then surely you might be able to quell my curiosity, for I have heard of a challenge that can make the mighty falter and the great cry out for mercy.”

Indrasena stared at Spider with a look of pride. “Have you now? Well bring this challenge before me, and I shall once again prove that my name and my legend is not without merit.”

And so Spider told Indrasena to remove her sandals, and she did as such, ready for whatever blow Spider may inflict on her. For many battles had she seen, many foes she had face, and many wounds she had withstood only to emerge victorious every time.

Yet Spider did not strike the mighty warrior. Instead he caressed the bottoms of her feet with the lightness of a spring breeze. He did this for he had traveled the lands of man and the lands of gods and had learned many secrets in his travels, one of which was the secret of laughter. Those who knew this secret could invoke the joy of celebration with the merest touch. And so Spider began to stroke the feet which belonged to the great woman.

Indrasena then began to laugh like a child in her mother’s arms without control. Her mighty gaze and impenetrable focus gave way to reckless laughter. She could not even hold herself still, the sensations causing her to lash out with her powerful kicks as Spider drew his fingers across her soles.

Spider than grew fearful, for the mighty warrior could still inflict a fatal blow with even the lightest strike. So in turn, Spider weaved a web around her legs and feet, holding her fast with his silk.

Indrasena was proud, however, and would not surrender herself no matter how terrible the torment. Her laughs began to echo, for so mighty was her voice that the entire world heard her seized with frenzied giggles. Mankind, having never heard laughter before, found themselves unable to stop laughing as well. It took root in all their hearts and souls, and while they laughed they found themselves unable to fight or spill blood or make war.

And so as the moments became minutes, Spider relented with his gentle caresses and removed the silk wrappings that held Indrasena’s fast. She breathed harder than any battle she had ever fought. She sat for nearly a day gasping, until finally she stood and faced Spider with face red from laughter and anger.

“You shall pay for that keeper of stories. I shall reign destruction on you and your kind for such impudence!”

Yet as she shouted, Spider’s fingers teased the warrior’s neck. A small laugh escaped from her lips, allowing him a moment to escape. Indrasena screamed in fury as he ran, the sound of his own laughter taunting her as he climbed his tree.

Indresena then put on her sandals and began to leave, for Spider had fled. Before she left though, she turned to the tree and shouted to its resident.

“Let it be known from now on that my kin and I shall hunt Spider and his kin. That he and his spider fingers and his silly laughter will be reviled by us! That we are enemies forevermore!”

To which Spider simply replied, “Then let laughter be a bond between companions.”

And thus, Spider gave laughter to the world.

04-17-2015, 11:41 PM
Nice story, was spider an actual spider or would it be a tale of a Spiderman?

04-17-2015, 11:48 PM
Nice story, was spider an actual spider or would it be a tale of a Spiderman?

Both. I did my best to style to it after some of the creation takes you find in indigenous folklore. In this story, Spider is kinda like Ananzi, able to take the form of man and creature, a trickster and keeper of stories